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This I Swear by the Stars

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The vast space of the parlour was quiet save for the gentle crackle of the fire glowing in the hearth and the rustle of paper as Sebastian turned the page of his book. Inhaling contently and breathing in the soothing scent of paper and woodsmoke, his eyes devoured the words on the page, the knowledge it beheld sating his constant curiosity.

Before long, the silence was broken by the sweetest tinkling. He looked up from his book, a small smile set on his lips as he took in the sight of Blaine hunched over the spinet, dark curls falling over one side of his face attractively as his fingers danced over the keys that gleamed in the firelight.

Sebastian closed the book in his lap as he settled more comfortably in the richly upholstered armchair, attention rapt on Blaine and his gorgeous tune. Blaine was incredibly talented, he thought proudly as he regarded the way the prince’s thick-yet-nimble fingers produced captivating notes strung together to create an even more captivating melody, eliciting the exact emotion his composition begged; a one-man symphony.

Closing his eyes, Sebastian let the melody wash over him, allowed it to settle within and make him feel. A moment passed before Sebastian’s eyes flew opened; this song Blaine was playing- it was sad, almost heartbroken.

Sebastian felt his chest clench under the strain of the melody, the desolation clearly ringing in the quiet parlour. He rose to move to stand next to Blaine, his eyes taking in the prince’s handsome profile; the attractive slope of his nose, the long lashes that dip down as his eyes flit attentively over the keys. The lines of Blaine’s body were tight, taut with some unseen tension.

Sebastian’s brows furrowed with concern. Had something happened earlier when Blaine was summoned to the King’s study?

A moment passed before the melody came to a close, the last note ringing sorrowfully in the spaces between them. Sebastian watched as Blaine’s shoulders sagged but perked right up, back straight and poised when he moved to rest a hand on the prince’s shoulder.

“That was beautiful, my love,” Sebastian said, feeling the heat of Blaine’s body even through his brocade jacket, the patterns on the fabric alight in the light from the fireplace. “Sad, but beautiful.”

Blaine reached for Sebastian’s hand on his shoulder, curling those nimble fingers around it and pulling it to his lips. He shivered slightly- as he always did- when Blaine pressed a kiss on his hand.

“Is something on your mind?” Sebastian asked as he slowly sank down on the spinet’s bench next to Blaine.

The sound of the crackling fire seemed deafening when silence draped over the parlour once more. Blaine merely sat there, fingers entwined with Sebastian’s; no words were exchanged between them. Until-

“Would you marry me, Sebastian?” Blaine asked, disrupting the lull of silence.

Startled, Sebastian’s brow furrowed more. “Are you proposing?”

“I’m merely asking. I’m... curious,” Blaine answered, his hazel eyes glinting like embers in the firelight- and bored straight into Sebastian’s.

He regarded the prince carefully, his draconic curiosity piquing at the thought of the human custom. Marriage- what a peculiar thing, Sebastian thought. He had read a handful of journals delineating the practice- from the ceremonies and festivities, to etiquettes and traditions. He had even attended and observed a few since arriving in Oscin two years prior.

It was fascinating- marriage, but it wasn’t something Sebastian had given any mind to. Not when it came to Blaine.

“To be married does not make a difference where my affections for you are concerned,” Sebastian answered plainly.

Blaine sighed, dropping his gaze to the floor. “Nor it mine, my love,” he said softly- but his voice firm.

Sebastian watched the way Blaine worried his teeth over his bottom lip, his lips a contrasting, stark pink with the dark beard and the hair on his upper lip that surrounded it.

A fierce need uncoiled within him, prompting Sebastian to hook a finger under Blaine’s chin, the perfectly groomed beard soft against his skin- and slowly tilted the prince’s face up until their gazes met. He needed to know-

“Do you doubt my love, Blaine?”

Instantly, Blaine’s mouth was on his, the answer clear in the force of it- and the simultaneous tenderness of it all.

“Never,” the prince answered breathless.

Sebastian smiled, settling their foreheads together. Two years of loving Blaine had thought him all the little ways of being intimate- something he had thought impossible given his draconic nature. And Sebastian found that one of his most favourite forms of intimacy was this; pressing his forehead to Blaine’s, sitting close, breathing the same air.

“This I swear, Blaine Anderson-” Sebastian breathed. “You are my forever.”

And that was the truth; the vow alone bound him to Blaine more than any marriage ritual the humans practiced ever could.

Blaine pulled away a few inches, his hazel eyes searching. For a moment Sebastian wondered if he had misspoken. Even after two years of working alongside his comrade, Quinn, as the assistant to the saar ambassador, he was still learning the art of diplomacy, of tact.

It wasn’t like dragons to censor themselves or to ponder twice before speaking- simply because dragons wasted none of their precious time on trivial things such as being offended. But after being part of the Ardmargar’s envoy, he had learned. And for Blaine, he had continued learning.

Sebastian opened his mouth to speak- but the words died on his tongue as the brightest of smiles broke upon Blaine’s handsome face.

“Forever?” breathed the prince.


Instantly, Blaine closed the little space that was separating them and pressed their chest flush together. He leaned to rest his forehead on Sebastian’s once more, that bright smile never once waning from his lips.

“You are my forever, too, Sebastian.”

And then Blaine kissed him- hard and deep and soft all at once- and it left no room for doubt of their love for each other.

There was no doubt- even without marriage- this was forever.