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The Pining Circle

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“You’ll never believe what I just heard.” Brooke hums, sitting down at her lunch table and sipping on her La Croix.

“What?” Chloe and Jenna both ask in unison, searching for some hot gossip.


Chloe, Jenna, and Brooke all sit together during lunch time these days. They aren’t part of the other five in ther SQUIP squad that pine after one other. The one they pine after not even noticing the other.


“Michael is gay! He told me so, and even who he has a crush on.” Brooke smiles softly.

“Does it complete the pining circle?” Jenna asks.

Brooke nods, “His heart is yearning for a kiss from the pale and lanky Jeremy Heere.”


Chloe smirks and places down her phone as she takes out a sheet of paper. Recently at Middleborough High, there has been some pining. It all started with Jeremy and Christine. After asking her out, Jeremy takes Christine on a date. Christine realizes that she’s still not over Jake. This is what starts all the pining.


Jeremy Heere’s heart is yearning for Christine Canigula. He has had a crush on her for forever, and he is just not ready to give up on here quite yet. Christine’s young heart is after the sport Jake Dillinger. Jake was the first person to really show care for her, except at his Halloween party. He was a jerk. At the Halloween party, Jake knew who his heart beats for - Rich Goranski. Rich is Jake’s best friend, and Jake thinks it’s stupid he fell for his best friend. Rich? Well, Rich is pining after the very radical Michael Mell. He has always had a crush on Michael, but finally realized it after an epiphany in a hospital. Michael is pining after Jeremy and has been since a young age.


Chloe looks at the paper and completes the circles, pointing an arrow from Michael to Jeremy. Each name is written in beautiful cursive. It’s a circle the girls kept so they could keep up with all the pining that has been going on.


“What do we with this?” Brooke asks.

“We obviously have to help them out, duh.” Chloe rolls her eyes.

“Getting involved with love is a tricky thing.” Jenna comments. “I used to be a matchmaker in middle school. I just have to keep updating my blog.”

“Good. Brooke and I can be matchmakers.”

“I don’t know, Chlo. Jenna makes a good point.” Brooke shrugs. “What if we fuck all our friends up?”

“We won’t! We just gotta help them out a bit, without revealing the entire circle.” Chloe shrugs. “Can’t be too hard, right?”

“Just make sure you and Brooke stay in sync. Agree on what you’re doing.” Jenna nods. “Who you’re getting together.”


Brooke and Chloe both nod, the two are usually in sync about everything. Chloe is determined to make everything right. They would split the circle in half, leaving one of them with the extra person. The sad part is not everyone would end up who they are currently pining after because of the odd number.


“Broke can take Michael, and Christine. I’ll take Jake and Jeremy.”

“What about Rich?” Brooke asks Chloe.

Jenna sighs, “Just tell me what you’re doing and I’ll take care of Rich.”


So, Brooke and Chloe devise a plan of how to fix this never ending circle of broken heart beats. It’s time to set things straight in Middle Borough High School. It is very tiring to see everyone you know in pain, no matter how well you know them.