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the way you make me feel

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Mikan was an hour late to Makoto Naegi’s party and she felt desperately guilty. He was one of the few that tried to be nice to her, despite how disgusting she was, so she felt like she owed him something.

Mikan nervously approached the entrance to his house. She would try to sneak in so nobody would notice that she was missing in the first place. Mikan frowned. Someone was blocking the front door. The person in suspect was looking around, notably rather annoyed. Were they looking for someone?

“Mikan, darling!” someone called out to her. Oh no. Mikan knew that voice. It was coming from the person standing by the door.

Junko Enoshima.

Oh nononono.

Why did it have to be Junko of all people to catch her?

Mikan tried to ignore how Junko’s eyes had lit up when she saw her. It made her throat tighten.

“I didn’t expect to see you here!” The way Junko was smiling at her like she was actually glad to see her made Mikan feel even more sick.

She had to go she had to go---

“Ah-um-ah! I-I’m sor-ry-y!” Mikan began to back up. She couldn’t face Junko of all people she was looking at her so prettily Mikan didn’t deserve it she was too pitif---

Junko caught her wrist. She was stuck. Oh nonono Junko pulled Mikan closer, intertwining their fingers. Mikan felt her heart lodge in her throat.

“Why would you leave now? This despairingly boring party just isn’t the same without you!”

“Ah-um- I’m sorry!” Junko could see how pathetic she was and she hated it why couldn’t she just leav--

“There’s no need to be sorry,” Junko hissed, getting closer and grabbing her fingers tighter. “I’ll always forgive you.” Forgive her? Mikan felt her heart drop. Of course, Junko would lie to her. Mikan was so unworthy after all.

Junko lurched her body forward and into a hug. Mikan felt like she was suffocating what was this feeling. She could feel the softness and curves of Junko’s body and it made her throat tighten she was disgusting disgusting disgusting disgusting disgusting

Junko pulled back and grabbed her wrist. “Come with me. I’ll show you how to live, just for tonight.” Junko paused. “Though, I think you’d look really pretty drunk, Mikan.“




It was later in the night. Mikan was trying to explain to one of her classmates why drinking too much alcohol was bad. Or maybe she wasn’t. Mikan didn’t really know what was happening. They seemed to find it really funny for some reason. Mikan wondered when Junko had gone. She missed her already.

She felt someone hugging her from behind. The feeling of their body—she immediately knew it was Junko.

Mikan couldn’t help but note that they were acting like a couple—Junko was acting like she actually liked Mikan. Hahaahahahahha but that could never be true! But then why did this feel so good?

“Did you miss me?” she felt Junko murmur into her ear.

“I-it-t’s f-fine!” Junko spun her around. Her blond hair was so striking. “I-I d-deserve to be l-left alone!”  Junko gave her a sad smile.

“No one deserves to be left alone. Especially not you. You’re too cute to be left alone.” Mikan felt a blush spread across her cheeks. She put her hand over her face – Junko can’t see like this she’d hate her didn’t know what she’d do if Junko hated her – oh never mind it was okay Junko’s leading her somewhere and is facing away from her—

--ahahaha where was Junko taking her?




Junko locked Naegi’s bedroom door for some reason. Mikan sat down on the bed.



Junko walked over to her. The way her hips moved made Mikan feel something warm and funny inside her. She wanted to feel Junko against her. Maybe it was selfish to expect something like that from someone so beautiful but--

“The way you make me feel,” oh god Mikan was talking. “It’s like my whole body is on fire when you look at me.” Mikan couldn’t control the way the words were spilling out of her mouth. “And when you touch me ahahahah. I feel so… alive.”

why why why can’t you shut up when you’re meant to

Mikan you disgusting pig

“Mikan,” Junko clicked her tongue. “Do you love me?”

Mikan froze. Something about hearing it out loud felt wrong and weird and disgusting.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Mikan was squealing like a filthy pig. “It must feel so disgusting for someone as perfect as yo—"

“Mikan.” Junko wouldn’t let her speak. “I love you too. I will always love you. Never forget that okay? Ohnonon Junko you deserve bette—“You have my eternal love.” Mikan stopped breathing. “You deserve it. You are precious to me. You are my everything.”

Mikan started crying. She felt so happy ahahahhahaha--

“You’re beautiful. The way you smile, the way you adorably stutter. The cute way you flap your arms when you talk. How you make me feel. I love talking to you more than anything.”

Mikan felt so light and giddy and excited and alive and it was so great she wanted more Junko to say more ahahahahhahaha--

Junko put Mikan’s arms above her on the bed. She pressed down, hard. Mikan felt even more dizzy.

“Can I tell you something? A secret, Mikan?” Junko whispered. Her lips were so red and plump. Mikan wanted to touch them. Preferably with her own lips. “Just between us?”

Mikan nodded slowly, where was this going? She felt so nervous and yet so excited!

“The first time I saw you, I was terrified of you. You were so pretty and gorgeous and I couldn’t bring myself to talk to you. You were so caring and kind. Nobody seemed to notice though – and that’s when. When I knew I had to do something. Someone as talented and special as you deserved love.”

Mikan felt her head spinning so fast ahahahahahahhaha was this really happening no way there’s no way this woman really felt this way towards her she almost couldn’t believe it but it felt so good she didn’t care what was happening

“I knew I had to do something. So, I approached you one day and asked you for your number. You were so cute and stutter-y. It just made me want you more.”

Mikan’s breath hitched. Someone wanted her? Someone like Junko?

“And when you trip and fall to try to get everyone to notice you—" Mikan froze in fear. Her high fell.

Oh nonononono she’s going to call me out nonono--

“I can’t help but get jealous. I wanted to be the only one to see you like that.”

Ahahahahah Junko does love me of course she’s been saying it this whole time of course ahahah

“And now that you’re beneath me, I don’t think I can hold back. Mikan, I want to… do things together. You’ve made me feel so alive that I just can’t resist you any longer. So, please,” Junko looked away blushing.

“Would you give yourself to me?”

Mikan was salivating this felt so good she felt so happy ahahhahahahahahha

She was always so scared of being assertive. Everyone was always awful to her when she tried to take control. But now… she knew there was no way in hell she was going to miss this opportunity.

She grabbed Junko and slammed her onto the bed, switching their positions. She placed one hand on Junko’s chest and one hand in her hair and yanked her head towards her and smashed their lips together. She was so hungry and Junko tasted so good ahaha. Junko met her lips back eagerly and stroked Mikan’s hair with her hands.

Mikan felt a surge of pleasure go through her. This is what it means to be alive?

She knew she would never let Junko go. This feeling was too addictive.

She loved Junko. She knew she would do anything for her – the feeling Junko gave her was too good. Junko was too adorable to let go. Junko was everything.

Junko loved her.