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That's Stark's Boy

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“Kicked out of school, that’s just great.” Your mother yelled across from you, running a hand through her hair as she sighed. “I don’t understand this sudden act of rebellion from you. First, you skip classes, then you don’t show up and getting into fights? What’s going on Y/N?” Her voice was soft, yet demanding.

You sat silently as you had been since leaving the principal’s office, arms crossed as you sat at the kitchen table. Refusing to meet her eyes, biting your bottom lip nervously just wanting this conversation to be over with. You had no explanation for her, well, you did but you just didn’t want to tell her or anyone. You glanced up, eyes following your mothers figure as she paces back and forth in front of you.

The front door opens to the small apartment and closes, heavy boots being kicked off in the entrance hall. Your eyes lock with your mothers, you silently shake your head but she sighs gently- pityingly. You can smell him before he even walks into the kitchen; alcohol and cigarettes, honestly, he wears it as a cologne at this point. Your mother’s boyfriend, Oliver, hates you. You’re unsure if the hatred slowly blossomed or if he had always hated you, but he really hates you. He eyes you for a split second before greeting your mother with a sloppy kiss, already talking about the day he’s had at “finding jobs”, you almost chuckled at the lie but thought better of it.

“Y/N got kicked out of school today,” Your mother informs him, his eyes snap to her and then to you. She shoots you a glare back, betrayal is all you feel. “Got into another fight, only this time the other boy is in the hospital.” You huffed, looking down to the floor, already knowing you’re going to get yelled at by him too.

Oliver sighs loudly, eyeing you up. “What is it with you and giving your mother a hard time? Don’t you think she has enough stress, what with your younger brothers -”

“And you go out drinking every day and coming back lying about it? Yeah, I think she’s under a lot of stress. Also, they are half-brothers, if I’m correct no child here has the same dad.” You talk before you even know you’re talking, already regretting it because the glares you receive from both of them.

“That’s the last straw, you’ve given me no choice.” You rolled your eyes, raising an eyebrow in question to her. “I’m sending you to live with your father, he’s already agreed and a car is picking you up tomorrow.” Tears welling in her eyes, your own widen and you see Oliver smirk out of the corner of your eye. “No school in this area will have you, they know of your reputation, Y/N Stark, he’s bad news.”

You open and close your mouth, heart thumping loudly in your chest as you look at her. The gut-wrenching feeling is in the pit of your stomach, you can hardly breathe. “No, ma’ I swear, I’ll… be better, don’t send me to live with him, he’s worse than Oliver.” That was a stretch but, at least, you knew Oliver. You haven’t spoken to your dad in over five years, on purposefully.

“You gave me no choice, I can’t keep up with you and Anthony agreed straight away to take you off of my hands. You’ll be better off with him away from… whatever all this is,” she gestures around you. “The people you hang around with aren’t your friends, they’re bad influences and if sending you away is what it takes then I’m doing it.” You slumped back against the chair, all thought and speech having left you.

Out of all the punishments to get this is the worst one, having to leave and live with your biological dad, especially now with his life how it is… it was going to be the worst.


“Hey, Happy, long time.” You called walking out of the apartment complex for the last time and smiling at the man you hadn’t seen since you were a kid. You used to spend summers with Tony, admittedly he wasn’t around much during them but it was cool when you were five. He opened the door for you, “Still driving Tony around, huh?”

Happy rolled his eyes as you got in. “Still got that stupid skateboard. I’m actually Asset Management now, a big step up from just driving your dad around.” He tells you as he gets into the driver’s seat, driving towards your new home- for however long Tony would allow, heck maybe he’ll give up on you like everyone else has. “So, getting into fights? Remember the moves I used to show you in the boxing ring during the summer?” Happy looked at you in the rearview mirror.

“I do.” You chuckled, “Who woulda thought they’d come in handy?” You mused, smiling brightly out of the car window. You had missed certain things when ignoring Tony, like the people he had around him that looked out for you when he was working.

It’s silent for a long few minutes. “He has missed you, you know?” You don’t look at Happy as you nod once, an indication that you know and heard him, but you weren’t in the mood for talking about that just yet. 


You opened the car door before Happy could, earning a slight glare from the adult as you grinned happily. Placing the skateboard down you skate down the path, frowning at the moving truck outside where you’ll be living. It was an odd building, upstate New York and slightly hidden but noticeable if you’re intentionally looking for it.

“What’s this place? And what’s the truck?” You yell to Happy, who is pulling out the few bags of stuff you’ve brought along with you, he slams the boot closed and struggles. “Do thy need a hand?” You skate over to Happy, he grunts and slams a bag into your hand as you chuckle lightly, skating beside him.

Happy entered a code into the wall on the side of a door, “This is the new Avengers base, Tony wanted you here because he’s going to be spending a lot of time around here, plus one of the safest places in the entire world.”

You nod slowly. “Yeah, a giant building that houses the elitist team of superheroes in the world, that are constantly targeted by the government and villains… super safe.”

“No skateboarding in the base.” Happy ignore your sarcasm as he yells at you; trying to keep up as you speed off to explore. “That truck also has all your stuff in it,” you skid to a halt and look back at Happy who is smugly smiling. “Figured you wouldn’t have a lot, so we had to get a few things to make up a room for you.”

You sighed slightly, it was too much, as always. All you needed was a room with a bed, away from people; your own space that’s all.

“Hey, none of that. Just wanted you to feel welcome, everyone rooms are personalised to them.”

You give Happy a blank look. “Oh yeah? How is my room personalised when you guys don’t even know me anymore,” it was a low blow, even for you but you had said it. He doesn’t seem to outwardly react to what you said but you still feel bad, instead choosing to pick up your skateboard and nod for him to show you around.

Before you and Happy can even start voices are heard behind you, one of them you know well. You look over your shoulder to see your father walking down the hallway, heavily invested in the conversation. Dark navy suit with glasses covering his eyes, a phone in one hand and waving it about when he uses his hands to emphasise a part of the conversation. He hasn’t changed all that much, appearance wise at least. The person next to him appears to be someone your age, a boy. Brown hair and eyes, a little shorter than you - since you are taller than your dad now, that thought made you smirk.- He looked innocent enough, couldn’t be an Avenger around here.

“There’s my boy,” Tony states when he finally notices you. “Got here earlier than I expected.” He glances at the watch on his wrist, before stopping a few feet in front of you, smiling as you shrug silently. “Y/N, we have a lot to discuss and I know your mother would want me to give you some moral speech but… clean slate here, start fresh. I won’t lecture you on your past because this is a new beginning, deal?” He extends a hand to you, you quirk an eyebrow but take it, a chance to miss a lecture from Tony Stark? Anyone would take it.

You glance at the boy beside Tony, quirking an eyebrow on how he refused to meet your eyes and shifted awkwardly. “Didn’t peg you for working, let alone, living with a group of people. What gives?” Tony rolls his eyes.

“You need a haircut.” Tony quips, eyeing the slightly shaggy hair.

“And you need to shave that, still… what’s new?” You snap back, causing the boy beside Tony to widen his eyes at your sassy remark. Tony just chuckled and shakes his head, only a Stark can out-sass a Stark, and you’re a Stark. “I can’t stand here and pretend that guy ain’t there, it’s weird.” You suddenly say, looking from Tony to the boy.

You watch as he stands up straight, wiping his hands on his jeans before extending a hand to you like Tony had done… only he doesn’t speak. “Uhh- a name would be good too if you want?” You smile slightly, you felt slightly bad for him, he was clearly nervous- for whatever reason.

“Parker, Peter. It’s Peter Parker,” he stumbles and chuckles at himself. You raise your eyebrows to your dad who is sighing regretfully at Peter. “I’m an intern and-”

“Intern? Why do you need an intern? Dumbest thing I’ve heard all week,” you snicker and Tony sighs. “Not to be rude, but why am I meeting an intern?” You smile apologetically to Peter who shrugs, placing his hands inside his jeans pockets, you only just notice the science pun t-shirt he is wearing; what a dork, is all you can think.

Tony smirks. “Peter is going to the school you’re attending now, thought it’d be a good start that you know someone, plus Peter will keep me updated on you, essentially.” You groan loudly, shaking your head at Tony. “Peter is great, you two will get along just fine. You’ll ride to school together, it’ll be great, trust me.” Instead of arguing, you bite your lip and force a smile, nodding in agreement. Tony smiles, clapping his hands before asking Happy to follow him to make sure all the arrangements for your room has been met.

Once Tony is out of sight, your smile drops and you look at Peter who smiles hopefully at you. Honestly, you didn’t want some forced friendship between you and your father’s intern, you didn’t want anything to do with your dad in the first place. You already have friends, great ones and you didn’t need any here because you weren’t going to end up staying here.

“In school, we don’t know another, got it? Don’t even look in my direction, Parker. I don’t need Tony’s minion being all buddy with me.” Peter’s eyes went from hopeful and optimistic to confused, and concerned. “Got it?” You ask again, stepping forward, glaring at Peter who nods once. “Good, nice meeting you, by the way.” You say truthfully before walking away and leaving behind a very confused, slightly hurt Peter Parker.