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Something Precious

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Mike Ross, Harvey Specter, Donna Paulsen, Stephan Huntley, Louis Litt and Jessica Pearson are in Jessica's office and them trying to find a way to get Edward Dardy out from the firm.

"Why not blackmail him with Ava Hessington?"Asked Stephan as he took a sip from his tea and rubbed his eyes tired.

All night they are in the firm and Donna provide them with coffee, tea, whiskey, Red Bull and cookies

"Is not a good idea «said Harvey as refilled a glass of scotch.

"Why? «Asked Louis and grabbed a file from the table with the name of Ava Hessington.

"Because Edward Dardy has power and Ava Hessington too, Dardy maybe he see it personally and maybe he started a war against to us «said Jessica and grabbed the glass with the scotch from Harvey's hand. Harvey protested but she ignored him.

A sound of mobile phone filled the office and everyone turned to the owner of the mobile, Mike where his face had become red from embarrassment as Donna and Harvey they looked at each other with riches and curiosity, knowing that Mike's phone only strikes when they call him.

Mike picked up his phone and said in an official voice' 'Mike Ross''

They all look at the conversion of emotions on his face, from curiosity to insubordination and anger''What?''Mike exclaimed shooting up from the couch.

Donna fell down from the couch, s omen cards were on the floor by Louis's hands, Jessica poured her drink and Harvey with Stephen they looked at him in surprise, knowing that Mike never ended the call and ran to the door but Donna closed the road.

''Mike, what happens? 'Donna asked with worry in her voice because she has never seen him so upset and does she not know what is happening. Harvey walked to the door and stood next to his secretary with a determined young man wishing to learn what his assistant was upset about. Harvey and Donna they saw him as a brother or as their son and they wanted to protect him.

Mike started to get nervous and the only one he wanted to be in the hospital but first he had to escape the wormwood secretary and his terrifying boss. 'Donna, I cannot explain now but I have to go ''

''Fine' 'said Donna and Mike smiled ''But we will come with you' 'said Donna and point at Harvey

The smile from Mike's face began to look at him and they locked eyes for a moment. Mike swallowed hard.

They do not have to learn Mike thought and he tried to find a justification for not to come with him.

''Donna, you do not have to come along with me, you have a bigger job here' 'said Mike hoping to believe him but Jessica destroyed all his hopes...

''We have finished for today, Dardy began to suspect' 'said Jessica because was tired and wanted to go home and Harvey with Donna Τhey would not be very helpful if Mike leave because their minds would be in him.

Mike resigned with the beating and ran to the elevator when he came face to face...Rachel Zein.

''Mike, I need your help' 'said Rachel trying to spend some time with him and to flirt with him a little because τt was not a secret that Rachel had a big crush on Mike but cannot understand why he does not return the is beautiful, smart and the dream of every man but not Mike Ross.

Mike looked with a rush towards her and trying to find a way out of it.

''Rachel, sorry, but I have to go' 'said Mike and ran into the elevator with his boss and his secretary from behind him.


In another place of New York...

I it is a Saturday and usually Neal would be annoyed about being at the FBI office, but the fact that he has just seen a picture of Peter with a moustache makes it just a little bit better. He had been there since morning because he needed to find a plan to catch Pink Panthers...

''Woodford trust Keller because he gave him a nark to the dish' 'said Diana.

''Keller wants the same thing with Neal' 'said Jones. Neal turned back to his chair and thought.

Freedom, one word at the other end of the road and Neal can not to pass the road. 'You would die for that' said Keller

Neal had made many wrong choices in his life but now he pays the price but will not stop until he has his freedom.

As he laughs at the picture and hands it to the other agents Neal realizes that his phone is ringing and when he sees 'Nancy' on the caller id he can't help but worry.

"Hello." Neal answers, knowing that for Nancy to call him, on this number, then something is likely wrong. Neal stood up from the chair and went to the elevator, ιgoring Peter who spoke his name

''I'm just about to step onto the elevators so I might lose you, but I'll be right there, okay, I promise." Neal tells at mobile as the elevator doors open, and he hurries in.

Back to the office a merged Diana asked

"What was that?" Diana asks confused.

"I have no idea." Peter says, sounding just as confused, "But I'm going to find out." He says, before following after Neal.


At the hospital

The BAU team, was sitting in the room waiting and waiting for the one knew that the case would end with the newest member of the team at the hospital with a sphere on the shoulder...

Morgan with Prentiss was angry with this cure that hurt the boy he saw as a brother while Hutch and Rossi they think the same but they see the child as a son and JJ was worried about the man she loved with him.

The doctor came out of Reid's room and walked to the waiting room, who called the rest of the team to wait for him...

''Family of Spencer Reid? 'Asked the doctor and all the team turned to him. Hotch walked to the doctor and said ''I am Aaron Hoatchner and I am...''but cut off by a voice behind him...

''These people are not his family but we are' 'said the voice and the BAU team turned to the door to see where that voice came from...

A two with three women is standing at the door and one of the two men, the youngest one, he take a step front of and said "I am brother of Spencer Reid and demand to know that has my brother «said the man.

The BAU team was shocked by the words of man and they did not know what the hell happening...


A few minutes before

Ray parked in front of the hospital and before someone can say something, Mike he opened the door and he jumped out of car and ran to the door of hospital, to stood next to one man with three women, one of the women is pregnant.

Harvey took a good look at the people standing in front of man was about an inch taller than Mike ,he had brown hair and blue eyes and the man was wearing nicely tailored suit. One of the three three women,

The pregnant woman she had black hair and black eyes she wearing a torn jeans with red blouse and white shoes. When she saw Mike she walk toward him and kissed his cheek.

The other woman had blonde hair and brown eyes, she wearing a black pants with blue top and white shoes. The woman kissed Mike on his lips.

Harvey and Donna they stood shocked, watching the scene evolve ahead of them and they discovered why Mike was not interested for Rachel.

The other woman had blonde hair with some black hair, she had blue eyes and she wearing a jeans with a blue blouse and white shoes and she had piercing in her nose.

She grabbed Mike's hand and she took him to the hospital while Harvey and Donna they followed them and they heard...

"I am brother of Spencer Reid and demand to know that happening to him"

Harvey sat there, frozen .Mike has a brother?

"Brother? «The team BAU with Peter asked shocked.

The doctor looked at the four people standing front of him.

"The others? «Asked the doctor and those who were in the room would the biggest shock of their lives.

"Neal Caffey the older brother of Spencer Reid" he said and he smirk, knowing that he opened the Pandora's Box.

"Nancy Adams wife of Neal Caffey and I'm sister -in -law of Spencer Reid "said the pregnant woman and Peter looked like he wanted to faint.

"Mike Ross the younger brother of Spencer Reid «established Mike.

"Veronica Lavon, wife of Mike Ross and sisters-in-law of Spencer Reid «she said and Donna with Harvey they looked like something hit them.

Mike he has a wife and he never told to them about her...Why? Harvey he can't not help but becoming a little hurt that Mike didn't tell them and Donna same.

"And you? «The doctor asked the woman with the blonde and black hair.

''I am Roxy Fox and Spence's my fiancé' 'Roxy said with the biggest smile in the world, and if you looked close you could see a little bit of a knew that none of Reid's team knew about her.

Nobody said a world .Even Hocth didn't know what to say.

''What? Pretty boy getting married? 'Morgan practically screamed.

Roxy glared at the team and said «I want to know what he has my fiancé"

The doctor started to say but stopped by Neal "It is not here yet"

The other they began to laugh as the BAU with Peter, Harvey and Donna try to understand what's going on.

"She was late «said Neal as he looked the rolls in his hand.

"She going to kill him «said Mile and Roxy with Nancy and Veronica they laughing.

"Do not tell me that to be afraid of her? «Asked Roxy and Mike turned at her with a raised eyebrow and saying.

"The first time you meet her? You to «Roxy glared at him.

"5...4"Roxy began...

"3...2"Veronica continued.

"1..0"finished Nancy and the hospital door opened revealing a beautiful woman with brown hair and blue eyes ,red lips , white-skin like milk .Her hair they fell in her face and give her eyes a fatal wearing a female suits with stiletto and she had a apathy gaze.

She walked to the doctor and said «My name is Celestial MA Donovan and I want to know where Spencer Reid is"

The doctor he did not answer because he admired the beauty of the woman with the other male in the room.

"Listen here doc'' Celestia sarcastically «I am the older sister of Spencer Reid and I am a fucking lawyer and you has two, you tell me that room he It is or you will look for a new job"

The door looked at the woman scared and replied «Room 472"and he ran away from that woman.

Everyone went to Reid's prom and opened the door to see Spencer Reid in the bed with a book in his hand. Reid looked at the door and said «Shit"

Roxy ran to his side and kissed him in his lips and unknown to all a blonde was made jealous. Veronica and Nancy they placed a kiss on his cheeks and Neal with Mile sighed with relieve but one member from the family she had not spoken.

"You are worse than me, brother «said Neal and looked at his sister worrying because she has not said a word and suddenly...

"You idiot"said Celestia angrily. Everyone take a few steps away from the angry woman and Reid down his head...

"Celestia, I can explain...»Reid cut by the hand of his sister"Shut up"said Celestia.

"We will talk to home. «Said Celestia and after point at Harvey, Peter, Donna and the BAU"Too many witness"

"Hotch you can leave now. My family is here «said Reid and he did not know who much he hurt the team with these words.

"You to Harvey, see you the Monday in the office «said Mile and Harvey look at Mike and reluctantly left the room.

"Peter is better to leave you too «said Neal and Peter left the room but he looked at Neal one past time.

''The team members all still had a shocked look on their faces when they left from the room. Morgan knew that as soon a Reid go back they would all interrogate him. They just had to wait.

Harvey and Peter they had the same thought


Pearson & Dardy

The next day Harvey waited until Mike fully closed the door to his office before into the kid' 'your brother is a professional thief''

Mike sighed, but he seemed to resin himself to answering nonetheless' 'Alleged professional was only ever convicted of bond forgery''

Harvey rolled his eyes ''Really? You brother has committed -''

''Allegedly committed'' Mike corrected and suddenly a file came over his face, Donna stood at the doorway with a weary gaze and Mike knew he had to run, he glared at Harvey who had the audacity to laugh with him.

"I cannot believe that...»said Donna as trying to find the words to express her discontent. «You have a wife «ell Donna.

Mike took a step away from the woman while his boss laughed.

"You have a wife send brothers and a sister but you did not tell us «said Donna and It was in the doorway to start crying.

"Give me a good reason that I must not kill you «said Donna. Mike was trying to find something to say...

"I wanted to tell you about my family but Celestia did not like the idea but Neal with Spencer neither because Spencer work for BAU and Neal with FBI they have gotten many enemies and we did not want to put them in danger «explained Mike and he hopes to het this information because he did not want to talk about his family.

"I have some questions «said Donna and Harvey laughing as his secretary pulled the kid out of his office for interrogated but will not admit that he felt a bit of betrayed who Mike did not trust him.

Harvey sighs and goes back to work.


White Collar building...

"How do I not know you have a wife or brothers or a sister? «Peter asks shocked. Neal sighs because knew they would have discussed It but not now that he had not been drinking coffee and yesterday Celestia had given to Spencer a lecture and Neal with Mike they were forced to heard It to

"Because I made sure you didnt't"Neal answered and put a cup of coffee for him.

"You have a wife but one pregnant wife. Two brothers, two sisters -in -law and one sister which scares me «Peter admitted and Neal smiled because he knew that his sister bid the job right.

"Neal, I demand an explanation «Neal looked at the window.

"Look Peter, my family is everything to me and there is nothing I wouldn't do to protect them. »Neal say, turning to look at Peter"Celestia thinks she is the best and I agree with her because with Woodford and Keller around..."

Peter seen the pain in his friend's eyes and want to help him protect his family, but he cannot believe he did not tell him.

"Ok but Elizabeth want to meet Nancy «said Peter as he remember the angry and shocked expression of his wife when he told her about Neal.

"Ok"said Neal knowing that Elizabeth will be angry with him but will be a good friend for his wife.


BAU office.

When the elevator door opened Morgan glanced up and quickly walk to Reid. Morgan grabbed Reid and pulled him into the room where everyone was waiting for their genius.

"Ok spill, since when have you had a fiance"JJ practically yelled, wishing to know who this woman is, who put her hands on her genius.

"Or brothers said Rossi but with a calm way.

"Or a sister «said Morgan crossing his was a little upset that his best friend kept a secret this big from him.

"Reid you have been leaving us. «Garcia said giddy with excitement.

They all knew Reid and knew the things he said ,but the next words shocked all Six of them more than anything Reid 's ever said before" It's none of your business"

JJ, Garcia, Emily's jaw dropped and Morgan sat in in his chair.

"What? «Morgan asked in shock.

"Why? «Prentiss added with the same amount of shock Morgan had shown.

"I kept my family a secret and safe. Yesterday I said the price with my sister «Reid shuddered as he remember how angry his sister was.

"Celestia and Gideon  believed it was the best and I followed. Now, can we please just go back to work «Reid said getting up from his seat and walking to his desk.

The rest of the team did the same thing, going but to work with one thing on their minds. What Reid hiding.