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as soon as spencer saw aaron, he knew he wanted to be shown off on the other man's arm. diners were a staple of america in the late 60s and in the shitty neon light combined with the fact that it was night and so everything was stained with the orange-pink of the neon, he looked like every boy's wet dream come to life. aaron was tall and muscular, a leather jacket and a tight white t shirt clinging to and accenting the evidences of the work outs he no doubtably did. just as spencer was looking at him, aaron gave a cool stare, as if daring the other man to come forward and take a pass at him. spencer's eyes glistened with desire, widening microscopically as he decided to approach. he put the cherry lollipop that had come free with his drink into his mouth, tongue rolling around it. as his lips and tongue turned red, he ruffled his hair with both his hands, looking directly at aaron. what he wanted most was to be owned but he was pedantic about who he was to be owned by.
finally sitting at the stool next to aaron so they were practically shoulder to shoulder, spencer made himself smaller so that he was gazing up at aaron, simply drinking the sight of him in. no words were needed. spencer put his hands on the other man's knees, slowly sliding them up until he was practically palming him under the table. aaron used one of his hands to cup the boy's face and the other to pull the lollipop out of his mouth with a pop. spencer's tongue darted out to lick it suggestively and aaron took a sharp breath in. yes, thought aaron, i want this one.
aaron put the lollipop from spencer's mouth into his and used the hand that was cupping his face to drag a thumb across his lips.
"if you keep that in your mouth long enough," spencer said with a voice raspy from neglect, "i'll taste like cherries." he winked and pressed his forgotten palm down onto the bulge in aaron's pants, making sure that his implicit offer was known.
aaron took off his jacket and draped it across spencer's shoulders. "keep it on or you'll get cold," he said, leading spencer out the back of the diner after dropping a fifty dollar note onto the bar. his milkshake had only costed less than a tenth of that but his attention was on spencer now, and on how innocent yet overtly sexual he presented himself as. he had a loose shirt on that advertised "the five satins", a band that had been popular almost ten years prior. he also wore black jeans that were worn and torn in the knee, and aaron smirked to himself; he knew exactly how they came to be that way.
when they'd been walking away from the diner for a minute or two, a car came into sight. aaron walked slightly ahead to lean against it, one leg crossed against the other with both hands on the hood.
"1964 ford convertible," aaron said proudly. everyone wanted this car but only a small percentage of america had it. he obviously had money, then. that only made spencer want aaron more.
"it's lovely, sir," spencer said coyly, climbing into the red car's passenger seat. they didn't know each other's names but that didn't matter, did it? spencer was only in this for one night, and he never saw the same man twice. 
aaron felt a surge of warmth that led directly downwards at the nickname. sir. he could get used to that from this man.
"how old are you?" aaron asked spencer, not wanting to break any laws.
"twenty," spencer replied. "come on baby, let's drive."
aaron revved the car up, immediately getting a rush. he loved his car more than he loved most people, even though girls fell over themselves for his attention most of the time, and the guys in his life simply wanted him to give them the time of day just so they could say they spoke to the aaron hotchner.
"baby," aaron started, looking over for just a second when the car got onto the road, "suck me off?"
spencer smiled and unzipped aaron's fly, contorting slightly so he could turn enough to grip the other man in his hands, working him to hardness. aaron's jawline tightened as he gritted his teeth to keep a moan from escaping him so early. illuminated by only the moon, spencer couldn't help but lick his lips while looking at aaron's face, wanting the older man to fully ravish him when they got to wherever they were going.
spencer's hands pumped aaron's dick and he felt the veins under his palms. he then leaned down slightly uncomfortably to take the cock in his mouth like he did with the lollipop he'd teased aaron with in the diner, creating a vaccum with his mouth and licking the head, revelling in the tiny groan that aaron gave.
"you're so pretty like that, baby," aaron moaned, gripping the steering wheel so hard his hands turned white. on the deserted road, it was like the whole world had stopped existing, and it was just aaron and spencer's mouth.
he started bobbing down, taking the shaft and swallowing when the tip of the cock brushed against his throat, pulling a deeper moan from aaron as encouragement. hints of cherry candy mixed with the bitter taste in spencer's mouth and he kept going down until his nose met aaron's hastily unzipped jeans. he looked up through his eyelashes to see aaron not paying a single ounce of attention to him and sucked harder.
it wasn't a secret that spencer liked older men, but it was a secret that he craved to be owned while also being neglected. some people would call it tragic, but the personification of sex was currently driving one of the most lusted over cars of their time while recieving a blow job, and the kicker was that even as he came, he acted as if nothing was happening, except to give encouragement here and there, mostly as an afterthought. 

spencer zipped his fly back up and sat down in his seat again, looking cooly at the hotel that was approaching them, dimly lit and entirely unexpected among the desert of nevada.
aaron pulled up to park and looked at spencer again, focusing on his swollen lips.
"i can't wait to fuck you into my mattress, babe. you're so pretty," aaron said, while smoothing the other man's hair behind his ear. spencer leant into the touch, smiling adoringly up at him and sliding aaron's jacket off his shoulders already, as if he was desperate to get his clothes off, like he was trapped inside them and only aaron could liberate him.
"don't treat me rough, sir, treat me really nicely," spencer whispered, his eyes sweeping over aaron's body for what was probably the sixth time since the diner.
"you know, babe? i don't think i can wait. i'll take you right here against the car. get out and brace against it with your hands. i want the whole hotel to hear that you're mine."
"yes sir," spencer gasped, his seat belt already off.