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Aurelia Tonks and the Philosopher's Stone

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(A/N: Hello! Welcome to the rewrite of Make Them Gold! This is going to be completely different from the original and I'm super excited for that! I hope you are all excited for it as well! Get ready to enjoy the new and improved Make Them Gold! This is still very much a Neville Longbottom love story! Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you enjoy the prologue, please leave a comment letting me know what you thought of it!)

━━ pre-act one november, 27th, 1981

        "YOU'RE SURE ABOUT this, Minister Bagnold?" Andromeda Tonks asks.

        The Minister of Magic, Millicent Bagnold, nods solemnly.

        Andromeda swallows the lump that has been forming in her throat. As horrible as it sounds, the young woman wishes this wasn't true.

        "We are quite sure, Mrs. Tonks. We have run multiple tests on the child and they have all concluded that she is indeed your niece." Minister Bagnold confirms.

        Andromeda inhales sharply and peers down at the agitated and malnourished baby in her arms.

        Sweet Merlin, Andromeda thinks, I have a niece! Bella had a child!

        Still, she couldn't bring herself to believe the news not even after the second confirmation.

        For the first time since being placed in her arms, the baby peers up at her with big, bright blue eyes that are full of tears.

        There is no mistake, those are Bellatrix's eyes.

        "Mama?" The baby asks, her lower lip trembling.

        "No..." Andromeda says softly and the baby begins to wail.

        The young woman tries to soothe the poor thing but nothing seems to work.

        "Mama! Ma!" The baby cries as she tries with all her might to get out of Andromeda's grip.

        The Minister of Magic looks just as agitated as the baby as she pulls out a large envelope from her desk drawer.

        "Mama! Mama!" The baby wails, slamming her tiny hands against Andromeda's arms, "L'me go! L'me go! MAMA! MAMA!"

        Andromeda feels her heart wrench at the sound of her cries.

        However could her sister abandon her own child in favour for You-Know-Who? The question rings in her mind, how could Bellatrix do those horrendous things when she had a child at home waiting for her?

        Andromeda flips the baby around so that she is facing her.

        The baby falls silent as she peers up at Andromeda once again, her anguished expression turns to one of confusion.

        "M — mama?" The baby sniffles.

        "Yes." Andromeda says this time around in hopes it will calm the baby down and it surprisingly does.

        The baby takes deep breaths in between sniffles as she stares up at Andromeda then she grabs on tightly to the woman's jacket.

        She buries her face against Andromeda's chest and sniffles loudly, she is shaking like a leaf.

        Andromeda caresses the baby's curls gently and much to her surprise her once light brown hair turns bright blue.

        The young woman has seen this ability before as her own daughter is capable of changing her hair too. Andromeda is more surprised by the fact that Bellatrix's daughter is a Metamorphmagus.

        Metamorphmagi are rare. As rare as the idea of Bellatrix having a child was to Andromeda a day prior to this.

        Growing up, Bellatrix had been quite motherly. She had given Andromeda and their two younger sisters the love and care their own mother did not provide. It was surprising because Bellatrix had always been a bit violent, never to her family, but still violent nevertheless. Andromeda used to think that Bellatrix would have been a splendid mother but that had all changed when Bellatrix had married Rodolphus Lestrange.

        Mere weeks after marrying him Bellatrix became cold and distant. It wasn't long before any trace of kindness and motherly nature had vanished from her, she became even more violent and she grew to be downright cruel. A piece of Bellatrix had died when she married Rodolphus.

        Any thoughts of Bellatrix being a mother, much less having a healthy relationship with Rodolphus became a foreign concept to Andromeda and when she had been disowned that thought never crossed her mind until now.

        Minister Bagnold hands Andromeda the envelope.

        The young woman takes it though she is confused as to why she has been given one.

        "Are you willing to take the child in?" The Minister asks.

        The question caught Andromeda off guard though she thinks she should have seen it coming the moment she was informed of her niece's existence.

        "I — I — I don't think Bellatrix would want me anywhere near her child." Andromeda stammers, "What of my sister, Naricssa, and her husband, Lucius, are they willing to —"

        "No, mama, no! No Cissy and Lucy, no!" The baby cries, her hold on Andromeda's jacket tightens.

        "On the contrary, Mrs. Tonks, it is you that your sister requested to care for the child. In fact, Mrs. Lestrange is not to fond of the idea of the Malfoys taking her child and Mr. Malfoy has already denied our request." Minister Bagnold Explains, "If you deny custody of her she will be placed in an orphanage."

        Upon hearing the word 'orphanage' Andromeda freezes, she couldn't allow her own flesh and blood to be sent away to live with strangers. But she isn't sure how her husband, Ted Tonks will react to her bringing home a baby without prior discussion.

        "What of my other sister, Carina McKinnon, is she willing to care for the child?" Andromeda questions.

        "It's not a question of if Mrs. McKinnon is willing as she is more than willing. It's the fact she is not capable of pulling off such a feat. We had deemed her unfit to raise her niece and godson. Mrs. McKinnon is nowhere near emotionally stable enough to raise two babies and she does not have a steady income that will provide a happy home for the children." Minister Bagnold replies.

        Andromeda nods as she runs her fingers through her niece's curls earning a soft cooing sound.

        "Mrs. Lestrange is adamant that it is you who care for her daughter. She would not stop ranting and raving until we contacted you." Minister Bagnold says and she sounds annoyed, "She believes that only you can 'provide the protection her Aurelia' needs and though I'm not sure what she means by protection I can say I agree that you will provide the best home for the child.

        Aurelia, Andromeda notes, so that's her name.

        It's an odd name for Bellatrix to pick as it was not the name of a star or a Greek goddess which had always been something her older sister had been interested in. It is pretty though.

        "She has also requested to speak with you before she is sent off to Azkaban. If you agree to speak with her I assure you that you will be safe, there will be a guard inside the room with you and three more just outside the door."

        Andromeda inhales sharply.

        Bellatrix has requested to see her?

        The last they had spoken, Bellatrix had called her a blood-traitor and had told her to go to hell. Which was harsh but not as harsh as what their parents had planned for her. Bellatrix and Narcissa had helped her escape their parents' wrath when they found out she fell in love with a muggleborn and was going to marry him, neither of them supported her but neither of them wanted to see her suffer at the hands of their mother.

        Andromeda wonders if she can face her sister after not only a decade of going without speaking to each other but after Bellatrix's horrendous crimes she had just committed as well.

        There is a moment of silence and Andromeda decides she needs answers.

        "Yes, I will speak with her." Andromeda whispers.

        "Very well," Minister Bagnold nods, "Come with me."

        A DEATH-EATER OF the name, Bellatrix Lestrange, paces the length of the holding cell she is in. She is fearful of what is to come but she does not regret her actions which, quite frankly, scares her. She wishes she regrets her actions as she did not mean to go that far but she can't bring herself too and it's driving her mad.

        They may have been blood-traitors but they were good people, they had a son. That's one of the reasons she wishes she regrets what she had done but she did what she had to do to save her daughter from Barty.

        She tells herself that they would have done the same thing for their child but she knows that's not true, they would have found another way, a better way to save him. Bellatrix didn't do that, she acted before thinking.

        Nevertheless, her daughter is safe.

        She is alive.

        However, Bellatrix will never see her again.

        Bellatrix is being placed in Azkaban where she will spend the rest of her life until she rots away into nothingness. It's what I deserve, she thinks, you all but killed Alice and Frankand oh, Alice... Poor Alice.

        She loved Alice once, it was never meant to be though. Alice is a blood-traitor — well, was — and Bellatrix is a Black. They were both girls and Bellatrix's parents would have killed her if they had ever found out so all Bellatrix could do was watch from afar. Oh, how she had adored Alice and her obsession with bubble gum though they had hardly spoken more than a sentence to each other during their times at Hogwarts.

        Bellatrix had hid her love for Alice, she had hid her attraction to woman. She is good at putting on a mask to hide her true self, doing so meant she would survive. But if there is one thing Bellatrix could not hide, it was her love for her daughter and that got the best of her. It will be her downfall just like Esrom Trelawney told her.

        Bellatrix sighs and turns on her heel.

        By the time she is sent to Azkaban, Aurelia will be in the care of the Tonks — there is no doubt in her mind that Andromeda and her Mudblood husband will raise her — and from there on in Aurelia will be raised as a Tonks. Her daughter will never know of her true parentage.

        Though, it breaks Bellatrix's heart to know that Aurelia will think she's a Tonks, the  woman knows it's what's best for her daughter.

        Bellatrix wishes she was not in this predicament. It had not been her idea to attack the Longbottoms but her husband's. He believes that they know — well, knew — what had happened to their fallen master and he had wanted to 'question' them for this information.

        They didn't know but he kept questioning them. He had tortured them mercilessly and so had Bellatrix but not for the same reasons he did. He had told her if she took part in that he would allow Bellatrix to keep Aurelia and he wouldn't harm her. She believed him so she had agreed.

        The Ministry believes that she tortured the Longbottoms with the same intentions as the others and she will let them believe that. It isn't the case though.

        While at one point she had wholeheartedly believed in the Dark Lord's cause and was just as loyal of a supporter as her husband and Xanthea Rowle that no longer rang true. It all started with the favour the Dark Lord had asked of her which resulted in the birth of her child, luckily she did not have to pull through with the favour since the plan failed. The plan had went too far for her liking and it caused a shift in her loyalty to the Dark Lord.

        When her child, her sweet little moon, had been born she knew that her loyalty no longer lied with the Dark Lord but with the fragile baby she cradled in her arms. Things got even worse when she fell in love with a squib, of all people. But, Bellatrix still managed to play the part of a loyal Death-Eater.

        Then the the Dark Lord had perished at the hands of the Potter boy and Bellatrix was more than willingly to move on. She had been waiting for the right moment to escape with her daughter and the Squib she loved to Northern Canada where she had a safe-house waiting for them. Bellatrix had been so close to being free from her husband and leaving her life as a Death-Eater behind her.

        But, her husband was not so willing to let go of their fallen master and he dragged her in on his plans. He had threatened Aurelia, he knew where she was and Bellatrix had no choice to agree. When she agreed he promised he would let her keep Aurelia and he would no longer make any attempts to harm her daughter.

        Bellatrix didn't want to go as far as Rodolphus had planned and even made an attempt to stop, but he was already one step ahead of her. He brought Aurelia in the room and had Barty hurt her with any means necessary. Bellatrix didn't hesitate to hurt the Longbottoms, and Merlin, did she ever mean the pain she caused them. At that moment — and even now, still — she didn't care how badly she hurt them not when her daughter was being hurt. She'd do anything to protect her daughter, her moon, her Aurelia. She'd even kill her sisters if it meant that Aurelia would be safe and happy.

        Anything for her little girl. Anything at all.

        Her daughter who she will never see again.

        Tears threaten to spill and Bellatrix curses herself.

        She is not one to cry, she hates it as it makes her feel weak.

        Crying is for the weak, Bellatrix thinks, and you are not weak, you are a Black and Blacks are not weak, you

        Bellatrix sobs and falls to her knees.

        She is never going to see Aurelia again.

        Her daughter will never know who she truly is to her.

        Her precious little moon will soon forget her.

        That thought alone is enough to cripple her. Her heart aches and she has not felt this emotionally pained since her mother and father had announced that she was to marry Rodolphus Lestrange.

        You've grown weak, the cold voice of her mother, Druella Black, rings in her head.

        Bellatrix's blood runs cold and she feels her body go numb, her head gets fuzzy.

        You are not weak.

        You are not weak.

        You are not weak.

        The raven-haired witch climbs to her feet and takes a deep breath.

        You are not weak.

        The doorknob on the door of the holding cell turns and Bellatrix immediately collects herself.

        She will not allow Ministry scum to see her being so vulnerable, she wipes the tears from her face and slips into the act of cold indifference.

        It stops turning and there are hushed whispers from behind the door.

        Bellatrix prays it's not that pink woman who oddly looks more like a toad than a human.

        Bellatrix will kill her if it is. She had figured out a way to do so without magic, she would use the chains to strangle the toad-like woman.

        The pink woman, Bellatrix thinks, is called Umbridge, had the audacity to threaten her daughter. That woman should consider herself lucky that she is still alive. If Bellatrix could have, she would've murdered Umbridge on the spot just for calling her daughter a monster.

        Umbridge also had the audacity to suggest the father of her Aurelia is Voldemort. He isn't.

        Bellatrix is crazy, she will admit that, but she isn't crazy enough to have shagged the Dark Lord. She didn't lose every ounce of her sanity and dignity when she had married Rodolphus.

        The door starts to open with a metallic screech.

        Bellatrix narrows her eyes.

        If that Umbridge woman knows what's best for her, Bellatrix thinks, she won't be standing at that door when it opens.

        Bellatrix smirks at the idea of what would happen if it is Umbridge. She'd love to murder her, watch the life leave Umbridge's eyes and just know that she would never be able to hurt her daughter ever.

        The door opens to reveal the Minster of Magic and burly guard.

        "You're back." Bellatrix says cooly, raising an eyebrow.

        "Sadly yes, but not for long." Minister Bagnold counters in an equally icy tone.

        The minister turns her head and looks out into the hallway.

        "Yes, it is safe, you may bring the child in, Mrs. Tonks."

        Bellatrix tries not to show her surprise.

        Her sister had actually agreed to speak with her.

        Andromeda appears in the doorway but Bellatrix's attention to her doesn't last long when she spots the blue-haired baby in her arms.


        She's been healed, Bellatrix notes in relief. Aurelia's face is no longer bruised, swollen, and bloody.

        At least some of the Ministry scum have the decency to care about a child.

        Aurelia spots her too and her big blue eyes go wide, she reaches out for Bellatrix. Bellatrix wants to grab her but she knows that will only get her stunned by the burly guard.

        "Mama! Mama!" Aurelia cries gleefully.

        Her gleefulness soon turns to confusion as she looks back to Andromeda.

        "Mama?" Aurelia questions Andromeda then looks back to Bellatrix, "Mama?"

        Anger floods through Bellatrix's veins though she knows it shouldn't as this is what she wants. Yet, she can't stop the burning feeling of jealousy in the pit of her stomach upon hearing Aurelia call Andromeda 'mama'.

        Bellatrix barely manages to push that feeling aside.

        "My moon." Bellatrix says softly.

        Aurelia's eyes light up because this woman is definitely her mama, she knows it.

        "Mama! Mama! Mama!"

        Andromeda hesitantly enters the holding cell while doing her best to keep a firm grip on the baby in her arms. Aurelia is struggling like hell to get to Bellatrix, reaching out her tiny little arms for the woman. The child may be scrawny but Merlin's beard is she bloody strong, Andromeda is struggling to keep Aurelia in her arms. The last thing she wants to do is drop Bellatrix's daughter right in front of her.

        She takes a seat at the metal table that sits in the centre of the cell and Bellatrix quickly follows suit.

        Bellatrix reaches out for her daughter and Aurelia grabs onto one of her fingers.

        "Mama." Aurelia sniffles.

        "My moon." Bellatrix whispers, smiling softly at her daughter. Her precious moon.

        Andromeda is taken back  by the smile on her sister's face. She can barely recall a time where Bellatrix had looked so happy and peaceful.

        "You have twenty minutes." The Minister announces as she leaves the cell.

        The burly guard shuts the door behind her and proceeds to stand against it. As if Bellatrix could make a break for it in these chains.

        They're all bloody idiots, she thinks, complete and utter idiots.

        "Andromeda" Bellatrix greets coldly.

        "Why me?" Andromeda asks in a steely tone.

        "You can pass yourself off as her mother." Bellatrix answers simply.

        Andromeda narrows her eyes, she doesn't understand what her sister is saying.

        "Take Aurelia in as a Tonks." Bellatrix demands, "Raise her to believe that you and your Mudblood husband are her parents."

        Andromeda clenches her jaw at the derogatory name, it takes everything in her not to hex Bellatrix.

        "You want me and Ted to claim your daughter as our own." Andromeda questions, "Why?"

        "Greyback." Bellatrix whispers.

        "Greyback?" Andromeda echoes, "But, he's fled to America. He was seen in Ohio just the other week. What's he got to do with you and your daughter?"

        Bellatrix ignores that question "You must take her in, you're the only one who can keep her safe."

        "Bellatrix —"

        "I'll give you money. I'll give a key to the Black family vault even one to the Lestrange vault. You can take as much as you need." Bellatrix says quickly, "You must take her in."

        Bellatrix isn't asking.

        Andromeda wants to take Aurelia in, she's already grown attached to the baby. She'd take her in a heartbeat but she can't just do it without consulting Ted first.

        "You don't need to bribe me with money. I would love to take custody of Aurelia but I can't just bring a baby home to my husband and say "Hi, love, this is my sister's daughter! We're keeping her now." it's not fair to him. We have to talk about it first."

        Bellatrix looks close to tears and once again Andromeda is take back because Bellatrix doesn't cry. As far as she can recall she's only seen Bellatrix cry once and that was the night before her wedding.

        "If it happens that I can not take Aurelia in is there any other place for her to go?"

        Bellatrix blinks then looks to her daughter.

        There is one, She thinks.

        "It has to be you two." Bellatrix insists.

        "If we raise her you know we won't teach her what our parents preached to us." Andromeda says.

        "I know." Bellatrix whispers, "That's what I want for her. I want her to grow up happy and not full of hatred. I don't want her growing up to be anything like me."

        Andromeda gasps in surprise.

        "Raise her however you want, just — just raise her with love and kindness."

        Andromeda thinks she's dreaming once again. This is not the sister she remembers.

        "You... You want me to raise your daughter to be a blood-traitor?" Andromeda asks.

        "Yes." Bellatrix nods.

        Andromeda is so bloody confused.

        Bellatrix narrows her eyes "So help me, Andromeda, if you so much as harm a hair on my daughter's head you'll regret it." She hisses.

        Andromeda nods quickly. Though she knows her sister will be in Azkaban for the rest of her life with no possible way of escaping, the threat still sends shivers down her spine.

        "Mama." Aurelia whimpers, letting go of Bellatrix's hand. She is clearly scared by the menacing look on her mother's face.

        Bellatrix's harsh glare softens within seconds as she looks at Aurelia "I'm so sorry my moon, pleas don't be frightened of me." She says softly.

        Andromeda blinks in surprise, she has not seen this side of her sister in decades.

        Bellatrix holds out her hand and after a few moments Aurelia reaches out hesitantly to grab it again.

        "You must take her in as your own, Andromeda. I tried Cissy awhile back but they won't take her in as their own. It would've worked out perfectly, their son is only days younger that my moon and they could've been passed off as twins. They won't take her as her blood isn't pure enough." Bellatrix explains frantically.

        "You mean to say that Rodolphus isn't the father?" Andromeda gasps.

        Bellatrix gives her a dry look "Does she look like him?!" She snaps, rolling her blue eyes.

        Andromeda glances down at Aurelia. Now that her sister mentions it, she notices that the baby shares no resemblance to Rodolphus.


        Andromeda's eyes widen.


        She leans closer to Bellatrix and whispers: "Is her... Is her father You-Know-Who?"

        Bellatrix jumps up from the table letting out an animalistic screech.

        Aurelia lets out a frightened cry, covering her face with her hands.

        "Merlin's beard, Andromeda!" Bellatrix snarls, "Why does everyone think I would shag the Dark-Lord?! No, her father isn't Lord Voldemort!"

        "Who — who's her father th — then?"

        "A filthy half-breed."

        Andromeda is in shock.

        The child in her arms is not a Lestrange, she is not a pureblood. If their parents knew of this then Andromeda and Carina wouldn't be the only disowned children of Druella and Cygnus Black.

        Andromeda recalls her sister mentioning Greyback minutes ago "Is her father Fenrir Greyback? Is that why you're worried about him coming for her?" She queries.

        Bellatrix shakes her head, looking even more angry and disgusted with each passing second.

        "No, Greyback is not her father. He wants her as part of this — this plan and I wouldn't allow that. When the Dark-Lord asked me to shag that half-breed our cousin used to date, I didn't realise it was for Greyback. I would've done anything for the Dark-Lord but then he asked me to hand over my unborn child to Fenrir bloody Greyback. I wouldn't do that. I couldn't do that. I — I know I would disappoint him if I didn't but I couldn't just hand over my child. So I gave anonymous tips to the Ministry of Greyback's whereabouts and he had no choice but to flee elsewhere. He never returned which allowed me to keep her. The Dark-Lord allowed it despite her being a half-blood, he said it was my reward for being so loyal to him."

        The raven-haired witch laughs mirthlessly before continuing her rant.

        "But I stopped caring about him, all I cared about was my daughter. I had a Squib, May-Ella Hopkirk, take care of her when I couldn't." Bellatrix says and she conveniently leaves out the part where she fell in love with the said Squib, "But every moment I could manage I was with my daughter. I didn't care about serving the Dark-Lord anymore. She's all I care about, Andromeda, she's my baby, my only hope. You're the only one who can keep her safe."

        "Why can't her father do that? Surely he would want to protect her?"

        "I highly doubt he'll do that." Bellatrix replies nonchalantly as though she hadn't thought of strangling her sister two seconds ago, "In fact, I highly doubt he'll be in the picture at all."

        Andromeda looks at her sister in horror as she realises she has not heard from that man in a few weeks. She had chalked it up to him isolating himself in grief of his friends' deaths but hearing her sister tell her this is giving Andromeda second thoughts.

        Aurelia is shaking in fear, she can't understand why her mama is being so mean. She sniffles and hides her face in the jacket of the strange lady who looks just like her mama.

        Seeing the look on her sister's face paired with the loud thoughts coming from her, Bellatrix is rather amused. She almost snorts.

        She thinks I murdered him, Bellatrix thinks to herself.

        Bellatrix gasps loudly, pretending to look offended before letting out a shrill laugh "I didn't kill him, Andromeda. I'm not a monster!"

        Andromeda begs to differ.

        "I may have slipped the filthy half-breed a few love potions." Bellatrix says delicately.

        The anger Andromeda feels is indescribable.

        "Love potions?! Do you have any idea how bloody harmful that is to a child?!" Andromeda exclaims.

        Bellatrix waves her hand, looking completely unbothered "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know all about that... A child conceived under a love potion will more than likely never be capable of feeling love. Aurelia seems to fine to me, as far as I can tell she loves many things. Merlin forbid her stuffed rabbit go missing for more than two seconds, she'll throw a fit. The half-breed wasn't under the love potion every time we shagged, so there's a good chance that she'll be just fine."

        "Bellatrix!" Andromeda exclaims, her face twisting in disgust.

        Bellatrix rolls her eyes.

        Andromeda collects herself, banishing the horrifying thoughts of her sister's sex life from her mind.

        "A child conceived under a love potion should be raised in a loving home otherwise this —"

        Bellatrix towers over Andromeda, a murderous expression on her face.

        Oh no, Andromeda thinks.

        "You don't think I've given Aurelia Alice a loving environment?!" Bellatrix hisses lowly.

        "I —"

        Bellatrix doesn't care that there's a guard in the room, she wants to make Andromeda hurt for insinuating that she wasn't a good mother.

        How dare she?!

        She doesn't know a bloody thing about what she's done, what she'd do for Aurelia.

        She'd do anything.

        Andromeda has no right to suggest such a thing!

        "HOW DARE —" Bellatrix begins to screech but she is cut off by the fearful wailing of her daughter.

        Immediately her anger dissipates and she snatches Aurelia from her sister's arms, not caring what the guard might do.

        "Aurelia....  Aurelia Alice, I'm sorry, don't cry. It's okay, you're safe, my moon. I won't let anyone harm you." Bellatrix whispers softly, stroking her daughter's flushed cheek.

        "Mama, y'scawy!" Aurelia cries, looking up at Bellatrix with tear-filled eyes.

        "I know, I — I know." Bellatrix mumbles, "I'm sorry, my moon, I don't mean to be scary."

        Andromeda looks on in shock at her sister's display of affection. She can't believe her sister is still capable of that.

        Bellatrix kisses Aurelia's forehead "I love you so much, my moon." She whispers.
Aurelia gives her mother a wide grin, showing off her four half-grown in baby teeth. "Love you, mama." Aurelia says, snuggling close to Bellatrix.

        Bellatrix sits back down at the the table, running her slender fingers through Aurelia's white curls. She avoids looking at her sister, knowing that it will only make her angry again.

        Bellatrix doesn't want to get angry again no matter how much she wants to make her sister pay for her remark. But, it's not worth it if it will scare Aurelia, she's been through too much these past few days.

        She kisses her daughter's forehead once again. If it weren't for the fact that Bellatrix will never see Aurelia again after today then she wouldn't be showing this side of herself in front of two people she didn't trust.

        "You have to take her in, she has to be raised as a Tonks. She can't be raised with my last name, if Greyback comes back and he finds her... Who knows what he'll do to her. Your name is the only thing that can protect her. Cissy won't offer hers though I suppose that's for the best because I don't trust Lucius  with my daughter. I know you will provide the best home for Aurelia."

        Andromeda frowns, she does want to take Aurelia in but she has her own husband and daughter to think of. She believes Nymphadora will be more than okay with it as the seven-year-old has done nothing but ask for a baby sister since Ginny Weasley had been born. And she likes to think that her husband will be very understanding of the situation.

        "If her filthy father decides he wants to be in the picture that's fine, I trust that he will treat her well." Bellatrix explains, "But she must not know he is her father. You and your mu — husband have to be her parents. Do you understand me?"

        "Don't you think this is a lot to drop on your sister whom you've not seen in over a bloody decade?!" Andromeda snaps.

        "Maybe so." Bellatrix shrugs, "But, does it look like I give a bloody fuck what you think?!"

        Andromeda grits her teeth.

        Aurelia squirms in Bellatrix's arms and immediately the raven-haired witch looks down at her.

        "Mama can we see May-May?" Aurelia questions to which Bellatrix shakes her head.

        "No, we can't see May, my moon." Bellatrix replies which earns a quiet sniffle from Aurelia.

        Bellatrix pats her head and looks back to her sister "You will take her, Andromeda."

        Andromeda purses her lips.


        There is a hint of desperation in Bellatrix's voice which makes Andromeda uneasy and very grateful her sister no longer has a wand.

        "You don't understand, Andromeda, she's all I have! She's the only thing I care about, she must be protected! You must protect her, Andromeda, you can take anything from the Lestrange vault! Anything at all, just keep my Aurelia safe." Bellatrix says frantically, holding Aurelia close to her body.

        The blue-haired baby seems to notice the distressed state of her mother as she starts babbling trying to get Bellatrix's attention.

        Bellatrix looks back at Aurelia and smiles sadly.

        "Mama! Mama!" Aurelia babbles as she grabs at Bellatrix's face, "Mama, look, Mama! Colouws!"

        Aurelia's hair changes a myriad of colours "Look!"

        Bellatrix laughs softly and kisses Aurelia's forehead "I love you, my moon."

        The doorknob turns and Bellatrix's blood runs cold.

        Her time has run out.

        She hugs Aurelia tightly.

        "Mama loves you, Aurelia. Never forget that, my moon. I love you so, so much... I love you more than you will ever know." Bellatrix whispers, pressing many kisses to Aurelia's forehead.

        There are tears in her eyes as she hands her daughter over to Andromeda.

        "She's special, Andromeda, you have to protect her! Promise me — promise that'll you protect her!" Bellatrix demands.

        Andromeda nods taking Aurelia into her arms. She can promise that much, she'd protect her because she was family. Aurelia is the only family she had left besides her daughter and husband. Of course, she'll protect her.

        "I promise." Andromeda says looking at Aurelia.

        The door opens and the Minister of Magic along with a handful of guards step into the holding cell.

        "Your time is up, Mrs. Lestrange." Minister Bagnold announces.

        Bellatrix, with a stone-cold expression, nods.

        Aurelia reaches out her hands, she's clearly not thrilled that she is being taken away from her mother yet again.

        "MAMA!" She screams.

        It takes everything in Bellatrix not to kill everyone in that room just to get to her daughter. She doesn't have a wand but she'd find a way. She'd do anything for Aurelia.

        "MAMA! MAMA!" Aurelia screams fiercely, trying with all her might to break free from Andromeda's grasp.

        Andromeda's heart breaks for the little baby in her arms. She has no idea what is going on, she only wants her mother. Andromeda doesn't remember Nymphadora being this attached to her, then again Bellatrix is probably all that Aurelia knows. The poor thing doesn't realise that she'll never see her mother again and all because her mother didn't care about her enough to choose her over You-Know-Who.

        "MAMA! L'ME GO! L'ME GO! MAMA, MAMA NO!" Aurelia cries as Bellatrix is dragged out of the room by the guards.

        Bellatrix doesn't even glance in her daughter's direction as this happens.

        "MAMA!" Aurelia screams, slamming her hands against Andromeda's arms, "MAMA! COME BACK! MAMA NO!"

        "Come with me, Mrs. Tonks." Minister Bagnold says.

        Andromeda follows after the Minister, trying her best to soothe Aurelia who is still screaming for her mother.

        MILLICENT BAGNOLD LIKES to think she's seen it all. In the past month a bloody baby has killed the darkest wizard of the century and put an end to the war. Nothing, she thinks, could top that.

But, something does.

        Something that she understands even less than the fact a baby singlehandedly killed a full grown man and survived the killing curse.

        Albus Dumbledore and the famed seer, Esrom Trelawney have shown up asking to see the child of Bellatrix Lestrange. The pair were acting as though the child is of some great importance. Millicent couldn't understand why the child of a Death-Eater and a werewolf would stir such interest in Albus Dumbledore and Esrom Trelawney of all people.

        Sure, Aurelia had a the rare gift of being a Metamorphmagus but that didn't make her special. Her parents are nothing good, both monsters in their own ways so in turn Aurelia will be nothing good. She can't be anything special, if anything, she's cursed.

With parents like that, Millicent Bagnold thinks, this kid is going to have a terrible life.

        The Minister glances at the gold-haired baby in Andromeda's arm. Aurelia seems to have screamed herself hoarse.

        As far as Millicent could see, there was absolutely nothing special about this child. She is no Boy-Who-Lived.

        Minister Bagnold leads Andromeda back to her office where Albus Dumbledore are waiting.

        "I've got my assistant to contact your husband... He should be arriving shortly to discuss what you will be doing with the child." Minister Bagnold says.

        Andromeda nods, still trying to soothe the sobbing baby in her arms. She hopes Ted will be willing to take custody of Aurelia.

        Entering the Minister's office, Andromeda falls short upon seeing her old Headmaster.

        "Pr — Professor?"

        Albus Dumbledore looks up from his magazine he is reading and smiles politely "Ah, Mrs. Tonks, pleasure seeing you here tonight."

        "My sister has just been sentenced to Azkaban for torturing my friends to the point of insanity." Andromeda says dryly.

        She lets out a quiet gasp as she realises just how rude she sounds. However, Albus doesn't take offense to the young woman's harsh tone.

        He frowns "That is most unfortunate, Mrs. Tonks, I'm sorry for your losses."

        "Ah, yes." An elderly woman speaks up, "The fate that has befallen the Longbottoms is quite tragic."

        "Esrom." Albus says in a warning tone.

        Esrom Trelawney is a short, old lady that radiated power. Many believe that she used to be on You-Know-Who's side until it was revealed that she had predicted his downfall months before it happened. Now she is seen as a hero.

        She studies Aurelia and grins "Well, if it isn't little Juliet... You probably vaguely remember me. I made your mummy very angry with my prediction."

        Andromeda hugs Aurelia close to her, she doesn't trust Esrom. The older woman makes her feel uneasy.

        "You've got a peculiar little one on your hands, Andromeda." Esrom remarks, "A cursed child, she'll be."

        Andromeda gulps and looks at Aurelia warily "Cursed?"

        Esrom nods "In a sense... But, not by magic. She'll be cursed to remember things most would forget, her memories of Bellatrix will remain. They'll be easy to manipulate, since she is so young, you'll be able to tell her your her mother without a single problem. She'll never forget Bellatrix though, that woman will remain in her memories for years to come and because of that Aurelia will be cursed with a great deal of sadness and immense guilt for Bellatrix has done. Which is why she should not know that she's her mother, the guilt will still —"

        Ted Tonks comes bursting into the Minister's office, the Minister's assistant comes in behind him, looking out of breath.

        "Andromeda!" Ted exclaims.

        Aurelia clamps her hands over her ears at the loudness of the man's voice.

        Ted's hazel eyes land on Aurelia and they soften.

        "Is this the baby?" Ted questions, "Is this your niece?"

        Andromeda nods.

        "She's yours now." Esrom cuts in.

        Albus Dumbledore sighs quietly in exasperation and Esrom glares at him.

        "At least I'm not dropping the baby off at the doorstep in the middle of the night without any prior warning, Albie." Esrom hisses quietly.

        Ted is bloody confused, the letter had said that there was a child involved but other than that it didn't explain much.

        He quickly walks over to his wife and places a soft kiss on her cheek "Are you alright, my love?" Ted asks softly.

        Andromeda nods slowly "I'm alright." She whispers though she doesn't feel alright.

        The couple glance at Esrom Trelawney and Albus Dumbledore both of whom are now quietly bickering.

        Ted looks at the baby in Andromeda's arms "And who's this little one?"

        "This is Aurelia." Andromeda replies, "Can we keep her?"

        She asks the question so innocently as though she is talking about a stray cat she found on the street.

        Ted smiles.

        This isn't what he was expecting but he's more than okay with it especially if that is something Andromeda wants.

        "She's got nowhere else to go, Ted, and if we don't take her in she'll go to an orphanage. I — I know it —"

        "Andy, love, yes. Yes we can 'keep' her." Ted cuts her off.

        Andromeda sighs in relief and Ted places another kiss on her cheek.

        Esrom clears her throat, drawing everyone's attention to her.

        "You must raise Aurelia as your own. Bellatrix can't be her mother. If she knows Bellatrix is mother I believe this will lead to her death before she even turns sixteen. From the moment you take her home, she will be known as Aurelia Alice Tonks. You got that, if you don't you'll end up messing with my bloody prophecy."

        Andromeda blinks, fear bubbling in the pit of her stomach. Is her niece really in that much danger knowing that her mother is Bellatrix Lestrange?

        "Prophecy?" Minister Bagnold asks, eyeing the baby with mild interest.

        "Uh, what kind of a prophecy are we, uh, talking about here?" Ted questions.

        Esrom smiles knowingly "A rather big one that will have dire consequences if thrown off balance. Itty, bitty Juliet over here is going to save quite a few lives, if she's raised as a Tonks. If she's not, well, she'll be dead as a doorknob before her sixteenth birthday. It's kind of like that Disney movie but she'll be permanently dead. She must be raised as a Tonks, it's very important to her fate."

Albus Dumbledore sighs tiredly to himself.

        Andromeda and Ted share looks of horror.

        Esrom laughs "When I told Trixie that I quite possibly thought Aurelia was going to die she about nearly killed me. It's a miracle I have all my bloody limbs attached, your sister is a bloody psychopath, Andromeda. It's kind of funny though... I mean how easily swayed she was from Voldemort's side, granted she tried to fight it but she was swayed nonetheless, and by a ickle baby of all things! Bellatrix never pegged me as the mothering kind so I was a bit worried for little Juliet over there but it didn't take long for Bellatrix to get wrapped around her little finger. Bellatrix is very obsessed with Aurelia and by that I mean she will do anything for Aurelia. Anything at all, if you're in the way of Aurelia's survival, you won't stand a chance... She was once obsessed with Voldemort but now her daughter has taken that place. Bellatrix has pinned every ounce of sanity and hope she has on that child and in the long run that will turn out to be very useful."

        "I don't understand." Andromeda says.

        "Aurelia raised as a Tonks or even a Malfoy will inherently choose to fight against Tommy boy and his band of racist goons if he were to ever return.... Since Bellatrix is so obsessed with Aurelia she will eventually choose Aurelia over Tommy boy which will save quite a few people from painful deaths." Esrom explains further.

        Andromeda still can't accept that this tiny baby has that much power over her sister. To be fair, she never understood how You-Know-Who had any power over her sister.

        She knew what it felt like to feel like you'd do anything for your child, she just couldn't believe Bellatrix knew what that felt like.

        Esrom moves closer to Andromeda, her green eyes locking on Aurelia.

        "A child bred between Death-Eater and werewolf born to aid in a dying war. Aurelia will right what is aloof, she alone will save the fallen star. A Romeo and Juliet-esque romance will cause a rift between light and dark. Loyal feelings will begin to shift in favour of the one with a golden heart." Esrom recites her earlier prophecy.

        Esrom pokes Aurelia's nose which causes her to start wailing.

        Andromeda whispers soothing words to the gold-haired baby. It doesn't take long to calm Aurelia down as she believes it's her mother who has returned.

        "Don't cry, Aurelia, it's okay." Andromeda soothes.

        Aurelia nods her tiny head "M'kay, mama." She sniffles.

        Esrom smiles wide seeing the look in Andromeda Tonks eyes.

        Her prophecy is going to go according to plan. She has nothing to worry about.

        Minister Bagnold clears her throat "Mr. and Mrs. Tonks, if you don't mind we have more important issues to discuss.... For example: What is going to become of this child?"

        Esrom giggles quietly to herself, already knowing the answer. Albus Dumbledore sighs tiredly at Esrom's behaviour.

        "Will you take custody of this child?"

        Andromeda and Ted share a look then nod their heads.

        "Yes, we will take custody of Aurelia." Andromeda answers.

        Esrom smiles victoriously at Albus.

        And so a star is born, Esrom thinks. She'll outshine the rest of her family. If all goes well, she won't burn out as fast as they did.

(A/N: HEY NOW, AURELIA'S AN ALL STAR!!!! I hope I portrayed Bellatrix crazy enough because she still crazy as fuck she's just not crazy for Voldemort. She was obsessed with him and his cause at one point but not anymore, instead she's obsessed with her daughter and keeping her safe. So like Bellatrix Lestrange is still very much a villain, I'm not making her into a good person, I'm just putting a twist on the reason why she tortured the Longbottoms,, which is certainly going to cause some turmoil for Neville and Aurelia later on it the story so yay! That'll be fun... Thanks for reading, nootles, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you thought of it in the comments)