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The captain's wife.

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The last 3 years had gone slow and sad for Shaw.

After the great battle against the Samaritan from which almost everyone had come out alive and when the fight was over, the pain of what she had lost became bigger and every time Shaw felt the machine use the voice of Root she felt as if a thousand blades pierced her stomach and heart.

She decided to leave the team machine and get away from everyone and everything.

This led her to a life of hardship and began to drink until the alcohol had become her only friend and refuge ...

On one of his desperate evenings as she tried to return home, met Giordan, an army sergeant who had brought her home and subsequently became her friend and persuaded her to join the army and leave that life.Then they got married.


Giordan was a handsome, tall, muscular boy who had big green eyes and was a good boy.

From the beginning he understood that Sameen's heart was closed as well as her soul but he accepted it with love and took care of her by treating her like a child, making her feel safe even if she knew that love would never have been reciprocated.


What Sameen felt for him was gratitude, perhaps affection, but not love.


Shaw had loved only once in her life and that love brought her inside himself.

Keeping the only thing that remained of the hacker, her black leather jacket that sometimes seemed to still have smell of Root.


Often the man saw her crying absorbed in her thoughts. He never asked her what tormented her.

Or she could hear her moaning in her sleep, prey to nightmares and fears.


Of course Shaw was an excellent soldier and always ready to do her duty.
So much so as to be the favorite of her superior Captain Joey Durban that she had known in the past and did not know that he was working for the machine now. Joey was also a good friend of Giordan .
He was married to a very beautiful and elegant woman but no one had never seen until one day Joey did not call Shaw in his office.

-Sergent Shaw, I need a favor from you-

he told her, sitting behind the desk in front of the woman who kept standing at attention.

-Sameen relax I'm not sending you to war. Sit down .-


She smiled at the man and sat down in the chair near the desk.

-I married a wonderful woman, very sweet and with a noble heart but here in Los Angeles she does not know anyone and I would like to ask her if she could keep her company, maybe you two could become friends.-

Joey explained to her that the gesture of annoyance on the part of the woman who turned her eyes to the ceiling and then looked at her superior and answered him in a cold tone.

-Signor with the respect, do I look like a suitable person to be someone's friend? -


The man sighed and looked down.


-I only ask you for the first period until she get used to the new city. -

Insisted the man who seemed very worried about his wife.


- I'm sorry, sir, but.....-

Shaw stared at him for a moment then went to get up and out but the man's voice stopped her.


-Please sergeant. My Samantha has had difficult times and a strong depression from which she can not heal.

I know that you , Sergeant Shaw are a smart woman and knows what it means to fight in life not only in the army.

I am convinced that you would be a good company for my wife. -

He told her with tears in his eyes, his love for his wife was so great that he did not care if the sergeant saw him cry.

When heard that name uttered Sameen's blood froze in hers veins and hers legs became weak .


"Is all right Shaw ?" Joey asked alarmed.


She shook her head.


"I ask you if i can go."
She answered with a trembling voice.


She did not think it possible that just hearing that name again would give her the creeps.

Root's face bulged back into her mind.


Why that damn woman had to have the same name ??


What fault did he or his wife have?


It was a coincidence, a damned coincidence.

-Good sir, I will be honored to meet yours wife and get her a little company but do not ask me to be her friend because I do not get attached to anyone.


Concluded before leaving the door and get away as much as possible to vent her pain in the gym against the punching bag once again.