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Debuffed in Debug mode

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Dark was lightly dozing in the reclined chair next to the hospital bed, his hand still lightly clasped around Anti's as they both slept.

The beeping from Edward's hospital equipment acted like a metronome, consistent and comforting.


The door to the room opened softly as Edward came in to check in on the pair. He picked up the clipboard hung over the end of the bed, pulled out his pen and began to copy down the data he needed from his machines.

Edward carefully lifted Anti's arm, checking the needles were still in securely. Anti twitched in his sleep, waking Dark suddenly.

He opened his eyes, getting ready to sit up before being shushed by Edward.


"You should go home for a bit Dark, you need to shower, sleep and eat."


Dark sighed, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I'm fine, I just need a coffee."


"It's been three days Dark, go home and get rest."




"No but's Dark!" Edward said sternly, "I'm a doctor and I say he's going to be okay, so go home and freshen up before your boyfriend wakes up!"


With a slight smile, Dark shrugged his shoulders as he stood up.

"I'll be back soon."


"Don't worry about things here, I'll stay in here till you get back."


With a light kiss to Anti's forehead, Dark left the room.




Dark woke up at home in his bed. Stretching out, he heard the kettle boiling downstairs.


Instantly tensing, he grabbed the closest pair of bottoms he could see and crept downstairs.


The kettle had boiled and now the kitchen was filled with a jovial voice singing under their breath.


Dark picked up a decorative paper weight from the book shelf he was walking by, raising it ready to club the intruder to death. He quickly glanced into the kitchen, letting out an annoyed sigh of relief.

"You know that I don't mind having you around Wil, just knock on the door next time!"


The pink moustached man turned around in surprise.


"Sorry about that old chap! Your door was open so I assumed that you wouldn't mind me skipping the formalities!"


Dark shrugged and went to the cupboard to grab a mug.

"Soooo... How's Anti?" Wilford called from the breakfast bar.

"He's... stable I suppose" Dark replied helplessly, pouring the freshly brewed coffee into the mug.

"That's great!" Wilford exclaimed, "I can't wait to meet him in person, he sounds like a lovely fellow!"

Dark smiled, "I suppose he is."




Dark went in the shower. He was insanely grateful for Wilford for agreeing to upkeep his house whilst he was in hospital. There wasn't many people that Dark trusted but he was glad to keep calling the crazy cotton candy man his friend.

Picking up his flannel, he began to scrub deeply, enjoying the hot water on his tired body.


It had been a long three days. He hadn't expected Anti to react as he did. Yeah, just because he and Wil had attempted suicide didn't mean that everyone who became aware did. He and Wil were already messed up, Anti though... he wasn't as damaged before. or maybe he was?

Grr! Emotions were complicated! He just wanted Anti back beside him.


Turning off the shower, he made his way back to his bedroom, getting ready to return back to the hospital.