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The Broken

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It was a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky. Perfect for moving, Emmett had said. I couldn't help the dark chuckle that followed. But alas, it had been simple enough. Boxes littered every room of the house. The only thing even slightly unpacked were the boxes labeled KITCHEN. I'm sure the bedrooms were next. Furniture was in place and things were organized enough that we could simply just call it a day.

Emmy and Annie were thrilled to have rooms of their own, though they would still share a bathroom. Rosalie was thrilled to have a master bath with a separate tub and shower from what Kate said. And the garage workshop of course.

Words could not express the joy I felt for my brother and his family. Emmett felt it too. To have a home that he had worked so hard for finally in his grasp...the future was nothing but bright for his little clan.

A light breeze blew past us, the scent of Kate's shampoo filling my lungs. Her golden hair shined in the beautiful sunlight. The sight of her smile breathtaking. My arms wrapped around her, the beat of her heart echoing mine. The rumble of laughter bounced against my chest as she laughed at the children playing in the grass.

"Emmy! Annie! Come wash up, it's time for dinner." Rosalie yelled from the sliding glass door.

7 year old Emmy looked at her mother, her glowing blonde hair a wild mess riddled with grass and leaves. Curls for days my father always said. She most definitely took after her name sake. Dimples and all. She was just as wild as her father, if not more so. The girl had spunk. It was never a dull moment when she was in the room.

Annie on the other hand was a bit more reserved. She loved to play and goof off as much as any 6 year old would, but she most definitely took after her mother when it came to her grace. Her wavy blonde hair was tinted a bit darker than that of her sister and her beauty nearly rivaled that of her mother's. She was charming even at such a young age. Emmett would have his hands full when the teen years hit, that much I was sure of. And on top of all that, she was cunning as fuck.

With her sister distracted, Annie took that opportunity to tackle Emmy and claim victory.

"One, two, three-I win!" Annie yelled before racing off towards the house, an evil heckle following her exclamation.

"No, that's cheating!" Emmy was soon on her feet, racing after her sister. Seconds later, Kate and I were alone.

"Those two crack me up." Kate said, her palm on my chest and blue eyes gazing up at me. Her beauty still caught me off guard, even now.

"They are definitely lively." I leaned down to give her a peck, feeling her smile against my lips.

"I can't wait till we have our own."

"Same my love." And it was true. Kate, my beautiful wife of just over a year, wanted nothing more than to start a family. As did I.

We met in High School. She transferred from Texas to Forks our Junior year. Her mother was from Washington, so she was well acquainted with the area. Her parents wanted a slower paced life than what Houston had to offer. Her father was a doctor and Forks Hospital was only too happy to welcome him on board.

I still remember when I first laid eyes on her. The beautiful girl with golden hair walked into my biology room and I was hooked. She was partnered up with me, and as they say, the rest is history.

"Ready for pizza?" I asked, grabbing the hand on my chest to hold it in my own.

"In just a minute." She kissed me then, passionately. It ended all to soon. "I love you."

"I love you too." I whispered.

"We're waiting on you!" Emmett yelled from the house, a shit-eating grin present in his voice.

My eyes rolled and Kate chuckled. Soon we were both standing, making our way towards the house.

I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I have an amazing wife, a perfect job and a future that most could only dream of. In fact, my life is what dreams are made of.

Then why did it feel like something was missing?