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No one can know how we met

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Tyler was used to the hate. To the comments. To everything. They would call him names. But it was okay. He could deal with that as long as he had his friend, his only friend, Jenna. She was beautiful in every way. Jenna Black had a big heart. She was loving and full of joy. She was Tylers silver lining. Both shared the passion for writing. They would write poems and little stories and sometimes just nonesense. Tyler loved her. Not just like friends love each other. He truly loved her. But he couldn't tell her. He was afraid that things would change. That he would lose the only one who gave him hope and purpose. Sure, he had his family but no one seemed to understand him and they weren't interested in understanding him. Of course they loved him, but they never listened to what Tyler said. When they asked him how school has been and he answered with ''awful'' they didn't reply just because they were too busy with doing things in the house. Or when he got home with swollen eyes because he cried they either didn't see it or ignored it. Tyler was pretty sure they ignored it. But he was okay with that too. He still had Jenna. And she understood.

Tyler entered the hallway of the school and just a minute later he was slammed into the lockers by one of the classmates. It was a particular group who bullied him always. It was a group of boys who were all older then him. He was one of the youngest in his class. ''Here is our little slut!'' one boy hissed as he was grabbed at the collar of his maroon coloured sweater. Tyler shut his eyes and tried to ignore the words but he couldn't. ''Where's your friend, Tyler? Is Jenna even your friend? Or does she just feel sorry for you and that's why she hangs out with you?'' The other boys around him laughed. Tyler slowly opened his eyes. Everyone in the hallway ignored them. No one cared enough to tell the boys to stop and Tyler felt lost. He was looking for Jenna but he couldn't find her. ''Tyler, listen...I didn't have anyone to fuck for a week now and I will just tell you now : I will fuck your little ass so hard that you won't be able to walk in the next days!'' . Tyler froze. He didn't believe him. He told himself that they would never do that. Nevertheless his eyes were watering now and he was in panic. The boy again slammed his head against the hard metal of the lockers and pushed him to the floor. ''See you, little whore!'' ''Fuck off!'' he heard a voice say. It was Jenna. Tyler quickly stood up. ''Thank you'' he wispered. ''Well, no problem, Tyler. I am so tired of this. They should be suspended from school. But you don't want anyone to know what's happening. I don't understand that...''. Actually Tyler tried to tell someone. He told some teachers and the student council what was going on but everyone just said that the only way to defeat them was to show them he didn't care. They didn't show interest in how Tyler was doing. Weren't asking if he was doing better. They just didn't want to put up with another case of bullying. Now he just tries to do what they suggested but every day it gets worse and worse. And even though he has Jenna, it's not like the words and actions wouldn't hurt his feelings. Wouldn't make him feel ashamed and worthless. Tyler just shrugged his shoulders whereupon Jenna said '' Doesn't matter now. You know what? This evening you can come to me and we will write a little bit.'' ''Sounds great!'' Tyler answered and smiled at her. Tyler and Jenna were sitting in Jennas room. Both cross-legged. Jenna read her poem to Tyler who was falling in love with her more and more the longer he listened and watched her reading. Her lips, the way she read it, so passionate, her mind, so beautiful. ''And how do you like it?'' asked Jenna as she finished reading. ''I love you''. Tyler accidently spoke out what he felt. He looked at her with dreamy eyes. First, when Jenna let out a surprised ''What did you say?'' Tyler noticed what he just had said. ''Tyler, what did you just say?'' her voice was more serious now. '' I- I mean... '' Why did I say this? Why did I ruin this? Why Why Why? Tylers heart was racing. He was worried. Worried that she didn't love him. That she didn't want to be friends with him anymore. Worried that he would lose Jenna. ''I-I just...'' Tyler played with the sleeves of his sweater. ''Tyler, did you just say you love me?'' Jenna also sounded worried. This was not a good sign, Tyler thought. Anyways he answered with a soft '' yes... I did''. Jenna closed her eyes. ''Tyler, I am sorry, but... I do not feel the same way for you...''. Tyler could feel his heart break into million pieces. He also closed his eyes and swallowed. His chest hurt and it felt like tears were about to fall down his cheeks but he tried to hold it on. With a shaky voice he said ''It's okay. I-it was stupid.I think-I think I should just go now...''. Jenna didn't open her eyes and just nod. Tyler took his notebook and ran down the stairs. Why am I so stupid? Why?And why did you actually think she would love you? As he left her house tears rolled down his cheek. It was already dark and the streets were empty. Tyler was in front of a dead-end road when a hand grabbed his arm and pushed him onto the road. 

''No way. This little piece of shit just showed up! Right time, right place! No one will notice anything!''. Tyler turned around to see the group of boys. Fear. That is all he felt now. All the feelings from the minute before were gone. One boy kneeled down to him. The rest was standing around him so that he had no chance to leave. ''So like I told you before, I need a hole to fuck!'' ''Then fuck your friends!'' Tyler answered quickly and he should have known that this was stupid because he was slapped hard across his face. Tyler tried to stand up but the boys dragged him down. Again and again until Tyler was tired of fighting them. They kicked him to the ground with their feet. Suddenly his arms were pinned above his head. The boy who kneeled down to him crawled over him now. ''No, please don't! I - I will do anything but don't-'' Another slap across his face. His eyes were watering again. ''Try to beg but this will happen right here, right now'' said the boy smirking while undoing first his pants and then Tylers. ''NO!NO! Please! Ple-'' Suddenly there was a hand over his mouth and only muffled screams of Tyler could be heard. When the boy pushed his lenght inside Tyler he fully began to cry. The tears ran down his cheeks and he screamed out of pain. He could feel blood running down his thighs and hands grabbing his waist forcefully. Tyler couldn't believe that this was really happening. He didn't want to believe it. After this he had to deal with the memories for the rest of his life. A feeling of shame and disgust which he can't just wash off. The boy pounded so hard into Tyler that he almost felt dizzy. He wanted to throw up. Tyler heard the boy grunt and say his name while he got faster. ''Can you twist him, I want to use his mouth'' Tyler heard a boy saying. He desperately tried to shake his head but the boy lifted Tylers thigh and turned him around while still being inside of him. He was lying on his stomach now. His hands were tied togehter on his back. One boy forced him onto his knees and thrusted his lenght into Tylers mouth without any warning. He gagged and choked and tried to gasp for breath but they wouldn't stop. Tyler felt so much pain. Not just physically but also mentally. He felt so used and broken. Now you're really just a worthless little slut! these hands on your skin, all these hands, all these hands. The boy grabbed his hair and thrusted deeper into his mouth until he came. His come landed in Tylers throat and he was forced to swallow everything. When he finally let Tyler breahte again, Tyler started to cough and heave.He was still crying and now that his mouth was free he screamed again but his voice was broken. He fell forward onto his cheek and felt the boy behind him still thrusting inside him. Tyler thought that they would never stop but suddenly he heard a voice out of the distance. A voice of another boy. ''STOP THAT!''