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Love at Second Sight

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Pidge, Princess Allura’s personal servant, made her way to the royal gardens. They were a little surprised to see Hunk, Prince Lance’s servant, but then they quickly realized both were here for the same reason. He smiled at them.

’’Hey! I’ve been waiting for you. I figured they’d take it easier with both of us there’’

Pidge smiled at Hunk’s word, even if they were servants the two had always felt close to the Prince and Princess. Hunk and pidge stood in silence, neither wanting to bring their friend's bad news. Eventually, Pidge spoke.

’’Not telling them won't prevent it from happening, we should just tell them so they can spend some final time together...’’

Hunk nodded, they were right. He opened the door, letting the smaller Altean inside first. They could hear Allura laughing, probably at one of Lance’s bad jokes. The two stopped to listen for a second, this was a rare thing that happened. Allura and Lance were always stressed about the ongoing war. The only time anyone ever saw them laugh or smile was when the two were in their very own world together.

Hunk and Pidge followed the noise, finding Allura and Lance next to a small pond. Allura was wearing a flower crown Lance had made her, and Lance was working on a second one for himself. Both had their feet in the water, talking about childhood memories.

Pidge cleared their throat, getting the two's attention. They then nudged Hunk, Pidge didn't want to be the one to tell them. He shot a quick, friendly, glare at Pidge before opening his mouth. He closed it again, trying to decide how to tell them.

’’Hunk, is everything okay?’’ Allura tilted her head a little, concerned.

’’Your dad made a deal with Zarkon, Lotor is on his way here to pick one of you to marry and end the war!’’ Pidge quickly let it all out, tears stinging their eyes as they covered their mouth. Nobody wanted either of them to leave.

Lance and Allura looked at each other, not sure what to say. Allura didn't want to lose Lance to that monster, and Lance felt the same way. Allura stood up, helping her younger brother up as well.

’’Let’s not dwell on the inevitable. Come on Lance, as royalty, we should look our best for guests’’

Hunk and Pidge knew she was just protecting Lance, hiding her emotions. She needed to be strong for him. Hand in and, the two left for their room. Although it was technically Allura’s, Lance spent most of his nights in here so it just became a shared room.

Lance was shedding silent tears while Allura started getting her makeup out. She put her hands on the sides of his face, smiling at him

’’I'm 21, and you’re only 18. Plus we were friends before the war. I’m sure he’ll pick me’’

’’That's what I'm afraid of, Allura’’ Lance looked up at her with sad eyes, the dark blue looking like the sea. She smiled fondly, knowing she'd never forget them. Allura kissed his forehead.

’’Come on, tell me a joke. And sit still’’

Lance smiled, Alura always knew how to make him do that. The two sat there for hours, talking and smiling long after they had finished getting ready. It was perfect, and both were dreading its end and what would happen after.