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"Us? There was never any 'us.'"

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Toudou pushes his long hair out of his face, securing it place with one of his many headbands. Hair flopping on his face is sensory hell, and he doesn’t want experience that when he is trying to practise. But as he prepares to walk out of the locker room, his cell phone rings.

He checks the caller ID (Maki-chan) and frowns, answering the call. “Hello? Maki-chan?”

Makishima doesn’t normally call him – it’s the other way around – so what is going on?

“Toudou, I need to talk to you,” Makishima says, their voice deadly serious.

“O-Okay. What’s up?”

“It’s quite simple, really. I’ve found someone else. Someone better than you.”

Toudou’s eyes widen and he lets out a gasp. He’s not the best at understanding vague speech… but does Makishima mean what he thinks they mean?


“And stop calling me that,” they say. “It’s pathetic. I’ve found someone else, so stop calling all the time, you stalker.”

“I… I’m not a stalker. I’m… I’m your boyfriend,” Toudou says. He reaches into his pocket and grabs his Tangle, frantically manipulating the stim toy around his fingers. “Maki… Makishima, what’s going on?”

“Take a hint, you retard,” Makishima says, and the slur makes him want to throw up. There are tears in his eyes. “I’m breaking up with you.”

“But… what about us?” he whispers.

Makishima laughs. "Us? There was never any 'us.' You’re pathetic. Goodbye, Toudou. Get out of my life.”

And Makishima hangs up.

Tears leak down his face as Toudou slumps to the floor, gripping his head with trembling fingers. Makishima dumped him. He loves them so much…


Someone is shaking his shoulder.

“Hey, Toudou, wake the fuck up!”


His eyes snap open, and Toudou finds himself sat on a couch in the club room. Wait… was that all just a nightmare?

Manami sits beside him, a hand on his shoulder, whilst the rest of the team crowd around him. Everyone looks either concerned or confused, and Toudou can’t seem to catch his breath.

“What just happened?” he asks, starting to bounce his leg up and down.

“You were asleep,” Fukutomi says. “But you looked distressed so Manami decided to wake you up.”

“Were you having a nightmare, senpai?” Manami asks.

Toudou adjusts his headband, and nods. “Y-Yeah.”

And as he thinks about the nightmare, something occurs to him. It’s irrational, but he needs to phone Maki-chan, just to confirm that it really was just a bad dream.

“Maki-chan!” he shouts before he realises he just said it, reaching for his cell phone. “I need to call Maki-chan.”

But the other members of the club simply look at each other and nod, knowing just how frequently he phones Makishima. But this time is different.

As he wishes everyone would stop staring at him, he dials Makishima’s number and holds his phone to his ear. Thankfully, Makishima answers.

“Maki-chan!” he says.

Makishima sighs. “Hello, Toudou.”

“We’re still dating, right?”

“Uh… yes,” they say, and he blushes.

“Sorry, I was just… double checking.” A grin spreading across his face, Toudou adds, “Love you, Maki-chan.”

Makishima hesitates for a long while, but eventually mumbles, “Love you too.”

And just before Makishima hangs up, he can hear the first years all teasing Maki-chan about what they just said.

He’s so glad it was just a dream. He loves Maki-chan so much.