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Little Orpheus

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A hooded boy hums as he stares at the wooden cross surrounded by trees.

There’s two monsters close to the boy; a tall tigerlike humanoid in a torn jumpsuit next to him with dark blue liquid coming out it’s eyes and mouth and a lizardlike humanoid only wearing leather pants with beautiful golden horns is laying down on his side next to the boy who also have the same liquid coming out it’s eyes and mouth. He takes out his wooden guitar from his box as he continues to hum. He begins playing and begins singing.


“It’s calling me from the ocean
It’s calling me from the ocean
I’m crawling in with emotions
It’s calling me with devotion
You carry me through the pressure
You carry me through depression
You make my feet stand above the water

Imploring you, I’m so broken
How many days I’ve been broken?
Sending my voice to heaven
Above the sun and horizon
Drawing into the darkness
I swear I thought it was hopeless
You make my feet stand above the water

Oh! I was so broken, so broken
Now, I feel so chosen, so chosen!

It’s in the dark that we can see the mighty light
When we are lost, with no one on our side
Never give up, keep up your head above
The ocean will call you, and save you from the Rocks.

I felt so frozen, so frozen
Now, I feel so chosen, so chosen!”


The boy continues to play his guitar but a different song as he keeps humming hopefully.


“IT’S BEEN 3 DAYS!!! Can’t we shut that brat up!?” said a man with black eyes angrily.


“With those Despair Beasts surrounding him...we can’t come closer!” said another black eyed man.


As the boy keeps humming as he plays his guitar.


A huge black dog comes to the boy, the 2 monsters allow him to approach him and nuzzles him comfortingly.


“Harry...” Sirius whispered in concern as he uses his scout to move the hood.


Despite having worn emerald eyes, tired arms and a sore throat...Harry continuously plays his guitar as he smiles bravely at his godfather.


“I want to stop you…you’re hurting yourself...but seeing how much you want to be a hero...that is too much to ask...isn’t it? I guess this is my punishment for being so selfish” thought Sirius sadly.