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Lavender Skies

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Lavender Skies

Chapter 1: Runaway

Having grown up in Konoha made the gray haired male wonder if this is truly the life Kami wished for him. What he had grown up is in a home comprised of pain and sorrow that has brought him up to only adhere to perfection. There couldn't be any fault or he would be severely reprimanded by words and action. It's not a pleasant upbringing he's experienced. At the age he's currently which is nineteen he hoped to leave here forever. Having been fed up with how he's been treated he wanted to just run away from it all. Knowing of a traveling freak show he hoped to join it. What he has had to hide due to his parents finding it disgusting is that he has dark tendencies. This meant he craves blood and when he doesn't have it there's an intense burning sensation throughout his throat. What he's had to do is find ways to satiate his thirst. It meant going out when everyone else had fallen asleep. So far he's been able to manage it without being caught. Yet, when he did they had tossed him out with his belongings packed in a bag that sat beside him on the porch. Looking down, he sighed. Readjusting his glasses he thought perhaps now he could search for the traveling band of misfits. That seemed to be a viable option. From what he recalled is that they would be stationed nearby for a while putting on performances and seeking out fresh new talent to add to their family.

With a new sense of determination Kabuto stood up after slinging his bag over one shoulder before leaving where he had been born and raised. Leaving the Leaf he ventured out to where the tents are set out. Gazing around he eventually found the one where he thought the ringmaster would be found. Knocking on the entry flap of the tent he waited patiently before being given permission to pass through. When he did there's a black haired naga sitting comfortably on his coils with a glass of whisky in hand with a stack of papers situated on his desk not too far from where he sits.

"Hmmm? Well, well, you're new," purred the ringmaster, settling his amber gaze on him. "You wish to join, right? I can tell by your eyes alone, my dear. You're one of us after all. Come sit and tell me about yourself."

Obliging, Kabuto went to sit on the unoccupied chair across from him. Accepting the glass that he filled with the murky liquid he hoped that this would go well. From what he can discern is that the ringmaster didn't seem frightening or intimidating. No, he gave off this aura that he's an authoritative force here as if he's the leader. Noticing that he wears black robes while his scales are mixtures of ruby and onyx he has no legs like he does. Instead of those he has a serpentine tail. Flicking out his forked tongue, Orochimaru tapped it against his own glass thoughtfully. Sparing another glance at his unexpected companion he looked him up and down appreciatively. Perhaps he may have found exactly what he's been searching for.

"Uh, well, I'm Kabuto Yakusho," introduced the gray haired leech. "I was turned when I was fairly young. So, I haven't had an easy journey with learning the ways of being a vampire. I hoped to join here after finally being kicked out."

"Of where?" Questioned Orochimaru, obviously intrigued by what he's hearing.

"My parents," stated Kabuto, looking down.

"I see," mused the older male, extending a hand to him. "I can assure you no harm will come to you if you accept being a part of the family here. We protect those who are our own. You most certainly fall into that category."

"R-Really?" Stammered out Kabuto in surprise, eyeing the offered hand for a moment before accepting it to shake.

A few jolts of electricity flowed through their hands when their fingers touched. It's not something either expected. While Kabuto felt confused meant that Orochimaru felt even more certain he's made the right decision. Taking another sip of his glass he then retracted his hand from him. It would be interesting to see what Kabuto can contribute here.

"What are your talents?" Inquired the serpentine male curiously, wanting to know more about this immortal.

"Hmm, I can heal most wounds and be a surgeon," listed off Kabuto a few to him. "I know how to use spiders. I actually have one as a pet. They assist me along with being a part of a performance."

"Interesting," murmured Orochimaru, liking what he's hearing and seeing. "You can call me either Master or by my name of Orochimaru. Depends on what you prefer."

"Right," nodded Kabuto, hoping he would be able to do well here.

"it's growing near dawn. You should go rest. One of the others or so here is like you. They should have a spare coffin for you to use. We'll meet again when you wake at sunset."


Stretching, a raven haired male opened his onyx flecked ruby eyes to see someone else here. Frowning, he then recalled Orochimaru wanting to give this new addition one of the spare coffins to use. Pointing Kabuto to the right coffin and ensuring he's ok is when Sasuke then departs from there. Being of the Uchiha race means that he can be allowed in the sun, but only for a few hours. Too long and then he'll start to burn up. Dressed in a pair of ripped black jeans and a red tee he walked out of the quarters where their coffins are kept in a place where sunlight can't reach them. Putting on a pair of shades he went outside of the tent after a short flight of stairs. Darting outside he had someone he needed to see. Recently they had acquired a few merfolk. One of them had caught his attention. Finding her wouldn't be too difficult unless she had exited the tents for the local tavern. Frowning, he eventually did encounter the rosette haired mermaid.

Humming softly to herself, she had been organizing things within her private lab within her quarters. Only the vampire's chambers are kept in a difficult to see and reach area. The rest are easy to find without too much difficulty. Entering the room after knocking to alert her of his presence he hoped that he's not interrupting her. The two had encountered each other before a while back when she had seen him on the shore fishing for food to bring back to restock on things. Standing in the doorway, he leaned against the doorjamb with a raised brow.

Sakura is slightly shorter than him, but she has a lot of brawn on her. Most people know that she is more than capable of fighting back and fending for herself. With her long locks that reach down to the middle of her back pulled into a loose ponytail her bangs frame her face nicely. Jade eyes are alight with an unyielding passion. This along with her strength is what attracts him towards her along with her blood as if it calls to him. Noticing she's dressed in a coral colored top and a wrap that covers her mid to where a normal person's knees would be. Below her waist is a dark red colored tail tipped with similar colored scales. Noticing that she has someone waiting to be given her attention to she glances over at the door. Blushing, she had no idea that Sasuke would come see her.

"Um, how long have you been standing there?" Asked the mermaid with heat rushing to her cheeks.

"Long enough," Sasuke's lips twitch ever so slightly.

"I didn't expect you," admitted Sakura, having a definite crush on him although she thought that he's out of her league.

"Oh," nodded the raven haired male, wondering if this isn't the best time for her to have company. "Is this a wrong time?"

"No, not at all," she reassured softly, slithering over to stand in front of him, noticing when she does this that she's carefully balancing herself on her coils.

"Good," his face shone with relief upon hearing this, reaching to cup one of her cheeks within his skeletal hand. "I wanted to tell you something."

"Huh? What would that be?" Asked Sakura, blinking in shock of the contact, sending those all too familiar tingles down her spine.

"Will you go out on a date with me?" Offered the Uchiha, eliciting a gasp from her while leaning into his touch as her cheeks are definitely flushed.

"Y-Yes, I would like that," replied Sakura, receiving a small smile from him.

"Tomorrow night at seven then? We don't have another performance until the evening and it's only Tuesday," questioned Sasuke, pleased beyond measure that he received such a positive response from her.

"Yes, that sounds perfect," blushed Sakura, hoping that she isn't being too open about her emotions or anything.

"Good, see you then, seafoam."

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