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bopping bussys at disneyworld

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Everyone was hanging out in Disneyworld. This was gonna be a hella lit trip.

Kevin and Connor were on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and Kevin was following none of the rules and doing that Spongebob pioneer dance while saying “yee yee yee.” Nobody could fucking see behind his dumb ass. Connor was extremely embarrassed. “Kevin, stop.”


“please stop that’s really hecking gay..”

“Connor we’ve been together for 9 months,” Kevin said as he did the whip.

“Oh yeah… Wait no, its been 10 months.”

“9 months.”

“10 months.”


And there, behind them was Ram and Kurt. Kevin did another whip and started doing the pioneer dance again. “YEEEE!” And there, behind Kurt and Ram, was Rich and Jake. They started doing the pioneer dance as well. The room echoed with 3 dumb teenagers yelling “yee yee yee.” everyone that wasn't them was getting pissed. Suddenly, Kevin screamed.

They have reached the auction scene.



Instead of sitting down, he fell into the water. He swam up to the redhead robot and caressed her face lightly. “What did they do to you, sweet prince? I’m so sorry.”

He got smacked by her arm moving with the rum bottle. “Well ok, fuck you too, bitch.” Kevin jumped into the water and swam back to the boat.


Meanwhile, with the Heathers, they were on Stitch’s great escape. The ride had started like 5 minutes ago and it was really boring. Stitch was doing something that nobody cared about. Heather M. shrieked when she noticed him. “IT’S A GIANT RAT!!”

“Heather, are you blind? That’s a dog,” Heather C. remarked, rolling her eyes. “HYZUK!!”

Someone was scared of Stitch too. It was Jenna Rolan. “MY BUSSYS BOPPED!”

“What’s that mean?” Heather D. asked Heather C. Heather C. shrugged. Everyone was bored except Jenna and Heather M. They were scared of Stitch. It was just 10 minutes of boring.


Veronica and J.D. were on the haunted mansion. It was pretty neat. During some parts, Veronica would jump at something and J.D. was quick to pull out his gun. Everytime a light flickered off, or a spirit appeared, Veronica would let out a quiet whimper and start to shift around in her seat uncomfortably. Sometimes, J.D. didn’t even pull out his gun, he just whipped out some random weapon he had in his coat pocket. At one point, Veronica got so scared, J.D. actually threw a dagger at the ghosts that were dancing. Surprisingly, he didn’t get caught. It was like a bomb threat but not really because he had a gun and not a bomb. Behind them was the one and only, Janis Sarkisian. She thought it was hella lit that J.D. had guns and shit and watched him break boundaries and shoot things. Lit.


Chris and James were on the it’s a small world ride. Chris was singing along happily while James was freaked the fuck out. The dolls were scary.

James could feel their beady little eyes watching him.

The boat went down the canal very slowly. Despacito. Everything went black. The dolls stopped moving. The boat started going backwards.

The audio continued to play.

A few people screamed. It was really spooky. “Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please. We apologize for the inconvenience.” a woman's voice said over the intercom. “It's a Small World is experiencing some minor technical difficulties, so please remain seated and a cast member will be with you shortly.”


Behind them was the cursed child. Jenna Rolan. “MY BUSSYS BOPPED AGAIN!!”

“NOT AGAIN!!” and behind Jenna Rolan were none other than the Heathers.

James fell forward, almost fainting. He was having a panic attack. He started to hug his knees, slowly rocking back and forth.

“This is it, this is how I die”

Chris tried to go and pick him up off of the ground, but James hissed in response.

“I’ll….give you one of my poptarts if you get up.”

James was hella shooketh. Both from the ride and Chris’s offer. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

“But you never give your poptarts to anyone!”

“Penid.” Chris stood up and T-posed. He fed James a poptart without breaking the T-pose.