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“Life and Death, both dancing their polarising nature away, both cherishing their unbeknownst love.”


Life and Death, both praised and loathed by the rest of the Deities, danced the most delicate melody on that mesmerising night. Twirling around, silk robes flew gracefully along with the soft breeze. Small smiles and shy eyes, the couple chose to grasp the innocence of the agape, leaning for sweet nuzzles instead of passionate kisses. Life, being as pure and graceful as ever, blissfully leaned on Death’s alluring embrace.

With white, long, silky hair; slim, strong, pale body; bewitching, determined blue eyes; and an ironically cheeky attitude, which was how the Life God enjoyed being described and portrayed like. On the other hand, the Death God got his enormous pride on the way everyone now feared him: long, dishevelled black hair; tall, fierce, muscular body; handsome features with bright, other-worldly green eyes; and the traces of a kind, energetic personality left around.

Both Gods contrasted themselves beautifully. In fact, their mere relationship could be described in two words that made it justice: polarising and ironically. The former for their personalities both enchanted and drove away Gods and humans alike, the latter because such a callous personality did not belong to someone portraying life, and neither did a lively behaviour to a Deathly being.

“My beloved,” the tallest of the two cooed, “my dearest Nylzairvta.”

Nylzairvta, whose blue eyes were currently closed, simply chose to ignore his lover. Instead, he relinquished on their embrace. Nylzairvta decided to adore, worship, to feel their peaceful dance up until his bones. It was going to be the last time they saw each other for a long time, so he decided to cherish their last moments.

“Nylzairvta,” the black-haired God repeated his name, savouring every syllable venomously. “Are you not as depressed as I am? This is our last encounter.”

“I, indeed, feel quite blue,” Nylzairvta confessed, cheek pressed on his lover’s broad chest, “however, Kaathedarr, I certainly am sure we will meet again. This is no more than a temporary defeat, that is.”

Even though the delicate melody was playing in their minds, even though the moonlight barely allowed unclouded vision, even though they were beyond tired after their last struggle; never minding those adverse factors, they still chose to meet one last time, as lovers.

“How would my dearest describe our encounter?”

“How would you describe it, instead?”

Their stares met, the ocean met the forest. Ever so adoringly, they held eye contact until both opened their mouths to answer the question long left behind.



Kaathedarr let out a loud laugh and Nylzairvta rolled his eyes. Kaathedarr held the Life God even tighter, nuzzling the latter’s white hair, the scent reminding him of sandalwood, warmth and home.

“You are standing hallway through your demise, and you still got the nerve to laugh?”

“Indeed,” Kaathedarr smiled, “I prefer surrendering proud and merry rather than bawling my eyes out, do not you think?”

“The art of defeat is an eccentric one,” Nylzairvta replied, humming a soft song, “while some choose honour over their own life, settling on vanishing themselves on the astringent beauty of suicide, you fancy fun over honour by relishing your lover and your glorious moments before fading away.”

“You have just described my beliefs beautifully,” the Death God sighed, “Although you admitted it was a defeat before, I daresay you do not think of it like that.”

“Why, yes, you are right,” Nylzairvta lifted an arm from its place on Kaathedarr’s neck, resting it on the latter’s cheek. “I’ve seen my siblings and dearest Father cease from existence, yet you are still here with me, whither I go. I may not meet up with my Family in the afterlife, but I can certainly say that we are bound to do so.

“As Deities, Fate brought us together as lovers, rather than enemies. Whether Fate likes it or not, she will never tear us apart. I know I will look out for you in the afterlife, I know you will search everywhere for me once this is over.”

The Life God finished, opting for closing his eyes again. He did not wait for Kaathedarr’s answer, nor minded as long as no one disturbed their small, delicate moment together.

Silence felt more effective than words. While Kaathedarr rocked them back and forth, Nylzairvta started singing softly in his mother tongue. Together, they waited patiently for their ruin: after countless battles fought side by side, it seemed like it was time for them to rest.

Together, they merrily embraced as they heard the fierce, untamed roars of their enemies. Together, they clung to one another, staring at each other’s eyes with love and devotion as sharp claws tore their souls apart.

Being the last Major Gods standing quite fuelled up their never-ending pride. If only they existed, they would have already laughed with arrogance at everyone’s faces, much to their Godly enemies’ dismay.

 “How will we look like in the afterlife? Will we recognise each other? Or will we even exist in the same timeline?”

“I guarantee you, we have got a lot of time to bother with those thoughts. I would prefer focusing on more important matters, as to where are we.”

“You sound like an old man.”

“I cannot keep up with your snappiness.”


«Even if thousands of kilometres keep us apart, I will not stop following you until our souls are merged into one. »