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baby we're one in a million (don't be afraid) ~hiatus~

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All the nervous little girls stood in a line, anxious for their turn. It was testing day, where you found out whether you were an alpha, beta, or omega. All the girls wanted to be omegas, soft little people who are naturally submissive.

Harriet Styles, called Harry, wanted nothing more than to be a beta. There was no way in hell that she was an omega, and at 12, she was positive that she wasn't super soft and submissive.

"Harriet Styles?" A nurse in pink, obviously an omega, called.

Harry stepped forward, shaking. "That's me."

The nurse smiled. "Follow me for the tests."

Harry knew that since her motet was tested, times have changed. People used to wait until later years to learn, waiting for a heat or rut. Now, 13 year olds get shots to induce either a heat for omegas, a rut for alphas, or just slight arousal for betas.

Harry sat on the chair set up. A tall man with a kind smile walked up. He held out a long needle attached to a syringe with clear liquid in it. "This will hurt just a bit."

After injecting her and bandaging up the small hole, they waited for the symptoms to start.

Harry was disappointed when a strong wave of arousal crashed through her. She only wanted to be a beta.

The doctors observing her looked worried and confused at her reaction. Girls either started crying with want for a knot or have no reaction, but Harry looked pained and angry, sticking her hand down her pants.

A nurse checked her temperature for the slight fever heats brought, but nothing.

The omega nurse that brought Harry in gasped. "I feel it! She's... She's an alpha!"

Harry didn't remember much after that, just her mum picking her up and exchanging quick, quiet concerns with the doctors.


Louise Tomlinson, called Louis, but liked being called Lou, was put in Harry's room for testing. As she stepped in, her head swirled with the inviting scent of an alpha, and she knew that she was an omega.

The nurse still injected her, and Lou grew hot, sweaty, and aroused and knew for sure. An omega.

-7 years later-

"Look at the big alpha! So scary! Oh wait! It's a girl! What a loser!" Nick Grimshaw and his group sneered at Harry as she passed, heading to her next class.

Harry breathed heavily and glared their way. She tried to stop herself lashing out, but she couldn't contain her anger.

"Didn't know you were still sour about me rejecting you in fifth grade. I beat you up easy then, I can beat you up easy now, beta!" She mocked.

Nick growled and stormed off, his friends laughing.

Harry shook her head and was almost at her class when she felt it.

"You have got to be kidding me." She whispered.

Her rut was supposed to start in a week!

Harry groaned and ran home, ready to deal with another rut.


"Lou, should you be going today? You just finished your heat, you probably still smell like it, and what if something sends you back in?" Zayn hugged Lou, his head on hers, rocking back and forth.

"Zee, I'm 20. I'm not a helpless child, just an omega. You are too! I'll be fine. If it feels like my heat is coming back, I'll head straight home. If any alphas smell me, I'll come right back here. I'll be fine!" She assured her best friend.

Lou was going back to school after winter break, and her heat had been the last week. Zayn, her best friend, a male omega, was worried about sending her to school. They lived together, Zayn's mum unhappy about her son being an omega, Lou's mum unhappy about her omega daughter being into girls, meaning no grandchildren.

Lou kissed Zayn's cheek and walked out. At school, she faintly heard Nick Grimshaw teasing someone, the person retorting something that sent Nick, a beta, stalking off and knocking into Lou.

Nearing her first class, Lou smelled something sexy and sweet, feeling her stomach tighten in arousal. She sighed and turned on her heel, stomping home.

Zayn met her at the door, a knowing smile on his face when she came in, sweaty and whimpering. He helped her out of her clothes and handed her something before leaving.

Lou looked in her hand and nearly cried when she saw the dildo that popped a knot after a button was pushed. Lou loved Zayn.