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No Remedy For Memory

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She should have known better, she should have nipped the whole thing in the bud when it became clear that as much as he was sitting opposite her and asking about her family, her work, and her life, in reality he was somewhere else with someone else.

It was all Lisa’s fault really.

“You know Luke, my boyfriend?” she asked one day out of the blue after a triple shift at the hospital “Well he has this friend he works with Spencer. Spencer is single, he’s really cute and super smart and-”

“Lisa please” she said tiredly “No blind dates. Not after the last disaster” She shuddered at the thought.

“It’s not a blind date, it’s a double date!” Lisa protested “And it’s not really even a date. We need at least four people for a trivia tournament at the bar we go to. Please say you’ll come! Just see if you like the guy and if you don’t I will never set you up again”

That had been too good an offer to pass up so reluctantly she turned up one wet, miserable night at a dingy bar on the other side of town for a not-really-even-a-date double date with her over-sexed work colleague and two FBI agents.

It wasn’t that bad at first. Spencer was sweet and shy and had clearly been coerced by Luke into joining them. The pair sat side by side exchanging looks at Luke and Lisa’s PDA in between trivia rounds. In fact she and Spencer ended up doing most of the answering while the other half of their team was preoccupied. They all ended up coming second, the sports round letting them down.

“You play darts?” she asked Spencer afterwards, eager to see something, anything other than Lisa shoving her tongue down her boyfriend’s throat.

“No but I think I can learn” Spencer said, already out of his chair. Luke gave him a thumbs up and he rolled his eyes.

“They’re clearly in love” said Spencer, aiming for the board and missing spectacularly.

“They’re in lust” she corrected him “Give it a few months and if something’s there when it cools down maybe they’re in love” Her dart hit the centre of the board with a thwack.

“You’re good at this!” said Spencer as missed a second time.

“Just practice” she said with a shrug.

“Maybe you could give me some tips?” Spencer asked, rubbing the back of his neck and shuffling from side to side “I mean…if you aren’t busy. Well obvious as a doctor you’re busy but I mean if you have some time and I have some time free-”

“Maybe we could spend that time together?” she asked.


He seemed so genuine at the time and perhaps he was. Spencer actually wanted to spend more time with her.

“Okay sure” she said “I have a early shift next Tuesday. We could grab a bite to eat after?”

“I’d love that!”

“Hey Reid!” Luke called from the other side of the bar “Garcia just called, we have a case!”

Lisa had a face like thunder and they saw Luke immediately turned to her and tried to soothe her hurt feelings.

“Maybe not love” said Spencer softly as he watched the two of them “Love should be understanding”

She glanced up at him, a  strange feeling in her stomach, like a warning.

“Stay safe” was all she said.

The case was over quickly, she heard from Lisa that the BAU were back in town.

“Was it stupid to be mad?” Lisa asked. She shrugged.

“I think it’s part of their job. We get called into the hospital at a moment’s notice too.” Lisa just scoffed and mumbled something about it not being the same under her breath.

When she and Spencer met up for their prearranged date she asked if it was a problem in relationships. She didn’t know why she asked, a first date wasn’t really the time to pry into his relationship history. Spencer didn’t seem bothered though, possibly because he didn’t realise what she was asking.

“My friend JJ and her husband Will make it work and they’ve been together nearly a decade. I think they may be an exception rather than a rule though” he added, a tinge of sadness creeping into his voice “Everyone else is either single, divorced or…”

“Or?” she probed gently.

“Or they lost someone” said Spencer “Our old boss lost his wife”

“That’s terrible”

“Yeah it was very hard on him but…sometimes I think when you have that kind of love, even if it’s ripped away from you, it’s still better to have it right?”

“I’d like to think so” she said “I though to be honest with you I don’t think I’ve ever been properly in love. Not the kind of love you’re talking about”

Spencer looked at her for a long time, she shrank a little under his gaze, her fingers drumming nervously against the table. She thought maybe she had made a mistake but at the end of the night as he was walking her home he shyly told her he’d love to take her out again.

“I’d like that” she breathed, butterflies in her stomach. he smiled at her and after a pause, pecked her on the lips. It was brief and he looked slightly bemused when he pulled back but she didn’t think much of it.