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Life with Fumi #3: Un-face Your Fears!

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Friday evenings for elementary school kids typically meant rest and relaxation after a long week of lectures, pop quizzes, tests, and other school-related stress inducers, especially for the fair Fumika Kodama. However, this Friday was a bit different as instead of lying across her bed reading a magazine, she was packing various clothes, hygiene products, and books into a large pink backpack with bunny head symbols on the side flaps while humming to herself.

Watching her was her resident cat Yo-kai friend, Sailornyan who inquired with: “You’re pretty excited for this school camping trip aren’t you Fumi? I wish I could share your enthusiasm but roughing it in the woods isn’t for me. Humidity, bugs, getting dirty. No thank you.”

“Oh come on, it won’t be that bad.” Assured Fumi. “We’re even going to be staying in a lodge. The point of the trip is just to learn about the nature around us and how we can use it to survive in the great outdoors.”

“While very beneficial skills to have, I’ll admit, I’d rather spend my weekend in the great indoors where the temperature’s always a cool 22°C, the only bugs I have to deal with are dust mites, and I have 24/7 access to the bathtub if needed.”

Fumi pouted at her spectral feline companion. “Geez, you’re so spoiled. Well I guess it can’t be helped. You were basically bought into royalty when you were alive after all. And anyway, Whisper will be with me, so I’ll be fine.”

“You say that but,” Sailornyan directed her gaze to Whisper who was lying in the corner curled into a ball with a dark gloomy aura surrounding him. “Something tells me that he’s not too thrilled about your upcoming venture.”

Fumi looked at Whisper with an unamused expression. “Oh, he’s just upset because all technology is banned from being used during the trip which includes his Yo-kai Pad. He may not be a student, but he is my butler and if I can’t use technology then neither can he. He’ll get over it.”

The depressed Whisper growled and mumbled: “This stinks.”

“I see. Good call on your part. However, even though I’m a stickler for rules and regulations I do hope you intend to take your watches with you in case of emergency.” Sailornyan advised. “After all, Mt. Wildwood is no stranger to Yo-kai related activity.”

“Tell me something I don’t know, Captain Obvious.” Fumi quietly muttered to herself. She then looked back at Sailornyan and said: “The watches shouldn’t be a problem though since they’re technically not smartwatches, and I’ll have my Medallium handy as well.”

“Sounds like you’re more than prepared then. Still be careful, Fumi. You and your pretty face better make it back to me in one piece, alright?”

Fumi smiled with her eyes closed. “No need to worry. We’ll be fine, right Whisper?”

Whisper continued to sulk in the corner and mumbled: “Nothing is fine. Nothing will ever be fine.”

Sweat drops appeared on the back of Fumi and Sailornyan’s heads. “Oh, grow up.” They both ordered in unison.