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The October Country

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The loud and shrill sounds of trumpets pierced the screaming of teenagers as the band began a new song, marching along the field. The academy students roared and screamed like animals in a cage as their terrible song was accompanied by the loud banging and crashing of the instruments. It was a chilled, rainy night in October, only days from Halloween, and Blackwell Academy was in a greatly anticipated match with a rival schools football team. However awful of a night it was, every student of Blackwell seemed to vibrate with tense and electrifying energy.

Warren Graham sat lazily, perched high on the flimsy metal stands that overlooked the stadium. The artificial light, that kept the creeping darkness out, just barely touched him. His eyes skimmed over the people below him, screaming and cheering as the band and cheerleaders overtook the field. Wind whipped the hook of his jacket behind him, pulling the fabric to one side as a distant rumble of thunder hit the boy’s ears. Warren hadn’t known why he’d decided to come to the game, but it seemed wrong not to. The stands were full of people who wouldn’t normally have shown up, but yet here they were. Perhaps it was the anticipation of the season or some other unknown force, the boy didn’t know. But after growing increasingly bored with the event after the first half, he decided to step away from his high perch and wander until the game resumed.

He hopped down the stairs, not bothering to be carful of their rainy slickness, before pushing his way through the swarm of students that crowded the fence next to the stands. After a couple shoves that resulted in much cursing, he made his way out and began to walk the circle of the large stadium. He placed his hands in his pockets as he continued to make his way, his feet carrying him to the more empty and deserted side of the field where the light did not reach. It was the far end that touched the woods that held nothing more than a rusty fence and dark wood shed. The grass was overgrown and thick vines crept along anything that lay there. As the brunette kept walking, he was startled by the rustle of movements and the sounds of footsteps. He looked over at the shed, which he’d just passed and noticed that the door was ajar. He ducked behind one side of the wooden frame, peering around the corner as he saw a couple of teenagers walk out. It was three boys, two of which were tall and broad whilst the other was slightly shorter and more frail. Warren couldn’t exactly make out who they were at first, he wasn’t sure that they were even students. But as they talked in low voices, he heard something recognizable.

“Sixty for that. Plus thirty for the other.” The recognizable voice said in a low tone.

“Sixty?” Another scoffed, “How about thirty, and I’ll fuck you raw next time.”

“Fuck off,” the other snapped venomously, “give me the goddamn cash or I’ll send the pigs after you, then you’ll be the one getting fucked raw.”

“Jeez, calm down. Just give him the money.” The third voice intervened.

The second boy tsk’d his tongue and pulled out a wad of bills, pulling a few out and shoving them into the smaller boy’s hands. The two larger teens then left, opposite of where Warren had come from. The small boy sighed and shoved the money into his pocket before leaning against the shed. He leaned back far enough that the stadium lights just barely illuminated the side of his face. The sight made Warrens eyes widen and he almost said something aloud. The recognizable voice had belonged to none other than Nathan Prescott.
The realization took a moment to settle into Warrens head before his mind began to race, trying to understand what he’d just witnessed.

Everyone in Blackwell knew that Nathan was the schools plug when it came to illegal substances, and everyone also knew he was rich and had a powerful family, one that no one ever dared cross. But as the brunette boy thought, still hiding in the shadows, he was positive that he had heard the teens conversations correctly. And they were definitely not talking about drugs. Deciding to confront the boy, for whatever reason Warren conjured up at the time to excuse his curiosity, he stepped out of the shadows.

Nathan immediately snapped his head around to the noise, spotting the other boy and grimacing. He pulled the blunt he held in his mouth, (which Warren hadn’t seen him light) and breathed out the smoke from his lungs.

“Who the fuck is there?” He growled.

Warren stepped closer, his face touching the light from out of the shadows before he spoke.

“Didn’t know drugs weren’t the only thing you sold, Prescott.”

The teens pale eyes darkened and his brow furrowed. “Graham?! What the fuck are you doing out here? How’d you find out about this?!” He shouted angrily, clenching his fists and stepping towards the taller teen.

“No one told me,” Warren replied casually, his hands in his pockets still, “was just walking around and found ya. Guess I just saw something I shouldn’t’ve.”

Nathan clenched his jaw in frustration.

“You listen here, fucking nerd, you speak even a ONE word about this, to ANYONE,” he threatened, stepping forward and grabbing the others shirt in intimidation, “and you’ll be a dead motherfucker, got it?” He finished, eyes ablaze.

Warren laughed, shoving the boy off and against the side of the shed. “I don’t listen to pussy rich boy’s like you.” He said, a smirk on his features and finally getting to jab at the boy, “Especially ones who get ass fucked, they’re so desperate for cash.” He added, although he felt a bit of guilt at the harsh words, it was too good an opportunity to miss out on.

Nathan blushed and his ears reddened in embarrassment.

“You motherfucker-“ He said, bringing his fist up and slamming it down into Warrens jaw, knocking the boy to the side and making him stagger.

“You don’t know shit.” The blond said darkly, bringing his foot down and kicking the brunette.

Warren growled and coughed, blood spewing from his lip and he got up, facing the other. He staggered up, charging at Nathan, bringing his hand to collide with his stomach and making the boy shriek and fall over. “Fuck- agh!” Nathan cried and held his abdomen, crying out as Warren kicked him in the back of the head. The brunette then straddled the other, sitting on his chest as he raised his fist. The blond struggled under him, bringing his hands up to protect his face but only having them pinned down by Warrens free hand. The blue eyes were squeezed shut, face turned as he waiting for the blow of Warrens fist.

Said teen held his hand up, ready to strike, but as he looked down on the helpless kid, he felt something inside him hold it back. Instead of feeling anger, he began to feel warm as he noticed the pale, blushing and blood streaked skin along with the small curves of his exposed collarbone and shoulders. His hair was also askew, sticking to parts of his forehead.

Warren swallowed.

For a moment, nothing happened. The only noise was the boy’s heavy breathing and the distant cheers from the stadium. Nathan opened his eyes, the pale blue orbs fixating themselves on Warren’s brown ones. They stared at each other for mere seconds, searching each other’s emotions. Then suddenly, both boys moved in an instant. Warren was flipped over, back on the ground as he pulled Nathan over top of him, their lips crashing together, saliva mixing with dirt and blood. Nathan was now straddling Warren, rolling his hips overtop of the boy’s groin and making the brunette groan. The blond also began to unzip Warren’s jacket, said teen helping to pull it off as their lips stayed locked in fierce passion. Their tongues moved together, twisting and trying to reach the back of each other’s throat. After Warrens jacket was removed, Nathan’s hands swiftly moved down and were pushed underneath his tee shirt, feeling the toned muscles that hid there and squeezing them, his hips still rolling quickly over the boy.

Warren moaned again, moving his own hands onto Nathan’s waist and helping him move, almost guiding him along. The fingers then went up to Nathan’s barely covered chest, tweaking his hard nippled through the cotton shirt he wore.

“Ah.. fuck..” Nathan gasped out. Warren could feel the blond hardening against him. The brunette smirked, reaching down against and pulling up at the hem of Nathan’s shirt, who obliged as it came off, being tossed to the side. Warren then let his hands roam over the smooth, alabaster skin. He felt every groove of the boy, who was much smaller and less broad than he looked clothed, Warren noticed.

Nathan broke away from their kiss, pulling back and straightening up, gasping for breath as he threw his head back. He grabbed Warrens hands, placing them over his chest and gasping at the contact with his nipples.

“Damn..” Warren breathed, massaging Nathan’s chest as the boy moaned. “Like having your breasts played with, kinda like a girl, huh?” He said out-loud to himself.

Nathan blushed, his face and nose bright pink. “S-Shut you’d know..” he said, then cried out as Warren squeezed the small muscles, his back arching as he pressed the boy’s hands even harder against himself. The brunette blushed slightly at the sight. He felt himself growing harder by the second.

“Nathan..ah, cute..” he breathed, relishing in the pressure and sight of the blond overtop of him.

Nathan bit his lip, embarrassed by the others words. He leaned down and kissed the taller boy, feeling every inch of his mouth. He then trailed the kisses down, going over his jaw and down his neck. He sat up again, looking into the brown, lust filled eyes before glancing down again. Nathan scooted down the other, sitting now between his legs as he began to unzip Warren’s jeans.

“Oh fuck..” the brunette gasped, sitting up slightly, knees bent as Nathan pulled his cock free of its confines, immediately taking it into his mouth. “Ah!” He cried out again, grunting as Nathan took him completely in. His hands went to tangle into the blond locks as he felt Nathan’s nose brushing against Warrens patch of hair that was nestled at the base.

There was a gagging noise coming from the blond, but he did not pull back. He moved his tongue up and down as much as possible, twisting and prodding at the hot flesh in his mouth. Warren sighed at the pleasure, feeling in awe at Nathan’s skilled mouth.

“Ah... so good, fuck..”. Warren grunted out. He squeezed his hands in the blond hair, pulling on it roughly and drawing a whimper from the boy. Warren felt the heat pooling in his stomach, and, knowing what was to come, pulled Nathan off of him, making a small popping noise. There was a shuttered noise as Nathan took in a breath. His cheeks flushed and lips swollen. The blond, who was blushing hotly, turned his head away.

“Was it bad..?” He asked, confused as to why Warren pulled him off.

Warren laughed. “It was fan-fucking-tastic. But..” he moved his hands down to cup Nathan’s ass, squeezing it roughly. “I want something else.” He said quietly, blushing slightly at his words.

Nathan turned his head away again, not meeting Warrens eyes.
“You can’’s- it’s still dirty.. from the others..” he trailed off softly, embarrassed.

Warren looked carefully at him for a moment. He then leaned up and kissed the boy’s lips softly, tracing his fingers along Nathan’s jaw. “I still want you.” He mumbled. Nathan’s heart was pounding. He practically melted into the touch as Warren slowly moved his hands down to pull off the boy’s jeans. Nathan willingly let him, moving his body so that they came off easily. The brunette then began to rub the small, round thighs and hips, massaging with his hands as he continued to lead their kiss. He slipped his hand into the back of Nathan’s elastic briefs waistband, moving his fingers down to touch the ravished hole that lay there. It was wet, a slick substance dripping from it as Warren used two fingers to pull it open slightly.

“Fuck..” Nathan swore quietly, his entrance still sore from the previous two boys.

“You okay?” Warren asked quietly, still continuing to touch the hold with the two fingers.

Nathan nodded, placing a hand on Warrens chest to brace himself as he mewled, the feeling of the boy’s fingers on him erotic and lewd. “Keep going.” He breathed.

Warren happily obliged, plunging two fingers into the open hole, thrusting them as far as he could reach. Nathan jolted at the feeling, shaking slightly but whining softly at the contact.

“Just got fucked and you still want more...” Warren murmured, smirking. “Such a slut, Prescott.”

Nathan cried out and then glared harshly at the boy above him. He opened his mouth but before he could speak, Warren spoke again.

“How many guys have you done it with?” Warren asked suddenly, his voice low and steady with a hint of possessiveness.

“Ah- fuck. Why do you care?” Nathan snapped defensively.

“Just curious.” Warren replied, curling his fingers inside the boy whilst simultaneously bucking his hips into the other, causing him to groan.
“Is it over ten?” He asked again.

Nathan flushed hotly, but nodded quickly as Warren brushed against his prostate and made him squirm.

“Girls too?”

“Ah- a- a few....”

Warren looked thoughtful as he began to pull off the gray briefs that Nathan wore, tossing them to the overgrown grass.

“Ever a teacher?” He questioned further, pulling the boy further onto him whilst adding another finger.

Nathan didn’t say anything, but his ears grew pink and his brow furrowed slightly.

“Jefferson?” Warren said even softer than before.

“Shut the hell up and fuck me, bastard.” Nathan finally snapped in an irritated and defensive tone.

Warren smirked, but he felt a bit uneasy with himself. Pushing the feelings away for the time being, he flipped the boy in his lap around. Nathan’s backside was now facing him, hole open and exposed. In the dim light, Warren could see the white substance that still stained there. Oddly enough, it only turned him on more.

“What are-“ Nathan began, glancing back to the boy behind him. But he was cut off as he felt a warm wetness on his hole. He saw Warrens face near his entrance and blushed madly, wiggling his hips.

“Stop that! It’s disgust- ah!” He cried out as Warren licked and sucked hard at the place, the staining substance there being extracted. The brunette sucked a few more times, the cum pooling in his mouth. Nathan cried out each time, his legs shaking and his whole body trembling.

“S-stop Warren.. don’t..” he moaned, not wanting the feeling to stop but knowing how filthy it was.

Warren pulled back from the ass, turning his head and spitting the stuff in his mouth into the dirt. He wiped his lips on his shirt before inspecting the hole.

“It’s fine, it’s clean now.” He said, giving the place one last lick for good measure.

“Ah.. fucking nerd..” Nathan mumbled, his head turned to the side with his cheek pressed into the earth.

Warren only grinned, the taste of the other fresh on his tongue. Still hard, he stroked himself a couple times, preparing to enter the blond, who was shaking and needy in front of him.

“Hope you’re still tight.” He said as he pressed his head against the twitching hole, feeling it clench gently around the skin of his member. Nathan only mewled, panting out soft words of pleading. Warren smiled slightly at the boy beneath him, liking this side of the normally prestigious, rich brat. The brunette thrust in, going all the way without hesitation. Nathan cried out, bringing a hand to his mouth to muffle himself as tears welled in his eyes. The stretch of Warren, accompanied with the burn of his already raw hole, hurt. Warren gripped the boy’s hips, but moved one hand to rub Nathan’s back gently in comfort, making circles on his lower back above where the two were connected.

“S-shit.” Nathan grunted, his fingernails digging into the cold earth below him.

Warren began to thrust slowly, going completely in then out over and over. It felt good, constricting and hot around him. He was also enjoying the dominance over the popular teen, loving how he whimpered out Warren’s name.

“F-flip me over..” Nathan said quietly in a breathy voice. Warren glanced down at him, face slightly flushed. He didn’t question the request, just pulled out and flipped the boy onto his back before shoving back in. Nathan cried out, leaning up and wrapping his arms around Warren as the brunette began at a quicker pace. He looked down, seeing the sweaty and tearful face of Nathan as his eyes rolled back in pleasure. His brow was furrowed and small, cheek dirtied with soil as soft words spilled from his mouth. He rocked back and forth on the thrusts.

“W-Warren... ah..yes!” Nathan panted in a whisper.

Warren felt oddly warm from this. Even though he normally disliked the pathetic jerk, he was compelled in this moment to take care of Nathan’s body and pleasure. He wanted the boy to feel good, when realistically he should only care about himself in this situation. He shouldn’t feel compassion or care for the teen who’d bullied and beaten him so much... And yet, as he observed the weak, needy and helpless side of the boy, he didn’t want to hurt him.

“Nathan.” He said softly, drawing the boy’s eyes to him. As the pale blue orbs locked onto Warren, they suddenly rolled back and Nathan let out a short scream. His back arched and Warren felt a warm wetness against his stomach. Nathan came hard, fully riding out the pleasure on Warren. The scene made Warren’s pulse quicken, thrumming hard against his skin. He shut his eyes and thrust faster than before, slowly orgasming into the half-limp body underneath him. He gradually stopped his thrusts, pulling out and rolling to the side, next to the blond boy.

Nathan touched his stomach, which felt hot and full. He let out a whimper and curled his legs to his chest. His back ached and his hole was sensitive, he could felt the earth brush up against it and winced.

He sat up and felt a sting in his backside. Slowly, he pulled on his jeans with difficulty. Warren lay still next to him, breathing heavily as he turned his brown eyes onto the blond. Nathan shivered and glanced down to Warren, not saying a word. The brunette sat up, feeling an overwhelming urge to hold the other but refraining.

“You need help back?” Warren questioned.

“No.” Nathan replied, his voice unreadable. Warren frowned, watching as the other teen stood, wincing. The wind whipped past them, making the thin blond shiver. It had grown colder and darker from when they’d first met.

“Here, at least take this.” Warren muttered, standing and grabbing his jacket. He put it over Nathan’s shoulders.

Nathan was silent for a moment. He glanced at Warrens face, noting the smudged mud on it from the damp earth they’d been on.

“Why are you being.. nice?” He said coldly.

Warren’s gaze shifted, awkwardly crossing his arms. He didn’t answer.

Nathan just sighed and pulled his arms through the jacket sleeves, zipping it up. “Thanks.” He mumbled quietly. Warren nodded, glancing out over the football field. The game was beginning to come to an end. He didn’t know the score, but Warren didn’t care at that moment. He glanced his brown orbs back to Nathan, who had began to walk off, retreating into the darkness. Warren watched him until he was gone. He smiled just a bit, wondering when he’d go back and get the jacket.

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It was over a week before Warren decided to see Nathan. He had been wondering when it was the right time to talk to the teenager again, not wanting to go too soon and seem strange. But he hadn’t seen much of the kid anyway, considering they had no classes or activities together. The only times they came into one another’s presence was mere passing by in the hallway or in the bathroom. He hadn’t even seen Nathan in the dormitories, which seemed odd, but the blond never really seemed to hang around there often. So, after eight days of casual going about as though nothing happened, Warren decided to pay the Nathan a visit.


It was a cloudy, orange day. The glow of the evening autumn sun shone over Blackwell and everyone in it. A quiet uneasiness seemed to permeate through the soft wind as Warren walked from the main hall to the dormitories. The clouds overhead lit up the world below in orange and baby pink hues. He glanced up, observing the peculiar colors. They made him feel better. He continued on his way, walking along the path that led to the dorms. It was the weekend and most of the kids at the Academy were spending time at home. The teen knew Max and Chloe were at Joyce’s house, so he figured this was his best opportunity to get away and visit Nathan. He wasn’t positive that the boy would be there, but Warren had a sneaking suspicion that Nathan stayed away from his home when possible. From what Warren had gathered, he didn’t seem to think highly of his family.

As the wavy haired teen entered the large brick living area, he glanced down the hallways. They were empty. He stuck his hands into his jean pockets and began to walk to Nathan’s door. Suddenly, said door opened and three buff teens walked out, laughing and speaking in low voices as they passed Warren, not even noticing him there.

“-should do that again sometime,”

“Fuck yeah!”

The brunette, hearing their whispers, immediately went on alert, his brow furrowing. His thought wandered to the boy’s from the football game and his heart sank. He considered not going in, but seeing as though this situation didn’t stop his last time, he went and pulled the door open.

Stepping into the dark room, he immediately noticed that the lights had been turned off. A strange but all too familiar smell also hit his nose.
It stunk of musk and sex.
Closing the door softly, he stepped forward, squinting in the darkness to see where Nathan was. It was then that he heard soft, gasping whimpers. His heart hammered and his eyes shifted to the bed. There lay a shaking, half naked figure. The persons hands were tied to the headboard of the bed with what looked like a shirt. His eyes were covered in some other piece of cloth and his mouth was also stuffed with fabric. His bottom half was stripped, the legs battered and there was a liquid running out from in between them. There was even a trickle of dark blood coming from his nose. It was Nathan.

Warren rushed over to the bed, leaning over and placing a hand on Nathan’s arm. Before he could speak, Nathan flinched and tried to evade the touch, crying out behind his gag and thrashing away from Warren.

“Nathan!- Nathan it’s me- Warren. It’s okay, l-let me get this off of you.” Warren managed out, quickly moving to his side and grimacing as he saw the blood on Nathan chin and neck. At the sound of his voice, Nathan calmed down slightly, but still edged back. Warren got the gag from out of his mouth, throwing the spit covered thing aside. Nathan gasped, panting and making small, helpless noises as Warren untied the cloth from his eyes. As it fell, he saw tears in the baby blue eyes. His heart throbbed, hurting his chest and his pulse quickened. The blue eyes looked away, not being able to meet Warrens brown ones. Warren reached up, finally releasing Nathan’s hands from their confines. The boy grabbed his wrists, rubbing them and scooting away from Warren, his face low and turned away. The only sounds in the room were the gasps and cried still coming from the blond boy. He was shaking slightly.

“Nathan...” Warren asked quietly, “What happened?” He asked softly, reaching up with wipe some of the blood from the teens chin, using his sleeve to soak up the red liquid. The boy was still shaking.

“Just...just go, please...” Nathan softly whispered.

Warren frowned, gently grabbing the boy’s hands and pulled them away from his face. He held one hand gently, stroking the fingers comfortingly. Nathan glanced at Warrens hand holding his own. His shoulder still shook slightly, but he managed to speak.

“Those bastards, from before.” He spat darkly, “Thought I’d overpriced them or some shit, so they came around for a free fuck. Told them to piss off, and this is what happened.” He managed out, glancing at his body. “Motherfuckers..” he whispered. He blinked back tears.

“Nathan...” Warren breathed.
His heart ached for the boy, wanting to hold and comfort him for whatever reason. Tears began to well into the brown eyes as well.

“Is there anything I can do? Should I call your dad? The police?” He asked desperately.

“Fuck no. I don’t need him finding out about this, or anyone.” Nathan snapped. “It’s my fault, I’ll deal with it.” He continued, sounding braver than he felt.

Warren didn’t argue with him at that moment, deciding to talk about it later. “Then let me help you clean up, there’s a first aid in the hall, too.”

“I’m fine. Just get out of here. Why’d you even come?” Nathan said coldly, pulling a blanket over his exposed legs and navel. Warren was about to tell him it was to get the jacket, but then his eyes moved to what Nathan wore on his top half. He wore said jacket, stained with blood, but it was definitely Warrens.
The brunette closed his mouth, not replying to the blond. He then debated with himself for moment. He could leave now, listen to Nathan and not have to deal with this. This idea made him He didn’t want that, he WANTED to stay with Nathan.

He shook his head, deciding what he had to do. Warren stood, bending down and scooping up Nathan in his arms, his waist covered by the blanket.

“Hey, what the hell, bastard?!” Nathan shouted, “Put me down!”

“Shut up. I’m helping you, dickhead. You can’t walk right now, and you need a shower.” Warren retorted, almost chuckling at the embarrassed blushing face of the angry boy.

“Ugh! Someone’s going to see this!” Nathan spat. But he relaxed slightly in Warrens hold.

“There’s no one here right now, we’ll be fine.” Warren said, smiling slightly as he began to walk out and towards the showers.

The hall was, in fact, empty as the brunette got to the bathroom, which was down at the end of the passageway. As he walked in, Nathan grumbled but said a small “thanks” in appreciation. Warren smiled again, walking into a shower stall and closing the door behind him. He let the blond down, then went and turned the shower on.

“I got it from here, nerd.” Nathan muttered, stripping off the jacket (which was the only article of clothing that remained) and stepping into the stream of water. Warren picked up the jacket, folding it along with the blanket and setting it on the bench in the stall. His eyes than fell on Nathan, finally seeing how bloody and battered the boy was. There were bruises forming in spots on his torso and legs, along with bite marks. His lips and cheeks were red from where the gag had been. His nose was slightly bruised and there was dried blood in spots under it. Warren couldn’t help but look down as well, seeing the blood and semen that had dried on his thighs and ass.

“Can you, Uh, get me some soap?” Nathan asked awkwardly, turning his blue eyes onto Warren.

“Oh, sure!” Warren said, blushing as he snapped his eyes away. He stepped out of the steamy stall, running back to his dorm room and getting a washcloth and soap. He arrived back a minute later, stepping back into the humid room.

“Here,” he mumbled, handing Nathan the items.

“Thanks,” Nathan said quietly, not looking at the other, but sighing softly before saying, “Help me wash my back?”

Warren looked at him, blushing and nodding at the surprising offer. He stripped down, putting his clothes aside before stepping into the hot stream with Nathan. The blond handed him the wash rag, covered in soap suds. Warren took it, beginning to massage circles into the boy’s back and shoulders.

“Mm..” Nathan hummed.

Warren’s face was red, and it wasn’t because of the steam. He continued to rub the boy slowly, going to wash the lower back. After a moment of this, he dipped down lower and Nathan winced.

“Ah- I’m sorry, sorry.” Warren said, going to move his hand, but Nathan grabbed it, guiding it down to between his cheeks. Warren bit his lip at the action, understanding the other. He gently rubbed in between Nathan’s ass, brushing over the sensitive area.

“There’s... inside...” Nathan said softly. The brunette understood, bringing two fingers down to spread the sensitive ring of muscle. He then brought the cloth to the spot, rubbing gently. A small trickle of red and white gushed from the spot. The water quickly washed it away, leaving Nathan clean. Warren kept repeating this process until there was nothing left.

Nathan, who had been turned away all the while, finally glanced his head around to the other teen. “T-thanks..” he grunted, legs shaking. Warren smiled slightly and, without thinking, gave the blonds forehead a small, quick kiss. Nathan flushed, his ears growing hot.

“You’re welcome.” Warren replied, liking the way the blush spread down Nathan’s chest. Both boys soon got out, drying themselves off. Warren let Nathan wear his shirt, picking up the soiled jacket and then wrapping Nathan in the blanket, insisting on carrying the boy back to his room. The brunette set the blond down, turning and rummaging through his drawers to look for shorts and underwear. Nathan blushed, watching Warren with a scowl, embarrassed.

“I can dress myself, dumbass.” He grumbled, snatching the clothes and pulling them on. Warren only chuckled. “You can go now. I’m fine on my own.” Nathan spoke, not meeting the brown eyes of the other.
Warren frowned, but stood. He was about to leave, but looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Hey, y’know, I’m not busy today. How about if I maybe grab my flash drive?” The brunette said, scratching his neck and blushing lightly, “We could watch some of my movies.. if you want.” He finished. He didn’t want to leave to other alone again.

Nathan shrugged, glancing away, seemingly uninterested. “Whatever. As long as they don’t suck.” He said, but there wasn’t any venom in his voice. Warren grinned.

A little while later, the two boys were more or less snuggled up on Nathan’s bed, fully clad in pajamas and eyes focused on Warrens laptop intently. The covers were pulled up, covering the boy’s chests. They both leaned against the headboard, but after the first movie, Nathan had gradually moved closer, leaning into Warrens shoulder. The two were currently watching ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’, but Warren couldn’t focus on the movie. He’d already watched the film scores of times, and the pressure of Nathan against his side was making his heart pound uncomfortably in a very distracting way. Slowly, he moved his arm, laying it behind Nathan and resting it on his shoulders. The boy glanced up slowly, his blue eyes snapping out of the trance of the movie, only to fall back into it moments later. Warren smiled to himself, enjoying the docile side of the boy.

A few hours later, it was already into the middle of the fourth movie. Warren, who was now paying better attention, casually glanced down and saw that Nathan’s eyes had slid shut. His head had long since fallen onto Warrens shoulder, and his breathing was now steady and slow. His face was relaxed, his expression looked almost content. Warren softly closed the laptop, setting it aside before grabbing a pillow. He moved Nathan off his shoulder, letting his head rest on the pillow and then moving next to him, sharing the same pillow. After the covers were pulled up and he was comfortable, the brunette let out a sigh. He was facing Nathan, their noses only inches apart. He boy was still sound asleep, gently breathing in and out with the rise and fall of his chest. He was turned, sleeping on his side with one hand clutching the sheets near his face. Warren hated the fact that he found the sight adorable. Soon, the brunette found himself struggling to stay awake. He let himself fall into a deep slumber, his thoughts still on the boy in front of him, who lay peacefully at rest.


Warren woke drowsily, his eyes peeling open as he heard a soft sound, the sound which had woke him. It was still pitch black outside, he noticed as he woke up fully. Then- there it was, the sound. It was a soft, sniffling noise. Suddenly Warren remember where he was. He turned to the side, seeing the back of Nathan’s head. The sound came again, and he realized what it was as he saw the dark outline of Nathan shake slightly. He was crying.

Warren quickly rolled over, sitting up half way and peering into Nathan’s face. Indeed, there were large tears rolling from his eyes, which were squeezed shut. He was sniffling, nose and eyes wet from the moisture. Warren felt his heart beating wildly in his chest so much it hurt. Nathan must have felt him move, because his eyes cracked open, the blue orbs red rimmed and tearful. The boy’s eyes met, and Warren immediately seized the him, hugging tightly as he almost rolled overtop him. Warren wrapped his large arms around Nathan’s waist, holding him as he placed his head next to Nathan’s.

“Nathan..Nathan.. I’m here.. it’s okay,” Warren whispered, bringing a hand up and wiping some tears away. The boy sniffled, a few drops rolling down again. He shut his eyes, leaning into Warrens touch.

“I-I’m sorry... Warren..” Nathan choked out, a painful look on his face. He opened his eyes again, looking into Warrens brown orbs. Warren leaned in, gently kissing away the tears on the blond’s face. Nathan shivered, arching into the brunette and trying to stifle his sniffles. Warren held him, tracing lines with his fingers over the boy’s back and making him shudder a few times. The brunette kissed Nathan’s forehead, damp from sweat as he softly cried into his chest. Warren just held him, whispering sweet words of comfort that he would have been embarrassed by in the daytime. The night went by, soft sounds from Nathan and distant noises of the outdoors filling the small room. This went on for for a long while, neither were sure how long, but eventually, they both fell back into slumber. The next day, neither spoke of what had happened that night.

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The next Monday was uncomfortable for Warren. After the night he’d spent with Nathan, he hadn’t seen or talked to him once. When he’d woken up, the blond had been in the shower, and Warren left, thinking it was the easiest escape route from the awkward situation. But now, he regretted not staying. He hadn’t thought of anything else as the weekend had passed. His thoughts swam around the Prescott, unable to think of even school or his friends. Max had even texted him, but the brunette had long since forgotten to respond. So, that’s why said girl approached the teen, who was currently at his locker, zoning out in his head.


“Warren, Hey.” Max said in her soft, friendly voice. 


“Oh,” the boy said, quickly looking up, “Uh, hey Max.” He grinned sheepishly. “What’s up?


“Just school and shit I guess,” she said with a small laugh, “How about you? I texted you and you didn’t respond. I was a bit worried.” 


“Ah, you did? Man, I was up doing homework, I didn’t even see it.” The brunette lied, scratching the back of his neck. He wasn’t about to tell her the real reason he’d forgot.


Max frowned, clearly not buying his poor excuse. “Well.. okay, I’m sure you have a lot to do. Just wanted to make sure you were okay.” She said, still frowning slightly, brows furrowed.


“Yep! It’s all good here Max, thanks though.”


This time she smiled, reaching up and giving Warrens hand a friendly squeeze. “Alrighty then, I’ll seeya, gotta go find Chloe.” She said, chuckling. “She’s probably out loitering, or vandalizing Principal Wells car.” She walked off, leaving the boy alone. 


As his eyes left her retreating figure, the orbs slowly slid onto a figure standing right next to where Max had been across the hall. It was Nathan, who was looking at Warren with a scowl. As they made eye contact, the blond swiftly looked away, turning his eyes to the people who stood near him, Victoria and another boy that Warren recognized from being in the Vortex Club. Warren watched with a small frown as Nathan began to laugh at something Victoria had said, the girl laughing with him and leaning in slightly. Nathan snuck a hand around the her waist, whispering something into her ear that made her blush. As he did this, the blond boy looked right into Warrens eyes again. They gazed at one another, blue locked onto brown as Nathan smirked. He whispered something into the girls ear again, this time giving her ear a small and suggestive lick before she laughed and pushed him back. Nathan didn’t break the eye contact with Warren for a good few seconds, then the blue orbs slowly slid away again, leaving the brown ones, confused and slightly hurt.


Warren stood, unable to move as he kept staring at Nathan. It wasn’t until people began to notice his gaze, that he finally looked away. His heart was beating hard, but not in a good way. He felt angry, sad and confused all at once. Why would Nathan do that? Just to spite Warren, or make fun of him? Had he told Victoria about what’d happened between them?

These thoughts continued as Warren grabbed his books, slamming his locker and walking quickly away from the main hall and into his next class. He rushed past Nathan, who glanced his way. He’d been smiling, but it had slowly faded. 


After Blackwell classes had finished for the day, the sun was low, glowing golden. The breeze was soft, bringing a slight chill to the October air. A few leaves swirled around in the air, but Warren didn’t notice them as he traipsed along the concrete path to the dormitories. He had been in a bad mood ever since that afternoon. The worst part was that he still couldn’t get Nathan out of his head, no matter how much he wished he could. The arrogant brat swamped every corner of his mind. Warren shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts as he turned the corner to walk up to the dorms. 


“Hey, Graham, hold on a second.” Said a voice to Warrens right. 


The brunette glanced over, his eyes following the voice. 


Of course. It was Nathan. 


He was leaning against the nearest building, only a few feet away. He had a cigarette his fingers, the glowing embers of the end slightly illuminating the blond, for he was shrouded in the darkness of the buildings shadow. 


“What?” Warren said in annoyance, secretly hiding the frustration he felt towards the boy at that moment. 


“I just..” Nathan began awkwardly, stepping forward into the golden evening light. He looked particularly beautiful just then, Warren thought, even with the cuts and bruises that still littered his features. 

“Shit...” he sighed, “just, thanks I guess. For the other day.” Nathan muttered, taking another breath from the cancer stick in his hand.


Warren glanced away. “Yeah. It was nothing.” He said quietly. “Is that all? Or can I go?” 


“Uh.. that’s all,” Nathan shifted, but said no more. 


Warren began to walk away, his heart only sinking a little. He knew he should’ve expected this. Of course Nathan wasn’t going to start acting differently around him, even after what’s happened to them. Can’t change the jackass attitude integrated in him. 


“Hey!- hold on a sec-“ Nathan suddenly called out, running a few steps and grabbing Warren’s arm.


The brunette looked back at him in surprise. “What..?” 


“I just- do you...” Nathan swallowed hard and gritted his teeth, “wanna do something today..?” He forced out, a light blush forming on his cheeks. He didn’t look Warren in the eye.


The brunette stood, shocked, but then his expression turned to a glare. “Wouldn’t you rather hang out with Victoria?” He asked harshly, bitterness in his voice.


“No, dumbass. Why do you think I’m asking you?” He spat, but then lost his venom as he continued. “Me and her aren’t even that great of friends..” he muttered.


Warren scoffed. “Really? Well, then I guess you really do have a habit of fucking with people that care about you.” 


At first the brunette though he’d gone to far, but Nathan just frowned. He sighed and looked up at the other. 

“I-... I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to...” he trailed off. His eyes looked sad. 

The look made Warren feel slightly guilty, and he softened. 


“Look, I have to put this stuff away first,” he said, gesturing at his book bag, “I’ll meet you in the parking lot after.” 


Nathan nodded eagerly, tossing his cigarette down before turning and going to the lot without another word. Warren watched him go before turning, walking under the golden twilight as he left. 



Only twenty minutes later, Warren was searching for Nathan in the Blackwell parking lot. He’d put his school things away, along with changing into a sweatshirt and joggers. His hair was ruffled slightly and he wore his usual sneakers. The brown eyes searched the small area before landing on Nathan, who was leaning against his car in the far corner. He raised a hand as he saw Warren, signaling a greeting. Warren made his way over. It was now darker, the sun was almost gone completely out of sight and few students were left wandering about. 


“Hey.” Nathan said, stepping forward as Warren approached, his hands in his pockets. 


“Hey,” the brunette crossed his arms, “so, where are we going?” He said, glancing at the expensive looking car. 


“There’s a spot I wanted to take you to.” Nathan replied, turning and swinging the drivers door open before climbing inside. Warren followed, getting in shotgun and slamming the door shut.  


“Somewhere you want to take me, hm? Sounds like you thought about this a lot.” Warren chuckled.


Nathan smiled only slightly, starting the car and pulling out of the lot. “I did.” He muttered as they got on the road. 


Warren felt his cheeks warm. 


They drove on in silence for some time, until Warren cracked his window down and let the rush of wind fill the car. His arm hung out as he gazed upon the ocean, which was on his right. The soft waves crashed against the rocky coast below as the vehicle climbed up a winding road. Warren glanced over at Nathan, admiring his strong jaw and piercing blue eyes. The blush returned to his cheeks and his heart pounded as he moved his eyes back to the coastline.


After driving for a little while, Nathan slowed the car, parking on the side of the rocky coasted road. They got out, and the blond began down a small, almost invisible pathway that crept down. The two boys were quiet, the only words spoken were when Warren slipped and almost fell, but Nathan had caught him. The brunette whispered a small “thanks” before they continued forward. 


When the boys finally came out into the clearing, Warren gasped. They were out on a large, rocky plain that was shrouded in dune grasses. The rocks led down, going out to a sandy beach where large, dark waves crashed, going in and out from the sea. The wind whipped softly past them and he shivered. Nathan put his hands in his pockets, turning to Warren. 


“Well, this is it.” He said, glancing out over the waves. 


“This is...” he started, eyes skimming over the expanse of coast before them, “really cool Nathan, who knows about this place?” 


“Just me, I think. I come here a lot,” he ran a hand through his hair, “for pictures and stuff.” 


 “Well, I’m not a photographer, but it seems like a pretty awesome spot.” The brunette said with a grin. Nathan’s cheeks flushed. 


“I’m gonna check this water out, I haven’t swam in ages.” Warren continued. 


“Tch, it’s like sixty degrees, you sure about that?” Nathan said, laughing a bit. 


“The cold don’t bother me! Come on!” He grinned again, grabbing the blond and dragging him down to the sand. Warren then stripped off his sweatshirt, joggers and shoes, leaving him only clad in a pair of boxers that had mathematical symbols all over them. Nathan laughed. “Fucking nerd.” He said as he tossed his own jacket aside.


“Being smart and being a nerd are two different things. However, I happen to be both. So I don’t take offense to that comment.” The brunette said, glancing back with a smile at Nathan before running out to the water. The blond soon followed after him. They splashed around, shivering and yelling as the cold water crashed around them. 


“Fuck! This shit hurts!” Nathan shouted as a wave came up to his belly. His arms were around his torso as his lips turned slightly blue. Warren chuckled, coming up behind the shivering teen and hugging him, resting his head on the teen’s shoulder. 


“You just gotta get used to it.” He said. Nathan blushed hotly and shoved the brunette away. 

“Get offa me, shithead.” He growled, but Warren only grinned before splashing the blond, causing him to shriek. “Bastard!” He yelled, then tried to tackle Warren, but the teen moved out of the way and Nathan crashed into the surf, going under completely. Warren was almost crying in laughter when the angry blond emerged. “Shit dude!” Warren cried, wheezing at the sight. But after a minute, he stopped, noticing Nathan had quieted. He was shivering harshly, teeth chattering and his cheeks and nose were bright red. Nathan’s lips had turned completely blue, and Warren began to take into account how skinny he was. 


“Oh, fuck Nate.” He said, running over to him through the salty water. He grabbed the boy, who began to protest and say he was fine, but before he could get a word out, Warren had scooped him up and was hauling him back to the sand. “Put me down, asshole!” Nathan yelled as Warren dropped him down. The brunette rolled his eyes, grabbing his own sweatshirt and tossing it to the blond. 


“Just put it on.” He said, sitting down next to him. 


Nathan glared at him. “I’m fine.”


Warren sighed. “Please Nathan. I don’t want you to freeze, idiot.” 


Nathan continued to glare at him, but slowly pulled on the sweatshirt, which was too big for his small frame. His shivering lessened as warmth began to flow through his body again. He didn’t say anything. Warren smiled softly at the grumpy boy. The brunette moved behind the blond, wrapping his arms under Nathan’s and hugging his waist. “Warmer?” He asked with a grin. 


“Whatever, douche.” He retorted, but he leaned back into the taller boy’s chest. Warren couldn’t help the smile on his lips. He had forgotten to even question his actions and feelings towards Nathan anymore. It all seemed so... ironically, natural. It was as if he’d forgotten everyone else in the world, his only focus being the thin, blond boy in his arms. Warren began to nuzzle his nose against the boy’s neck, his lips trailing up to Nathan’s jaw. Nathan shivered, his lips parting slightly and eyes turning to Warren. The brunette only grinned before kissing the underside of his jaw, trailing down to his collar.


“Ah- Warren..” The blond grunted. His thin fingers came up to tangle in Warrens wavy locks.


“Mm..” The taller boy hummed in response. He then suddenly pulled back, a thought popping into his mind. “Nathan... what am I to you? Right now, in this moment?” He said quietly, looking into the others face. He was almost afraid of the blonds unreadable expression. 


There was a quiet pause before Nathan spoke.


“What do you want me to be?” Nathan said quickly. 


Warren thought for a long while. The waves crashed harder than before. His mind raced, trying to think of an answer. He wasn’t sure what designation he wanted to place on Nathan when it came to his own feelings. He also didn’t know what title to give them for everyone else to use. All he knew was that he wanted to be with the thin, fragile boy just then, and perhaps for much longer than just that day. 


“I want you to want to be with me, for at least a little while.” Warren said softly. Neither boy spoke further on this subject. 


They sat together, watching the ocean move and the trees sway as night’s cloak finally veiled the sky. Stars began to wake and shine their lights out, dim at first but slowly brighter. Nathan’s breathing was slow, and he could feel Warrens bare chest move behind him at almost the same pace. Nathan felt warm as Warren moved his hands down to rest on his own hips, rubbing slow circles into his skin. 


“You know..,” Nathan began, “I was just trying to make you jealous before... with Victoria.” He said through a tired voice.


“Yeah? Tch. Well it worked, jackass.” But Warren smiled to himself. 


Nathan let a soft smile upturn his own lips as well. He wouldn’t admit it aloud, but he loved the influence Warren had over him. Nathan was so used to having to look and act tough and aggressive, it was relieving to let Warren have his way, because while the brunette didn’t seem like it, he was very dominant whilst Nathan was more submissive. 


“Hey, don’t fall asleep on me.” Warren mumbled, snapping Nathan from his thoughts. 


“I’m not.” Nathan said sleepily, “We can go now, if you want.” He yawned.

Warren chuckled. They grabbed their clothes before heading back on the small path from whence they came. 


Arriving at Nathan’s car, Warren got in the drivers seat so that Nathan could sleep as they drove back to Blackwell. It seemed like a longer drive back, but this was perhaps because Warren had to think about the road and not have his mind occupied on the boy sleeping next to him. It was dark when they arrived. Warren helped the other, who was still half asleep, up the stairs and into the boy’s hallway. By this time, Nathan was extremely tired as well, so instead of going their separate ways, they both stumbled into Warrens bedroom due to it being the closest to the door. Both boys fell asleep almost immediately, wrapped up in each other’s arms. 



Nathan was the first to wake the next morning. Groggily getting up and forcing his eyes open, he adjusted to the light streaming in through his window. He sat up, grabbing the curtains and shutting them before yawning. He stretched his arms, eyes gazing down at the sweatshirt he wore. His eyes then slowly slid to the other side of the bed, resting upon the tuft of brown hair sticking up wildly from under a blanket. Only then did he realize that he wasn’t, in fact, in his own room, but in Warrens. The blond looked around, noticing the nerdy science and movie posters that covered most of the wall space. There were many books and CD’s strewn about as well, accompanied with dirty laundry and other school supplies. 




Nathan laughed a bit to himself. 


The blond stood up, grabbing a towel he’d seen folded on Warren’s desk chair and walked out, heading to shower. It didn’t take him long, he wasn’t  keen on seeing many of the other students, so he didn’t take his time. When he came back, Warren still hadn’t woken up. Glancing around the room, his hair still dripping from the shower, Nathan picked up a shirt that had been laying on the edge of the desk. It had a tacky science pun on it, but Nathan put it on all the same. He enjoyed the smell of it. 


A yawn mixed with a mumble sounded from the corner of the room. Nathan looked over to see Warren move to lay on his back, the blanket having been pushed onto the floor. Nathan chuckled for a moment, looking at the drool that dripped from the brunettes mouth. He was shirtless, only clad in the joggers he’d been wearing the previous night. As Nathan inspected him further, he noticed the small tent that formed in the from of Warrens pants. Then, Warren mumbled what sounded like a soft, “Nate” in his half-slumber. A smirk found its way onto the blonds features.


 Nathan stepped over to the bed, crawling up to rest between Warrens legs. The boy shifted, but his eyes stayed shut. The blond placed a hand on each of Warrens legs, slowly tracing them up to rest at his waistline. He gently tugged the elastic band of the joggers down, letting the bulge of his boxers grow from the lack of restriction. He then did the same to the boxer’s, finally letting Warren’s morning wood free. He took it gently into his hand, giving it s few pumps. He bit his lip and squeezed his legs together. He felt himself becoming aroused as he looked at Warrens length. 


“Ngh..” Warren groaned from above him, one eye struggling to open. Nathan smirked and lowered his mouth, licking the head of the member, eliciting another groan.

“Shit... Mm..” Warren moaned.

Nathan engulfed the head, hollowing out his cheeks and swirling his tongue around the tip. 


“Mm.. Nathan..?” Warren mumbled, his eyes finally opening. They widened and he blushed at the sigh below him. “Wha-“ but he was cut off by another groan from his lips. Nathan had his mouth half way down, and was using his hand to stoke the parts he couldn’t reach. His other hand was braced on the brunette’s navel. The blond slowly began to bob his head up and down, his lips never breaking their seal around Warrens cock.


“Fuck... ah, Nathan..” Warren gasped and groaned, a hand came down to tangle in the blond hair. He opened his mouth and moaned. He wanted to stop this and ask Nathan what was going on, but the blond looked so gorgeous just then, sucking his cock like a bitch in heat. Warren couldn’t bring himself to do anything about it. He began to move his hand in Nathan’s hair, guiding him up and down on his length. 


“Ah, fuck..” he groaned as Nathan began moving quicker. His free hand was exploring Warrens chest, moving over his lean muscle and brushing his nipples. The blond pulled off with a pop, his lips swollen and red. His eyes were glossy as he looked up into Warrens face. 


“Warren..” he gasped softly. The erotic sight made Warren bit his lip. With his hand still buried in Nathan’s hair, he pulled the boy up and crashed their lips together. He took control over the teens mouth, sucking on his lip before invading his mouth.  Nathan continued to move his hand on Warren, and after a few hard strokes, the brunette was coming with a cry into the blonds mouth. Nathan bit the boy’s lip, pulling on it before letting go. He grinned devilishly.


“Fuck Nathan..” Warren groaned, panting. Nathan only let out a short laugh before bending done, licking at the cum stained area on Warren’s torso. The brunette cursed under his breath as he felt the pink tongue dance along him. As Nathan continued, there was a small ping from next to Warren. His brown eyes slid to the noise, seeing Nathan’s phone. While one hand was still in Nathan’s hair, the brunette grabbed the cellular, about to turn it off. But as his eyes saw the notification that popped up, his mouth dropped open and eyes widened. 


Text from: M Jefferson

Meet me at the usual spot in an hour. Be ready.

Then suddenly a picture appeared. It showed a large, darkly colored bed, laying on it a few, highly suggestive objects that made Warren realize what the text was referring to. 


Under him, Nathan felt the teens body tense, and he looked up. He glanced at the boy’s face, then followed his gaze.

His heart dropped. 


“Give that to me!” Nathan shouted, suddenly springing up and snatching the phone from Warren’s hand. His heart was pounding in his ears. He could barely hear anything. He got off of the bed, searching for his clothes.


“Nathan...?” Warren said, his mind in shock and overwhelmed.


“Don’t. Don’t say anything.” Nathan said quietly, not looking at the other. 

Warren just helplessly sat there, watching Nathan struggle. He felt anger and frustration, but couldn’t bring himself to yell. 


“You..y-you can’t...” Warren thought back to the night of the football game, “you can’t do that Nathan.. you-“


“Shut up, bastard. We aren’t together. I can do what I fucking want.” Nathan spat venomously, but his back was turned, hiding his true expression. 


“Nathan-“ but said boy had whirled around, lunging forward and putting an arm over Warrens throat, pressing down hard. Warren felt his airways cut off and he started to panic. His heart was racing as he stared into the blue orbs that bore holes in him. 


“There’s nothing you can fucking do about it, Graham. You can’t stop me. I won’t let you control me just like everyone else-” He whispered, jaw clenched, “-so don’t say a word about this.” 


Warren’s eyes were tearful. He suddenly felt very small underneath the blonds weight. A droplet trickled from his eye as he choked on words. He felt himself going numb from lack of oxygen. Nathan saw this, and eased his hold, letting the brunette breathe. Warren coughed, a hand gripping his throat as fear settled into his stomach. He looked back up at Nathan. 


The blond was staring at the ground, clenching his fists. He leaned down, and Warren flinched, but he did not strike him. Instead, he shut his eyes and gave the boy a longing, mournful kiss. “I’m sorry..” he whispered. Nathan stood, leaving before Warren could say another word. 





Chapter Text


“Why were you late?” The voice finally asked Nathan, a cold edge in his tone, as if he was daring Nathan to try and lie. Nathan grimaced as he felt the nettle pierce his skin and the liquid within rush into his veins. He began to grow hot, his toes curling and uncurling. The restraints around his wrists were painful and dug into his skin. His breathing was heavy and a warm breeze accompanied with the click of a lighter could be heard from some corner of the room. His vision was obscured with a dark piece for of cloth, but he knew what the man near him was doing, granted this wasn’t the first time he’d ended up in this situation. His heart pounded with anxiety and anticipation. He wanted to scream.

He wanted... he wanted...

“Are you going to answer me, Nathan?”

The blond hated the way he said his name. As if he owned it. Nathan gritted his teeth, squeezing his legs together to conceal himself.

“I just got held up.” He spat out coldly. He hoped the venom in his voice masked the unsteadiness. There was a feint glow coming from outside of the cloth over his eyes and Nathan could just barely detect it. The man with him was silent for a moment, which made the blond even more nervous.

“I see.” He finally said slowly after a few minutes. There was a sound of an object moving near his right and Nathan tried not to squirm. He didn’t want to let the man know how weak he was feeling. Warm air brushed over his stomach as something wet was dragged across his navel. Then quickly the thing moved to his ear, biting it hard before the voice spoke again.

“Perhaps, this ‘something’ that held you up was a,” he paused for a moment, thinking, “a.. individual? Hm?”

Nathan’s breathing quickened and his heart pounded. There was silence as he tried to find words to say. But suddenly, there was a red hot feeling on his exposed navel and he cried out in pain.

“Tch. Every time.” The voice huffed out. Nathan whimpered and he panted hard as Jefferson brushed his fingers against the boy. “You’d be a much better model if you weren’t so boney, you know,” the man sighed, “Girls are so much prettier.”

“Then get yourself one.” Nathan asked, his voice straining with anger. But he didn’t struggle against the restraints.

“Hmm...” There was a noise of clicking and whirring from a camera before Jefferson answered. “But you’re much more obedient than them.”

Nathan didn’t reply, just gritted his teeth.

“Why do you think I was with someone?” The blond asked after a few more moments.

A chuckle rang out and Nathan yelped as the red hot substance was dripped onto his feet and then working up to his thighs. The boy cried out and began to whimper. He felt a hand brushing up his legs, smearing the substance and tracing up and down his body. Jefferson continued to chuckle and Nathan heard the clicks of a camera. He could barely make out the feint flash enveloping his body.

“Well, a concerned little birdie confided in me that she was worried because her friend had been hanging out with, a quote ‘bad influence’ lately.” The man said, an edge of amusement in his voice.

“The wax is red this time, by the way. It suits you well.” The mans voice said again.

Nathan’s mind raced as he through for a moment. Then he realized.


“That stupid bitch-“ He began in rage, but realized he’d said it out loud and shut his mouth immediately.


“Hm. So it is him, huh?”

The blindfold was removed and Nathan was face to face with a creepy smile from the glasses-clad man. Anxiety gripped him and he shut his baby blue eyes. He couldn’t look at him any longer. Fuck.

“Good to know.”




Hey Warren, are you okay? Haven’t seen you all week! Txt me soon.



Warren glanced at the message and typed out some sort of excuse before throwing the phone onto his bed again. It had been three days since he’d so much as seen Nathan. And he felt uneasy about it. He couldn’t stand not knowing what had happened after their encounter only days before. He’d tried texting the blond multiple times, but to no avail. It was as if Nathan had slipped off the face of the earth. Warren had even tried asking Victoria about him, but she just stuck her nose up and told him to fuck off.

The brunette sighed lonesomely, getting up from his desk as his mind continued to worry. He looked out the window of his dorm room, out over the town and campus below. Warren knew he’d find Nathan eventually, but the waiting was killing him. He stretched his arms up, over his head, brain thinking of where he could find the blond at this time of day, when suddenly his phone buzzed. He jumped and quickly looked hopefully at the notification, but to his disappointment it was only Max.


Oh, well alright. Anyways, wanna come grab lunch w me and Chloe at the 2 whales?


Sighing and figuring he had nothing better to do, Warren agreed readily and got up from his desk, shoving his hands in his pockets and heading out the door. He strode down the corridor out to the grounds as he made his way to the parking lot. As he walked, a poster on the side of one of the dorm room caught his eye.

‘Halloween Vortex Club Bash! Don’t be left out! All Hallows’ Eve Night @ the old mill!’

The boy stood, staring for a moment as he read the words over and over. Then he realized that- of course, he’d totally forgotten amidst his distress. The Vortex Club’s annual Halloween part was that night. And with the club came all its members, including its patriarchal head- Nathan Prescott.

I have to get into that party

Warren thought as his heart began to pound in anticipation. If he could get to that party and see Nathan, he’d know he was okay and could try to talk to him. Warren needed to know he was okay. With a new determination in mind, Warren set off to the two whales diner, Nathan and the Vortex Club swarming his thoughts.


As Warren arrived, he saw Chloe and Max sitting in their regular booth, talking and laughing. Chloe had her hand on Max’s, with a look of ease and as she smiled at something the other girl had said. Warren knew they were a couple, even when he’d liked Max. He was happy for them, even though at the time he still had been pining after the brunette girl. But now she was happy, and Warren had moved on.

“Warren! You’re here finally.” Max called out, her sparkling brown eyes turning to him and smiling. Warren waved and managed a small smile, walking over and sitting across the two girls. Chloe smirked and gave him a look of greeting, wrapping her arm around Max protectively as she did so. Warren glanced away awkwardly.

“So... what’s up?” He said, glancing at the menu that he already knew by heart.

“Nothing in particular. Just chillin.” Max said as she leaned against Chloe’s side. “How are you doing?” She asked, eyes trained on the boy.
Warren glanced up, noticing her intense gaze. He kept cool as he looked back down again, tapping his finger lightly on the tabletop. Chloe ran a few fingers through her hair and sucked a breath from the cigarette she held in his free hand.

“Nothing. Just watching indie movies and furthering scientific research.” He said jokingly, but Max frowned slightly.

“Hey, are you sure that...” she paused for a moment, “Are you sure nothing else is up?” She asked again, more urgency in her tone. Chloe rolled her eyes and looked over at Warren.

“He’s fine Max. Why are you still on this?” Chloe said in annoyance.

Max turned to her girlfriend and frowned. “I’m trying to make sure if he’s okay Chloe.”

The blue haired girl tsk’d her tongue. “If he wants to befriend the prick then let him, don’t be trying to become his counselor or some shit. We aren’t his ONLY friends that matter too, y’know.”

Max’s face reddened in embarrassment and frustration. “I know that! But-“ she glanced at Warren, who looked like he was thoroughly uncomfortable, “I- uhh...” she trailed off.

Warren scratched he back of his neck. “Um, is this about Nathan?” He asked, already knowing it was.

Before Max could answer, Chloe spoke first.

“Yes, in fact it is. Max here is worried you’ve been chillin with the wrong kinda people; as in Nathan. But I’m trying to tell her you’re fine. No big deal.” Chloe said, arms folded. Max blushed and glanced away.

“I just- am worried.” She admitted.

Warren just smiled reassuringly. “I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” He thought for a moment. “I guess you could say that me and Nathan have just... grown close.”

Chloe raised her eyebrows. “What does that mean?”

Warren now flushed a bit and frowned. “I don’t know. He said quickly. “I don’t know yet.”

Both girls looked somewhat shocked. But they didn’t question him further. After the three had gotten their meals and had talked, laughed, and caught up for a little while, Warren decided to ask his favor that had been nagging at the back of his head.

“Hey,” he said hesitantly, “So, I was wondering... you know the vortex club?”

“Uh, of course.” Chloe said. Max nodded.

“So they’re having this party, and, I’m trying to go. I want to get in and- well, and see someone.” He said, not bothering to hide his intent.

“Let me guess, hm, Nathan, right?” Said the blu haired girl.

“Why can’t you see him outside the party?” Max asked, frowning.

“Well, he’s been avoiding me recently. I need to talk to him, apologize for something sorta... so, will you guys help me?”

Max had a frown on her face, and was clearly reluctant, but she agreed. “Of course I will Warren. What do you need?”

“I think,” the boy started, “I’ll need a costume.”




“You look...” Chloe began, studying the brunette carefully before bursting out laughing. “You look like us!” She said, eyes tearing up.

Max laughed with her. “We did used to dress like this all the time, didn’t we.” She smiled at the boy, who was blushing out of embarrassment.

“Is it really that bad?” He asked, mournfully.

“No! It’s actually making you look really cute.” The brunette said quickly. “Right Chloe?”

After the girl stopped laughing, she wiped her eyes, tears ceasing. “Ah, yeah, sure, whatever I guess. It’s good enough that at least they’ll let you in.”

Warren sighed, partially relieved partially scared. He was dressed in ripped, black pants from Chloe paired with a long sleeve white billowing shirt, pirate style. To accompany this he had a red bandana and black eye patch. He had a few glimmering rings on his fingers and a long gold chain around his neck. Although it wasn’t real gold, he wasn’t a Prescott.

“Alright, I’m going in then.” He said determinedly. All he wanted was to see Nathan.

“Good luck!” Max cheered, “We’ll be waiting here for ya.” She said with a smile. Chloe nodded at him as well, throwing him a thumbs up as the boy turned and made his way to the party.


This years Vortex club party was being held in a large barn that way out along the coast, not too near the school. The place looked like it was rotting and practically falling over, but the decorations, lights and music made up for the dinginess of it. As Warren slipped in one of the large barn door, he began to scan his surroundings. There were tons of students there, some he recognized, but many were heavy in costume and couldn’t be identified as easily. Many of them were dancing in the middle of the large open floor area, but lots of others were on the sidelines, talking, drinking, smoking and doing various other activities. The music blared so loud that you had to shout to even talk to anyone near you. It was all intense, but at least it would help him go unnoticed, Warren thought.

As the boy looked around, he spotted a curtain that sectioned off a ‘VIP’ section in the corner. Nathan must be there. Unfortunately, there was a security guard blocking the entrance from just anyone who wanted to go in. Warren thought for a moment, casually making his way to the side of the curtain. There was a good number of rather drunk girls over there, and they gave the brunette an idea. Casually walking by them, he accidentally tripped and pushed a few of the girls over a bit, but because they were so out of it, they tumbled back and crashed into the guard at the entrance.

“What the fuck-“ the guard shouted angrily as he was almost completely shoved over by the drunk girls. This distraction gave Warren just enough time to slip behind them and into the darkened, VIP lounge.

Warren played cool, trying to avoid direct light as he made his way in. The room was larger than he had thought it would be, and there were a good number of kids in there, at least enough that he could go fairly unnoticed. He had been scanning to room for a good minute, no sign of Nathan, when finally he heard something familiar. A voice that grew louder slowly, and Warren turned towards in. His stomach dropped when he saw where the voice was. There, in the corner, emerging from yet another room accompanied by a couple of older boys was Nathan. He looked ruffled, and his cheeks were flushed. His clothes were messy and the brunette could only imagine what he’d been doing. And it made his heart ache.


“Fuck- I need another drink, can one of you get me something?” The boy said, his voice slurring slightly as he leaned against a tall boy with dark hair, one of his slim, pale hands slipped under the boy’s shirt, and he gave a sly smile up at him rather seductively.

“C-course!”The boy said and rushed off to find some sort of alcohol for the blonde. Now Nathan was alone, looking slightly dazed as he slumped down on a empty sofa near where he’d been before.


Warren watched, feeling anger, but more stronger, jealousy. But he forced himself to swallow all of that. He couldn’t let his emotions control him right now, Nathan and his safety was the priority. So, while no one was paying much attention, Warren causally slinked over and sat down next to Nathan. For a moment, The blonde seemed too intoxicated to even notice. He did glance over at the boy, but he didn’t seem to recognize him in costume.

Warren didn’t know how long he sat, trying to think of the right words when he felt a nudge at his shoulder. He looked over, and to his slight surprise (and partial relief) Nathan was passed out sleeping on his shoulder.


Warren breathed a sign of relief as he made it out of the barn, Nathan in his arms. It was easier than he expected, no one really gave a damn anyways. Plus with Nathan sleeping, it was basically a breeze, especially because Warren had no idea as to how the blonde would have reacted to seeing him there. So all in all, the mission had gone great, now all he had to do was to get to Chloe’s car and-

“Oh, good evening Graham.” came a voice that interrupted the brunettes thoughts. It was a cold, slick voice that Warren knew before he even looked up.

There stood Jefferson, who had been making his way to the barn right as Warren’d been leaving.

“Oh, um, hi.” The boy said stiffly.

“What do you have there?” He asked, looking down at Nathan with a chuckle than made Warren shiver. The brunette could have sworn the man had a hungry look in his eyes as he gazed down at the sleeping blonde.

“Oh- he, uh, passed out. I’m just taking him back to the dorms.”

“Very admirable, Warren. But you don’t have to do that, if you want I can take him-“

“No!” Warren shouted without meaning to, “uh, I mean, that’s okay! His room is right next to mine so-“ he adjusted his hold on the boy, “so I got it! Thanks, though, Sir.”

Jefferson grimaced, but quickly gave a casual smile. “Of course, well then, have a good night.” Said the man, pushing his glasses up a bit before walking by, into the party.

Nathan didn’t look back at the man, just quickened his pace as he went down the darkened road before arriving at Chloe’s beat up old truck. He held Nathan on his lap as they pulled out, going off to Blackwell as the night closed in. Warren held the blonde in his arms the whole way.







“What the fuck, Warren?” Was what the brunette woke up to the next day. He couldn’t even process what was happening before there was a smack, and he felt a sting on his cheek.


Oh, right.


As his eyes adjusted to the morning light and he grabbed his glasses, he saw a rather angry, (but in Warrens opinion rather cute) blonde boy standing above him. The brunette sat up fully and immediately remembered what had happened the night before.

“Good morning to you too sunshine.” He said, rubbing his eyes a bit, tiredly.

“You want another slap, Gayrahm?” Spat the blonde, hand raising again.

“No! No I’m good!” Warren said quickly, raising his hands to his face in defense.

“Then you better start talking!” Nathan said, crossing his arms. He looked tired, and hungover, but Nathan couldn’t help but repress a smile as he noticed the boy had put on some of Warren’s own clothes.

“Mm.. you look cute in those..” Warren said tiredly, gazing at the other.

“Shut the fuck up and start talking.” Nathan said again, his cheeks reddening.

Warren sighed and leaned back onto the pillows which occupied his bed. “Well... basically I was just trying to talk to you and I knew you’d be at the party... but when I found you you were passed out,” he said, turning his gaze to the other, “so I just brought you back here.” He shrugged.

Nathan stood for a minute. Then slowly his arms fell to his sides and he sat back on the bed, his side brushing against Warren.

“Fuck... I- don’t remember anything...” he said, putting his head in his hands.

Warren frowned, sitting up. He placed a hand carefully on the other’s shoulder. “Hey, it’s okay Nate... you’re okay now.” He said softly.

“Tsh, yeah right...” the boy said bitterly. “Nothing ever okay, Warren... I’m still disgusting and I- I suck so fucking much.”

“Not true dude.” Warren said flatly. “Not to me, you’re none of that to me.”

Nathan looked up at the brunette, his eyes slightly red. He shook his head. “You’re fucked too, for liking someone like me.”

Warren just shrugged. “I don’t mind.” A sly smile crept onto his lips. Nathan just blushed, but didn’t push back when the brunette embraced him, his heart raced, and he hugged the boy back tightly.

After a few minutes, Warren spoke again.

“Don’t even ignore me like that again, I- just talk to me..I’ll always help you with whatever is going on, you know.”

Nathan paused for a moment. “O-okay... I will, just, not now- I gotta... figure some shit out. But I’ll tell you... I will.” He said quietly. Warren nodded, not pushing any further.

“Oh and also, I lost my key, so.. I’m staying in your room until I get another one.” Nathan said awkwardly. The brunette pulled back, and Nathan was expecting an annoyed scowl, but was met with a huge grin from the other.

“Sounds good to me!”

Chapter Text

Although their reunion had been sweet, and both were thankful for it (especially Warren) there began to grow some awkward tension between the two teenagers. This was mainly due to the undiscussed events of a few night earlier.

And with Nathan now crashing at Warren’s place for a few days, there was ample time that the two could talk about it, the only problem is that neither of them brought it up. So they simply just continued to go about their day, somewhat repressing their feelings and emotions, as teenaged boy’s usually do.



It was a night about two days later, the craze and wildness of Halloween had been slowly dimmed down, and most students were either lazing around or beginning to focus on their school work again. Warren himself had begun to work on a extensive paper for his chemistry class, while Nathan had begun a new series of portraits. Both boys were pretty wound up in their work for the better part of the day, but they always found free time in the evening. And although Nathan would sometimes go out, not discussing where or who he was going with, Warren forced himself to grin and bear it. He knew they technically weren’t in any sort of commitment with each other, but he couldn’t help wanting one, and feeling slightly betrayed when Nathan would withhold things from him.

But tonight it was a bit better, because after finishing up editing a few photos, Nathan had leaned back at Warrens desk and yawned.

“Can we play some games?” He asked looking over at the brunette, who sat on his bed.

Warren looked up from his book, pushing his glasses up a bit so they didn’t slip of his nose. “Video games? Yeah, we totally can!” He said cheerfully. “Glad you said that ‘cause I can’t stand this anymore.” He said with a grin as he tossed the large science textbook off of his bed. It slammed on the floor and Nathan grimaced, but then he let his lips curve upwards as he got up and sat down with the other, kicking his shoes off and leaning back on the pillows on the bed.

“What do you play?” Warren asked as he turned on his Play Station and grabbed a few controllers, tossing one to Nathan.

“Umm... nothing much, I used to play Mario Kart...” he blushed in embarrassment. “Like when I was a kid...”

“Well, lucky for you, I still have that!” Warren grinned broadly, putting in the disc. Nathan smiled, letting Warren jump back into the bed next to him as they began to play.

The two played for hours, until the moon shone high and the whole floor was quiet except for them. They’d gone through a ton of different games by this time, changing it up every so often. Currently they were playing Mario 3D world on Warren’s Wii U, and they’d both just died from falling of the same cliff.

“Damn.” Warren said, but wasn’t all that upset as he tossed the controller down. Nathan did the same, then yawned. The blonde looked nice in the moonlight, Warren decided as the silver light poured in through his open window.

“That was fun, thanks nerd.” Nathan said tiredly, giving the brunette a sly smile as he laid back on the bed, rolling onto his side to face the other. The brunette laid next to him, his eyes skimming over the blonde. He noticed that his white shirt was riding up a bit and Warren concluded that it was utterly unfair how good he looked like that.

“You can touch me if you want, y’know.” Nathan said after a while, his eyes slightly lidded. His face was covered slightly by his arm which he was resting on, and it was really, really sexy. “I want you to.”

Warren swallowed, a bit shocked but not at all displeased but the boys offer. But he held back.

“I- I can’t, I shouldn’t-“

“Why not? I know you want this as much as I do.” Nathan said casually, sitting up and running a hand through his hair and yawning before straddling the boy beneath him and leaning down to peck his lips. Warren couldn’t help but shiver, Nathan was so hot. “Don’t you like me?” The blonde asked.

Warren didn’t know why he was so nervous, this definitely wasn’t their first time doing stuff, but with Nathan taking the control this time he couldn’t help but feel anxious with anticipation.

“Ah- I- I do but-“ but he was cut off by Nathan’s hands slipping into his waistband as his lips sealed against the brunettes. Warren groaned as he felt the other’s fingers against him. But as much as he wanted it, and as much as he wanted to have Nathan right then and there, he needed to restrain himself. He didn’t want to go any further until they figured out what it is they were doing, and what is is they wanted.

They broke apart a moment later for air, both boys red and panting, ready for more. But Warren put his hand up, stopping the other from continuing.

“What’s wrong?” Nathan said, his expression one of frustration but also concern.

“I just- can’t, not now.” The boy looked anywhere but at Nathan. “I’m sorry Nate.”

There was a pause of uncomfortable silence. Nathan moved off of Warren and off of the bed before muttering. “I-I’m sorry..” he said, grabbing his jacket before getting up.

“Wait- where are you going?” The brunette said, realizing he might have just fucked up. Nathan didn’t answer just made his way to the door. “Wait, Nathan!” Warren said and he lunged, grabbing the blonde’s hand. “Don’t go- I didn’t mean to-“

But Nathan whirled around, his eyes were red rimmed and he looked upset.


“Didn’t mean to what? Suddenly push me away after all the shit we did together? Make me feel like a slut? What exactly did you ‘not mean’ to do?”Nathan shouted.

Warren hesitated. “I- you aren’t a slut-“

“No, I am one, I admit it. I’m a slut, and I know I’m disgusting and cruel and a goddamn whore- but, but I-“ his voice cracked a little, “I forget about all of that when I’m with you..” he trailed off. His eyes were red rimmed and he turned away from Warren again. “So I though you did too.” He brought a hand to his face. “Fuck..” his voice quivered. “I sound like a dramatic bitch right now.”

Warren got up, not saying anything as he crossed the room and faced the blonde, who couldn’t bring himself to look up at him. Warren hugged the boy tightly, wrapping his arms around him.

“I don’t see any of those things in you,” he mumbled into the softly blonde hair. “I just wanted to work stuff out first.”

Nathan was still, and he didn’t speak as Warren talked, but soon he pulled away, muttering curses to himself.

“Fuck.... fuck- shit.”

“What’s wrong?” The brunette asked. “Please, talk to me Nate.”

Nathan sighed. “You- You already saw that picture, from before, you can probably guess what it meant...”

Warren bit back his words, not knowing what to say to comfort the other. Eventually he just nodded.

“I did see, I just don’t understand why.”

Nathan looked uncomfortable and was red with shame. “I.. let him take pictures. I can’t say no... he’s the one helping me at school, to stay out of trouble and stuff.”

It was silent for a moment.

“Has he ever touched you?” Warren asked seriously, an aura of jealousy around him.

Nathan didn’t know if he could possibly feel more ashamed. He nodded. “It’s- mostly... consensual.” He whispered, half hoping Warren wouldn’t hear him. He didn’t even know why he was telling him all this, just a few weeks ago the boys had been enemies. But to Nathan, Warren’s newfound presence in his life seemed like the lifeline the blonde had been waiting for, the thing he could finally trust in and hold onto for safety and comfort. He trusted Warren, and although the hated to admit it, wanted to be with him more than he had anyone else before.

“I see.” Warren said, his voice calm. “Alright,” he took Nathan’s hand into his own, “Thank you for telling me.” He gave a light kiss to his forehead. Nathan only turned his head away, not knowing what to do or say. But a second later, he didn’t have to for Warren then got on one knee in front of him, still grasping the other boy’s hands. Nathan gave him a confused look.

“Uh... War-“

“Be my boyfriend!“ Warren bursted out. “Please?”

The room was silent. Nathan’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.

“What..... the fuck? You did hear everything I just told you, right?”

Warren laughed a bit and nodded. “Yeah, dumbass, and I still want you as my boyfriend, if you’ll have me.”

“I- Warren-“

“Just shut up and say yes, please.” Warren said, his eyes serious.

“You idiot what the f-“

“Please, Nate.” Warren interrupted again. He still looked very serious.

Finally, with Nathan flushing furiously and rolling his eyes, he pulled Warren up off his knees. “Okay whatever nerd, I will. Just get up and stop acting like an idiot.” He said, but smiled just a bit. His heart was racing and he still was gripping the others hands.

“That’s great then.” Warren said, smiling.


Nathan sighed. “I don’t fucking understand you Graham.” He said exasperatedly. “After all that shit I just told you- why?”

“Because, now that we’re together officially I can go up to that asshole-bastard teacher and give him a piece of my mind. Tell him to stop fucking with MY boyfriend.” Warren said and grinned to himself like it was the best idea ever.

As much as Nathan wanted to express his concern over how terrible of an idea that was, he just stayed silent and relished in the fact that he and Warren were The thought made him tingle and his face warm. Instead of replying he just leaned in, kissing the other softly. Warren kissed back, smiling into it. The two kissed and held each other for a long while. But eventually grew too tired to continue. Warren was quick to fall asleep, but Nathan stayed awake for awhile, watching the other as they he lay asleep, mouth slightly open as he snores softly.
It was cute, and Nathan felt his chest swell each time the other would move a bit or mumble in his slumber. He brushed some hair out of the others face gently and smiled as the other mumbled a soft ‘nate..’
He too eventually drifted away into slumber, a hand resting on Warren’s forehead as his conscious rested.



The next morning Warren took Nathan out for breakfast at the Two Whales diner. The blonde boy was obviously still somewhat tired as they sat, but was content. He was dressed in a long sleeve white tee and sweatpants joggers. His hair was slightly more messy than usual and Warren thought he looked adorable. As they sat, Joyce came up to wait on them.

“Good morning boys,” she said with her usual smile. “What will it be today?”


After they ordered, Warren pancakes and Nathan an omelet, they sat together chatting.

“Slept good?” Warren asked with a grin. Nathan nodded, pulling out a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it. Warren watched as he sucked a long drawl from it, letting the smoke curl out from his lips.
As much as Nathan could be cute, Warren though he looked really cool that moment in the early morning light.

Suddenly the door opened and in walked Max and Chloe, chatting about something to each other until Max spotted Warren and waved. They walked over, but Chloe glared when she saw Nathan was sitting there as well. Even if she’d cooperated to help out with Nathan on Halloween, she still didn’t like him. But Max only smiled.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” She said cheerfully.

Nathan didn’t answer, just glanced at them before looking out the window again, taking yet another drawl from the cancer stick between his lips.

Warren however, gave his usual grin.
“Just getting food. You?”

“Same biz. We’re going out on Chloe’s friends old boat after though, it’s gonna be a great opportunity for pictures.”

“That sounds awesome. Hear that Nate?” Warren glanced at the blonde.

Nathan looked over at them, his eyes shifting. “Oh, yeah.” He said monotonously.

Max obviously didn’t feel the tension, and if she did she was really just trying to push through it with her next sentence.

“Yeah! You guys should totally come with us. It’d be fun.”

Chloe’s eyes widened. “Max there’s n-“ but Max covered the bluenettes mouth with her hand. “What do you say?”

Warren glanced at Nathan. “Yeah sounds cool, as long as...” he trailed off looking at the blonde. He gently took Nate’s hand into his own form under the table.

Nathan tried hard not to grimace. He just shrugged. “Whatever.”

Warren and Max both grinned and Chloe scowled.


It was an hour and a half later and Warren was dressed in a pair of navy swim trunks with a towel slinked around his arm. Next to him stood a rather solemn blonde in light brown swim shorts and a camera hanging around his neck. They stood by the side of the beach, waiting for the girls to get there. It was quiet for a little while as the sea breeze rushed by.

“Why did you say yes to this.” Nathan said as more of a statement than a question.

Warren has been waiting for this question. “Hey babe,” he turned to his boyfriend and grasped his hands. Nathan stayed starring at the sea.

“They both hate me.” He stated again.

“No, they don’t Nate. You just got to break the ice.” He said, leaning over trying to look the other in the face.

Nathan shifted his eyes to stare into Warrens. “I think I broke the ice a long time ago, they still just hate me. And I’m not fond of them either, in case you didn’t know.”

Warren frowned. “Do you really not want to go?”

This time, Nathan was the one that frowned. He bit his lip. “I... I want to do whatever you want... I just think me being there will ruin it for everyone.” He crossed his arms and glanced away again.

“Nate, who cares what they think. You’ll never ruin anything for me. I just wanted to take you out with them to have fun, relax.”

Nathan’s sighed. “Okay.” He said. “Fine.” And he let Warren kiss the top of his head. And although he had agreed, Nathan still was in a bit of a standoffish mood when the girls showed up.

“Hey!” Said max as her and Chloe got out of the old beat up truck. She wore a light green swimsuit top with off white shorts. Chloe has on a long black tee shirt and was gripping a back full of their camera and swim stuff.

“Sup nerds.” Chloe said casually, but eyed Nathan a bit before setting the stuff down.

“You guys have everything?”

The boys nodded.

“Great!” Max continued. “The boat is docked just down there,” she pointed off down the beach just a little ways.

“Sounds good.” Warren grinned before they set off down the sandy shore.

As they walked, Nathan glanced at his phone after feeling it vibrate in his pocket. It was from Jefferson.


Meet me today. We need to talk.


Nathan’s stomach twisted and curled into a cruel shape as he read the message but he ignored it and slipped the phone back into his pocket. As they made it to the boat, he looked over it. It was an old sailing boat. It wasn’t big, but it wasn’t tiny either. It had s large white sail and a decent sized deck with a small cabin for the captain.

“Who’s driving this thing?” Nathan asked, looking a bit skeptical.

“I am beotch!” Chloe grinned, hoping into the craft. “Just got an online boating license so we’re good, don’t even worry about it.”

Nathan scowled. “Are you shitting me? You’re going to kill us!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let her take over the whole thing, I used to not with my dad in Seattle, it’ll be okay.” Max intervened.

Warren our an arm around Nathan. “I won’t let anything bad happen, like Max said, don’t worry.” He smiled.

Nathan just rolled his eyes, shrugging off the other boy and getting on the boat. The other followed after him. Warren frowning only a bit, hoping the blonde teen would cheer up once they started off.


Soon, Chloe and Max got the motor running and they set off down the beach towards the rocky coast. The lighthouse could be seen in the distance, and it was sunny and warm out. Nathan had seated himself and the front of the boat, camera aligned around his neck, looking out over the water. Warren was talking to Max, laughing and joking. Nathan couldn’t help but glance back at them a few times, his irritation growing. Why had he even agreed to come? For Warren? Who was currently flirting and chatting with the girl he used to like? These thoughts kept bubbling up into Nathan’s mind. His heart felt heavy. He wanted to be alone, he wanted to get high and be by himself. But instead a growing pain blossomed in his chest. He felt sick. On top of all of it he couldn’t put out the anxiety of what Jefferson would do if he ignored him.

“Fuck...” he muttered under his breath as a fresh breeze whipped past him.

After a little while they had made it past the beach and were now farther along the rocky edge of the coast. Here, Warren came over to the blonde.

“Hey babe,” he said, sitting next to Nathan. “You okay?” He asked softly. Nathan wanted to be mad, to say something mean, but he didn’t feel the strength. He didn’t say anything, only continued to stare out into the sea.

“Do you hate me for dragging you onto this?” Warren asked after a moment. There wasn’t an answer for a moment, but Nathan looked at him before speaking.

“No.” He states shortly, turning fully to face the other teen. He then pulled another cigarette out of his pocket, lit it and took a long drawl. The ocean breeze made the smoke curl quickly and disappear as Nathan leaned back and rested an arm on the side of the ship lazily, his eyes focused on Warren.

As the brunette watched, he suddenly got an idea. He carefully picked up the camera sitting next to Nathan and snapped a picture of the scene. As he looked down to what he just captured, he swallowed. Nathan has his eyes glassy and staring right into the lens, hair whipped to the side and the cigarette dangling from his lips. His chest looked lean and slightly tan from the warm sun hitting it. It was a great picture, in Warren’s opinion. However, Nathan made a tsk noise and took the camera from him.

“I never take photos of myself.” He said quietly. “I’m not a good model.”

“I think you’re pretty damn good.” Warren said gently as he inched closer to the other, letting his hands rest on the blonde’s smooth thighs before they crept up only slightly under his swim shorts. He leaned forward and brushed his lips against Nathan’s, and Nathan allowed it, only making a slight movement against the others mouth. Warren then let his mouth trail down the boys cheek towards his ear before going down his neck.

“Ngh... Warren-“ the blonde gasped quietly before sighing out.

The brunette pulled back, but left his hands on the other. “Are you angry?”

Nathan felt a spark of irritation at this. “No- fucking hell Graham, but if you pay more attention to that bitch-ass Max than me again I’m going to be.” He said, voice raised slightly.

Warren looked a bit suprised for a moment. “Oh.” He said dumbly, “That’s why you’re upset?” He smiled. “You don’t need to be jealous.”

Nathan just grimaced and turned away from the brunette. “Whatever, asshole.” He was upset, and his stress level’s were beginning to grow.

Warren’s face fell. “Hey, I’m sorry Nate.” He scooter towards the teen and wrapped his arms under Nathan’s, holding him. “But you really don’t have to worry.”

Nathan knew he was right, but he was in too much of a bad mood to even answer.

“Nathan...” Warren began in a more serious tone. “I-“

But just then they hit a wave and the boat lurched. The boys got jerked forward, but luckily managed to stay on.

“Who’s driving this shit hole?” Nathan growled angrily, glaring at Chloe who was looking sheepish in the back near the controls.

“Sorry.” she said, sounding not sorry at all. “My hand sipped.”

Nathan only glared and turned back. But he didn’t look at Warren. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket again and his stomach turned. He didn’t look. He wanted to throw his phone over the side of the boat into the ocean. He was in a bad mood, and even with Warren behind him, hugging his waist gently and trying to comfort him, he still couldn’t relax.


And now his phone was ringing, and he picked it up. The name on the screen sickened him. But he answered, and he tried not to think about Warren, dozing off behind him, arms wrapped around the blonde still as the breeze whipped through his hair.

“Hello?” Nathan said in a cold, hard voice.

“Why haven’t you been answering me?” Came the voice, equally as cold.

“Because I’m not your fucking puppy. What do you want?”

“I need you tonight.” Came the voice again, rugged and hard.

Nathan felt a chill down his spine. “Can’t.”


“I can’t, assface.”

“And why is that?” Jefferson spike with a slick tone.

“Because I’m with someone. Fuck off.” And he hung up before he could hear a response. He knew he’d just gotten himself fucked, but he couldn’t feel enough to care. His chest hurt, and he looked down at Warren.

“I suck.” He breathed out, staring at the sky.




Back at Blackwell academy Mark Jefferson sat at his desk, let’s spread and elbows on the hard wood desktop. His chin was resting on his hands and he stared down at the pictures on the boy on his desk. Nude, and covered in red.

“Someone..” he mumbled, then smirked, remembering the night of Halloween.

Chapter Text

Hello! So I know I only have a few continuous readers for this story, and I had thought about just not finishing, but I’m actually going to keep going because I really want to! The next chapter will be up soon! So sorry it’s taken so long, school take sip all my time, but I’m on break so I have time! Thank you!!! XOX

Chapter Text

“Your skin tastes salty.”


“Well maybe you should stop-“


“I like it.” Grinned a cheery brunette as he sucked on a bit on skin behind the blonde’s ear. “It’s from the ocean wind. Have you been outside?”


“I was taking pictures.” Nathan mumbled as he tried not to make any sort of noise as Warren kissed the sensitive spot. “I have an assignment on climate and weather landscapes.”


“Mmm, sounds cool.” The other mumbled as he pulled back. He was atop the other, sprawled out in the back of Warren’s car. They’d just came back from a drive in movie that Warren had wanted to see, and were relaxed and feeling blissfully lazy. Crickets chirped as twilight fell on the quiet parking lot. There was the rustling of fabric as the two boys moved against one another. Nathan was flushed as he gazed up at the other, his hand under Warrens shirt and gently brushing over the skin he could reach. A soft indie rock tune played from the car radio as Nathan shifted once again to let Warren access his neck, tilting his head upwards.


“Mm..” he bit his lip as he felt teeth on a more sensitive area under his jawline. He had stripped down to only a long sleeve white tee and had on gray cotton boxers. It made the position more comfortable, but not entirely. He wrapped his arms around Warrens neck and let out a breath he’d been holding onto. His knees pressed into the brunettes side and his toes curled.


“Warren...” he said gently.


“Nathan.” The boy replied, his voice low. He pulled back and rested his forehead against the blonde’s, staring into the icy blue eyes.


“Warren do you....”


“Hmm?” The brunette hummed.


“Do you... hear that?” Nathan said suddenly, pushing himself up a bit, one arm still around the other but his attention completely diverted. He glanced out the windows into the now dark parking lot.


“Hear wha-“ but then he heard it. Footsteps. A low voice. And he saw a flashlight. It was the Blackwell security guard, waking around and looking around, searching. “Oh damn, what’s that creep doing?” Nathan said and quickly switched the radio off.


“I don’t know- looking for something.”


“Let’s just get out of here.”


Nathan said nothing but quickly grabbed his jacket before he slowly opened the car door, Warren following after. The two shut the door and crept a few yards, avoiding the security guard before making a break for the dormitories. There were faint footsteps and a voice yelling something along the lines of “Who goes there?” But neither cared to listen or look back at the guard. They didn’t stop running until they got safety into the dormitories as they made their way up to their rooms. They were laughing and talking as they got up, Warren going to open his door. The laughter soon stopped however, when a voice came from the room.


“Oh, Nathan, I was wondering when you’d be back.” Said Jefferson, who has been inspecting something on the boy’s desk. “Oh, and you have a friend.”


“What the hell are you doing here?” Nathan said harshly, yet his face was red in embarrassment as he realized he was still only in boxers.


“I was just waiting for you.” The handsome man said, taking a step towards Nathan. Warren stepped in front of the blonde protectively.


“What do you want with him?” The brunette asked, teeth gritted.


Jefferson chuckled. “Well he hasn’t been returning my recent calls, and I had some matters to discuss with him, if you don’t mind.”


“He does mind.” Warren said, irritated.


Nathan sighed and stepped around the other boy. “What do you want to talk about this time, bastard? I told you I’m not going along with your shit anymore.” He sounded for exasperated than mad or scared.


“Hm. Well, in you don’t exactly have a say in the matter, do you?” Jefferson purred, unfazed. He stepped forward again, grabbing the others jaw and forcing it towards upwards so that Nathan was forced to look at him.


“Agh- fuck-“ Nathan said, clenching his jaw.


Warren immediately lunged forward, grabbing the mans hand and shoving him back. Jefferson stumbled, grimacing before glaring at Warren. “I wouldn’t do that again if I were you.”


“Oh yeah? Or what?”


Now Jefferson smirked again. “Or, let’s just say I could make your little ‘friend’ here’s life very difficult.” He pulled a piece of paper from his breast pocket and handed it to Warren. Warren turned it over and his eyes widened. It was  a photo of Nathan, tied and blindfolded and in a very compromising position. There were tears coming from under the blindfold and a blush on his cheeks and the sight made Warren hot from anger as well as slight arousal.


Nathan saw what he was holding and quickly snatched the image from his hands. “Don’t- stop it Mark. Fuck you for that. Leave him out of this. We’ll talk in the morning. Get the hell out of my room.”


The teacher stared at the blonde for a moment, then gave a smirk before leaving without another word.


Nathan was breathing heavily as he left and collapsed on his bed, Warren sat with him, putting a hand on his shoulder.


“Are you okay?” He said after a moment.


Nathan felt as if he was going to throw up. “I’m sorry you saw that. No one was ever meant to see it.”


Warren felt a bit of anger at this. No one but Jefferson.


“That doesn’t matter. I don’t care about that.” He said, but it was only partly true. He wished it was true but he couldn’t help but feel a strange emotion of jealousy and resentment inside him.



Nathan gave a grateful look and wrapping his arms suddenly around the other teen, holding onto him tightly. Warren likewise wrapped his arms around the others middle, burying his nose in the crook on the boy’s neck.


“You smell like the sea salt.” The brunette said after a long intimate moment, breaking the tension. Warren let out a airy chuckle and pulled back enough that he was looking into the other’s eyes.


“Let’s go to bed.” The blonde said. He let out a small yawn. Warren nodded and kissed him gently, rolling over, stripping his shirt off and pulling up the blankets around them both. Nathan moved up next to him, giving a small peck to his chest before closing his eyes. Warren smiled and quickly drifted off as well.



Warren was awoken the next morning to shouting. As his eyes peeled open, he squinted at the sunlight shining into his room from his cracked window. There was loud voices coming from the window below. Lazily, he got out of bed, carefully not waking his slumbering boyfriend who was on his bed as he went to look outside. Below, Zachary and Luke, (two jocks who usually pick on Warren) we’re getting into a brawl over something which was quickly becoming violent. A few other students, including Juliet and Brooke were yelling at them to stop but they weren’t listening. Warren looked to the left and saw the principal, David Madsen, and Mark Jefferson, were coming quickly over to the commotion.


Warren grimaced at the sight of the latter and watched as he helped to break the two boys apart. As he was onlooking, his eyes continued to drift to Jefferson, and to his surprise the man met his eyes and they stared at each other for a moment before Warren realized he saw him. The brunette quickly stepped back, out of sight and into the middle of the room, tripping and stumbling onto Nathan who was still asleep on the bed.


“Ouch!- the fuck-?” Nathan said, getting crushed by the other. Warren rolled off of him quickly.


“Sorry Nate! I tripped.”


“Fucking be more careful next time.” Nathan said wearily, rubbing his side and sitting up before slipping back down again and pulling a sheet halfway over him. Warren grinned and crawled over him, leaning down and kissing the bit of cheek exposed that didn’t lie under the coverings.


“You have class soon, don’t you? Can’t go back to sleep now.”


Nathan just groaned. “Ugh...” but he opened his eyes and glanced up at Warren. He pushed the other off of him and sat up again, yawing and stretching. “Why do I always end up sleeping over here? My bed is much better.” He mumbled tiredly.


“Well you seem to sleep pretty soundly in this one.” Warren said, unable to keep a smile of off his lips. He then got up and began to dress. “I’m walking you to class today, so go get ready.”


“Okay mom.” The blonde said sarcastically as he got up, heading to his room to change. After a few minutes he was back and dressed in his usual attire for class. His camera bag was slung around his shoulder and he was leaning against Warrens dorm door.


“Ready?” He asked, looking the other up and down.


Warren threw on a gray hoodie before he turned, his hair messy and jeans ripped. “Yep!” He said cheekily before going and up kissing the others forehead. Nathan’s pale cheeks turned only slightly pink before the two walked out of the dorms heading to the main school hall.


The two couldn’t look more different as they made their way. Warren in worn, casual clothes while Nathan had on his pressed white shirt and letterman with high end jeans. His hair was combed as well and in its usual swoop while the brunettes was a mess of wavy curls. They were drastically different in style and nature but in a way complimented each other nicely.


“You can go now.” Nathan said, glancing ove this shoulder as he headed into the class. Warren smiled and nodded.


“Alright alright, I’ll see you at lunch.” Warren grinned and began to turn out of the room, but before he could leave he ran  into someone coming in.


“Ah, excuse me.” Mark Jefferson said as he brushed himself off. Warren avoided eye contact with the man quickly stepped to the side to push through.


He hated to leave Nathan in class with that man, but he wouldn’t be able to persuade him to leave either. Warren didn’t want the blonde getting upset with him, but he hated that they were both ensnared in the web Jefferson had made that kept him untouchable. Warren took a step forward before turning and looking through the window of the classroom door. He saw Nathan inside with all the other students. He saw Max as well, which comforted him. He knew she would help Nathan if he ever needed it and Warren wasn’t there.


Sighing, he glanced once more at Nathan, who sat relaxed yet stern. Warren turning once more and walked out, heading to his first class. He passed a poster on the way, and a name on it caught his eye. It read in big black letters “Vortex Club Exclusive: Midnight Bash @ Prescott Estate”. Warren furrowed his brows and glanced through the details. In smaller words believe it said it was to be hosted by the President of the club, Nathan Prescott and teacher coordinator Mark Jefferson.


Warren frowned, wondering why Nathan hadn’t told him about this party. It’s not as if the boy was always truthful with everything, but Warren thought by now he’d have been able to put more trust into him. However the brunette shrugged it off, deciding to ask him later about it.






When the bell rang and class let out, Nathan tried to make a quick exit without having to speak to his teacher. But he wasn’t quick enough because just then Mark Jefferson called Nathan to his desk, smirking.


“We have something to talk about.”


“I’m not talking about Warren with you.” The blonde said flatly, only a slight edge to his voice.


“I wasn’t going to bring that up.” The man said, his lips twitching into a cold smile. “This is about the upcoming Vortex event.”


Nathan crossed his arms. “What about it?”


Jefferson stood, looking out his window. “Well,” he began with a sigh, “Now that you won’t cooperate with my shoots anymore I need a new, and rather less willing subject. So, I plan to get one on that night. You’ll be helping me, which is why I’m telling you this.”



“Like hell I’m helping you, go kidnapping with someone else.” But Nathan’s heart fell slowly into his stomach because he knew he couldn’t actually refuse.


The man just laughed. “I’ve always hated that attitude of yours, so rebellious. So irritating,” he paused, “Well... anyways, get ready for the party.” He glanced at the blonde. “You can leave now.”


Nathan bit the inside of his cheek to keep from saying anything and turned, face pale and palms beginning to sweat as he left, his face in a rather intimidating expression. But he was scared of what was going to happen, and he didn’t know how to keep Warren from finding out. He couldn’t let the boy know, and he couldn’t get out of it either. If he tried, he might never be able to see Warren again due to the consequences either Jefferson or his father would potentially place upon him.



As he left the room and made his way out, he saw Warren talking to Max in the hall. Thankfully the brunette hadn’t turned to see him yet, so Nathan does quickly by without being noticed. Or at least he thought, but not five seconds later passed before he heard his name being called out to, and Warren catching up with him.



“You alright?” The taller boy asked, seeing Nathan’s pale face.


The blonde just gave a curt, half smile and nodded as they left the building, heading to the dorms once again, together.