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The fairy winced, trying not to focus on the pain in his leg. The cause of his discomfort was still in place, firmly snapped onto his leg. He still didn’t know how he’d fallen for such a primitive and frankly uncreative trap such as this one. He should have paid more attention.

His attention now was on the rustling bushes in front of him. He prayed it was just a squirrel, or some other harmless creature that could not recount his humiliation. Whatever deities there may be where not on his side it seemed, as the creature that stepped out of the bushes was a human being. Just his luck. Humans were neither harmless nor silent. At least this one was pleasant to look at. One might even call him handsome by human standards, with his chestnut brown hair and vivid green eyes. There was something about those eyes that was particularly interesting. It was as if in capturing the forest’s green color, he had also captured their wildness.

“I’ve never seen a fairy stuck in a trap before.”

And this stranger had the Sight as well. There was no other way he could have seen past his disguise as a fox. This just kept getting better and better. The man titled his head to look at the trap, his face twisting into a grimace as a flash of recognition flashed into his eyes.

“This is one of theirs, isn’t it?” He muttered this under his breath, teeth clenched.

He picked up a large stick nearby and lodged it into the trap. It stung as it brushed the fairy’s injured leg, but it was worth it when he was able to wrench it free. He shifted into his human form, trying desperately to keep any dignity he had left. The human didn’t seem to understand this as he told a hold of the other’s arm and helped him up. So much for dignity.

“There. We can’t have Gary and Hodge get their hands on a fairy. Who knows what they’d use a blood debt for. Oh! What should I call you?”

The human managed to actually look interested as he asked this question. A good actor, then. But he didn’t have to pretend he wasn’t only thinking about the debt he was owed. The man was looking at him expectantly, waiting for a response. The fairy cast about for a suitable answer. He couldn’t say his real name, that would be giving the man too much leverage. Names had power and he would make sure to hold on to as much of that as he could in his current situation. What was a human name?

“You can call me Sam.”

“Sam” looked at the trap that blessedly no longer contained his leg. The names Giuseppe Payne and Mikhail Hodge were written on the side. Giuseppe Payne and Mikhail Hodge. He should have known that was who the trap belong to. The human was right. Those two would probably use their blood debt to gain untold riches from the fairy kingdom. He wouldn’t be surprised, they were renownedly greedy. There were rumors that they kidnapped human children and sold them to fairies for profit. Rather helpful of them, kidnapping children was such a hassle. Of course, he hadn’t believed the rumors at first, but suddenly it seemed more believable looking at the disgust on the man’s face. Sam prodded at his leg. It was still bleeding. That was odd. It shouldn’t be unless- they had used iron. Not only that, but the trap was located in an area of the woods known for its Fae population. It may have been a fox trap, but they weren’t hunting foxes at all. They were hunting fairies. A shiver went down his back as he imagined what might have happened if the green eyed man hadn’t saved him. Maybe this situation wasn’t so bad after all. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? Except Sam didn’t have any friends and he wasn’t planning on starting now. It was best to figure out what he would have to do to pay off this stupid debt and be done with it.

“What do you want?”

“Excuse me?” The man at least had the decency to look confused.

“Riches? Fame? What?”

Understanding flashed into his eyes. After a second of thought, his face morphed into a wistful yet melancholy expression.

“I’m not sure what I want is even possible.”

Oh no. Not this again.

“It’s love, isn’t it?” He groaned, resigning himself to his fate. “Just tell me who it is, I can make them fall in love with you.”

“What? No,” the man shook his head. He looked around, and then back at Sam. “Just...come with me, okay? We can talk debts after we get that wound cleaned up.”