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Heaven and Hell High

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“Angels stand to the right! Demons stand to the left!” Principal Tsunade, also an Angel, ordered.

Since the tension between Angels and Demons has increased, Heaven and Hell High had been created. In simpler terms, this prestigious academic institution is supposed to eradicate the hatred between heaven and hell. However, I don’t believe such a thing can ever happen. It’s why I don’t want to attend Heaven and Hell High, but my parents are forcing me.

Out of curiosity, I looked towards the Demon side. My eyes were instantly caught inside of pitch black orbs. I gasped and quickly looked away from his black pearls of eyes.

Instead of embarrassing myself more, I chose to just focus on my principal’s opening speech. However, I couldn’t pay much attention to her, especially when two girls started a conversation with me.

“Hi, I’m Ino,” a girl said, with a smile. She’s an angel, with light blonde hair and aqua colored eyes. “This is my friend. Her name is Sakura.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Sakura said, giggling. She’s another angel, with shoulder length pink hair and green eyes. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Naruto,” I said, my cheeks flushing. “It’s nice to meet you both, too.”

“They’re passing out our schedules now,” Ino grinned, looking at the stage. “We better have classes together.”

“Yeah,” Sakura agreed, nodding her head. “Otherwise, I’m going to be so mad.”

“Me, too!” Ino laughed, turning to look at me. “So, Naruto, are you from the Clouds, or the mortal world?”

“I’m from the Clouds,” I replied, which made Sakura and Ino gasp. “Yeah, I only learned recently how to walk.”

“That’s tough,” Ino pouted, with sympathy laced in her voice. “Sakura and I live in the moral world. We’re used to our legs.”

“I’m used to my wings,” I chuckled, sighing next, though. “We’re constantly flying around in the Clouds, after all.”

“That sounds fun,” Sakura smiled, green eyes shining in the dim lighting. “I want to visit the Clouds someday.”

In due time, I heard my name being called. Slowly, I walked timidly towards the stage, just as a teacher with white hair handed me my schedule. I accepted the document, with my eyes trained to his ID. It identified him as a Demon, which made me slightly uncomfortable.

“You shouldn’t run off so quickly now,” Mr. Kakashi said, gentle grabbing my wrist. “I haven’t properly introduced myself yet. I’m your English teacher.”

“S-sorry,” I apologized, my eyes staring at the floor. “It’s just … My friends are sort of waiting for me.”

“Yes, I understand,” Mr. Kakashi nodded, letting go of my wrist, then. “You can run along now. Either way, I’ll be seeing you in class.”

Once I returned to Sakura and Ino, I allowed them to look at my schedule. When they had finished, I took my schedule back and read it over. I have English for first period, with Mr. Kakashi as my teacher. I groaned in distress, especially since I hadn’t made such a good first impression.

“I can’t wait to get my schedule,” Ino said, twirling her hair, with her index finger. “And, I better have classes with you two.”

“Yup,” Sakura agreed, with a sigh. “I don’t want to have classes with a bunch of strangers.”

“Yeah,” I said, shaking my head. “It sucks if you don’t know anyone in class.”

Just then, I heard Mr. Kakashi call out another student’s name – Sasuke Uchiha. As he did so, I saw a boy from the Demon group walk towards the stage. He gave Mr. Kakashi a small smile, just before accepting his schedule. He walked off of then the stage, with his onyx eyes glancing towards the Angel side. He noticed me staring, which made my face flush in color, especially because it’s the second time I’ve been caught staring at him.

“He’s hot!” Sakura giggled, earning a gasp from Ino and me. “Hey, I’m just speaking the truth.”

“He’s a Demon,” I exclaimed, which made Sakura sigh sadly. “Angels and Demons cannot be together. It’s forbidden.

“Yeah, I know,” Sakura pouted, lower lip puckering out. “If only he wasn’t a Demon …”

“He is, though,” Ino said, nervously looking towards the Demon side. “I wonder if this school can truly bring peace between Angels and Demons.”

Next, I heard Mr. Kakashi call out another student’s name – Shikamaru Nara. He walked towards the stage, with his black eyes trained to the floor, but offered Mr. Kakashi a small smile, though. He accepted his schedule, not before turning around and winking, just towards the Angel side.

“What was that for?” Ino asked, raising her blonde eyebrow in confusion. “Could he know someone from our side?”

“That can’t be possible,” Sakura answered, crossing her arms together. “We can’t associate ourselves with them, not until now, that is.”

“That’s true,” I said, biting my lower lip. “Do you guys think that this school can really bring peace?”

“I don’t know,” Ino sighed, with a shrug. “It just seems like a farfetched idea.”

“Yeah …” Sakura agreed, frowning. “It just doesn’t seem like a possibility, especially with the current state between angels and demons.”

Later on, I heard Mr. Kakashi called out Ino’s first and last name. She smiled and quickly darted towards the stage. She accepted her schedule from Mr. Kakashi before darting towards the Angel side again.

“I have first, second, and third period with Naruto,” Ino beamed, happily smiling at me. “I’m so glad.”

“I am, too!” I grinned, high-fiving Ino. “We’ll have so much fun together in class.”

“I’m getting anxious now,” Sakura pouted, nervously fidgeting around. “When am I going to get my schedule?”

“Relax,” Ino assured, squeezing Sakura’s shoulder. “I’m sure they’ll call your name any minute now.”

Finally, I heard Mr. Kakashi call out Sakura’s first and last name. She squealed and dashed towards the stage, then. She soon returned afterwards, with a light bounce in her step.

“I have first, second, and third period with Naruto, too!” Sakura said, high-fiving Ino and me. “This is awesome.”

“It is!” I cheered, with a grin. “Oh, Principal Tsunade is speaking again. Let’s listen to her before we get into trouble.”

“Everyone has their schedules now. Your classes have been determined due to the results of your placement exams. However, if you so wish, you can always take the placement exams over again,” Principal Tsunade smiled, just before looking at her watch. “It is time for class now. Please report to your first period.”

“Come on, Ino and Naruto! Let’s walk together to English,” Sakura giggled, grabbing Ino’s arm. “After all, I’m kind of nervous.”

“You’re not the only one,” Ino admitted, nudging Sakura’s arm. “What about you, Naruto? Are you nervous?”

“Yeah, I am,” I sighed, rubbing the back of my head. “We’re falling behind. Let’s walk faster.”


Once outside in the hallway, I looked towards the Demon side. They have such sharp and sophisticated features, like their slender and sculpted jawlines. Some of the Demons didn’t have fanciful features, though. Such Demons looked like crazed creatures from horror movies.

“You’re gawking, Naruto!” Ino whispered, as my face flushed from embarrassment. “I know they’re fascinating. But, I don’t think they like being stared at.”

“I know, I know!” I gulped, lower lip puckering out in shame and guilt. “It’s just I’m from the Clouds. I’ve never saw one in person.”

“Don’t worry, Naruto. We understand,” Sakura chuckled, smiling at me. “Ino and I were raised in the mortal world. We’re accustomed to Demons. You’ll get used to them, too.”

“Hey, I’ve always been curious. How are schools like in the Clouds?” Ino asked, raising her blonde eyebrows in interest. “What do they teach there?”

“We learn everything mortals do, like English and history and math and science, expect physical education is a little different for us. We aren’t taught how to walk,” I explained, as Ino and Sakura listened carefully to me. “We also learn spiritual stuff, like listening to mortals prayers.”

“We’re taught that, too. I guess all Angels must know such things,” Sakura said, twirling her hair. “I mean, Demons cannot hear prayers of mortals. It’s only Angels who can.”

“What do Demons hear from mortals, then?” Ino wondered, rubbing her chin. “Perhaps they hear regrets from mortals.”

“Maybe,” I shrugged, opening our classroom door for Ino and Sakura. “It’s now or never. Let’s go inside. We shouldn’t be late on our first day.”

“You’re right,” Sakura sighed, inhaling deeply. “Guys, I see some seats empty in the middle rows. Let’s sit there.”

“Sure,” Ino agreed, following behind Sakura. “Come on, Naruto.”

“Yeah, I’m right behind you,” I reassured, looking around the classroom. “Where is Mr. Kakashi?”

“He’ll come,” Sakura said, sitting down. “I hope he’s nice.”

“Me, too!” Ino insisted, with a nod of her head.  


In due time, Mr. Kakashi finally arrived. His mere presence silenced the entire classroom, even students sitting in the back. I could barely meet his eyes, though. I was nervous, especially since I had given Mr. Kakashi an awful first impression.

“My name is Kakashi Hatake. I’m your 12th grade English teacher. I’ve already met most of you, but not all. So, I’ll tell you some stuff about myself. Where should I begin, though?” Mr. Kakashi chuckled, leaning against his desk. “Obviously, I’m a Demon. I come from the Beneath, which is slang for Hell, like Clouds is slang for Heaven. And, I will not tolerate discrimination in my classroom. After all, Heaven and Hell High is a neutral territory for Angels and Demons – a peaceful territory. Now, I’d like a written letter about yourself. It’s due at the end of class. If you require help, then just raise your hand.”

Of course, I have no inspiration to write. So, I looked around the classroom. Instantly, I saw an even amount of Angels and Demons. But, I also caught someone’s eyes. I quickly gasped in surprise, just before turning away. He and his friends started laughing at me, then. It made me grimace in unease, especially since I gawked at him before.

“I see you’ve found Sasuke Uchiha,” Mr. Kakashi snickered, as I tensed up. “You haven’t written anything. Why is that?”

“I’m sorry …” I apologized, gripping my pencil tightly. “I’m stuck.”

“Is that so?” Mr. Kakashi asked, looking down at me. “You’re a Cloud Angel. You have lots to write about, like learning how to walk.”

“Sure,” I murmured, lowering my eyes. “I’ll start writing now.”

“Good,” Mr. Kakashi smirked, turning around. “I look forward to reading your letter.”

So, I began writing. However, I only focused about learning how to walk, not my family or friends. After all, I’m forbidden from talking about my personal life, especially since I’m different from the other Angels.


For second period, I had history with Sakura and Ino. Of course, I felt happy about that. After all, I wasn’t alone in class. So, I walked alongside them. But, I soon stopped and stood in the hallway.

After all, I saw Sasuke and his friends waiting outside of class. However, I quickly begun walking again. I didn’t want to make a scene.

“This is Naruto, guys! He’s from the Clouds,” Sakura said, as I smiled at her friends. “Don’t be shy, Naruto. Tenten and Rock Lee are so nice.”

“Hey, Naruto, I’m from the Clouds, too. So, I know we’ll get along,” Tenten chuckled, as she turned to look at Rock Lee. “What about you, Lee?”

“Unlike you, I’m from the moral world,” Rock Lee admitted, but before grinning. “But, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.”

“Great!” Ino beamed, clapping her hands together. “Come on, guys! We should save some seats before they’re taken.”


As class began, I sat down beside Rock Lee and Tenten. However, I didn’t really talk to them much. But, I had caught them looking at me. I know that they’re curious. It’s just I can’t reveal a lot of information about myself.

When Ms. Kurenai arrived, I looked at her. She seemed strict, but dealing with strict teachers is nothing new for me.

“My name is Kurenai Yuhi. I’m your 12th grade history teacher. I’m a Demon. However, I’m not from the Beneath. In fact, I was raised in the mortal world,” Ms. Kurenai said, leaning against her desk, with a clipboard in her hands. “As another reminder, Heaven and Hell High is neutral. So, I will not tolerate discrimination in my classroom. Now, I’m going to take attendance. However, I’d like you writing about the Great Angel and Demon war. It will be due this Friday.”

Naturally, I began drafting my paper. However, I felt stuck again. After all, I’ve been on summer vacation. For this reason, I couldn’t think properly.

So, I looked for Ms. Kurenai. However, I had caught Sasuke’s eyes again. He smirked and said something to his friends. They began laughing afterwards.

My face flushed bright red. And, I quickly averted eye contact with them. However, I wondered. Why do I keep having these embarrassing encounters?

“You were staring again. Weren’t you, Naruto?” Sakura asked, as I bit my lower lip.

“It was on accident,” I explained, or at least I tried to explain. “I didn’t mean to stare at him.”

“People stare for many reason. It’s not always on purpose,” Sakura chuckled, her pink lips tugged into a grin. “For Sasuke’s situation, I think people just get locked in his gaze.”

“You might be right,” I laughed, doodling on my paper. “Or … It’s just a Demon thing.”


After lunch, I walked alongside Rock Lee and Tenten to our science class. Unfortunately, I didn’t have Sakura and Ino with me. However, I wish I did. I really like having those two around. They make me smile and laugh.

However, I’m still fortunate. After all, I still have Rock Lee and Tenten with me. For this reason, I hope we’ll get along.

“Why do teachers always make seating charts?” Tenten grumbled, as her eyebrows knitted together in frustration. “I can’t believe this. I sit in the front.”

“Who’s your partner?” Rock Lee asked, as his bushy eyebrows knitted together in frustration, too. “Mine is Neji.”

“Mine is Temari,” Tenten sighed, as they then turned to look at me. “What about you, Naruto? Who’s your partner?”

“Sasuke …” I replied, as Tenten and Rock Lee both started laughing.

“The guy you wouldn’t stop staring at,” Rock Lee chortled, as I shook my head.

“Awkward …” Tenten giggled, as I rolled my eyes.


Nevertheless, I took my seat. However, I was so nervous. After all, I don’t think Sasuke likes me. I mean, I always keep staring at him, not on purpose, though.

Of course, I wouldn’t purposely gawk at someone. However, I bet Sasuke thinks I’m a creep now. I sigh and sat silently, not paying mind to the people shuffling around me.

For this reason, I didn’t acknowledge Sasuke’s presence, not until Sasuke pushed his chair back. As I heard him finally sit, I flinched and fearfully froze, but Mr. Orochimaru’s arrival saved me from further humiliation, though.

“My name is Orochimaru. I’m your 12th grade science teacher. I’m also a Demon. And, I come from the Beneath,” Mr. Orochimaru said, fingers brushing his pet snake, which sat coiled in his lap. “My assistant’s name is Kabuto. He also originates from the Beneath. We will not tolerate discrimination in our classroom. Now, I need to take attendance. But, in the meantime, I want you to talk to your lab partner.”

I didn’t want to talk to Sasuke, though. I couldn’t, not after embarrassing myself in front of him. However, I also couldn’t just ignore him, especially because I’m irritating him now.

“Well?” Sasuke snapped, crossing his arms. “Are you going to introduce yourself?”

“Can’t you go first?” I asked, my voice a whisper.

“No,” Sasuke disagreed, eyes narrowing at me. “Because, I’m not the one with a staring problem here.”

“I don’t have a staring problem,” I objected, but Sasuke just rolled his eyes. “I really don’t …”

“Really, airhead? You shouldn’t delude yourself,” Sasuke chuckled, fiddling with his pencil. “Go on, then. Tell me about yourself.”

“My name is Naruto Uzumaki,” I began, as Sasuke raised his eyebrow. “I’m from the Clouds. And, I just learned how to walk.”

“I’m from the Beneath,” Sasuke confided, as I listened carefully. “Unlike you, I’ve been taught to walk at an early age. Now … Is there anything else you’d like to tell me? Or, are you just going to stare?”

“You’re rude,” I frowned, as Sasuke shrugged, not bothered by my comment.

“Yeah, I can say the same for you,” Sasuke smirked, as my cheeks flushed.

When Mr. Orochimaru finished taking attendance, I also finished drawing a picture in my notebook. After all, Sasuke stopped talking to me. I don’t blame him, though. I would hate it if people kept staring at me, too. I felt horrible now, especially for calling him rude. I’m the rude one, considering I won’t stop staring at him.

“Excuse me, class! If you don’t mind, I’d like your attention now,” Mr. Orochimaru announced, as everyone quickly settled down. “We won’t be doing much today. So, I will play a video. However, I want you guys to take notes.”

“Mr. Orochimaru!” a girl shrieked, as she scrambled on top of her desk.

“What is it, child?” Mr. Orochimaru gasped, as the girl started sobbing. “Why are you crying?”

“Snake!” she screamed, as Mr. Orochimaru just laughed.

“That’s the classroom pet,” Mr. Orochimaru confessed, just before gathering the snake into his arms. “In the mornings, I let him go for walks around the campus.”

“What? How many snakes are in this classroom?” she stuttered, not noticing her lap partner trying to tug his book out from underneath her.

“Plenty” Mr. Orochimaru answered, which made her turn pale. “They’re trained. They won’t bite you.”


When the bell rang, I walked towards Tenten and Rock Lee. After all, I have sixth period with them. So, I offered them a small smile.

“Hey,” I said, crossing my arms. “You guys seem sad. What’s wrong?”

“Well, I don’t like my partner,” Rock Lee groaned, as I chuckled. “Let me guess. You don’t like your partner, either.”

“We don’t get along,” I explained, as Rock Lee grinned. “It’s my fault. I mean, I keep staring at him.”

“Temari and I get along. She’s really nice,” Tenten giggled, as we walked outside into the hallway. “It will take time. But, I think Temari and I could actually be best friends.”

“Good for you,” Rock Lee scoffed, patting Tenten’s shoulder. “However, Neji and I won’t become friends anytime soon.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, nudging Tenten. “Sasuke and I won’t be friends, either. He thinks I’m a creep, anyway.”

“You guys are so negative,” Tenten sighed, rolling her brown eyes. “Come on! Let’s just get to class.”


Fortunately, I have PE class with Sakura and Ino. So, I received hugs from them. However, I didn’t mind. After all, I’m their friend now.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t talk to them much. Our teacher had shushed us. We quieted down and began listening to him.

However, I could barely listen to him. In the distance, I spotted Sasuke and his friends. For this reason, I quickly looked away.

So, I won’t get caught staring at him again. But, I think his friends might have seen me. After all, I heard him and his friends laughing loudly.

“My name is Might Guy. I’m your 12th grade PE teacher. I’m also a Cloud Angel. However, I was contacted by Principal Tsunade. Then, I was offered this position. So, I accepted her offer of teaching you guys,” Mr. Guy smiled, casually leaning against his desk. “I won’t tolerate discrimination on our campus, especially not in my classroom. This school is neutral grounds, where both Demons and Angels are accepted. I will start taking attendance now, but I have something to tell you guys. You can’t use your wings, considering mortals might see you guys.”

“This sucks!” Ino frowned, puckering out her lower lip. “I need to stretch my wings out.”

“Yeah,” Sakura grumbled, her lips also puckering out. “It would be fun flying around, too.”

“It’s for safety reasons,” I chuckled, as Ino and Sakura sighed in defeat. “We can’t have mortals seeing us flying around.”

Of course, I’m glad flying has been banned on campus. After all, I can’t have my wings seen. They’re different from other Angels.

It made me wonder about him. And, I know he’s here. After all, I’m here, too.








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