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writing requests

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yes, cliche, i know

but recently, i’ve been going through lack of original ideas, but i know a lot of you have great ideas that you think you can’t write! so i am here to fulfill those dreams, probably poorly.

some rules!!

1. fluff is okay. angst is okay. smut is not recommended. crack is... very iffy.

2. any of the ships in the tags are okay! i’ll try my best to write them, i’m sorry if they’re somewhat ooc.

3. platonic things (friendship fics) are much appreciated! enemy fics are somewhat appreciated! romantic things are much appreciated!

4. aus, as long as they are well explained, are also great!

5. vague ideas are cool, but don’t just suggest a ship. you can try giving me a word, or a prompt you found online, and i’d love those!

6. have fun with it! do whatever you want, just know that some of these won’t be written. i’m one person, not many.

7. i do not, i repeat do NOT, write anything romantic with the SQUIP. not even in a human au. however, they can most definitely be a character!

8. don’t request 17 million things at once, and don’t bug me about if/when your story will be finished.

possible fandoms other than bmc! (in order of greatest to least likely to be approved)

-percy jackson/magnus chase/kane chronicles
-doctor who
-harry potter
-mean girls (the musical)
-dear evan hansen

go wild! this is an oppurtunity for both me and my readers to have fun with this! comment on this chapter, or send me anonymous messages on my tumblr, player-two-heere or my instagram playertwo__!

stay safe, and stay wonderful, loves.