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Fionn Whitehead Blurbs

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Request- PLEASE y/n is scared to have sex & she hasn't done anything remotely sexual with Fionn yet & he starts to believe something is wrong so he gets a little upset & confronts her about it idk just play around with it really

Making out with Fionn was almost a daily occurrence, but you never took it any further than that. You didn’t share a house but you stayed at his place almost every night, sleeping in the same bed and cuddling but nothing more.

One particular night, things were getting pretty heated, Fionn moving his hands down your body to take off your top. He took hold of the bottom of your tshirt as he continued to kiss you, his chest against yours, holding his weight on his forearm so not to hurt you. As soon as you realised what he was doing, you moved our hand from it’s place in Fionn’s hair and quickly took hold of his wrist, stopping it from pulling at your clothing any more.

“Y/N, what is wrong? Why do you never want to do anything remotely sexual with me? Do you not find me attractive or something?” Fionn asked with concern as he sat up and moved to sit on the other side of the bed.

“Fionn, please don’t do this.” You could clearly see that he was upset with your actions and this wasn’t the first time you’d rejected him, just the first time he’d said something.

“I’m starting to think that this might not be working.” He looked over at you and ran his hand through his hair. “Is there someone else? Someone better than me?”

“What? No. Fionn. It’s just, I’ve never, you know, done anything. With anyone.” You looked down and quietly said the words.

“You’re a virgin?” You nodded, looking embarrassed.

“Babe why didn’t you just tell me? I understand. And there’s nothing to be ashamed about!” He moved over to you and placed his finger under your chin, lifting your head to make eye contact.

“You just tell me when you’re ready, and I’ll make sure you’re comfortable with everything. Okay?” You nodded again. “Could be next week, next month or next year. As long as you don’t feel pressured. Just when you’re ready.”

You smiled at him, kissing him softly in the lips then taking off your shirt. Fionn looked at you as if to say that he didn’t want you to do this just for his sake.

“I want to. Just maybe we’ll start with this and see what happens.” He kissed you deeper, caressing your newly revealed body.