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Closer: Edited Version

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Tom grabbed her face, pushing her against the wall and shoved his lips on hers roughly, holding her in place. He pulled away and studied her eyes.
"Fuck you," she said and he smiled.
"Alright." he replied and grabbed her by the waist, throwing her on the bed. She screamed and he was on top of her before she could move. He pressed his lips against hers again, shoving his tongue into her mouth. He felt her legs wrap around his waist and pulled him into her body, he smiled. He knew she wanted it and knew she liked it rough. She pushed his lips off of hers, holding on to his beard and he winced in pain. Opening his eyes, he saw her smile of pleasure at his pain and before he knew it, she had him flipped on his back. She tore her shirt off, throwing it aside and leaned down, holding his face in her hand.
"I said fuck you. Not fuck me," she said and bit on his lip, he felt his cock harden beneath her. She pulled back with a devious smile on her face and her fingers inched his shirt up his chest, her fingertips caressing his skin the entire way. She leaned down and let her lips trail over his skin as well. He groaned, closing his eyes and dug his fingers into her hair, tugging at it. She sat up, unbuttoning her her jeans and stood, pulling them off. She then unbuttoned his jeans, unzipping them and yanked them off, leaving him in his boxer briefs.
"Fuck woman," he grunted and she smiled, slapping his thighs. He yelped, jumping but she shoved him back down, crawling on top. She pushed his shirt upwards, yanking it off him and he struggled to be fast enough for her, she threw it aside with everything else. She ran her fingers over his tattoos and he inspected hers.
"You wanna do this?" she asked and he looked to her face.
"I do." he replied and she smiled, kissing him.
"Good." she said and scooted down to his crotch, pulling his boxer briefs down. He moaned loudly as her mouth found his cock and she sucked furiously, massaging his balls surprisingly gently. He tried tugging her head off of him, he wanted to fuck her but she was too fucking good. He felt his skin prickling at the sound of her moans, the need in her voice for his cock and before he knew, he came in her mouth. His held tilted back, his hand held steadfast to her hair and his thighs cramped at how tight his muscles spasmed. She sat back up, wiping the cum from her lips and he groaned at the sight. "Don't forget you have to be at the set by 9," she said and jumped off him, pulling her clothes back on one by one. He watched her in disbelief and partly because he couldn't speak. She pulled her flats and winked at him. "You have no excuse for being late, you're going to sleep like a baby," she said and opened the hotel door, slamming it on her way out. His head fell back in the bed and he held it with his hand. She drove him insane and he tried his hardest to stay away from her but that fucking mouth, it always got him in trouble.