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With Three There Is Never Just You and Me

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Everyone wants to stand out, be different, be noticed. What little kid doesn’t want all the attention from their parents? It starts in us when we are young and carries through our entire lives. We want to feel special, want to feel like there is something about us that makes us noticeable to the world, or maybe just noticeable to the right people or person. It’s not easy in this world to stand out but it’s been nearly impossible for Quinn her entire life. When you’re part of a trio who look exactly alike no one wants you to be an individual. They want you to dress the same, act the same, and marvel at what a freak of nature that a set of triplets is. It can get annoying.

Quinn Fabray is the middle child in a set of triplets and her and her sisters have been competing for attention since the moment they were born. Dana, the oldest by three minutes, and Quinn actually fought over who was going to be born first, or so the story goes. If we had the technology to look back to the three of them in the womb there is no doubt Dana and Quinn fought over food even though it’s pumped directly into their stomachs via umbilical cord. The two of them fight a lot, over everything. At least, they used to. Then they hit high school and things kind of changed. For the better in Quinn’s case, at least if you ask her, and, well, most would say Dana had a bit of a back slide.

Then there’s Charlie. Sometimes people forget she’s one of them because although she shares the exact DNA that is where the similarities end. She is quiet, calm, and willing to be in the background. She’s sweet, kind, and caring. Everything Quinn pretends to be to get what she wants and everything Dana has forgotten how to be. For the three of them, being triplets definitely stops at the looks because you will never find three less similar siblings on the face of this earth. Well, maybe. Maybe they aren’t as different as they seem.

“Ready for lunch?” Brittany asked with a smile as Quinn put the last of her textbooks away in her locker, giving it a light slam closed.

“Always” Quinn smiled, turning to head toward the cafeteria with her friend in tow. Lunch was always a spectacle at this school. If a jock wasn’t picking on a nerd, then there was a break up, a mass outrage over the menu choice, or some sort of prank being pulled. The prank was usually pulled by Dana and Santana. Those two didn’t know what the world behave meant.

“Oh fishsticks” Brittany read as they walked into the already crowed and loud lunch room. It was Friday which meant the electricity was already soaring in the air. The school was just two classes and whatever after school activities away from the weekend.

“Thank goodness I packed my lunch” Quinn mumbled as she gripped her brown paper bag a little closer to her chest as if someone might come steal it. She absolutely hated fish, not that fishsticks were actual fish, but still. The thought of putting anything with the word fish in her mouth made her want to hurl. “I’m going to go sit with the girls, I’ll save you a seat!” With that, Quinn turned and headed to the cheerleader’s table. It’s where she and Brittany always sat. They were, after all, cheerleaders. Santana was too, but she could never be bothered to join the group. Sometimes Quinn wondered why Santana bothered with the squad at all.

Freshman year the three of them had decided to join the Cheerios together. It would help Quinn individualize herself from her sisters and set the three best friends up to rule the school. What was the one thing everyone learned from high school teenage movies? The cheerleaders are popular and everyone likes them. Since Quinn, Brittany, and Santana were pretty much inseparable, they would all need to be popular. They would do whatever it took to get to the top and stay there. They were going to rule the school, together. No one would stand in their way.

The plan had worked pretty well, too. Freshman year they had taken over the squad and by the end of it Quinn had been next in line for captain, once the senior girls graduated. It pissed a lot of the junior girls off but she didn’t care. She had earned it and the others could just go screw themselves.  As their Freshman year ended and they prepared for domination their Sophomore year, things never looked better. Everything was going according to plan.

Then something happened over the summer. Quinn still doesn’t know all the details because every time she asks she either gets tears from Brittany or a threat from Santana. All she knows is that Santana and Brittany went from being really close to hardly talking. Quinn wasn’t stupid she knew there was more than just friendship there. It never bugged her, though. It probably should have, being raised in such a devoutly Christian home, but it didn’t. It was comforting, actually. Two of her best friends finding love in each other. At least, she thought it was love. Obviously it hadn’t been and now her two former best friends hardly spoke. It was alright, though. Quinn got Brittany in the break up which was nice. She wasn’t the smartest, but she was loyal and easily convinced that the malicious acts they might partake in were for the common good of them all. By “them all” Quinn definitely meant herself, and Brittany most of the time.

“Hi girls” Brittany bounced over to the table of cheerios and sat next to Quinn with a smile “Look, Q, the fish sticks are shaped like real fish!” She picked one up, giggling a little before looking at it closer “Now I know you don’t want to die and you are totally cute, but I’m super hungry today because I didn’t have breakfast. I fed my poptart to the birds while I was waiting for Quinn to pick me up this morning because they wouldn’t stop yelling at me. So” Brittany gave a kiss to the fish shaped faux fish meat and shrugged “I love you but I’m sorry. Survival of the fittest you know.” With that, she bit off its head and chewed with a happy grin on her lips.

Quinn smiled a little at the bubbly blonde next to her. It was endearing how innocent she still was, even after whatever had happened with Santana over the summer. She still had a heart of gold and the outlook of an eight year old.

“Q” A girl next to Quinn whispered softly to her, giving a nudge to get her attention. The girl pointed over her shoulder and as her eyes followed the point they fell upon a rather grungy looking, pink-haired, mismatched clothes wearing girl strutting into the side door from the outside. Dana. No doubt she had just been outside smoking prior. Such a disgusting habit, Quinn thought.

“Just ignore them” Quinn said in a fake unbothered tone as she turned back to her own lunch. Leftover bacon and tomato sandwiches from the night before. No complaints here, Quinn loved bacon more than anything.

“Why does she have a fire extinguisher?” Another of the cheerleaders asked, obviously still watching Dana’s entrance into the lunch room. “Santana has one too.”

“What?” Quinn turned around quickly and sure enough the two girls had fire extinguishers in their hands and smirks on their faces. This was heading nowhere good and getting there quickly. “Shit” Quinn mumbled under her breath when it became obvious the girls were headed right her way.

“Well if it isn’t my hot shot sister and her hot shot friends.” Dana’s tone dripped with disdain as she eyed the table of drones she so lovingly called Quinn’s bitch army. Except Brittany. Her eyes skirted right over the bubbly blonde next to her sister and landed back on the head bitch herself. “How’s lunch, sis?”

“It was better before you showed up. The obvious fact you haven’t showered in three days is over taking our breathing space. If you would please take your body odor and bad hygiene somewhere else, we are trying to eat.” Quinn was clenching her jaw, eyes focused on her sandwich. Why did she have to be cursed with a sister who was content on making her every day Hell? And why wasn’t she showering?

“Cute” Dana lifted a boot clad foot and stomped it down right on the bench next to Quinn. She leaned her elbow on her knee and gave her sister a smile “Look, I have a real problem, sis. Did you know it was fire awareness week this whole week and not once was there a fire that I was aware of?”

“What is your point?” Quinn asked with a roll of her eyes, finally putting her sandwich down and turning to glare at her sister.

“My point is that since there were no fires I should do my part to prevent them by putting out anything I deem to be a hazard to the safety of our school and its sweet, naïve students.” Her eyes shifted and she looked at Brittany who was on her other side. She gave a smile and lifted her arm, sliding it around the girl’s shoulders and giving her an awkward half side hug that was more violent than polite “Like Britt here. We wouldn’t want her getting burned now would we?”

“Again, what is your point Dana?” Quinn snarled, reaching out to push at her sister’s arm “And get your disease ridden arm off my friend. Who knows what disgusting muck you have built up on that unwashed arm of yours?”

“Cute” Dana said again before pushing off from the bench and standing upright again “My point is, oh loving sister of mine, that Santana here and I have decided that the biggest fire hazard here is you and your bitch army.”

“Oh please” Quinn rolled her eyes. The girls around the table looked a bit confused at the exchange. “Everyone here knows you’re most likely to start a fire in this school.”

“Not with your hot head” Dana snapped. Her hands worked quickly and soon she had the hose of the extinguisher pointed at Quinn. Santana had circled around Quinn and was now pointing the hose at the other girls. A quick nod was given from Dana and triggers were pulled.

A scream was heard and Quinn quickly batted the hose away from her face as Santana doused the other cheerleaders with the white foaming spray. Dana’s nozzle, however, had been redirected and the blast of cooling foam had landed on an unsuspecting victim who had just been walking by at the wrong time. Rachel Berry.

Dana gasped when she saw the shorter girl standing there like a snowman, covered in white and frozen in place. Her lunch was ruined and the only thing that gave away who it was under the foam was the plaid skirt poking out near the bottom of the white dripping foam.

“Well that works” Dana said with a victorious smirk as she stood back and admired her work. It was a piece of art and if she didn’t get her sister at least she got her sister’s best friend. Other sister, but still just as satisfying.

“Girls” Sue Sylvester stood behind Dana now, her hands on her hips and her eyes narrowed over her white drenched cheerios. The only ones having gone unscathed were Quinn, Brittany, and Santana. Some of the girls were crying while others had run off to clean up. “Smelly Fabray, what have you done this time?”

“It wasn’t me” Dana said with a shrug as she stuffed the extinguisher behind her back and turned to face Sue.

An un amused look took over Sue’s features as she looked at the pink-haired punk then back to her girls. “Santana” She shook her head a bit “And what is your excuse this time?”

“It wasn’t me” Santana mimicked her friend with a challenging smirk on her lips. She didn’t even bother to hide the extinguisher behind her back. She was definitely not afraid of Sue like she had been freshman year.

With her patience tested, Sue looked down at sweet little Brittany and gave a smile. She knew the blonde still feared her. “Brittany, what happened?”

The bubbly blonde bit her lip and looked around. All of her friends were covered with extinguisher goop, their eyes pleading with her to tell the truth. Quinn gave a nod of encouragement for her to do the right thing. Then her eyes fell on Santana and for a split second she almost lied. The look in Santana’s eyes made her want to cry. She looked almost sorry. But Brittany had learned that Santana was never sorry. She sighed and looked up to Sue, shrugging her shoulders and pointing at Dana “Her and Santana came up and said Quinn and the cheerios were fire hazards so they had to put them out.”

Sue nodded and grabbed Dana by the ear, pointing at Santana and motioning for her follow “I swear if I have to take you two to the principal’s office one more time this year I am going to lock you in my trophy closet, together, and let you suffocate on this punk’s armpit stench.” Sue’s ranting could be heard all the way out of the cafeteria and down the hall as she hauled the two girls to Figgin’s office for the third time that week.

“Good job, B” Quinn said with a smile, the other cheerleaders thanking her as well before they decided to go get changed before their next class started.

“What happened?” A soft voice came up behind Quinn now, the girl focusing on Rachel who was standing nearby trying to wipe the white off of her animal sweater. Charlie shook her head at the sight of her best friend covered head to toe in foam, sighing as she grabbed some napkins to help out.

“Thanks” Rachel mumbled through some tears. The crying helped, it kept the chemicals out of her eyes even though they were still clamped tightly shut.

“This is all Quinn’s fault” Charlie sighed, trying to clean Rachel’s face so she could open her eyes. Even when angry she was calmer than most people in their most relaxed state.

“It was Dana” Rachel mumbled, spitting now into the trash can. “And I kind of think it was an accident.”

“Nothing is ever accidental with those two” Charlie rolled her eyes, wiping now at Rachel’s hair. She would definitely need to shower as soon as possible.

“Should we help?” Brittany asked with a frown as she watched the two girls cleaning up the mess Dana had made.

When Quinn looked over her shoulder and saw her younger sister hunched over helping Rachel her heart skipped a beat. For a moment she felt bad. Then she remembered she shouldn’t and shook her head “Nah, she’s used to it. Rachel Berry has had every substance known to man thrown on her. It’s only sophomore year, too. She is going to have a rough rest of high school.”

Brittany frowned again and shook her head “I’m going to help. She is your sister, Quinn, and your sister’s best friend. You should be nicer to them.”

“Just like Dana and Santana are nice to everyone?” Quinn shook her head, rolling her eyes “No way, B. Those two are social suicide. But if you really want to go back to the bottom of the pyramid, be my guest.”

“I don’t care” Brittany shrugged before getting up and heading over to the girls. She offered a smile and a helping hand, trying to wipe Rachel clean as she melted over a trash can.

Quinn sighed and watched from the background for the rest of lunch. She kind of did want to be there, helping, but she couldn’t. She had worked so hard to get where she was and stepping down to be nice to a geek like Rachel? It would be shooting herself in the foot. Sure she was related to Charlie but people seemed to take pity on her over that and it actually helped her popularity. Both of her sisters did, actually. It seemed people thought it was a miracle that Quinn could be head cheerleader and be so normal when both her sisters were such outcasts. It was one thing she could thank her sisters for although, honestly, she never would. Popularity was everything and if that meant she was a bitch, then so be it. At least she was happy. Well at least she let people believe she was.


“Did you manage to get Rachel cleaned up?” Quinn asked as she met up with Brittany at their lockers after the last bell of the day.

“Yeah, then I borrowed her some of my clothes.” Brittany said with a shrug, not looking at her friend as she gathered a few books into her back pack.

“Are you made at me?” Quinn rose in an eyebrow as she watched her friend huff about next to her.

“I’m not mad, Quinn. It wouldn’t have killed you to help, though.  I helped and I haven’t been slushied or made fun of all day. Maybe people don’t care as much as you care.”

“People care.” Quinn mumbled as she shut her locker. She waited for Brittany to do the same then the two girls were off down the hallway.

They walked until they met up with Charlie and Rachel near the doors. The three sisters shared the car and today Quinn had driven. She pulled out her keys and looked around, rolling her eyes “Has anyone seen Dana? I would really like to get home sometime before darkness falls.”

“I hope she got expelled” Rachel mumbled under her breath.

Quinn bit back a snide remark only because, well, she kind of hoped that too. Instead of agreeing, though, her gaze lingered on Rachel a bit longer than it should have.

“Hey Charlie” Santana came stalking up the hallway from behind, sliding her arm around the third sister with a smirk on her face “I didn’t catch you in chemistry last period, were you avoiding me?”

“No, I was helping Rachel clean up the mess you and my delinquent sister made of her.” Charlie spoke calmly, though irritation rose in her voice, and she gently stepped to the side so Santana’s arm slid off and away from her. She pushed back a loose curl that had fallen out of her side braid and stepped closer to Rachel.

“I’m not a delinquent. Delinquents serve time and I’m too slick for that. I get out of everything, even detention.” Dana was grinning from ear to ear at that as she joined the group, her arm wrapping heavily around Brittany’s shoulders. She did that a lot, Quinn noticed. Almost any time they were in the same area. Poor Brittany had to deal with her stench.

“Are we all here then?” Quinn asked with a roll of her eyes. The Fabray’s were the oldest of the group and the first to get their driver licenses. Since the S.U.V. their parents had gotten them as a joint 16 th birthday present fit seven it was a daily event of carpooling to and from school.

“Shot gun!” Dana yelled, pulling Brittany along with her as the group headed out the doors and into the parking lot.

“I’m driving you idiot that means my best friend gets shot gun which means Brittany gets it.” Quinn curled her lip as they reached the vehicle, reaching out and once more peeling the arm off Brittany’s shoulders. “And would you please stop rubbing your sticky arm all over her.” Dana backed off with a roll of her eyes as Quinn unlocked the doors and made sure Brittany got in front before she went around and climbed into the driver side seat.

Dana climbed into the back row of the seats and sat right in the middle, spreading out so no one could sit by her. That was fine by Santana, she wanted to sit by Charlie anyway.

“So Chuck, you coming to my place tonight to catch up on what we missed in chem? I took great notes today.  I can tutor you on chemistry all night if you want?” A smirk was planted on Santana’s lips as her arm slid around Charlie and her fingers found one of her long loose blonde strands and started to twist it around her knuckle.

“No thank you. Rachel has that class third period I will just get the notes from her.” Charlie scooted away the best she could but with the three of them in that row of seats it wasn’t very far.

Rachel rolled her eyes and pushed at Santana’s hand until it was off Charlie “She isn’t interested, Santana, how many times does she have to tell you?”

“I’ve never actually heard her say it, hobbit, so until she does the door is open.” Santana hissed the words at Rachel, folding her arms across her chest.

“Don’t give up, buddy” Dana leaned forward from where she sat behind them, a hand on Santana’s shoulder “She will give in eventually, won’t you Charlie? All my sisters are whores.”

“Says the biggest whore of them all” Quinn piped up from the driver seat where she had been silently trying to navigate to Santana’s house as quickly as possible. “Leave Charlie alone, both of you. If she wants to be a quiet freak who hangs out with Berry, let her.”

“Oh gee, knight in shining armor” Charlie mumbled with a roll of her eyes that looked a lot like Quinn’s. “I can take care of myself, Q.”

“Ignore them” Rachel said softly, handing one ear bud from her ipod to her friend and giving her a smile “They are just jealous that once high school ends, that’s it for them. We, on the other hand, have a bright future ahead of us where we create art and music and make the world a better place.”

“It’d be better if you shut up” Dana hissed in her ear before sitting back in her seat, kicking her feet up on the row ahead of her, setting them right between Rachel and Charlie’s heads.

“Your boots stink, Dana” Rachel groaned, turning and pushing her feet until they fell. She sat up and gripped Quinn’s seat from behind, turning her head as she poked it around the back to see the side of Quinn’s face “I highly recommend we reconsider the path we take after school every day. If you dropped me off first it would take seven to ten minutes less and conserve gas.”

“How?” Quinn asked with a sideways glance before looking back to the road “Santana lives the furthest from us all, and then B, then you are two blocks away from us.”

“Actually, you head northwest to go to Santana’s house first. If you headed due west for six blocks, you would hit my house then have a straight northern shot to Santana’s. If you turn left at the end of her block after dropping her off instead of right, you can loop around to Brittany’s then take one more turn and hit your house four blocks later. Your path now is an awkward trapezoid when it could be a sharp angled rectangle which is more efficient on gas and time. It’s simple geometry.”

“Shut up” Quinn said with a roll of her eyes “Be lucky I even give you a ride.”

“Quinn doesn’t want to drop you off first.” Santana said with a little smirk, her arm having slid back around Charlie when everyone else had been paying attention to Rachel’s freak math speech.

“Why not?” Rachel asked with a curious glance as she settled back against her seat. “It’s much more efficient and we would have to be stuffed together in these seats for less time.”

“Santana” Quinn snapped, glaring at her through the mirror, catching her before she had even opened her mouth to talk. The two of them had a stare down in the mirror until Santana finally looked back to Rachel.

“She likes torturing you” She mumbled in a half-hearted attempt of sounding cruel. That was not the real reason, but she had a feeling Quinn would get in an accident where only Santana’s side of the car was wrecked in if she blurted it out. She was not ready to die, yet. Not until she nailed Charlie at least. Santana was not subtle with her crush that was for sure. Sometimes she wished Quinn would take a page from her book on that account.

The rest of the ride was quiet and when they reached the Lopez house, Santana crawled out then popped her seat forward to let out Dana. “Are you sure you don’t want to come study with me, Charlie? I could use a brush up on my anatomy.”

“No thank you, Santana” Charlie said calmly again, trying her best to be polite.

“Prude” Dana said with a smirk as she whacked Charlie on the back of the head on her way out. She stuck her head back in the door and smiled at everyone “Ladies, it’s been fun. I just farted in the back seat, so enjoy.” She let out a cackle and pulled her head out, slinging the door shut with a slam behind her.

“Charming” Quinn said with a roll of her eyes as she adjusted the mirror to look behind her. “You alright, Charlie?”

“Great” The youngest sister said with a nod as she scooted away from Rachel now that they had more space.

“Don’t let her bother you” Brittany said softly, turning in her seat now to look at the girls in the back as Quinn pulled away from the curb of the house. “Santana will push your buttons until you give in. Just keep standing strong and she will get bored.”

“She’s like a gnat, seriously. Just ignore her buzzing around your head and she will die off in a day or two.” Quinn said in agreement, casting a sideways glance to Brittany. She offered her a slight half smile and reached over to pat her leg. It was a silent comforting for her friend because even if they hadn’t talked about it, she knew Santana had hurt Brittany this summer and it had to sting to see her flirting so carelessly in front of her face.

“Can we please listen to some music now” Rachel piped up, sitting forward again and speaking at Quinn from around her chair “Music is a great way to unwind from the day and I think we all could use a little relaxation for the rest of the ride home.”

Quinn rolled her eyes but didn’t argue. She pressed the power button on the stereo in the car then pressed number six on the stations button. It was Rachel’s favorite station. She had programmed it one day after dropping everyone off. She claimed she had left her purse in the back seat, crawled in, turned on the radio and saved it. You know, so she wouldn’t have to fight with Rachel to find the station. It was a peace maker.  

At least that is what she would say if Dana ever questioned it, which she knew would never happen. No one asked for music while Dana was in the car and when she drove she only listened to station number one. She was the oldest so she got the first button she had argued. There were six buttons, no reason for them to fight over who got what, but they had anyway.

A smile flickered on Charlie’s face when she noticed her sister change the station to her best friend’s favorite right away. Maybe Quinn just didn’t want to fight anymore or maybe it was something more. Either way it was nice. Quinn didn’t have a lot of moments like that, where she was genuinely nice to people, but when she did Charlie took notice. She had a good heart but sometimes it got lost in the shuffle of high school and popularity. They were more alike than Quinn would ever admit, but Charlie didn’t mind. She liked sharing that silent bond with her sister. It was comforting to know she really wasn’t a freak.

The rest of the ride was peaceful, to say the least. Charlie and Rachel sang along to the songs on the radio, seemingly knowing them all. Quinn didn’t mind, it was better than bickering and, well, Rachel had an incredible voice. It actually made her smile, even if she bit the corners of her mouth to fight it from actually happening for anyone to see.

“Bye Britt” Quinn said with a smile as her best friend slipped from the front seat. “I’ll call you after dinner and we can do homework later.”

“Thanks” She smiled and waved to the other girls in the back seat before shutting the door and skipping off up the walk to her house.

“You could have just stayed, Q. I would have dropped Rachel off then went home myself.” Charlie sat forward between the front seats, looking at her sister with a smile. “No need to have to come back later.”

“I want to change” She said with a shrug, glancing at her cheerleading uniform she was forced to wear each day. “And mom is making chicken and dumplings tonight. I didn’t eat much at lunch so it’s no big deal.” She waited for her sister to sit back then nodded “One more stop then we’re home free.”

“Actually” Rachel frowned and looked at Charlie, showing her the text message she had just gotten from her dad. “Do you think your mom will mind if I crash dinner tonight, again? I think she still has salad from last night leftover that I can eat.”

“It’s fine. She likes you.” Charlie smiled and leaned forward again to Quinn who had pulled away and was heading toward the Berry house “Rachel’s dads are working late again so she is going to have dinner with us so you don’t have to drop her off.”

“Does mom know?” Quinn asked with a huff. She had to act like that news didn’t thrill her.

“Mom likes Rachel. Unlike you and Dana’s friends she is polite and doesn’t chew with her mouth open.”

“Okay, we both know that Dana is the one that chews with her mouth open. And Brittany is polite!”

“Last time she ate dinner she refused to eat the mashed potatoes and gravy because she doesn’t eat the color gray.” Charlie sat back, folding her arms with a shake of her head. “Brittany is sweet but she isn’t always polite, Q.”

“Fine” she rolled her eyes again and took a turn onto their street since she didn’t have to hit Rachel’s house anymore. It was true Brittany didn’t really have a filter. If she saw something and wanted to comment on it, she would, no matter how rude it might come off as.

“You don’t have to eat salad. I snuck some tofu into the shopping cart last week. I will make you that while mom finishes our dinner” Charlie gave Rachel a smile. She was her best friend so she wasn’t going to let her go hungry just because her family loved meat.

“Thanks. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.” Rachel gave her friend a half hug then settled back. Her eyes looked out the window and she grinned as she quietly sang along to the music.

A few moments later Quinn had the S.U.V. rumbling up the driveway and into the garage of the Fabray house. It was a good thing their father had been an established stock broker when they had kids or the three of them might have driven them into a poor house. Instead they continued to live a comfortable life in a nice house.


Dinner was uneventful for the most part. Quinn did end up telling Judy exactly what had happened at lunch and Judy had spent a half hour on the phone verbally punishing Dana, although Quinn was pretty sure her sister had hung up after five minutes. She had tried to ground her eldest daughter but since she was at Santana’s the punishment failed and the woman instead settled on telling their father over the phone for him to deal with later then made herself a cocktail before settling in for Nancy Grace.

Charlie and Rachel were now in Charlie’s room with Rachel spread out on the floor and Charlie on the bed. They both had books in front of them and they were deeply enthralled in their homework. Charlie had to catch up on the chemistry she had missed that day and Rachel was revisiting her history notes.

“Did you get enough to eat?” Charlie asked without looking up from her notes.

Rachel smiled, nodding her head a bit “I did, thank you. I should just start packing a dinner for the weekends since I am here so much anyway.”

“Or my parents could add a little variety to their shopping list. I swear I could name off what they get every time they go without even having to look in their bags.” Charlie closed the notebook and sat up now, folding her legs together and giving Rachel a smile “So your dads are busy again this weekend?”

Rachel shrugged a little bit, nodding as she glanced up at her friend “Well daddy is out of town on business. There’s a prospective new client that he has been trying to nail down the past month. Dad has a huge case that needs top priority right now so here I am.” She gave a smile though it was anything but genuine. She was used to it, or at least she should be by now. It didn’t make it sting any less, though. At least now she had a place to stay instead of being alone all weekend like when she was a bit younger.

“Well I am glad to have you. You’re a distraction from…” Charlie glanced at the door and motioned to it with her hand, shrugging “Everything.”

“Your sisters aren’t even here. Well, Quinn is but she is leaving. Is it really that bad with them around all the time?” Rachel propped herself up on her elbows where she laid on the floor. Being an only child, Charlie’s whole situation fascinated her. Not only did she have two sisters but they were triplets. It was incredibly educational and entertaining to be around, even if her other sisters were less than friendly most times.

“Not all the time” Charlie said with a said, fiddling with the papers on her notebook “Quinn isn’t so bad when she’s not in her head bitch mode. She cares way too much what other people’s opinions of her are and she tries like Hell to make sure she looks good in the eyes of popularity. Dana, though…” Charlie shook her head, giving a roll of her eyes “She is intolerable most days, especially since she started hanging out with Santana. Those two are nearly impossible to deal with when they are together.”

“She didn’t always used to be like that” Rachel shrugged, grabbing a pen now and flipping open her pink notebook with gold stars all over it. “She hasn’t always been nice to me, per say, but she was at least decent freshman year. What happened?”

“Your guess is as good as mine. Something went on with Santana and Brittany over the summer too.”

“I’ve noticed” She frowned a little, her eyes on what she was writing “They can hardly look at each other.”

Charlie shrugged, sliding off the bed and going to her dresser. She pulled out two sets of pajamas, tossing one to Rachel with a smile “Let’s get settled in for the night. I think West Side Story is playing on AMC tonight.”

“Oh!” Rachel sat up, grabbing the clothes from her friend and clapping once she was on her feet. “Sounds like the perfect night to me!”

“Good, now hurry up and go change!” Charlie gave her friend a smile then turned to head into the bathroom attached to her room. Rachel skipped out of the room and down the hallway to the other bathroom to change. It was a ritual they did nearly every weekend since becoming best friends in the middle of freshman year.

A few minutes later Rachel skipped back into the bedroom, giving the blonde laying in the middle of the bed a smile. Her friend had her sleep pants on, her wavy blonde hair now lying along her back, and an old tshirt on. Rachel politely placed her, well Brittany’s actually, discarded clothes in a neat pile near the dresser and went right back to her notebook.

“Anything new in there?” Quinn asked, biting her lip as she lay on the bed doing her very best Charlie impression.

Rachel glanced up at her friend, or who she thought was her friend, and perked an eyebrow. She shook her head a bit and went back to writing. “What do you mean by new?”

“You know something you haven’t told me about yet? I know how you are, you always mull over something for weeks before coming to me about it especially if it’s a decision based on your Broadway dreams or, um, crushes or whatever.” Damn it, Quinn really needed to pay more attention to how her sister interacted with Rachel.

Rachel shook her head a little bit as she scribbled in the book “Just some lines of a poem I’m working on. Nothing you’d be interested in, Quinn.”

Quinn’s mouth dropped and she looked at Rachel in shock. “How did you know?”

Rachel laughed a little, rolling her eyes as she looked at the girl “I’ve been around the three of you for over a year now and although Dana has done her best stand out and make it obvious who she is, there are still little clues between you and Charlie, although I must admit outside of your uniform it gets really difficult when you two aren’t standing together.”

“What are you talking about? We are identical” Quinn sat up now, huffing a little.

“Maybe in looks but you have mannerisms that are different.” Rachel shrugged and went back to her notebook. After a moment she looked up and rolled her eyes when she saw Quinn studying her like she was trying to figure out what she meant. She sat up and let out a sigh, folding her legs “For instance, Charlie never asks about my notebook. She knows it is sacred and the only place besides my mind where I can escape the world without ridicule and judgment.”

“Whatever” Quinn rolled off the bed, shaking her head a bit “You are so weird.”

“She’s intelligent” Charlie said from behind her, having slipped out of the bathroom just a moment ago. Her hair was down against her back as well, an old tshirt, and some sleep pants were on her body. If you didn’t know them you couldn’t tell them apart when they were standing in the same room. It was funny how close their styles were outside of Quinn’s uniform. It was almost identical.

“Whatever, you two are boring. I am going to go find something else to do.” Quinn shrugged, picking up a snow globe from her sister’s dresser on the way out, giving it a little shake as she paused at the door and looked at the two girls for a moment. “We should do something tonight.”

“I thought you were going over to Brittany’s?” Charlie asked as she slid onto the bed now and took the place Quinn had just been sitting in.

Quinn shrugged and put the globe down, looking at her sister then to Rachel then back again quickly “She just called and said her parents found out she is failing art and grounded her for the weekend.”

“So why not call one of your other minions from the squad?” Charlie’s tone didn’t change from calm and collected although her words definitely carried a malicious tone and a slight smirk rose on her lips as she spoke them.

Quinn rolled her eyes and glanced at Rachel again before looking at the keychain from the Empire State building her parents had gotten Charlie on their trip last year that she picked up from the dresser next “Believe it or not I don’t necessarily like most of them. Besides, half the squad is older than me and has their own friends and parties and such.”

“Ohh, head cheerleader isn’t as glamorous as it seems, is it?” Charlie smirked now as she taunted her sister. Hey when she got her chance to take a dig at her sisters she had to take it.

“Don’t be mean” Rachel said through a giggle. Okay, it had been funny. But Rachel was not the type to kick someone when they were down. Unless they were in the way of her dreams then there was no mercy. “Quinn, you are more than welcome to hang out with us tonight. We are just going to watch West Side Story and talk about boys.”

“We are?” Charlie seemed surprised at that.

Rachel laughed, shaking her head a little “Well, no. But I thought that might appeal to Quinn a bit more than talking about musicals and photography.”

“Why do you say that?” Quinn asked with a frown, crossing her arms over her chest “I’m not boy crazy or anything.”

“Please” Charlie rolled her eyes “Remember last year when you filled an entire notebook with Finn Hudson’s name? You had the biggest crush on him and it’s all you talked about.  Well that and cheerleading and how you were going to be head cheerleader next year.” She stuck a finger into her open mouth and faked a gag.

“At least I’m not a freak who loves her camera more than human interaction” Quinn tossed the keychain at Charlie’s head, which she ducked without much trouble. Charlie erupted into a fit of giggles at how she had gotten under her sister’s skin.

“Charlie” Rachel said with a frown, getting up now and walking over to Quinn with a shake of her head “I don’t think you are boy crazy I just thought that might interest you is all. I know what we talk about probably bores you so I was offering some sort of opening for you to join in the conversation.”

“What would you know about boys?” Quinn huffed, pushing Rachel away and heading to the door “You freaks have fun being lame and dying alone.”

Rachel sighed as Quinn left the room. Her hands came to her hips and she turned to look at her friend on her bed “Do you have to be so cruel to her? You know you are no better than your sisters when you act like that.”

“Oh whatever” Charlie shrugged, tucking some hair behind her ear and grabbing her remote “She is never nice to me, or you for that matter, it’s about time she gets a little taste of her own medicine.”

“It’s not your job to teach her a lesson. Besides, have you ever heard the saying kill them with kindness?” She huffed and folded her arms as she sat on the floor with her back to the bed. “Maybe all Quinn wants is to feel normal and included. Is that such a crime?”

“Normal and included? Rachel she is the most popular girl in school I doubt she has issues feeling left out.”

“School life and home life are two different things, Charlie.” She shrugged, frowning now as she tapped her feet together at the toes “Maybe she wants to know she still has the support and love of her sisters. You guys share a bond that not even regular siblings share and whether you like it or not you always will. It will always feel normal to want to be around your sisters, even if you hate them.”

Charlie let out a sigh, shrugging a little bit. She hated when Rachel was right. “Fine” She said softly, sliding off the bed and heading to the door “I’ll go apologize. Being mean to her like she is to us doesn’t make it right.” She gave her friend a smile, tossing her the remote “Find the movie and I will go say sorry to Quinn.”

“Thank you” Rachel said with a nod and a smile to her friend before taking the remote and pointing it at the t.v. She knew exactly what channel AMC was. It was one of her favorites because it played classic movies more than any other channel. When she flipped to the station and saw the guide telling her there were a few minutes before it started, Rachel pressed pause and let the t.v. record while she waited for Charlie, and hopefully Quinn, to return.

It was ten minutes later when the girls came back into the room. Quinn had a bowl of popcorn and Charlie had some water bottles in her hands. Charlie greeted her friend with a smile as she handed her the water and sat down on her right hand side.

“I convinced Quinn to watch the movie with us. I told her once it’s over she can choose one she wants to watch since she has nothing else to do tonight. And I made popcorn, no butter so it’s vegan for you.”

“Here” Quinn plopped the bowl onto Rachel’s lap since she was in the middle once Quinn had settled on her left. “This movie better not suck.”

“Are you kidding me?” Rachel was positively glowing as she picked up the remote “It’s a more modern day telling of Romeo and Juliet. Two lovers from opposite words that were destined to be together no matter what, it’s romantic!”

Quinn’s glance at Rachel lasted a little longer than it should of as the girl explained the plot. She found herself smiling and quickly had to look away. She cleared her throat and shrugged as she grabbed a handful of popcorn “Sounds just like every other lame Hollywood movie.”

“Actually it was a play first.” Rachel corrected her as she pressed play and forwarded a little until the beginning of the movie started.

“Shhh” Quinn hissed as she crunched on a few pieces of popcorn as she focused on the screen.

The girls all fell quiet as the movie ran. With each commercial break, Rachel would turn to Quinn and ask if she was following the story. She knew Charlie was because they had seen it together several times.

“Rachel” Quinn hissed in a whisper as a car commercial played in the background “If I don’t understand something I will ask. Until then could you please stop asking me like I’m a five year old?”

“Sorry” Rachel said with a frown, sinking down into her spot a bit “I just wanted to make sure you were enjoying yourself.”

“I’m fine” Quinn folded her arms and focused on the t.v. again. She sighed and looked over at Rachel and when she saw her pouting. A frown came to her lips and she rolled her eyes a little “I’m having a good time, thank you for making sure of it.”

“You’re welcome” Rachel whispered before a smile came to her face. Good, she wanted Quinn to have fun.

The movie continued without any more interruptions. By the time the movie was over Rachel was slumped to the side, her head on Quinn’s shoulder, sound asleep.

Charlie sat up to take the remote, turning the t.v. on mute and looking over at her friend. When she saw her friend on her sister’s shoulder she smiled softly. Look, they could touch without killing each other. She turned off the t.v. and got up, grabbing a blanket from the end of the bed and laid it on Rachel’s legs gently “Do you want me to wake her up so you can go to bed?” She whispered softly.

Quinn looked down to Rachel on her shoulder and shook her head. She shifted a little bit, slowly wiggling down against where she leaned into the bed until she was laying flat against the floor. Rachel shifted with her and soon they were both laying down, Rachel lying slightly against Quinn. She smiled a little and looked at her sister with a shrug “Um, I don’t want to wake her up. Just give me a pillow.”

Charlie perked an eyebrow at her sister as she grabbed a pillow and handed it over. This was odd, to say the least. Quinn hated sharing a bed. They had never had the same room because of it. Well that and because the house had enough room for them all. But once when they went to church camp and they had to share the bottom bunk she had complained the entire time.

“Whatever you say” Charlie said with a shrug, smirking a little bit as she got up and crawled into her own bed. She reached up and clicked off the lamp in the corner, leaving just the night light in the corner the only light in the room.

Quinn laughed a little bit at that “You still sleep with a night light?”

“Shut up” Charlie said with a yawn as she pulled the blankets up around herself. “If you tell anyone I will tell Dana you snuggled Rachel all night.”

Quinn looked down at the girl lying on her chest and smiled. “If you tell Dana I’ll tell her you’re the one who not so accidentally showed mom where her weed stash was.” Her fingers slid lightly through Rachel’s hair, a sigh leaving her lips. This was so worth near blackmail although she would never admit it. “I just don’t want her to wake up. She looks comfortable.”

“Whatever” Charlie sang out and closed her eyes as she settled in her bed. “Have fun snuggling Rachel Berry.”

Quinn would usually be annoyed by her sister’s taunting but right now she didn’t care. Her arm slowly moved around Rachel’s waist and let out a breath. The two girl’s bodies settled together more fully and Quinn smiled. She spent the rest of the night watching Rachel sleep, all the while keeping her eyes opens until they burned with exhaustion and she was forced to drift into sleep.