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Maybe it was the number of beers that he’d drunk…. Or the fact that the sun was an hour away from rising in the sky, but Stanley was struck by a sudden epiphany as he stretched out on his bed, where Tom and Dick and left him earlier.


4am was not the best time to realise you were in love.


Not with a man… especially not with a man who had his eyes on someone else.


Wearily, he covered his face with his hands and groaned. “Shit.”




Unsurprisingly, he woke up the next morning with a splitting headache, and late to work at the seamstress’s store. After downing a cup of water, he dragged himself up and out of the door, slowly making his way to the store.


Thankfully, the store owner simply shook her head and told him not to do it again, giving him some work in the back of the store, where it was a lot quieter.


The triplets could be very loud after all, their voices very unpleasant if you were suffering from the effects of too much alcohol.


Focusing on his work, Stanley watched the needle go in and out, in an almost hypnotising manner…. he was at a loss of what to do.


He couldn’t tell LeFou, not in this village and especially not with Gaston hanging around. Yes, Stanley was relatively happy to agree with the man, him being a decorated soldier after all, but it would be stupid of him to deny that Gaston had a vicious, cruel side to him.


One that wouldn’t hesitate to manipulate the situation to benefit him.


No… it was best to remain quiet.




“Is Stanley acting a little funny to you?”


Tom glanced over at the youngest in their trio, frowning at the distant look in the man’s eyes, focused on something unknown, his mug still full.


They’d known the kid since he was thirteen, watching as he’d helped his mother with all the materials needed for her store, carrying them through the streets and avoiding the many loose cobblestones and puddles.


They’d never seen him like this before.


“It’s probably just all the beer he drunk last night.” Tom grumbled, unwilling to think about it any further, “That’ll teach him not to start a competition with his betters.”


Dick nodded in agreement, turning his attention back to his beer as the door to the tavern opened up again, and LeFou strode in.


And Stanley lit up.




Stanley wanted to scream out of frustration.


He’d tried to give subtle hints to the other man, not wanting to be too obvious in public…. But LeFou remained completely oblivious. Short of dragging the man into his home, removing his clothes and climbing onto the man’s lap, he couldn’t think of anything else to do.


Maybe… maybe it was best to be direct.




“Ummmmm….” LeFou tilted his head in confusion at the unfamiliar sight in his rooms, “…. Stanley? What are you doing?”


Nervously, Stanley nibbled at his bottom lip, hands twisting in his shirt. “I…. I need to talk to you.”


LeFou blinked owlishly at him, “You do?”


“Yes…” As though preparing to go off into battle, Stanley got to his feet and took a deep breath, “… I-I have feelings for you. Now I know that you would never leave Gaston, and I-I don’t care about that… I just needed to tell you. If you want, I can stop going to the tavern and leave you alone, I promise!”


LeFou stared at him as his brain ground to a sudden halt. “Oh,” was all he could say.


Clearly disappointed, Stanley turned to his attention to the floor for a moment, “O-okay, I’ll leave you alone then… but can you please not mention this to anyone?”


Still not meeting LeFou’s eyes, a worried flush on his face, Stanley practically raced towards the door.


Coming back to his senses, LeFou grabbed the younger man’s arm before he could leave, “Wait!” he begged, “Please, you just surprised me, give me a chance to speak!”


“S-surprised you?” Stanley stuttered, a slight frown on his face.


“… Nobody’s ever really paid any attention to me like that.” LeFou confessed, “Especially not someone like you.”


This was the wrong thing to say.


A hurt look flashed across Stanley’s face, prompting LeFou to wince and place his other hand on Stanley’s arm. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that! It’s just, you’re so nice, everyone likes you and- “


Words were failing him.


Slowly, he pulled Stanley closer, risking a quick glance at the window in case anyone was peeking through (they weren’t, thank god), before leaning up and kissing the other man.


Stanley almost went limp in his arms, letting out a quiet, relieved moan before digging his fingers into LeFou’s shoulders as he forcefully kissed him back.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you…” Stanley whispered gratefully when they drew apart, a soft smile on his face, “… thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“No… thank you Stanley.”

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“Pocahontas…. I don’t think this is such a good idea.”


She spun around and gave him an indulgent smile, “You need to learn how to have a little more fun John Smith.”


He knew how to have fun… climbing trees and running through forests was fun. Walking and sliding about on ice, no matter how thick she claimed it to be, did not seem fun at all. At yet here he was, standing on the edge of the frozen river with wobbly knees and a chill running down his spine.


How did she get him to agree to this?


Pocahontas had already stepped onto the ice with ease, apparently determined to start skating circles around him even before he’d even taken another step…. And she was loving every minute of it.


“It is a way to bond with each other…” she explained, giving the same argument that she’d given him since this was first brought up, “… A way to bring us closer together.”


“Sure it is…” John stated dryly, staying exactly where he was, “… But London doesn’t freeze over very often, so I’ve never done this before! We’re going to be ‘bonding’ over me falling over all the time.”


Watching as she twirled around on the ice, he couldn’t help but smile softly.


She really was enchanting.


She giggled at him, moving back to the riverbank and holding her hands out. “You don’t know that until you try… it’s not hard.”


“No thank you.” John crossed his arms defiantly. He’d seen what happened to men who’d fallen through ice and into the freezing water below…. The lucky ones had been pulled out, but still lost limbs due to the cold… most of them didn’t last much longer than that though. “I’m fine with just watch-HEY!”


He was cut off as she grabbed his hands and pulled him onto the ice to join her, almost pulling him into the middle. Thinking quickly, he tugged his hands free and struggled to make his way back to the shore, his feet dancing all over the ice like he was a new-born deer.


Before she could try and help him, his feet slid out from under him entirely, and he found himself landing on his behind, groaning in pain as the impact of the fall shot through him… her giggles didn’t help with the pain.


“Thank you…” he muttered dryly, crawling over to the bank and pushing himself to his feet, “… thank you very much.”


“Here…” she grabbed his elbows in a strong grip, “… why don’t you try it like this?”


Turning him around, she pushed one of her feet forward and gently nudged his foot in a silent instruction for it to follow her movement. Still unsure, he did his best to copy her as she beamed at him.


“There we go.” She muttered, helping him to move his other foot, and then the previous one so that they’d taken a full step forward, “Keep going.”


Choosing not to focus on the fact that she was talking to him like he was nothing but a young child in her tribe, he kept his focus on every single step that he took. Until he could take a step forwards without the iron grip on his arms, this was still a terrible idea.


Pocahontas however, was loving every moment of it.


“You see? This is not so bad, is it?” she asked, the soft smile still on her face as she loosened her grip, only holding onto one of his arms.


He remained silent, wobbling slightly at the loss of half of his support…. And then she let go of him completely, sending him crashing back down to the ground, groaning in pain as he landed on his back.


He was starting to get too old to recover quickly from falls like that.


Pocahontas gasped and dropped down to her knees, scooping up his head in her arms… and tried not to laugh.


“And this is really how you bond with each other?” he grunted, pulling himself back up on his elbows, wincing at the aches and pains that spread throughout his back.


She giggled, leaning in and dropping a kiss on his lips. “Oh yes my heart. Oh yes.”

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// “I thought you couldn’t have ideas?”


“W-well… what do you know.” \\


Looking back, he probably did love her as a child.


This mysterious girl who’d come out of nowhere, promising that his life would never be the same. Even when he found out she was an android; those feelings never went away.


Yes, after spending so years in exile outside of Tomorrowland, those feelings had been buried under other feelings, such as stress, anxiety and frustration…. But they never truly left.


// “Systems Failing.” \\


He could still hear the beeping of the nuclear components within her, warning everyone about the upcoming explosion and their probably deaths.


He could still hear the whirring of his jetpack as he flew up to the top of The Monitor, the small body in his arms.


// “Frank… do you want to know why you could never make me laugh?”


“… Why?”


“Because you’re not funny.” \\


He’d laughed at the time… but looking back, it was a rather pained laugh.


He knew it was the end and he didn’t want to accept that… not for the girl who had been his first crush.


// “You can let me go now” \\


He didn’t want to… oh God, he never wanted to let her go ever again.


// “Goodbye… Frank”


“Goodbye Athena.” \\


And that was that.


He didn’t know how long he hesitated before dropping a now unconscious Athena into the core, but it felt like a lifetime.


The Monitor was destroyed, Tomorrowland was dark, and he skimmed across some water only to land with a splash.


They had won, but at a terrible cost.


Athena was gone.


Yes, he was building new recruiter robots in order to continue on Athena’s good work, bringing in fresh, brilliant minds to try and save Tomorrow…. But none would replace her.


No-one could replace Athena.


Not now… not ever.

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He never really revealed that he was married.


Why would he?


She merely took care of his ship whilst he was on his many adventures.


Now, don’t take this dismissive attitude as a sign that he didn’t love her, that simply wasn’t true. There were many things he loved about her.


He loved her loyalty… even when he was disgraced and humiliated, she never strayed, never protesting as he dragged her back out to Paradise Falls, vowing to bring back the creature alive and get his honour back.


He had loved her when they first got married. Having both come from well-to-do families, their marriage had largely been arranged by their parents… but it was hard not to love her, even if he never really had any other choice.


He loved that she never complained about the size of his ship and how much she needed to clean and take care of.


He loved the wonder in her eyes as they drifted through the clouds and the blue skies, the tears of amazement in her eyes when she first laid her eyes on Paradise Falls. The giggles she couldn’t quite keep contained when colourful birds flew past them, squawking in curiosity at the sight of the ship.


He loved how she never needed to talk to him all the time, pestering him with usual titbits of conversation. No… she was more than happy to sit by his side and simply read a book.


A very sensible woman really.


The only time she ever talked back to him was when he refused to give her a child. Oh, she had assured him that she was fertile and perfectly willing to take care of a child and take care of the ship at the same time.


But he didn’t want any screaming children running around and so he refused her.


She argued with him, of course, and then refused to be anywhere near him.


That was fine…. He knew she would eventually get over it.


It took a little longer than he expected, but she seemed to go back to normal. Helping him fix the ship, taking care of him when he was injured during his many journey’s outside of the ship, cooking meals for him.


The years passed and she remained completely loyal to him, and he rewarded this loyalty with romantic dances and dinners, with the dogs assisting of course, helping her with the cleaning every so often.


And then she passed away.


It came at quite a shock really… they’d gone to sleep together, whispering their love for one another as they settled down. The next morning when he woke up, she was gone… cold to the touch.


He’d searched for the creatures every day since coming back to Paradise Falls, but on that day, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.


Finding a soft place in the jungle nearby, where the dogs would easily sense any predators who came too close, he dug a large hole, gently wrapping his poor wife in a blanket and placing her in the hole. After paying his respects, he covered her up with the soil and placed some flowers on top as the dogs whimpered at the loss of their mistress.


One of the newest puppies, Dug, was taking it especially hard…. But then again, he’d always been very sensitive.


He would need to deal with that and quickly.


Once his wife had been put to rest, he used some old tree bark to carve her name into, before creating a make-shift cross to place at the head of the grave.


There was no more time to mourn… he had a job to do.


Elaine would want it that way.

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Fa Mulan stood before the mirror, her fingers gently tracing along the mistakes that were all over her body.


Her face…. eyes that were too soft, cheek bones too rounded, lips too soft. A jaw that wasn’t defined enough and a throat that contained a voice too high.


Her chest…. Gently, she prodded at the rounded flesh on her chest, clenching them and leaving red marks of despair on her pale skin where her nails dug in.


Her waist… it drew in too far, curving in before moving out again at the hips.


She couldn’t bring herself to go any lower, to find nothing there when she knew there should have been. There should have been something there, instead of on her chest.


It was all wrong.


She’d felt trapped all her life, until she signed up to the army.


There, she could pretend that she was all sharp lines and muscles, a deep voice and a flat chest, Yes, her voice was higher than theirs, even when she tried to make it deeper, but they didn’t seem to care… and then she would wake up, the shocked looks of her fellow men surrounding her.


The anger and despair on Shang’s face.




In frustration, she turned away from the mirror and grabbed the pants that she had picked out for herself.


She might have turned into a daughter that her father could be proud of… but she wanted to the son he always wanted.




He awoke when the sun streamed in through the window, shining in her eyes and highlighting the tangle of limbs in the bed. Gentle fingers were running through his newly shortened hair, prompting him to hum lightly in delight, leaning into the touch as the hand stroked down his arm and caressed the soft curve of his stomach.


He could have fallen back asleep, his eye-lids felt heavy and he was very comfortable near the warmth of another body…. And then the rough hand brushed over his breast and the moment shattered like glass.


Ping’s eyes snapped open as he tensed up…. It was easy to forget about his body when he was still half-sleep. The rough, calloused hand obviously felt him stiffen up, darting away as though it had been bitten, before moving to Ping’s hip, squeezing it slightly in apology.


Shang then moved to sit up, glancing over and smiling as Ping turned over to face him.


Ping knew he’d been lucky… at such a vulnerable time, Shang could have turned him away again, refusing to have anything to do with him.


The fact that Shang admitted an attraction to Ping, before everything happened, was a stroke of luck, a gift from the ancestors.


It didn’t stop him from feeling a hint of shame when Shang’s palm pressed itself between his thighs, or the disgust he couldn’t stop from rising up when he spotted the bindings on his chest…


Sometimes, he would crawl into Shang’s arms, tears running down his face after a long day of having to pretend her was something that he was not. Other times, he couldn’t even bare to look Shang in the face, the memory of the man’s anger on that snowy hilltop playing over and over again in his mind.


Shang never left though.


Shang loved him no matter what.


And Ping loved him… loved the way his face lit up when Ping beat him in sparring, indicating how proud he was. He loved they way Shang would talk about his childhood with his Father and Mother, before she joined the ancestors. He loved the way Shang would yield under his touch, the way his scent had become familiar.


He loved the way Shang felt against his skin, and sometimes, when everything got to be too stressful for the General and Shang allowed himself to be held close, he could forget everything for a little while.


They lay together and time seemed to stand still as their breathing started to synchronise…. There was no need to talk, not now…. Not when everything was perfect as it was.

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Alice could still remember when Pinocchio first moved into their town.


His father opened up a new toy store in the village and the rumours surrounding his sudden appearance were…. Strange.


But that’s what Alice liked about them.


Her favourite one was that Geppetto had created one of his fantastic puppets, and a magical blue fairy had brought him to life to be Geppetto’s son.


Thinking about how the fairy would look in her head, Alice lay on the grass near her favourite tree, unaware of the figure making their way over to her.


“Hello Alice!”


Alice yelped slightly, shooting into a seated position, as Pinocchio jumped back, falling on his arse.


“Sorry! Sorry!” he apologised, some giggles bursting free, “I didn’t mean to scare you.”


“I wasn’t scared!” She immediately protested, crossing her arms and pouting at him, “I just wanted to make you laugh, and it worked, see!”


Pinocchio giggled again, the pair falling into a comfortable silence.


“So…” Pinocchio eventually spoke up, “… I need to ask you something.”




He leaned in, and for a brief moment, Alice thought the younger boy was actually going to kiss her… and then he spoke up.


“Father’s won some tickets to Paradise Pier… and he said I could invite a good friend, he doesn’t really… he doesn’t really like me going to fun-fairs alone.” A sad look flashed his face, before it faded away to reveal a cautious smile, “So… do you want to come with me?”


Alice nodded eagerly, “Yes! Yes, of course!”


“So, it’s a date then!” A light flush then appeared on Pinocchio’s face, “I-I mean, not a date, just a-a-a friend thing! O-Obviously!”


“Yes… just a friends’ thing.”




“Best. Day, Ever!” Alice exclaimed as the Ferris Wheel slowly moved to the top, the sun having set over an hour ago and everyone gathering around the large fountain next to the Ferris wheel, “Thank you for asking me Pinocchio… thank you for the tickets Mister Geppetto.”


Geppetto nodded at the girl, a fond smile on his face as his son and his friend huddled closer to the side that over-looked the fountain, watching as the water stopped… and then the show began.


Water shot up into the air, as music played loud over the speakers as everything suddenly flashed orange.


For a time, the colours changed from green, to blue, to red, to orange again as the water shot up into the sky, arching perfectly and swirling around.


After a few minutes, the actual performance started, images were projected into the water and a very familiar Halloween song started.


“When the crypt door creaks, and the tomb stones quake.

Spooks come out for a swinging wake.”


“Look at that!” Alice gasped, pointing at the ghostly faces that appeared on some screens near the water, “Do you think ghosts are real, Pinocchio?”


Pinocchio was silent for a few seconds, nervously biting his bottom lip, “I mean… yeah, I think so.”


“Really?” Alice frowned, knowing that other children their age had stopped believing in things like that, “You really believe that?”


“Well… yeah.” Pinocchio sent a nervous glance at his Papa, “I mean, I believe in fairies and all that, so it only makes sense that I believe in ghosts.”


“You believe in fairies?!”


Geppetto watched in amusement as the two children started babbling eagerly about all the things that they believed in.


Once ‘It’s a Small World’ began, the conversation quickly stopped, and the children started to sing along… and Geppetto nodded along to the beat.


He would never get that song out of his head now, but the children seemed happy enough.


As the water shot up into the sky, almost to their height at the top of the Big Wheel, Geppetto found himself just as transfixed by the show. Despite the loud music and the cheering crowd down below, it was actually very relaxing to watch.


After the big finale, the Big Wheel finally made its’ way back down as everyone started to make their way out of the park.


As they headed back to the train station, it was easy to see that the children were starting to get weary, trudging their feet along the ground, their eyelids fluttering shut in exhaustion.


It was no surprise when they fell asleep on the way home.

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Queen Aurora stood at the bow of the ship, looking out over the dark sea in front of her.


The rest of the crew were leaving her alone… they were all aware of King Philip’s death, and how Queen Aurora quickly relinquished control and handed the throne over to her son, before getting on the first ship to England.


It had been so long since she’d last been to England. It wasn’t long after her marriage…. Her and Philip were having issues.


She’d spent her life raised in a forest, he was raised as a prince… they disagreed over a lot of policies, especially those regarding perseveration of the woods and the creatures that lived within them.


‘If they can do it in England, we can do it here.’ She had argued with him.


It was during this time in England, visiting Prince John in Nottingham, that she’d met… him.


She sighed… she didn’t really want to think of Robin. The man was a mystery to her at first, ginger hair and a cheeky grin… cocky but kind… a thief, but for all the right reasons. It was better to have nothing to do with him…. Or so she kept telling herself at first.


But step by step, as she found herself taking long walks in the forests of Nottingham, Robin worked her way into her heart… despite the fact that neither of them could do anything about it.


She still loved Philip and wanted to keep their marriage going, and he was infatuated with a child-hood love of his.


The feelings that they may have felt for one another had to be buried.


As a cool wind brushed past her, causing her to shiver, she found herself getting lost in her memories of him.


How he would place his hand on her back, as he guided her through the trees and back towards the town, scolding her for wandering too far into the mass of trees and bushes.


When she tried to explain that she’d lived in the forest for almost all her life, he’d smirk at her.


“Ah… maybe I should be asking for your protection then? With you by my side, what could go wrong?”


He was teasing her, but the tension between them grew and continued to grow.


If she and her husband had stayed any longer, she believed the tension would spill over and everything would be ruined.


At the time, she ran away, not believing that a princess (even though she didn’t feel like one) and a common thief could ever be together…. So, she left and two weeks later, she heard the news of King Richard’s return and Robin Hood’s marriage to Maid Marian.


Once she got over it, she had told herself it was better like this, and she’d believed it. She became a successful and beloved Queen, and a doting mother.


But now… now she just wanted to know if she could have a second chance.




That lady on the bench kept staring at him.


Why she continued to sit there, unmoving and silent in clothes like that, confused Robin. Dressed as the blind man he’d used so often in his youth, he sat on the edge of a fountain and watched the old woman in silence.


“Robin… what are you staring at?”


Keeping his eyes on the woman, he answered Skippy. “The woman over there.”


“… Why?” No matter how old Skippy was, his curiosity still knew no bounds, “Have you met her before? She does look a little bit familiar.”


It was having lightning strike him… in that instant Robin knew exactly who the woman was. Bolting to his feet and tearing his costume off, leaving behind his simple tunic and trousers, he walked briskly to the bench, ignoring Skippy’s confused cries.


“Robin?! ROBIN?!”


The woman watched him make his way over to her. Once he was in front of her, he looked straight into her eyes… violet eyes. Eyes that he had only seen once before.


“Your Highness.” He bowed low, tilting his head slightly upwards as he smirked at her.


Aurora waved her hand in dismissal, “There’s no need for such formalities Robin. I’m afraid my time as a royal is up.” Giving him a soft smile, she shuffled over, giving him space to sit by her side.


“Thank you…” He took a seat, “… I’m afraid my knees aren’t what they used to be.”


“No more stealing from the rich and giving to the poor then?”


Robin couldn’t help but cackle at the teasing tone in her voice, “Alas…” he exclaimed, “… I’m afraid after Richard came back and my marriage to Marion, my time as a thief was up.”


“…. And how is Marion?”






Shaking his head sadly, Robin took a deep, shuddering breath. “Marion… Marion passed away some years ago. There was an outbreak… almost half of the town died, including her.”


“… I’m so sorry.”


Quickly wiping the tears away from his eyes, Robin plastered a fake smile on his face and turned to her. “She’s in a better place now… so, what brings the ex-Queen to this part of England?”


“An old friend… one of the greatest friends I could ever have asked for really.” She took a deep breath and turned to him, looking him straight in the eye, “One I was hoping to spend the rest of my days with.”


It was then that he remembered the fluttering of his heart whenever Aurora smiled and sang, her bare feet lightly dancing over the moss of the woods…. The heart-breaking knowledge that she would never be his.


“How about… we continue this conversation in private. Over a hot meal at my house?”


She audibly sighed in relief, a warm smile on her face. “That’s sounds… perfect.”




It had been three months since the meeting at the bench.


Robin and Aurora were slow dancing in the woods.


Aurora was humming a sweet tune into Robin’s neck, as they swayed from side to side. The sun hadn’t yet risen in the sky, but it was peaceful.


And it was perfect.


“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream….”

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Judy watched Nick’s slender frame as he strode out of the bathroom, red fur damp beneath the t-shirt and cotton pants as he slumped onto the couch, resting his head on Judy’s lap.


“Hey there…” Judy leaned down and kissed the fox on his nose, just to watch him make a face. She felt Nick’s palm sliding over her chest, around her neck as he pulled her down for a kiss.


When she first left her home, she never once imagined that this would happen, that she’d be kissing a fox, that she’d be in a relationship with a fox.


“Judy… Judy w-wait. I-I have something to tell you.”


Carefully, she pulled back, frowning at the slightly distressed look on his face… in fact, it almost looked like fear.


Now, she’d seen Nick scared before… several times over the course of their investigation in fact… but what would he have to tell her, that would scare him this much?


“Nick…” Judy took his hands in hers and gave him a reassuring smile, “… It’s okay. Whatever you have to tell me… it’s okay.”


Nick snorted, “That’s what you say now Carrots… that’s what you say now.”


“Okay… so did you kill someone?”




“Did you… break into police headquarters and steal some handcuffs?”


“No…” Nick sighed, “Carrots, I don’t think you’re taking this very seriously- Hang out, do you want me to do that?”


“… I wouldn’t want to have that conversation with Captain Bogo.”


“True.” Nick then took a deep breath, “Look, I’ve never really admitted this to anyone before… but…. I know I was born a boy, but I never really… felt like one before, you know?”


Judy frowned, “You… never really felt like a boy?”


“Exactly!” Nick seemed thrilled that Judy was following along with the conversation, “I never felt like a boy… actually, I felt more like… like… like- “


“- Like a girl?”


Nick didn’t say anything… and in a way, that answered any questions that Judy could even think about asking.


So, she stayed quiet and just held him… her… Nick. She felt… Nick trembling, the fox’s fear evident.


“Aren’t you going to say anything?” Nick eventually whispered, “Tell me how wrong it is… how I shouldn’t feel like this?”


“Nothing is wrong with you Nick!” Judy gently scolded him, lightly pinching his ears, “You are perfect… boy or girl, you’re still my Nickie.” She quickly rubbed noses with him, before pulling him a little closer into a hug, “You’re still my Nickie.”


They were nice words…. But it still took some time before Nick could fully relax.

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Slowly, the Duke blinked himself awake, rolling over to avoid having the sun shine in his eyes.


Her Majesty was still asleep, snuffling slightly into her pillow.


He loved her so much, even when her hair was out of its’ neat bun and messily spread all over the pillow.


As he breathed in, he caught the faint smell that was very definitely Queen Elsa, a small smile appearing on his face. He was amazed that he was waking up next to her, that he fallen in love with a Queen and that she’s fallen in love with him in return.


Two blue eyes opened up to stare at him sleepily, “Mmmm, I love you.” She yawned, before turning over, “It’s too early… come back to bed.”


He leaned over and pressed a kiss into her hair, “I love you too.”


She turned over again, draping an arm and a leg over him, ensuring that he wouldn’t be able to move without disturbing her.


“I know.” She whispered back, a smile on her face.


And then he woke up.


Glancing to his side, the Duke of Weselton sighed at the sight of an empty bed.


Another dream… they were more frequent after his banishment, reminding him of everything that he could have had… everything that he lost.

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Dodger cackled as he dragged the long string of hot dogs away, zipping into a nearby alleyway and crawling under the fence.


“Falls for it every time….” Dodger muttered, shaking his head in exasperation, “… when will he ever learn.”


He winced as his tummy grumbled. It had been a slow week, and Fagin and the others were struggling pull in the money needed for proper food.


They wouldn’t mind if he had a few bites to eat, right?




Carefully, he pushed the hot dogs away, taking deep breath to contain the rumbling in his stomach.


They were his friends and family, he couldn’t do that to them.


“Hey! Hey you!”


Dodger barely reacted to the unfamiliar voice, watching as a white dog bounded up to him, a very serious expression on his face.


“I overheard news that you were once quite… close with a cat.” The word cat was sneered…. Yes, many dogs didn’t like their feline opposites, but to have that much hatred for them? “I’ll ignore you consorting with the enemy, if you lead to one of them. I have to rescue Penny.”


Penny… the kid Oliver went to live with, that Penny?


In his mind, Dodger shook his head…. No, Oliver would have tried to find him by now, frantic with worry.


Must be a different Penny… were all little girls called Penny?


Humans were so unimaginative.


“Can’t help you with any cats…” Dodger eventually answered, pushing himself to his feet and making his way over to the other dog, “… and the only Penny I know is about ten and lives in a fancy house.”


The other dog wasn’t impressed, scowling at Dodger as he started to circle him.


“You look stressed…” Dodger stated, smirking as the other dog glared at him, “…. Chill out, relax, and trust me when I say that the only cat around here will eat a nice dog like you for breakfast.”


“But- “


“- you need to find Penny, I know, I know.” Dodger smirked, “Well first things first, you need to hook into the rhythm.”


“… What?”


Shouldering past the other dog, Dodger hopped on top of a bucket, tapping his feet along to the unheard beat. “Yeah, this city’s got a beat, haven’t you heard it before? As soon as you hook into the rhythm, you can do anything.”


The other dog perked up at this. “Anything?”


“Absitively posolutely!”


There was a brief pause, before the other dog held out a paw. “Bolt.”




“My name… Bolt. I’m a little surprised you didn’t recognise me really. I’ve kept this city safe for years.”


“You’re a big deal then?”


“Yes!” Bolt definitely perked up at this, “Yes, exactly!”


“Hate to break it to ya kid, but you’re in New York. Everyone here’s a big deal.” And then a sudden thought occurred to Dodger, “Tell you what… you help me score a bit of food for me and my friends, help keep us alive and everything, and we’ll help you find your Penny. Deal?”


Bolt thought to himself for a few moments, before slowly nodding and holding out his paw. “Deal.”




Honestly… this was one of Dodgers’ better ideas.


Bolt didn’t look like the usual street dogs you’d find hanging around behind restaurants, near the bins, so the grumpy cooks were more than willing to toss him a few scraps, so much in fact, that Dodger had to… borrow a basket so that he could take it all the way back to their hideout.


“Nicely done there, kid.” He beamed at Bolt, “You ever think about retiring from the ‘saving the world’ business? You could make a mean living out here.”


“I just want to save Penny and get back home.”


“Alrightie then…” Subtly handing the bag full of food over to Bolt, he gestured for the other dog to follow him, “… Me and the others know these streets like the back of our paws. No Penny is safe from us.”




The tone actually sounded a little bit… upset, prompting Dodger to turn around and give Bolt (who was looking even more pathetic than Oliver), his best reassuring smile.


“Yeah… I promise kid.”

Chapter Text

Captain Nemo stared wide-eyed at the young lady in front of him… and the green tail that replaced her legs.


He’d heard tales of mermaids, what sailor hadn’t… but he never thought he’d ever meet one face to face.


However, this one wasn’t in the water, twirling around and trying to lure him to his death… no, this one was trapped on the rocks that were the last remnants of a forgotten island, pale reddish hair against pale skin.


“Do you require some assistance My Lady?” he called out, thankful that he’d brought Nautilus up for some time at the surface. Who knows how long she would have been left there.




The woman glared at him in distrust, shying away when he leaned a little closer.


“I’m not going to hurt you…” he whispered, holding out his hands, “… I just want to help. We have some food for you, an area we can fill with water for you to heal in… and when you’re better, you’ll be allowed to leave. You will never be a prisoner.”


The wound on her tail was clearly painful, as she hissed in pain when she tried to move away from him.


“Please… “Captain Nemo whispered, “… you’ll die out here.”


Eventually, she allowed him to take her in his arms and carry her onboard…. But she clearly still didn’t trust him.




“You are not like the other humans that I have seen.”


Her first words to him, shocked him to the core.


“I- “Nemo was stunned to find himself stammering… he had been caught completely off guard.


“You are kind… one might even consider you handsome in human terms?”


As he continued to remain silent, the mermaid giggled, the noise sounding like musical charms on the wind.


He knew he must have looked like an idiot… his dignity had flown out of the window. Luckily, there was no-one around.


The woman swam a little closer to the glass, the almost-healed green tail swaying slightly in the water, hair moving with every little movement through the water. “I feel as though I should apologise for my rudeness…” she whispered, “… but all my life I’ve been taught that humans were not to be fully trusted.”


“By who, if you don’t mind me asking?” He still felt his head was full of cotton, but speaking was easier.


“…. My husband.”


Ah… he knew it was too good to be true.


“I see…” Nemo forced a smile on his face, “…. How are you feeling my dear? I’m sure your husband must be worried about you.”


After a few experimental swipes of his tail, a small smile appeared on her face, “I think… I think I’m ready to go home now.”


“Of course… Of course. May I at least have your name before you leave?”




“… I’ll bring the Nautilus up to the surface.”




Almost five hours later, when the mermaid was half submerged in the water, arms resting on the rock that he was standing on, the pair still hadn’t said their goodbyes.


Silently, she gestured for him to get closer, pushing herself up until her lips connected with his.


“Athena…” she then whispered, “… You may call me Athena, Captain Nemo.”


And with that, she was gone, disappearing into the water with a flash of her green tail.


He felt like he was in a complete and utter daze, stumbling back into the ship, only to run into his First Mate.


“Captain? Captain, is everyone okay?”


Nemo could only nod, as his First Mate seemed to come to an understanding.


“Hmmm, I’ve heard the love of a mermaid has that effect on people.”


“… Love?”

Chapter Text

Eric couldn’t remember how he got here.


He remembered the dark clouds swirling in the sky, thunder crashing in the distance seconds after lightning lit up the sky.


His crew rushing around the ship trying to get everything under control, only for them to run towards the lifeboats as the mast was struck by lightning, quickly going up in flames.


He must have been blown off the ship, falling into the water and grabbing into a piece of driftwood, which carried him towards the shore. Once he was on dry land, he collapsed.


When he next woke up, he pushed himself to his feet, glancing around in the hope that the rest of his crew and made it… but there was no-one to be seen.


Nothing to be seen, except a large castle resting on top of a fairly large hill.


“Alright… he muttered to himself, shivering as the cold wind breezed through his soaked clothing, “… castle it is.”




It took him almost two hours to make his way to the top of the hall, pushing open the steep door after there was no-one to answer.


“Servants day off?” he wondered to himself, knowing that he was often guilty of doing the same. Sanding near a door to open and close it, seemed like the worst job ever. “Hello?”




Slowly, he made his way up a grand staircase, cautiously peeking into every room…. The castle looked like it had been lived in, and he was sure that he could smell the remnants of freshly cooked bread…. But there was no-one to be found.


Entering a large dining room, he headed over to the window, staring out at the gardens, which were heavily over-grown.


“Where am I?” he asked himself, leaning his arm against the window.


And then he heard someone breathing from the other end of the room.


Quickly, he spun around, frowning when all he could see was some movement from the shadows.


“Hello?” he greeted, “I-I’m sorry for just dropping in like this… I was in the storm? My ship kind of burnt up… Again, I am sorry but- “


Suddenly, he froze when a large, monstrous foot stepped out of the shadows, followed by the rest of the Beast.


There was silence for a few minutes, as the pair stared at each other… and then Eric decided he needed to break the silence.


“Well… that’s new.”


The Beast frowned, actually looking a little bit unsure by Eric’s reaction. “You’re not… scared of me?”


“… Should I be?”


Silence, which prompted Eric to continue, “You haven’t attacked me…. I don’t treat people like monsters if they don’t act like it. May I ask for your name?”


Silence… the Beast still looked confused.


“Well…” Eric bowed, the lessons from his Father deeply ingrained from his childhood, “… my name is Prince Eric.”


The Beast nervously rubbed the side of his face, clawed fingers brushing over his ear. “Prince Adam.” He mumbled, clearly not used to introducing himself like that.


“Excellent, now we know one another.”


Adam seemed less impressed.


“I know this is a lot to ask…. But am I okay to stay for a few days, just until I can get back to my feet and try and get into contact with someone from the palace? I promise I won’t take up too much space, I just- “


“- That’s fine.” Adam interrupted, turning away, “There should be a room for you.”


And with that, he started to walk away.


“O-oh… thank you!”




Hours later, as Eric desperately tried to save his flute, which was soaked due to the storm, there was a gentle knock on the door.


The sign of life aside from Adam he’d heard since first arriving here.


“Come in!”


Slowly, the door pushed open…. But there was no-one there.


“Down here sweetie.”


Slowly, he moved his eyes down… and he wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was shocked at the sight of the moving, talking teapot…. Followed by a beaming teacup, a stern looking clock and a chuckling candelabra.


“You’ve been up here for quite a long time sweetie…” The teapot stated, “… we were wondering if you’d like a cup of tea maybe?”




“The Master is also planning on having a pleasant evening filled with music and fine dining…” the clock interrupted, “…. We shall have to wake Madame Gardrobe, but- “


“- he hasn’t even accepted yet, mon ami!” This time, it was the candelabra who spoke up, “Give him a chance!”


“Here you go!” the cup bounced over to him, full of hot tea, “You wanna see me do a trick?!”


“Chip, remember your manners!”


“Madame Gardrobe! Please wake up, you have a suit to design!”


To be honest, when the wardrobe yawned and stretched out, Eric wasn’t even slightly surprised any more.


“Excellent!” the wardrobe cooed, “Such a fine chin, strong chest, muscular- “


“- Wait, wait, wait!” Eric held up his hands, a universal sign for everyone to stop talking, so that he could try and take it all in. He then turned to the teapot, “Mrs…”


“Pots, my dear. Mrs Pots.”


“Mrs Pots… thank you every much for the cup of tea. Chip, do you mind if I just have a couple of sips before I see your trick? I am a bit thirsty.”


As Chip nodded, allowing Eric to take a couple of sips, the Prince took a deep breath.


“Well, I do have some questions… but first, I would be happy to join Prince Adam for a night of dancing and dining, and if Madam Gardrobe is available to make me a nice suit, I would be very grateful Misters…”


“Cogsworth.” The Clock bowed.


“Lumiere.” The Candelabra did the same.


“Thank you… and I think you know what I’m going to ask next?”


They did, and Prince Eric listened, completely entranced, to a tale about a price left without his parents from a young age, spoiled to the core before he and his household staff were cursed by a vindictive enchantress.




“This is a waste of time.” Adam grumbled as he was scrubbed, combed and trimmed, “The enchantress would have meant a woman, not some… goody-two shoes Prince from another country!”


“She never specified that…” Cogsworth sighed, “… she just said that you had to fall in love and have them love you in return. Now, Prince Eric is having a new suit made, so I took the liberty of having one made for you as well.”


“I don’t need- “He stopped, glancing down at his wet fur… and larger body. “- never mind.”




Prince Eric… looked stunning.


Adam shuffled nervously from side to side, clearing his throat and adjusting his tie as Lumiere pushed him forwards.


Slowly, they both made their way down the steps towards one another, both bowing low before any words were said.


“You look…. Really nice.” Eric spoke up, soft smile on his face, “Blue is really your colour.”


Adam knew he was preening, straightening up and puffing his chest out as a beam appeared on his face.


When Eric then held out his gloved hand, showing no disgust at the idea of having Adam’s paw in his hand, Adam felt… strange.


He’d never felt like this before.


“May I have this dance?”


Oh yes… this was perfect.




It didn’t last.


Weeks after their dance and dinner, as they both sat in music room (which Eric confessed to being a little bit jealous of), Lumiere came rushing into the room.


The castle was under attack.


Hours later, when the local villagers had been scared off, Eric went rushing off to find Adam. He had been separated from the other prince, whilst rescuing many of the cursed servants from being destroyed, and now, Adam was nowhere to be found.


“Adam?! ADAM!”


Rushing up some decrepit stairs and into a mostly destroyed room, he spotted something large, lying on the balcony.




Barely paying any attention the rose with a single petal on it, Eric raced over to the other man, gasping at the sight of the large stab wound in the man’s back as he gently rolled him over. Gently running his hand over Adam’s hairy cheek, Eric tried to give him a reassuring smile as blue eyes wearily opened up.


“A-are you okay?” Adam asked weakly, eyes scanning over Eric as he checked for injuries.


“I’m fine, I’m fine!” Eric couldn’t help but feel a warm tug at his heart at the concern Adam was showing him, “We need to get you help! Now!”


“Maybe… maybe it’s better this way.” Adam weakly glanced at the rose, “I-I-I don’t have much time left now.”


“Who cares about some rose! You’re still Adam, fully human or not… you’re still the man who loves music and dining, who laughs at silly jokes and can dance like a professional… you’ll still be you!”


Adam clearly didn’t believe him, an insecure smile on his face as he weakly raised a paw, brushing ruffled hair away from Eric’s eyes. “At least I-I got to see you… one… last… time.”


As the paw started to fall, Eric desperately tried to grab onto it, needing that contact for just a bit more.


But it was too late… Adam was gone.


“No, no, no!” he muttered, “No, please, don’t do this to me… I-I think I love you, please!”




Sitting back on his heels, Eric buried his face in his hands…. The only person he really felt a connection to, and he was gone.


So consumed in his grief, he failed to notice the glowing rain striking the ground all around him. He only realised when Adam’s body started to rise into the air. Brushing wet hair away from his eyes, Eric watched in amazement as Adam’s body started to glow, paws becoming hands and feet, body shrinking down and fur falling from a chiselled face.


Once the transformation was complete, Eric could only sit there in shock as Adam suddenly stirred, pushing himself to his feet, examining his own body in shock before spinning around to see Eric staring at him.


“Eric…. It’s me.”


Eric could only nod in shock, allowing himself to be helped to his feet as he scanned Adam from head to toe.


Before Adam could say anything else, Eric lunged forwards and grabbed the man’s ripped shirt, pulling him closer and kissing him on the lips.


Grimsby would be so thrilled.

Chapter Text

It was stupid…. Half in love with someone for so long and never doing anything about it.


Urchin watched as Gabriella ‘talked’ to Ariel and her new husband, Eric, watching long beautiful fingers and the way her curls hung around her neck…. Those gorgeous hazel eyes. He knew he should probably stop staring now, but he couldn’t help himself.


He desperately needed to ask her something…. He just had to muster up the courage to do so.




‘Eric seems very nice’ Ollie signed, smiling at Gabriella as the newly married pair headed further along the ship in order to speak to Ariel’s sisters, ‘I’m happy for her.’


Gabriella nodded in agreement, however, before she could sign anything in reply, she felt a cautious hand tap her shoulder. Spinning around, she couldn’t help but beam at the sight of Urchin behind her.


It was a little like the sun, she couldn’t help but think to herself.


Once again, before she could sign anything, Urchin slowly raised his own hands, trembling fingers forming words before her very eyes


‘I’m probably going to make tols of nistakes…’ he shakily began, ‘… but I think you are really pretty.’


Gabriella’s eyes widened in shock, feeling her heart speed up a few notches as Urchin grinned a little bashfully, tail flicking with the nerves. It was adorable, and it was…. It was touching, that Urchin had thought to learn a completely new way of communicating, just for her.


Most people relied on Ollie.


Keeping eye contact with Urchin, she slowly signed back ‘I think you are really cute as well.’


Urchin clearly understood her, blushing lobster red and biting his lip slightly as he smiled shyly. She couldn’t hear her own laugh, but she could feel the vibrations in her throat.


‘I would like to go on a date with you, that would be really…. Mice.’


She giggled slightly, loving the small mistakes that he made…. And then she actually processed what Urchin had just asked her.


He wanted to go on a date with her…. No-one had ever asked her on a date before, and they especially didn’t learn sign language to ask her in the first place.


Slowly, she nodded her head in answer to the question, a large smile spreading across her face, along with a bright, red flush.


Urchin liked her…. That was more than anything she’s ever had before. It sent a weird feeling of fear and panic into the pit of her stomach, along with a sense of hysterical happiness that centred itself in her heart.


This… this could work.

Chapter Text

The pair stared at one another distrustfully, one of the ground, and one in the branches.


The only sound that could be heard, was the wind rustling through the leaves and the cry of other animals in the night sky.


The animal sound was welcome actually, especially considering how the Pride Lands used to be a few months ago.


As the silence got tenser and tenser, Shenzi eventually snapped. “What? Not going to tell me to get the hell out of the Pride Lands? Not going to tell me I don’t belong here?!”


Zazu remained silent, staring down at her before sighing wearily. “Why bother… you wouldn’t listen, and the new King and Queen are far too busy to deal with one hyena.”


It was easy to guess what he was implying.


“So we’ll have some new cubs running around soon?” Shenzi asked, “That was something I never understood about Scar… he seemed to believe he was immortal, he didn’t really think about taking a mate until near the end.”


“Hmmm, I remember.”


They both did… they both remembered how Scar lusted after Nala, driving her away from the Pride Lands, where she then found Simba.


“He told us he would be a good king…” Shenzi then whispered, “… we were struggling to survive away from the Pride Lands and he knew that…. He knew how hungry we were. All we wanted was an equal share of the food. We were all friends since we were children… we thought he was our friend, but he was more concerned about himself. It was all about him, and we didn’t see that until it was too late. He tried to blame us for everything!”


“I know…” Zazu’s voice was sympathetic, having witnessed practically everything from behind bar, “… and that’s why you- “


The sentence remained unfinished, but Shenzi knew what it was going to be.


That’s why you killed him.


“He was ruining the Pride Lands…” She whispered, “… we didn’t know he would go so far.”


“…. You didn’t know he was going to force the lionesses to over-hunt?”


Shenzi shook her head… even if hyenas were scavengers by nature, she knew about the dangers of over-hunting. But she was so consumed by the thrill of being as powerful as a lion, that she didn’t pay it any heed.


Yes, she and the other hyenas were back in exile…. But life was better now.


“Maybe we have something in common after all.”


At her curious frown, Zazu smirked down at her, an uncharacteristic, malicious glint in his eyes.


“We’re both glad that he’s gone.”

Chapter Text

Mister Goody Two-Shoes was late


Which didn’t bother Calhoun…. She knew how popular he was amongst the people of his game…. He was probably saying goodbye to each and every one of them.


He was only five minutes late anyway…. Nothing to worry about.


// You're one dynamite gal! \\


She shook her head, trying to remove the memory from her mind.


Everything was going to be fine…. She was going on a date with someone who made her happy, which is what Brad would have wanted. She adjusted her position on the less than comfortable bench, clearing her parched throat.


Everything will be fine.


// You're one dynamite gal! \\


It was louder this time, somehow drowning out the surrounding noise. She couldn’t help but cringe, gritting her teeth and tensing, resisting the urge to pull out her weapon.


// You're one dynamite gal! \\


She glanced at the clock once again…. ten minutes late now.


A bead of sweat rolled down the back of her neck as she tried to keep her breathing calm, one shaky hand running through blonde locks.


Everything would be fine… it would be different this time.


“Sergeant Calhoun!” a familiar voice called out, “Tamora!”


Calhoun whipped around to see Felix a few feet away, waving a hand and running towards her.


In that moment, her ex-fiancee’s voice seemed to fade away and all she could see was the beaming smile on Felix’s face.


“Sorry I’m late!” he exclaimed, a guilty look on his face, “Mrs Walker needed a little help with her window and- “


He was suddenly cut off, as Calhoun pulled him in for a kiss. She didn’t care about excuses…. She just cared that he was here, with her.


When they eventually pulled about, Felix had a dopy look on his face for a few seconds, before he cleared his throat and straightened up. “I wanted to bring you flowers but I don’t think you’re a flower kind of girl.”


He was right.


“Hey…” he seemed to notice the slightly down look in her eyes, “… are you alright? Are you having… second thoughts?”


How could she explain that she was, and she wasn’t?


How could she explain that she wanted to go on this date with him, that he made her feel like more than a soldier, that he made her feel special?


How could she explain that she was worried that what happened to Brad, would also happen to him? She couldn’t watch another boyfriend be eaten like Brad was.


“I’m fine…” she forced a smile on her face, “… It’ll all be fine.”

Chapter Text

Peter enjoyed lazing around. Just leaning back, staring upwards at the sky, watching it turn from blue to a mixture of pink, purple and orange as he glugged down a drink.


The burp left his lips suddenly, echoing throughout the trees and scaring off any nearby birds.


The soft tinkling sound, as Tink giggled beside him caused him to beam in pride.


“Yeah, it was a nice one wasn’t it!” Peter cackled (Tink’s laughter was very contagious).


And then Tink burped, her face twisting into a smug grin, knowing that it was far better than Peter’s. ‘Bet that’, her face seemed to say.


“Oh, you don’t want to challenge me Tink!”


The pair stared at one another, neither backing down. First it was Peter, released a short burp…. Tink’s smirk grew, like she sensed weakness, before letting one rip of her own, only slightly longer than Peter’s.


“Don’t hold back Tink.” Peter accused, frowning when Tink shrugged, almost saying ‘I don’t want to embarrass you.’


“You won’t win Tink… I’m a master burper!”


‘Try me!’


For the next half hour, they battled back and forth, having to move to another location when the pirates made themselves known.


Once they were closer to the den, and the Lost Boys, Peter turned to the fairy with a smirk. “Shall we continue my lady?” he smirked, giving her a mock bow, “Or are you willing to admit defeat?”


She straightened up and glared at him, squeaking indignantly. ‘You should bow to me! I’m the Queen of Burping!’


“I’ll you who’s the Queen… King of Burping!”


Straight after Peter’s slight Freudian slip, a loud, earth-quaking belch shook the surrounding area, causing Peter to take a step back in shock as the Lost Boys made their way to the surface, all curious about the noise, with many believing it was some kind of wild creature.


‘I win.’ Tinkerbell claimed proudly, folding her arms and beaming down at a stunned Peter, ‘ Say it… I win!’


“… You win Tink…. You win.”

Chapter Text

The weather was freezing outside.


Gaston couldn’t help but shiver as he remembered his last night in France, the feeling of falling into the frozen lake as he fell from a great height.


It was pure luck that he survived…. He was even luckier when a visiting princess rescued him, taking him back to her kingdom when it became obvious that he was no longer welcome in his village.


He never expected to fall in love with her.


Placing the wood that he’d collected on the ground, he slowly removed the large coat he was wearing, his body protesting once the cold air inside the castle hit the bare skin of his arms.


“Damn witch queen…” he muttered under his breath, taking care to say it quietly, “…. Can’t she just suck all the cold out of the air inside?”


Slowly making his way up to the rooms he shared with the princess, the first thing he saw upon entering the large room, was Anna lying on the couch with no blanket.


Gaston winced. Alright, Anna had told him everything that had happened with her sister (who really didn’t like him), but how can she really sleep there and not feel the cold? Even with the fire, it was chilly.


Not that it bothered him of course…. Men weren’t bothered by the cold.


Grabbing the material that was on the back of the ornate sofa, he gently placed it over Anna. However, as he went to grab the firewood he’d just dumped by the door, he felt a small hand encircle his wrist.


“Where y’ goin’?” Anna mumbled, still mostly asleep, her hair standing up in all directions.


Gaston remained silent…. This wasn’t how he expected to spend the rest of his life. His mother was always well-groomed and perfectly dressed, his Father insisted upon it.


But he did love Anna.


“Nowhere…” he murmured, leaning over and kissing the princess on the lips, gently encouraging her to get into a seated position so that he could sit down as well, expecting Anna to just lie back down. Instead, she wrapped the blanket around her shoulders and clambered onto his lap, her arms around his shoulder, nuzzling her face under his chin.


“You’re so warm…” she muttered under her breath, arching up and kissing him again… and again… and again, “… so warm.”


It was so… sweet.


He never expected his life to end up like this…. He was a simple hunter at heart, and any plans for the future included having Belle wait on him hand and foot, with their children and dogs playing in front of the fire.


Being the love interest of a princess was not in the cards.


And yet, he couldn’t complain… no matter how cold he was.

Chapter Text

Peter didn’t expect it the first time.


They were back at the Indian Camp, huddled around the fire. Tiger-Lily was dancing to the beat of the drums, when Wendy suddenly whispered, “She’s so pretty.”


Peter almost choked on the smoke, coughing weakly and pounding on his chest to try and clear it.


As Wendy tried to help, her hand slapping against his back, Tiger-Lily came rushing over, concern written all over her face. “Peter? Are you alright?”


“YES!” Peter knew he was bright red as the Indian princess leant in close, his voice higher than usual.


Tiger-Lily frowned, only leaving when her father called her over.


“You-you…” Peter then turned to Wendy, “…. You said…. About Tiger-Lily…. You said- “


“- That she’s very pretty. Are you sure you’re okay?”


Peter nodded frantically, “Yeah, yeah… I thought you hated her though?”


When Wendy just shrugged, Peter mustered up every bit of courage that he had.


“Yeah…” he whispered, “… she’s very, very pretty.”




It kept happening.


The third time, Tiger-Lily was helping to paint the faces of the Lost boys, giggling when they argued with one another, paint smeared all over their faces and clothes in the ensuing scuffle.


“I love her laugh.” Wendy stated, patting Peter’s head sympathetically when he rested it on her shoulder, sighing pitifully.




After another nine weeks of pining and stating what they loved about the Indian Princess, they both came to a mutual decision.


Tiger-Lily had received her first official bow, and was showing off to the Lost Boys (as well as Wendy and Peter, but she’d never admit that).


“Peter….” Wendy’s voice was cautious, as though she couldn’t believe she was going to say this, “… I think we might need to have a talk with her.”


“Really?” He could still remember Wendy’s reaction when she first met Tiger-Lily, “Are you sure.”


“…. No…. but I still want to.”




The next night, everything changed.


Tiger-Lily didn’t go back to her camp. Instead, she was squished between Peter and Wendy, giggling as Peter kissed the ticklish spot behind her ear.


“You are so gorgeous…” Wendy was whispering, fingers stroking her shoulder, occasionally running then through the princess’s dark hair.


“…. So, so gorgeous.” Peter agreed, before he met Wendy’s eyes and gave her a reassuring smile, “Both of you are.”


As she ran her own fingers through Wendy’s hair, Tiger-Lily knew she was flushing… she hoped this wasn’t all just a dream.


“It’s no dream.”


She flushed deeper when she realised that she’d spoke out loud, prompting Wendy to answer her.


“It’s no dream… just a wish come true.”

Chapter Text

Alice hated high school.


Creativity was squashed. Imagination was forbidden…. And dreams were crushed.


She hated it.


“Is… anyone sitting here?”


Silently, she glanced up whoever at just spoken… and stopped.


Alright, maybe high school wouldn’t be too bad after all.


The boy had light brown, almost reddish hair that had been neatly combed. His clothes were simple, but neat and he carried a simple satchel. A notebook was clutched close to his chest.


“Ummmm, no..” she shrugged, “… go ahead.”


As the boy took a seat next to her, she turned her attention back to her own notebook, doodling yet another picture of the Hatter and Hare.


“I’m Christopher by the way….” The boy introduced himself, “… Christopher Robin.”


“… Alice.”


There was a brief moment of silence, before Christopher nervously spoke up again. “They look interesting… how are- “


Interrupting him, Alice practically slammed her notebook shut, sending him a quick glare. “It’s nothing okay… nothing.”


She’d lost too many potential friends with her tales of Wonderland.


“Oh…” Christopher looked a little bit hurt, but seemed to shake it off quickly, turning his attention to the board as the teacher started to talk, “…. Okay then.”




They had a rough start, but Alice found herself surprised when she learnt that she and Christopher had something in common.


Wonderous adventures that they experienced as children, full of friends and creatures that shaped who they were today.


“And this….” Alice added the final touches to her doodle, “… is the Mad Hatter.”


Christopher looked over her shoulder, smirking at the sight of the large hat on the man’s hat, and the daft grin on his face. “He looks… interesting.”


“Interesting is a good word for him…” Alice sighed sadly, tracing her fingers over the faint lines, “… he was mad, but he was kind.”


“… Tigger’s like that.” Christopher mused, a fond smile on his face, “Completely manic, but lovable all the same.”


“He sounds lovely.”


As the cool autumn breeze shook a few more leaves loose from the oak tree they were sitting under, Christopher turned to Alice, a contemplative look on his face. “I-I know you can’t ever go back to Wonderland…” he whispered, remembering the afternoon she confessed that she would give everything to go back, tears running down her cheeks, “… but…. Maybe you’d like to come to the Hundred Acre Woods with me?”




Alice knew that Christopher had had the same experiences as her… people not being his friend just because of his ‘imaginary world.’


She shouldn’t have been so surprised to be invited.


“Yeah!” Alice could barely contain her excitement, “Yeah, that sounds amazing!”


Christopher looked equally as thrilled when she accepted the invitation, “Great!” he exclaimed, “I’ll meet you near the car park and we’ll go after school!”




“It just looks like an ordinary forest to me….” Alice mused as the orange, red and brown leaves crunched underneath their feet, “… like the ones you see in children’s shows.”


“I bet everything looks normal to you after Wonderland.” Christopher didn’t take Alice’s comment as an insult thankfully, leading her over a log bridge until they reached a clearing, where music could be heard in the distance.


“Nothing can go wrong, when everything is right!”


“I love this song.” Christopher beamed, speeding up slightly and pulling Alice with him, “Come on!”


She couldn’t help but giggle as she was pulled into the clearing, her eyes instantly falling on the group gathered around a giant oak stump table.


They all looked like stuffed toys, exactly how Christopher drew them.


As she and Christopher got closer, the stuffed toys all stopped mid-song and turned to the pair, many of them in shock slightly.


“Christopher Robin?” A yellow bear, who Alice easily identified as Winnie the Pooh, “Who is this.”


The others all eagerly started to pipe up as well, all moving closer and beaming up at Alice.


“This… is Alice.” Christopher shyly introduced her, “Alice, meet Pooh (the yellow bear), Tigger, Rabbit, Owl, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo.”


Once the small group had all finished their numerous hellos, many of them fighting to be heard above the others, Alice waved at them, a small smile on her face.


“Hello, it’s very nice to meet you all.”


And then the questions started.


“Are you and Christopher going to get married?”


“You’re very pretty, are you an angel?”


“Do you want to play tag?!”


Alice couldn’t help but giggle as Christopher desperately tried to calm them down, sending her apologetic winces every so often as Pooh grabbed one hand and Rabbit the other, both dragging her towards the table, chattering eagerly along the way about the many adventures that they’d had.


The misunderstanding about school incident sound hilarious.


As she gratefully accepted some tea, sweetened with honey, she glanced over at Christopher and sent him a small smile.


Okay… maybe high school wasn’t so bad after all.

Chapter Text

Wally knew he wasn’t really meant to be here… hiding at the side of the pitch as the cheerleaders practiced on the opposite side of the field.


Where Eve practiced.


With short blonde, almost white hair cut to a cute, little bob, electric blue eyes, a cute giggle and a way of walking, that almost seemed like she was floating, Eve was definitely the most beautiful girl in school.


He knew he was so far beneath her radar, he might as well have been underground, but it didn’t stop the way he felt about her. With shaggy brown hair, simple and cheap clothing, large glasses with a bandage around the bridge, he was no-where near the standards that cheerleaders tended to go for.


Sketching out another quick doodle of her in his notebook, Wally didn’t even notice he’d been surrounded until his light was blocked and his arms were grabbed.


“What are you doing here?” The most popular boy in school, known only as Auto, glared at him, “Perving over my girl again?”


“E-eve isn’t your girl!”


And she wasn’t…. everyone had heard how she rejected his invitation to the prom.


Auto’s eyes seemed to get cruller, prompting Wally to shrink back against the bench, clutching his notebook to his chest.


“I should teach you a lesson…. A warning not to stare at what isn’t yours.”


The two who were holding him started to drag him away. He shouted, but doubted that anyone would actually get a teacher.


The boys’ toilets stunk.


It was easy to see what was going to happen next.


Wally struggled as hard as he could, his glasses almost flying off his face with the effort.


“What are you doing?”


Everyone froze, spinning around to see Eve standing there, her nose scrunched up at the smell… she looked so out of place in the grimy room.


And the Principal was right behind her.


“What are you doing?” She asked again, storming over as the bullies let go of Wally and took a step back in alarm.


Wally was stunned, his glasses were almost hanging off his face and he didn’t even want to think about what his hands were resting in now.


She looked like an avenging angel.


As the Principal scolded the boys, Eve lowered herself slightly, looking Wally in the eyes with a concerned expression on her face. “Are you alright?”


“Y-Y-Y-Y- “ He couldn’t force the words out, and simply nodded his head instead, slowly pushing himself to his feet and pushing his glasses up.


“Are you sure…” she placed a hand on his shoulder, “… you don’t look okay.”


Once again, he couldn’t force the words out.


“Come on.” Much to Wally’s shock, she grabbed his hand and tugged him out of the bathroom, “You need to see the nurse.”


This was the perfect time to ask her to the prom… she was his knight, like in the old romance stories he’d scavenged from the local charity shops.


But he couldn’t say anything… it was like the words got stuck in his throat.


So he bowed his head and remained quiet, allowing himself to be dragged to the nurse.




The prom came quicker than he expected, and before he knew it, he was hiding in the corner of the sports hall, desperately wishing for a last bit of courage as he clutched a small flower in his grasp.


“Do you want a dance?” a soft voice asked him.


When he looked up, Wally gulped nervously as Eve beamed at him…. She looked stunning in her floor length, white dress. She was smiling shyly at him, “Did you hear me? Do you want a dance?”


“I-I-I-I- “ The most popular girl in school was asking him to dance… it was very cliché, but appreciated.


Unfortunately, he seemed to have taken a bit too long as Eve’s face flushed red with embarrassment.


“D-do you even know who I am?” Was the first thing out of his mouth, causing him to slap a hand over it, his face as red as hers.


Thankfully, she didn’t seem offended, “You’re Wally E-E- I’m sorry, I don’t know how to pronounce your last name. You’re the best sculptor in the school, and when we graduate in a few years time, I have no doubt you’ll be snatched up by one of those big companies… and I’ve had a crush on you since first year.”


“W-what?” This couldn’t be a joke… Eve was too kind for that.


She took a deep breath, those blue eyes instantly focusing on his own. “I like you Wally, so would you please dance with me?”


Wally gaped for a few moments, before slowly getting to his feet and offering her his arm. His suit looked like a trash bag in comparison to her dress, but she didn’t seem worried about that. They walked onto the dance floor, where she moved to stand in front of him and Wally placed his hands on her waist, the few inches between their heights making him look up at her.


“Is this alright? I can- “Eve made a gesture towards her heels, indicating that she could remove them if Wally asked.


“No, keep them on. I like it.” Wally blushed as soon as he spoke up…. It was strange to admit that he liked that she was taller than him. Eve just smiled, slowly swaying him from side to side in time with the music.


Wally followed her lead easily, trying to ignore all the people staring at them.


“Ignore them…” Eve whispered, wrapping her arms around Wally’s neck, and leaning her head against his.


Wally felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest, “D-do you really like me?”


“Of course I do!”




Eve pulled back far enough to look him in the eye, her blue eyes wide and honest… and caring.


“You’re so smart… even though the footballers pick on you for being… well, a nerd, you don’t stop trying to help people. I saw you helping a bug out of a spiders’ web the other day.”


He had pet hissing cockroaches at home, he couldn’t just let that poor thing be eaten.


“And it doesn’t hurt that you’re cute.”


Another flush washed across Wally’s face.


“I love your little smile and- “


Finally, Wally mustered up enough courage. Nipping onto his tip-toes, he gently kissed Eve on the mouth. Her lips were so soft… Wally felt like he could do this forever.


“So…” he whispered as he pulled away, “… D-d- you have a date for next year’s prom?”

Chapter Text

The first thing Henry noticed was the ache in his head… the second, was the fact that he was in a cell.


And then he heard the chuckling, that seemed to echo through the damp, dark area. Immediately, he went on the defensive, “Who’s there? Show yourself!”


Another chuckle, and movement in the shadows.


“Come into the light!” he ordered, straightening up. He was the son of Will Turner… he wasn’t about to be cowered by a voice in the dark.


There was a brief moment of silence, before the figure stepped into the light… and Henry shrank back in alarm.


The man was dead… there was no way he could be fully alive. Huge chunks of flesh were missing from his body, with grey skin still peeling off in little flakes. Black hair hung limply around his peeling, as though he’d recently took a swim in the ocean… and black ooze dripped from his mouth.


“Horrifying, yes?” The man…. Ghost… thing hissed, blackened teeth bared in a mockery of a smile, “Who. Are. You?”


“H-Henry Turner.” He wasn’t ashamed to admit he stammered a little bit…. It was hard not to.


“Son of Will Turner… you can lead me to Jack Sparrow.”


“No, I can’t! I can’t find him either- “


A burnt, grey hand slammed against the bars of the cell, stunning Henry into silence as the man leaned in closer.


“You will help me find him…” he hissed, “… or you will stay here…. Forever.”




He didn’t know how long he sat in the cell once the man vanished into the crowd…. the sun seemed to have set long ago judging by the sudden chill that swept through his bones.


Suddenly, the door to his cell opened up and a familiar voice spoke up from the shadows again. “Follow me… I’ll show you to your room.”


“My room?” Henry slowly pushed himself to his feet and frowned, “But I thought- “


“- Do you want to stay here?!”


Henry was silent for a moment, before darting forwards, intending to attack the strange man, only for the man to move to one side and place a sharp blade at his throat.


“Cute.” The man chuckled, before sheathing the sword, “Follow me…. I’ve told my men to allow you free reign of the ship…. Everywhere except my chambers of course.”


Henry chose not to say anything, especially not the obvious question. Why would he want to go anywhere near this… man’s personal quarters?


They walked for a few minutes, walking up broken and cracked stairs until they came out onto the deck. Other members of the crew were there, all eying Henry in curiosity, with several men smirking when Henry refused to look them in the eyes.


“Welcome to your new home…” the man opened a large door, “… Best to stay in here for now. My crew can get a little… nasty.”


And then the door was closed and Henry was left alone.


He had to get out of here.




Halfway through his third escape plan, Henry heard a loud knocking on the door.


“You will join me for dinner!” the man from earlier ordered, “That’s not a polite request, I’m afraid.”


Henry remained silent.


Another loud knock. “So… will you join me for dinner?”


“You take me as a prisoner and now you want to have dinner with me? Can you even eat?”


“…. You will be joining me for dinner…. Or you will starve. If you don’t eat with me, then you don’t eat at all.”


Henry growled, “Fine!”


Eating with the man would almost be like surrendering… and he would never surrender.




Soon, his hunger got to the better of him.


Testing the door, he was relieved to find that it was unlocked. It was in the middle of the night, so there weren’t many crew members around, making it easier for him to sneak to the opposite end of the ship.


Where his curiosity got the better of him…. What exactly was in the man’s private quarters?




Anger…. Anger was in the quarters.


After being scared half to death by the sudden appearance of the man, Henry made a run for it, deciding that the ocean would be a better end for him, rather than whatever the man had planned for him.


The half-dead sharks disagreed.


Thankfully, before they could do anything serious, they were almost called off as he was dragged back onto the ship by the man.


From there, their dynamic changed.




“Your leg could do with being a little more to the right.”


Henry chose not to look at the man…. He’d done his best to avoid him ever since the shark incident and he was determined to keep it that way.


He made the adjustments though. “You… know the stance?”


The man smirked, “I was once a soldier myself… you could almost say I was an expert.” He bowed lowly, “Capitán Armando Salazar, at your service.” He then drew his sword from its sheath and moved into the sparring stance, “Come… I think I can teach you some better tricks than whatever the military are teaching nowadays.”


Remaining where he was for a short time, Henry eventually moved to stand opposite Salazar, bringing his own sword up, silently accepting the lessons.


In case he ever need to defend himself against this Salazar and the crew, he reasoned to himself… not because Salazars’ smirk did something to him.




Over the next few days, Henry found himself paying more attention to Salazar, even having dinner with the man.


It was clear that Salazar’s death hadn’t caused him to forget his table manners… they were probably better than Henry’s (which he knew his Mother would be very shocked about).


Salazar was also a very skilled fighter, teaching Henry some key skills.


As the days passed by, Henry started to build up a picture of ex-Captain. There was something… sweet, almost kind about the other man. There something still human about him.


There was something there, that Henry hadn’t seen before.


This was new… new and a bit alarming


Watching Salazar was causing new… feelings in Henry, and he wasn’t sure if he particularly liked them. Prisoners shouldn’t start to like their captives, it didn’t work like that, it should never work like that!


Although, it was clear that Salazar wasn’t as bad as he first believed.


On one occasion, as he was walking across the deck, he spotted Salazar at the wheel.


“Where are we going?”


Salazar smirked, “And what makes you think I’ll tell you?”


It was a good point.


There was a brief moment of silence, before Henry sighed, “Look… I never thanked you. For saving my life.”


A simple nod of acknowledgement was his only answer.


“I mean it…” Henry whispered, “… I owe you my life, which means I’m in your debt.”


“No…” Salazar glared at him, looking so much like their earlier days together, “… If you do something for me, then I want it to be because you want to, not because you believe to owe me a debt.” He then turned his attention back to the sky, a soft smile on his face as the sun hit him, “Never mention that again.”




The trident had been destroyed, and all curses of the sea were lifted…. Henry knew he should have gone over to Jack and his Father, but he found himself searching for Salazar.


“Salazar! Salazar! Armando?!”


The whole possession thing had been weird, but Henry found himself understanding why Salazar was so angry… he’d only met Jack Sparrow for a brief moment, but the older man had a way of getting on people’s nerves.


However, after spotting a couple of people, who he recognised as being members of Salazar’s crew… except with the peeling flesh and missing body parts, he knew that there was a chance that Salazar was human again too.


And then he spotted him.


Salazar still seemed to be in shock, hands roaming over his body as he slowly came to the realisation that he was human and well.




Finally, he seemed to react to the name, turning around and spotting Henry instantly, a relieved smile appearing on his face. It had been a chaotic battle, and Henry had been lost in the middle of it after the possession incident.


“Henry…” he whispered, turning to the younger man and beaming, “… Henry!”


Much to the ex-dead man’s surprise (and the surprise of everyone else), Henry grabbed the older man’s coat and pulling him down for a kiss.


“Bad parenting that….” He heard Jack point out to William, “… kissing pirate hunters is a big no-no… next, he’ll be burning the rum!”

Chapter Text

To Ariel, Eric was the perfect choice for her.


Handsome… a prince… kind… musically talented.


He was everything she ever wanted, aside from the fact that he was human.


But she was willing to make that sacrifice for what she believed to be love.


She didn’t understand love then… she didn’t understand it until she went looking for the sea witch, believing that she would be able to help Ariel with her love-life. From all the stories she’s heard about the sea witch, she was expecting a hideously ugly woman, with untamed hair and evil minions, fish skulls all around her lair.


Well, the two eels certainly fit the profile of evil minions but the sea witch… wasn’t what she was expecting.


“You look surprised young one…” the tentacled man, who barely looked older than 25 hissed, a wicked smirk on his face, “… let me guess. Your Daddy warned you of something different?”


Ariel could only nod, knowing her face was going red and if she did speak, no more than a squeak would come out.


The sea witch, wasn’t a witch at all… in fact, if it weren’t for the tentacles, he could probably fit in well with the youth of the mermaid community.


Captivating dark eyes stared at her, a knowing smile on his handsome face. His voice was soft and low, almost soothing. His hair was silver, almost reflecting the light coming off of the many lights were all around the lair. It was shortish, slightly ruffled, like he’d been running his fingers through it constantly.


“Call me Ursul…” he gently took her hand and kissed it, winking as her flush only deepened, “… It’s a pleasure to meet you princess. Now, what can I do for you?”


“I-I-I- “ She’d completely forgotten. All thoughts of being able to be with Eric had completely disappeared from her mind.


“Or maybe…” Ursul swam a little bit closer, almost pressing her up against the wall, “…. You just wanted to see me, hmmmm?”


Sebastian didn’t say anything, and neither did Flounder…. Maybe a little time getting to know Ursul wouldn’t hurt.




She thought she loved Eric.


She thought she loved him. Everything human about him used to be attractive to her, it was wonderful. Maybe part of it, was the sense of rebellion against her Father. He hated everything human, and she was determined to see the good in it, to believe that there was nothing wrong or evil with the human world.


But there was only a hollowness now when she thought of the handsome prince.


What could he do for her?


Nothing… Ursul was giving her everything. He would allow her to go up to the human world in the dead of night and feel the dry sand in between her fingers. On his little ‘business’ trips, he would bring her something new every day.


He kissed her like she meant the whole world to him.


Or at least, she hoped that’s how he felt, because he was her whole world now.


She hadn’t known what love was until she met Ursul.

Chapter Text

Pongo curled up under the bench.


He’d been thinking about this for the last few months. His pet, Roger, hadn’t gone for the beautiful woman and her pet, and had instead chosen a vapid woman who hated Pongo with a burning passion.


He’d only had one saviour through all of this, and that was who he was waiting for.


Speak of the devil;


“Come on…” Tramp patted gently at Pongo’s head, “… it’s already morning. Your human will notice that you’re gone soon.”


“… What if this isn’t a good idea?” Pongo asked leaning up and burying his face into Tramp’s neck, “She might not like me, but it’s safe there. I can go out and see you whenever, and- “


“- and he’s likely to get rid of you soon anyway, because of her.” Tramp muttered, licking at Pongo’s head to try and soothe him, despite the harsh words, “What if they send you far away, where we won’t be able to see each other any more?”


Pongo was silent for a few moments, thinking quietly to himself, before sighing wearily. “I want to be with you forever…” he whispered into Tramp’s fur, “… where we won’t be judged by the others and where I can love you freely. I want to be safe, I want you to be safe!”


Tramp continued the soothing grooming, “It’ll all be okay. I’m not leaving, no matter what you decide.”


Silently, he knew he’d be disappointed if Pongo decided to stay with his human. For a few moments, they lay in comfortable silence, before he nuzzled his nose against Pongo’s, in the parody of a human eskimo kiss.


“I want to do that whenever I like.” He whispered, hoping to persuade Pongo, “Groom you in public.”


“… I want that too.”


“Then let’s go!”




Tramp sighed, flopping into his side, “They will only be cruel to you… I don’t want to lose you.”


“I-I know.”


“I just want to be with you.”


“It’ll be okay.” Lightly Pongo nuzzled at Tramp’s neck, causing him to shiver slightly.


“No it won’t…” Tramp replied, “… not if you stay there.”


“I’m sure it’ll get better.”


Tramp shook his head, “You know it won’t… your human’s taking you out for walks less and less. Soon, he’ll realise that he’s too ‘busy’ to have you and you’ll be sent away! Or left somewhere… somewhere that I can’t find you!”


“Do you think this is all easy for me?” Pongo shook his head, “I know there’s a chance I’ll be sent away, but we can make it work without me having to run away. We’ve always worked it out before!”


“I don’t want to just ‘make it work’!” Tramp cried out, “I want to know that you’ll be here, by my side! Always!”


Pongo just nuzzled closer, clearly not knowing what to say. They were silent again, before Tramp spoke up again.


“Please Pongo… let’s just run away.” His face was still buried in Pongo’s fur, causing his voice to be muffled, and barely heard, “Please… I’m begging you.”




“Please! Let’s just go and never look back!” he shuffled out into the open path, the cool morning breeze ruffling his fur.


“I can’t just run away from Roger!”


“Sure you can! Dogs run away all the time. If he really cared, then he’ll look for you and yeah, if he looks for you, then I’ll happily come back with you… but only if he bothers!” Tramp playfully nudged Pongo, licking his face, as if encouraging him to come out into the open, “I want to go where I can love you, far away from here and from anyone who might know us!”


Finally encouraging Pongo out, he started to run around the Dalmatian, laughing as Pongo tried to follow him. The laughter was infectious, and Pongo couldn’t help but laugh and grin as well.






Leaping on top of Pongo, Tramp nuzzled the dog’s ear. “I love you…” he whispered, as Pongo shifted into a more comfortable position.


It was then that he realised that Pongo had stopped laughing, and was now crying.




“I want to start over… I want another chance.” Pongo took a deep breath, “So, let’s go. Living as a stray can’t be that hard, right?”


“You…. You really want to go with me?”


“I’d go with you anywhere.”

Chapter Text

“Anna is whinging again.”


Jack glanced away from the children playing, turning his attention to his clearly exhausted wife. “What was it about this time.”


“The snow… she wants snow since it’s so close to December.” Elsa couldn’t help but chuckle fondly at the memory of her sister melodramatically flopping to the ground and crying out about the injustice of it all, “She’s worried it won’t snow naturally by Christmas, so she wanted me to ‘encourage it along’”


“And you, of course, don’t like messing with nature… or taking my job away from me.” Jack nudged her gently in the side, “And Christmas is still a week away. I’ll make it happen before then.”


“Is Father Christmas still sulking over last Christmas and the amount of snow he had to deal with then?”


Jack groaned, “If another one of those elves comes around to remind me, I promised the old man a frost Christmas and nothing more, I’m going to lose my mind!”


To be honest, Elsa couldn’t understand why the older man was still sulking about it. He was magic, he could actually walk on ice and snow fairly easily. “Well…” she plastered a smile on her face, “… we can have a good Christmas with or without the snow, no matter that Anna says.”


Pulling her into his arms, Jack actually felt warmer, a soft smile on his face. “Any Christmas I spend with you is a perfect Christmas.”


Elsa smiled properly at that, kissing him gently on the cheek. “I love you.” And then she sighed, “I just… I guess because it’s our first Christmas as a married couple, the idea of having snow made it seem more romantic. Or at least, that was one of Anna’s arguments.”


“Elsa…” Jack looked her in the eye, “… you’re stuck with me no matter what. And you know what… forget the old man, I’m going to give you and Anna the perfect while Christmas.”


“…. Thank you.”


Later that night, Jack took the opportunity to slip out of bed and fly off into the night sky, his finger drawing a frost heart on the window in a little token of his love. He was back before dawn and before Elsa even knew he was missing.


The following morning, he expected it to be Elsa who woke him up… he guessed he shouldn’t have been surprised that it was Anna.


“It’s snowing! It’s snowing!”


“Funny that…” he mumbled into his pillow, fingers itching to make the floor a little icier than usual, “… considering I was up all night.”


Feeling a gentle kiss on his head, he turned to smile up at Elsa.


“I’d do anything for you…” he whispered to her, ignoring Anna’s continued excitement, “… even deal with your five-year-old sister.”


“Consider it good practice for dealing with our children.”


Jack glanced at her mid-section, eyes growing wide in shock. “Does that mean.”


“Ice ice baby.”



Chapter Text

There was stew bubbling over the fire, the roaring flames warming up the small area as the two men rested there in silence. Robin was already half asleep, hat covering his eyes as he leaned back against the bear, who was watching the fireflies flutter past.


“Robin?” Little John suddenly spoke up out of the blue, breaking the comfortable silence despite not pulling his eyes away from the fireflies.




Turning away from the bugs, clearing his throat nervously, John gently pulled Robin’s hat away from his face. “Can we.. um.” He cursed at himself in his mind.


There was no need to be nervous. They were so far away from the town, and it was so late at night, that it was extremely unlikely that they’d be caught.


Robin titled his head back, a soft smile on his face. “Can we what?”


John tried again. “Can we go to bed… the stew won’t be ready until morning anyway.”


The soft smile widening, threatening to overtake his face, Robin nodded, “Of course we can my love. Old age catching up to you?”


Of course, the endearment had to mixed up with a little bit of teasing.


“No… I just like being in bed with you.”


“Soft sod.” Gently, Robin allowed himself to be pulled onto Little John’s chest, clutching onto the bed-tunic as the bear slowly moved from his reclining position, to lying down. Wrapping his arm around the smaller male, John gave a deep sigh of contentment, especially when Robin started to rub small, soothing circles onto the soft material.


“I love you.” John sighed again, voice rumbling deeply.


Robin beamed again, angling himself up to kiss John on the chin, “I love you too.”


With the fire keeping them warm, they snuggled up together, the flames highlighting each other’s features beautifully.


Everything was at peace.


As Little John yawned, Robin raised up a hand, gently stroking the bear’s cheeks. “What was I saying about old age again?”


John replied with a kiss, sleep and soft, before gently rolling over to his side, curling around the fox and keeping him as warm as possible. Robin was more than happy about this, cuddling John’s arm close and squeezing his eyes close in delight.


The warmth of the fire and their bodies intertwined made their eyelids heavy, and soon, the woods were filled with the content snores of the lovers.

Chapter Text

“Aaaaaaaa…… Aaaaaaaaa.”


Eric didn’t expect to hear the melodic voice again. He’d thrown his flute away and vowed to tell Ariel how he felt about her.


“Aaaaaaa…. Aaaaaaaa.”


The voice was just how he remembered it, soft and lilting, rising and falling in its simplicity.


Moving over to the edge, leaning over it in order to investigate, he spotted a woman walking along the beach, waves lapping at her ankles and a weird glow from a necklace around her neck.


He wanted to walk away, but it was like someone was controlling his legs, making them move of their own accord. Instead of heading inside to talk to Ariel like he wanted, he found himself walking down the stairs, to the beach.


‘Stop!’ he cried out in his mind, desperately trying to regain control as the woman turned to look at him, ‘Stop! Something’s wrong!’


“Such a handsome boy…” the woman whispered, her speaking voice almost as soothing as her singing one, “… I can see what she sees in you.”


‘She? She who?’


“You are the perfect instrument, which I will play to my victory….” The woman smirked, but there was definitely something wrong behind it, “… Now, repeat after me my sweet prince… We must be married as soon as possible. I will marry Vanessa.”


Eric gritted his teeth together, desperately pushing back the words as they threatened to come out. “What… do you want?” he managed to push out, watching as the woman frowned and took a step back.


“Well… the little princess certainly has a hold over you. I underestimated her it seems.” The woman seemed amused by this, “What do I want? I want the sea. I want that princess’s pain and I want your pleasure…. I want the King dead!”


Eric found himself tensing up at that… did she mean his Dad (who was already terminally ill) or was she referring to another King? The Father of the princess she kept mentioning maybe?


“Don’t worry your pretty little head about it…” the woman whispered, her soft hands coming up to cup his cheeks, pulling him closer to her own face, “… Just relax.”


Her lips pressed against his and just like that, his mind went completely and utterly blank.




Ursula tried to keep her smile as soft and charming as she could, not easy when all she wanted to do was snarl in disgust at the older man smiling at her.


Getting the prince on her side had taken more time than she expected. Every time she thought she had him in her grasp, he started to act up. Almost the entire night passed before she was able to get full control over him.


And now Eric was behaving perfectly and soon, the little princess would be awake.


Speaking of the princess… footsteps were making their way across the corridor.


Thinking quickly, she pressed herself closer to Eric, acting like the besotted woman as the older man continued to blabber on.


“Well Eric, it appears as though I was quite mistaken. This mystery maiden of yours, does in fact, exist! And is quite lovely.”


Vanessa tried not to shudder as the old man took her hand, a simpering smile on his face.


“Congratulations my dear.”


“We wish to be married as soon as possible.” Eric spoke up, sticking perfectly to her script.


“Y-Yes of course Eric, but these things do take time you know.”


“This afternoon Grimsby. The wedding ship departs at sunset.”


“Oh… Oh well Eric, if you insist.”


Out of the corner of her eye, a flash of red caught her eye, prompting Vanessa to glance up towards the staircase, a smirk appearing on her face as she watched the little princess run away, her face buried in her hands.


‘Everything was going according to plan’ she mused, one hand gently cupping the glowing necklace around her necklace, ‘Everything would soon be hers.”

Chapter Text

Gaston growled under his breath for the umpteenth time in the last two hours.


That suck-up prince was far too close to Anna.


This is why he hated balls and parties. Yes, he got to see Anna in gorgeous dresses, but because her sister insisted in inviting people from other kingdoms, he had to deal with all these princes looking to snag the next in line for the throne.


And Hans was the worst, his hand on Anna’s arm as he leaned in closer.


Usually, Gaston sulked in the back of the ballroom… but Anna was his everything and no-one was allowed to touch her like that. Silently, he stormed over, placing a possessive hand on Anna’s back and glaring at Hans.


“Gaston…” Anna looked a little bit concerned as she glanced back at him, “… Are you alright?”


It was time to be the hero.


“I just thought the Prince here was getting a little close.” Gaston forced a smile onto his face.


“What are you talking ab- “


Anna was cut off as Gaston suddenly spun her around, pressing his lips to hers in a sheer show of domination. When he pulled away, Anna gasped for air, her eyes misted over slightly as all thoughts of Hans completely disappeared from her mind.


But Gaston wasn’t done.


‘I’ll show him’ Gaston thought to himself, as he pressed kisses against Anna’s neck, ‘She belongs to me.’


Anna shivered, as though she heard the words, a light blush on her face making the freckles stand out.


Neither of them noticed Hans walking away, a clear sulk in his posture.


He could take a hint.

Chapter Text

It was too easy.


According to everything that he’d heard about the cruel, evil sorcerer that ruled over the Land of Black Sand, his security system shouldn’t have been so… lax. In less than an hour, with his crew keeping an eye out below, he’s scaled the walls of the tower, broken into an empty storage room and killed enough of the guards to royally piss someone off.


“Sorcerers.” He muttered to himself as he picked the lock of an ornate door. It would have been easier to have Sa’luk kick in the door, but who knows what’s on the other side.


Cautiously opening up the door with a silent click, Aladdin couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow in appreciation at what he saw.


Pressed against the wall, clearly prepared for a fight, was a young man. He was pale, physically frail, and wearing blue, lavish clothes that clearly emphasised his wealth. “Leave…” the man growled, one of his hands glowing as he threw something at Aladdin, “… now!”


Aladdin dodged whatever it was with ease, straightening back up and smirking. “Allow me to introduce myself…. I am Aladdin, the future King of Thieves. Consider this your liberation.”


Before the other man could do anything else, Aladdin darted forwards and slapped a golden bracelet on his wrist. Almost immediately, the man gasped, his strength having been sapped straight out of his body.


“Or kidnapping.” Aladdin shrugged, “Depends how you look at it.”


“You dare to- “


“- subdue your magic and take you with us? Yes.”


The sorcerer snarled in anger, darting forwards in anger, only to fall unconscious as Aladdin hit him with the hilt of his dagger. Scooping the man’s motionless body into his arms, he quickly left.




Gritting his teeth, Mozenrath pushed himself into a seated position, glaring at his surroundings.


“Ah, you’re awake!”


He turned to the door, sneering at the man he saw there, scrambling backwards against the silk covers.


“Welcome to the Lair of the Forty Thieves.” This… Aladdin smiled at him, his voice smooth and sensuous. His eyes were dark and mischievous, and it was obvious that he had muscles underneath the rags that he clearly classed as a uniform.


Mozenrath resisted the urge to admire him, straightening up and sneering at the thief, “What do you want with me?”




“I demand that you take me home!” he then demanded, “Whatever you want, I’ll give to you, but take me home!”


Aladdin strutted forward until he was face to face with the sorcerer, looking very predatory, “Reward? I’m the Prince of Thieves, I can get whatever I want regardless of any ‘reward’.”


“Thieves never say no to more gold…” Mozenrath crossed his arms over his chest, “… I can- “


“- Not interested.” Aladdin smirked, “Here’s how this is going to work… I make demands, and you follow them. You can either be a guest or a prisoner. Your choice.”


Mozenrath frowned, “What could the so-called Prince of Thieves want with me?”


“The Hand of Vishnu…. You’ve heard of it?”


“Vaguely…. Why?”


“It’s protected by several defences, some of which, can only be defeated with magic.” Aladdin smirked, “Hence you.”


Mozenrath glared at him, “I will never help you.”


“You will… or you’ll be killed.” Aladdin turned to leave, “Think it over.”




The dream woke him instantly. Dark eyes staring at him, calloused hands running over his thighs. Springing to his feet, only to collapse when his weakened legs fell out from under him.


Thankfully, Aladdin was nowhere to be seen.


Glancing around for water, he managed to use the bed to pull himself back to his feet. Some guest he was… prisoners were the ones left thirsty!


Distracted, he nearly fell backwards when the door opened with a loud bang and Aladdin strode into the room, boots clicking against the stone floor. “You’re very pale…” he stated when he spotted Mozenrath, “… didn’t you sleep well? Or maybe a little too well?”


The implication was obvious, and Mozenrath glared at him, “As a matter of fact, I do need something. Good food and clean water, as appropriate for a guest!”


“Oh, but of course.” The tone was sarcastic, as Aladdin bowed low, waving in some men who brought in a few plates with food piled on them.


“All for me… how kind.” It didn’t stop him from eating as much as he could though, practically gulping down the water.


And Aladdin just stared at him. “You know… “The Prince whispered, “… I was expecting someone completely different. The rumours didn’t do you justice.”




Aladdin leaned in close, a beaming smile on his face, “They failed to mention how beautiful you are.”


“Flattery won’t get you anywhere.” Mozenrath replied dryly, rolling his eyes when Aladdin pouted slightly, “You may leave now.”


“…. As you wish.”




Aladdin couldn’t help but chuckle as he closed the door and locked it behind him. Who knew kidnapping a sorcerer would be so much fun?


“Prince?” Sa’luk was striding towards him, “The men are wondering when we’re going to get going. They’re very… eager to get going.”


He bet they were.


“Get them ready to leave.” He ordered the larger man, “As soon as our new friend has finished eating, we’ll leave.”




“Let go of me! Let me go!”


Aladdin ignored the screaming from behind him.


“If you want me to help you, you have to keep me well!”


“And you like him.” Sa’luk grumbled to Aladdin, “How?”


“His voice is nicer when he’s not screaming.” Pulling his horse to a slow trot, Aladdin waited until he was right next to Mozenrath, before brushing against his arm, frowning when the sorcerer pulled away from his touch.


“Don’t touch me! Just leave me the hell alone!”




The road to this mystical place was long, and Mozenrath was lucky for the break… until he was woken up by someone crying out in fear.




None of the other bullies in this place seemed to notice or even care that their leader was having a nightmare. His forehead was glistening with sweat, his breathing was laboured and he looked like he was being tortured in his dreams.


What he did next he would forever blame on being sleep-deprived. Slowly, he reached out his hand and slowly started to stroke the Prince’s hair, long-forgotten memories coming to the front of his mind.


His Mother used to do that for him.




Mozenrath pulled away as Aladdin rolled over and scowled at him, “I don’t want your pity!” The Prince growled.


As the other man stormed away, Mozenrath bristled in indignation. “Fine!” He yelled, “Be that way!”




He didn’t interact with the Prince for the rest of their journey, and he actively avoided him, sulking like a five-year-old as the rest of his men all rushed around, bending to his every will.


Mozenrath scoffed to himself. The Prince was acting just like an actual royal, throwing a tantrum when something didn’t go his way.


Not really a surprise.


So, he was left alone, until they came to a large cliff face.


“Time to make yourself useful.” Aladdin spoke up, the first words he’d spoken to Mozenrath in almost a week, “Get us inside.”


Holding out his hands for the magical cuffs to be removed, Mozenrath took a step forward.


He could have made a run for it…. He still didn’t know why he hung around that day.




“Why isn’t it open?”


Mozenrath had been working on this for almost two hours now, and he was feeling a bit… snappy. “Do you all want to die horribly? No? Then let me work!”




Believing that that was that, he got back to work… until Aladdin spoke up again.


“You know… in this light, you look… stunning.”


Mozenrath’s breath caught in his throat, briefly pausing in his counter spells, before shaking his head and continuing. “Flattery won’t get me to work faster. Don’t you have men to keep an eye on. I trust all of them less than I can throw them.”


“Evasion… good tactic.” He didn’t seem put off however, seeming to have forgotten about their previous spat as he shuffled closer, “So… I’ve been meaning to ask. Who taught you magic? Your Dad maybe?”


Mozenrath scoffed, “Quite the opposite… I was taken from my family as a boy by the ex-King of the Land of Black Sand, Destane. He taught me everything I know, and when I felt like he’d outlived his usefulness, I killed him.” He turned to a stunned Aladdin, “Does that change how you feel about me?”


“…. Never.”


Stunned by this, Mozenrath stopped what he was doing for a time, knowing that a few minutes break wouldn’t make any difference. Slowly, he turned to Aladdin and frowned, “Do you really want this? Me?”


“…. More than anything.”


Mozenrath couldn’t be blamed for what happened next.




When it was all over, Mozenrath slowly pulled himself out of Aladdin’s octopus-like grasp, re-dressing himself and moving over the cliff face once again.


The cliff face that was now glowing.


“Of course…” he hissed, slightly in embarrassment and slightly in anger, “… of course it would rely on that sort of magic.”


Passion magic…. The most powerful of it all.


“Excellent work sorcerer!”


Mozenrath spun around in shock, wincing at how close Sa’luk was to him, a sly smirk on the man’s face.


“COME ON BOYS!” the man bellowed, waking everyone up, “WE HAVE A HAND TO STEAL!”




Of course, it was never quite that simple.


And now Mozenrath was fighting for his life whilst the thieves were being held captive by living trees.


Green, hellish looking waters swirled down below the platform.


Aladdin was calling out encouragement as Mozenrath tensed up, fingers already twitching in preparation for the next spell. Golden magic flashed from his fingertips and the multi-limbed statue that had been trying to crush him was blasted backwards, clinging onto the platform, before falling into the water.


Which continued to swirl.


The numerous creatures that clung onto the walls all screeched at him as the tree creatures backed down.


Mozenrath couldn’t take his eyes off of the water down below.


He could feel the magic in it… it could take him away from here…. Away from these thieves, away from Aladdin.


But does he really want that to happen?


No. Mozenrath shook his head and straightened up. He refused to be a prisoner any longer.


“Mozenrath!” Aladdin was running towards him, only to run into a shield conjured up by Mozenrath’s magic.


“Sorry… but I have a kingdom to run.” Mozenrath couldn’t help but give him a sad smile.


“No…” The Prince was reaching out his arm, trying to break through the shield, “… Mozenrath, please. You can stay with us! You won’t be a prisoner anymore, but- “


“- I need to go home. You know where to find me.” It was a clear invitation, one that Mozenrath was happy to uphold.


Slowly, he moved closer to the edge, glancing back at the Prince, “My door is always open Aladdin.” He stated, before stepping over the edge and jumping into the swirling water below, casting a quick teleportation spell as he thought of home.

Chapter Text

“Lets go….” Jack glanced around, a frown on his face before he gestured to a stretch of horizon no different from anywhere else, the finger moving from right to left, “… over there.”


Cinderella giggled. The pirate captain was strange to say the least, but she couldn’t imagine life without him. Ever since her Step-Mother had stolen the Fairy Godmothers’ wand and used it to change time, therefore condemning her to a life of banishment, Cinderella had felt terrible… like she would never be happy again.


The Prince hadn’t come for her as she sailed away… and then the ship was invaded by pirates.


Where she met Jack.


“What’s over there?” she asked gently, her lips curving into a faint smile, only for it to turn into a beam when Jack flung an arm over her shoulders, pulling her into a loose hug.


“Whatever we want love!” He tapped his nose, “Just follow the compass. It leads you to whatever you desire the most… it’s how I found you.”


Cinderella wasn’t ashamed to admit that she flushed at this, turning and burying her face into his chest.


“Come on love…” he kept his arm around her and stumbled backwards, “… Let’s get as far from here as we can.”

Chapter Text

Bogo woke up to the sound of a door closing… his apartment door to be more precise. Slowly, he pushed himself to a seated position, hand already reaching underneath his pillow for his taser, before Clawhauser appeared in the doorway, a sheepish look on his face as he held up… a picnic basket.


“Clawhauser!” He snarled in frustration, carefully placing the taser back under the pillow as he glanced at his alarm clock.


Eight am. Eight am on his day off.


“I hope you brought some coffee…” he groaned, flopping back onto the bed and pressing his hands over his eyes, “… why are you here? I thought our date wasn’t until this afternoon?”


“Sorry.” Benjamin really did look sorry, prompting Bogo to sigh and give him a small smile of reassurance. Spurred on by this, Clawhauser approached the bed, seating himself on the edge and shuffling close to his boyfriend, putting the picnic basket on the other side of the bed.


“I thought we could make it a breakfast date instead?” the cheetah nervously stated, wringing his hands together.


“A breakfast date?”


Clawhauser nodded eagerly, starting to unpack the basket, that was clearly full of tarts, hot beverages and cooled meats.


“Benjamin…” Bogo groaned, stretching his arms over his head, loving how Clawhauser’s eyes followed the followed, clearly appreciating the muscles, “… It’s my day off and I really don’t want to get up. In fact, I think we should stay in this bed all day.”


Benjamin stared at him, hands already automatically putting the food back into the basket. “Y-yeah!” he stammered, a nervous, but eager little smile on his face, “Y-yeah, we can do that!”


“Good… now come here.”

Chapter Text

They took their boat out onto the chocolate river.


Made of rock candy, Rancis had made it especially for him and Princess Vanellope (or President Vanellope as she preferred to be known as now). With the rest of the racers trying to avoid Vanellope, not wanting to risk losing her forgiveness, they were guaranteed some privacy.


As they drifted down the river, Vanellope babbled eagerly about every subject you could possibly think of, clearly nervous about the date. The skin of her cheeks were beginning to pink in the sun, her freckles only becoming more pronounced.


Rancis simply watched her, leaning back on his elbows as they passed under the shade of a liquorice tree, draping his hand over the side of the boat to skim across the top of the chocolate river’s surface.


After they’d been drifting for around half an hour, Rancis reached under a blanket and pulled out the picnic basket he’d brought, handing a bottle of cola to Vanellope.


“Thanks!” she exclaimed eagerly, uncapping the bottle and taking a long swig from it, before letting out a loud, fairly extensive burp. “Ooops…” she whispered, smiling sheepishly, “… not very president-like, uh?”


Rancis shook his head, smiling fondly as Vanellope reached out and grabbed an ice cream sandwich.


“I wanted that!” Rancis laughed, reaching out for his own just as Vanellope tried to steal it, lunging forwards and causing the boat to rock. Quickly stopping the boat from tipping over fully, Rancis pulled her close, beaming as she relaxed and leaned into him, gratefully accepting the hug.


Eventually, the boat settled back down and they continued to float under the canopy of the trees. Rubbing his thumb over the sleeve of Vanellope’s hoodie, Rancis sighed in relief.


This was perfect.

Chapter Text

Building the suit was more of an ordeal than she’d imagined.


Things whirred and clicked as she tested the control inside, trying to remain calm at the feeling of being enclosed in.


“Are you okay Tink?” Peter asked from the outside, “You look really cool if that helps.”


The suit had been painted in shades of green and pink, mechanical wings on the back more decorative than functional, due to rockets in the boots and palms.


“Are you ready to fly?”


Slowly, she figured out how to make the suit nod (she pressed a lot of other buttons in the process, but she managed it), reaching out with one hand as Peter did the same, their fingers gently brushing.


It had been hard for them since Hook had ripped Tink’s wings off.


Slowly, Peter started to rise into the air, waiting patiently as Tink tried to follow him. Pushing the levers up, the machine responded instantly, making her feel like she was simply floating again.


Making her feel free again.

Chapter Text

“N-Nearly a bullseye Gaston! It’s nearly there!”


Lefou might have yelped at his feral growl, but Belle didn’t even flinch, firing off another shot, before turning her attention back to her book… her fourth one since this had all began.


He forgot that Maurice had fought in the war as well… the man never talked about it and never really acted like it, throwing himself into his inventions.


He must have taught his daughter to shoot at some point.


She’d already beaten him twice, barely even looking at the target before shooting…. and despite the anger bubbling up, he couldn’t help but feel impressed.


This changed everything. Instead of having Belle at home, rubbing his feet when he got back from hunting, he could be out there with him, teaching their sons how to hunt… maybe even some daughters if they looked like their mother.


“Belle, I am impressed.” He started, frowning when she didn’t even look up at him.


“Thank you.”


“Why don’t you- “


“- Because I don’t take pleasure in killing animals.” Belle’s voice didn’t get any louder, but her tone was tense as she lifted her eyes and stared directly at him, “You might see it as a challenge, hurting unarmed animals, but I don’t.”


She took her final shot, the bullet lodging deep into the bullseye, resulting in another win for her.


“I’d get a new hobby Gaston… I don’t think you’re very good at this one.”

Chapter Text

Shuri didn’t know what she’d gotten herself into. Yes, she liked Hiro, she liked Hiro a lot… but after three weeks of nervous conversation and light flirting, followed by their first date, it was clear that where Hiro went, Baymax went as well.


She didn’t mind admitting that they did need a chaperone with her status, but did it really need to be every time they saw each other? Even in a crowded room?


It wasn’t that she didn’t love Baymax (she would have loved to have met Tadashi), he was one of the sweetest things to ever exist (and she’d met Spiderman). She could see how much Hiro adored him, how close they were.


But sometimes, Baymax didn’t know the necessary social cues.


For example, on their first date, Hiro had taken her to the local coffee shop and Baymax had done nothing but fret about the effect of coffee on heart-rate and the likelihood of it leading to heart attacks. Hiro had tried to shut him up, but Baymax has just gone onto another subject.


And of course, with Hiro focusing on trying to get Baymaz to shut up, they didn’t really have much time to talk to each other. A date without Baymax, as much as she hated to admit it, would be perfect.


The opportunity came almost a week later, when Hiro called her just before he went to sleep. They did this several times a week, when work and school wasn’t too stressful for them. Shuri gathered up her courage, glad that her brother wasn’t around to make fun of her for this, “Hiro… would you like to come over for dinner? Meet my Mother and brother?”


“Maybe…” Hiro sounded unsure, “… Baymax was in a bit of an… accident and probably won’t be able to travel for a few weeks yet.”


Shuri’s heart leapt. This was her chance.


“But they really want to meet you… do you have to bring Baymax?”


“No… I-I suppose not.” Hiro sounded really unsure, voice lacking its usual energy. He sounded so unlike himself, that Shuri considered taking it all back, telling him that it was okay, that they could wait until Baymax was back up and running.


But she remained strong.


“Great! I’ll see you soon then!”




Just as Shuri thought, they had fun without Baymax standing there, watching them (although she did have to deal with her over-protective brother). As they moved over to the balcony, staring out at the sunset, Shuri took Hiro’s hand in hers.


Hiro glanced over at her, before sighing and turning away.


“Is… everything okay?” she asked


“Y-Yeah! I had fun, honest but… it felt weird not having Baymax here.”


Shuri knew this was the perfect time to mention how frustrating it was to have Baymax follow Hiro everywhere, but she hesitated, not wanting to make Hiro feel even more down.


But she couldn’t help but feel like if this relationship did go any further, Baymax would be there as well, commenting on STD’s and the likelihood of pregnancy.


No… she needed to say something now.


“Hiro.” She began nervously, “Why do you always bring Baymax with you?”


Hiro looked at her in surprise, “Do you not like him, because- “


“- It’s not that! He’s amazing, you know he is, but… sometimes he can kind of ruin the mood on a date. And you spend more time talking to him, than you do talking to me.” Shuri knew her face with slightly red by the admission.


Hiro frowned, “I never knew you felt that way. Why didn’t you say anything?”


“I didn’t want to upset you.” She tilted her head to the side, “You didn’t answer the question.”


Hiro was silent for a few moments, before sighing wearily. “I-I think I’ve just got so used to having him around. After Tadashi I… well, Baymax was my only link to him. And…” he took a deep breath, “… and having him there makes me a bit braver. I-I really like you Shuri and I’ve been meaning to tell you that for a while but- “ he cut himself off and shrugged.


Shuri felt a rush of affection for Hiro, squeezing his hand and leaning over to kiss him on the cheek.


“If you want to keep on bringing him on our dates, I don’t mind.” Shuri giggled, “But… I would like some of our dates to be just us, is that okay?”


“Yeah… I can do that.”

Chapter Text

One drink… one drink and their bunny was practically out for the count.


It was hilarious.


“I’m floating Nicky!” Judy stumbled over to him, as he leaned on the counter next to Finnick, reaching out to grab him arm, “Hold me! I’m flying away.”


Nick yelped at the tight grip as Finnick cackled, “Judy!” Nick whined, “How are you so strong?!”


The last word came out as a squeak as he tried to pry her off.


“No!” she protested, “Don’t let me go!”


“My arm!”


Judy finally let go, taking a step back as Nick winced and rubbed his arm, “I… hurt you.” Her voice cracked.


Nick’s eyes widened, and he ran towards her, wrapping his arms around her, “Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Stop! Please!”


“I hurt you!”


“No! No you didn’t!” Nick’s eyes darted towards Finnick, who was still snickering under his breath, “Help? Her tears are staining my shirt!”


This only made Finnick cackle, falling to the floor and rolling around, “I-I can’t breathe!” he gasped, pulling his phone out of his pocket, “Smile Judy!”


Judy whipped her head around to face the camera, flashing it a tear-logged, but toothy smile. Nick just flipped off the camera, a scowl on his face.


Continuing to roll around on the floor, clutching his stomach, Finnick was not fussed. “I… can’t… breathe!” He wiped the tears from his face, moving to rest against the wall, “I need… to record this! Photos don’t do this justice!”


“Finnick, knock it off!” Nick finally pushed Judy off, “Finnick, I swear to God!”


Judy didn’t relinquish her grip so easily, “Forgive me Nicky!”


“Give me the phone Finnick!” Nick dislodged Judy finally and lunged at Finnick, pinning him to the ground and desperately trying to grab the phone


“Yay! Group hug!”


Finnick’s eyes widened, “No, no! Bad bunny!” Judy fell on top of them, “Judy! Off!”


Neither of them moved.


“God, I hate being the bottom!”


Nick smirked, looking Finnick in the eye, “You didn’t mind last night.”



Chapter Text

She had travelled for so long, gone to so many different islands.


The island known as Hawaii was one, where she’d met her one true love.


Settling down was the hardest choice she’d ever made, but with Nani on the way and then Lilo, it was the only choice that she could make.


The accident was never meant to happen… she was never meant to leave her girls alone.




Maui missed Moana… she was special to him, and even though she had joined her Grandma in the ocean, a gorgeous creature flowing through the waves, he still missed her.


So, he kept an eye on her daughters.


Both children took to the ocean and the waves as quickly as their Mother, with the oldest well on her way to being a surfing champion and the youngest feeding sandwiches to the fish to try and control the weather, he couldn’t help but compare them to their mother.


“They’re definitely your kids… kid.” He muttered, “Although… I don’t think that blue thing is a dog.”


The water seemed to ripple in agreement as Maui nodded in determination, “You’re right… I need to check it out.”






Maui smirked down at the little girl, a look of amusement of his face. “It is good to see you again Lilo, Daughter of Moana of Montonui. You have grown so much since last time I saw you.”


“… I don’t think we’ve ever met before Mister.”


“You were only a tiny human then, that is true.” Maui then turned his attention to the blue creature beside Lilo, “And… what is this?”


The blue creature sneered back at him, even as Lilo giggled. “This is Stitch, he’s my dog!”


“Really?” Maui frowned, watching as the waves seemed to be drawn to Lilo, “I’ve never seen a blue dog before.”


“He’s special! That’s why I like him!”


It definitely wasn’t a dog… but her smile looked so much like Moana’s that Maui couldn’t bring himself to argue.

Chapter Text

Melody never thought this would happen.


She didn’t know her Mother hated the sea that much… she didn’t mean to flood the ballroom.


It was the one and only time her mother had ever scared her.


Grabbing her bag filled with the necessities, Melody used her duvets as a make-shift rope, and climbed down from her balcony, stealing the row-boat in the hope that she could get as far away as possible.


She didn’t know how long she drifted along the water for, but it was long enough for her food supplies to start running out.


“Hello there.”


Melody yelped in surprise as a woman’s head popped up over the side, grey hair sticking up wildly in all directions.


“What are you doing out here all by yourself?”


Melody kept her eyes on the woman, trying to ignore the fact that tentacles were now peeking over the side of the boat, “I’m just… relaxing.”


“In the cold?” The woman gave her a kindly smile, “How about I get you some food? It looks like you’re almost out.”


“Ummmm- “


“- And maybe you should come back to mine. It’s a lot warmer there.”


Before Melody could answer, something seemed to grab her boat, and they were on the move.




Normally, she wouldn’t take food from a stranger… but when they arrived at the ice cavern, which was surprisingly warm, she found that she was absolutely starving, almost shoving it all in her mouth.


“Well I guess I don’t need to ask you how it tastes.” The woman beamed, “My name is Morgana… and you, are little Melody.”


Melody frowned and nodded, “How do you- “


“- not important.” Morgana waved her hand in dismissal, “I just need to know why you were out there all alone?”


The story all came spilling out, and Morgana looked more and more distressed with every word.


“I-I don’t know what to say.” Morgana sighed, “It’s terrible that someone as powerful as you is treated like that. I was treated like that when I first found out about my powers you know.”


“You were?”


Morgana nodded seriously, “Oh yes… much like you, all I needed was someone to understand me and teach me.” And then, as though she was coming to a revelation in her mind, she clicked her fingers, “Why don’t I teach you some tricks? Just something to get you started?”


Well, what could Melody do except say yes.


And so, for the next few months, Melody learnt how to channel the sea, making large waves, water tornados, and even freezing the water slightly if needed.


She would have been happy to stay there for the rest of her life.


If it weren’t for the mermaid attack.




“What do we do?”


Morgana sighed wearily, “I don’t think there’s anything I can do. I’m Ursula’s sister… it comes with a bad reputation unfortunately.”


“But that’s…. wrong!” Melody protested, “So wrong.”


“… I know. But we have the perfect weapon against them.”


Melody glanced over at Morgana, frowning as the woman waved her hand, the sea water swirling all around it.


“You know what to do child.”


Even the mermaids couldn’t stand against the force of the wave that Melody was able to control.

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Prompt from Guest: Could you do Lion King / Little Mermaid crossover. It's Modern AU with Ariel x Human ! Scar pairing. In this AU Ariel is young music student who takes job Simba's nanny. Simba is living temporarily with his uncle, while his parents are in business trip. In the start Scar is cold and dismissive towards Ariel, but eventually they warm up each others and start fall in love. Just something fluffy where little Simba tries play matchmaker to his grumpy uncle and cheerful nanny.





School runs.


Taka (known as Scar by his collegues) knew that a nanny was needed desperately, and soon if his brother and wife insisted on staying on this business trip for another month. He was busy, he couldn’t deal with the eight-year-old on his own for too long.


Miss Atlantica was the only person not put off by his reputation and had agreed to meet him at his office the next morning.


Unfortunately, the next morning, Taka found himself swaddled with paperwork. He didn’t hear the quiet knock on his door and was on his way out to complain when he nearly bumped into a young lady carrying a Styrofoam cup of coffee.


She looked a little lost.


With red hair tied up, a purple top, green skinny jeans, green converse, a brown satchel over her shoulder, and jewellery made out of shells, she looked like every Uni student that Taka sneered at.


“Oh!” She stared up at him with wide, blue eyes, “Mister Pride?”


“Miss… Atlantica, I assume?” he moved back into his office and waved a hand at one of the chairs, “Please, have a seat.”




The interview went well, and very soon, Miss Atlantica (“Oh please, call me Ariel!”), was hard at work.


She would do his laundrey, make him dinner for when he got home, wash dishes and clean the home. Simba was always up and ready for school with no protests (although Take could really do without all the drawings of Miss Atlantica on his fridge).


Every night when he got home, Simba was wrapped in his duvet and dinner was ready and waiting for him.


It was… un-nerving.




One afternoon, Taka managed to make it home a lot earlier, unable to say a word as Miss Atlantica greeted him eagerly at the door.


“You’re home early!” she giggled, “I’m just about to set the table for dinner!”


Taka nodded, glancing around and frowning at the silence. “Where is Simba?” His toys were all in his corner (one that Taka had insisted the child stick to when he first came here), but there was no sign of the boy himself.


“Upstairs, washing his hands. Don’t forget to do the same!”


As she headed back into the kitchen, Taka couldn’t help but smile briefly, before forcing the neutral expression back onto his face and crossing his arms. “What are we having?”


“Lasagne with seasonal vegetables, with lemon meringue for dessert!”


“By hand?” Taka tried to keep his voice neutral.


“Of course! Simba said you loved lemon meringue!”


True… he honestly didn’t think the child paid that much attention to him.




Taka didn’t hate his nephew… yes, he would prefer the child to live anywhere else except at his home, but he didn’t hate him. In fact, when Halloween came around, and he saw his nephew dressing up in a suit with neatened hair, claiming that he was “Uncle Taka” for his school costume party… well, Taka felt a bit moved.


And then he saw Miss Atlantica’s costume. A tight green mermaid tail combined with a purple top strapless top, her red hair loose and untied… she looked stunning.


“A mermaid, Miss Atlantica?”


“Ariel…” She blushed, “… I have been working for you for a few months now. I think you can call me by my first name.”


Taka cleared his throat and nodded, looking away to try and hide the slight flush on his cheeks as Simba raced towards the front door, eagerly grabbing his trick-or-treat bucket.


“How… how is he?” Taka asked, surprising himself with the question.


“He’s getting into pouncing.” Ariel giggled, “Trying to catch the lizards out in the back garden. It’s very sweet, but those grass stains are driving me and your poor housekeeper around the bend.”


“I can tell him to- “


“- No, you don’t have to.” Ariel flushed herself, “I don’t mind.”


When an awkward silence fell between the pair, she nervously cleared her throat. “I-I should take Simba out now. I hope you have a nice evening.”


And then she was gone.




For the next few days, the pair avoided one another.


Until Taka came home early again and heard the singing coming from the kitchen.


“I want to be, where the people are….”


It was gorgeous, and Taka found himself moving closer to it, peering around the doorway. Her jumper sleeves rolled up to her elbows, hair tied up in a messy bun, Ariel was singing along to an unheard song as she scrubbed at the dishes.


It was wrong for him to watch her… but he couldn’t help it.


Before she could turn around and spot him, Taka moved backwards into the shadows and disappeared upstairs.




“What is my nephew wearing?”


“He’s playing Joseph in the school nativity.” Ariel explained, as she neatened out the tea towel on his head, before turning and smiling at Taka, “The note’s on the fridge.”


Ah yes… he had read that.


“Are Mummy and Daddy coming back for it?”


Not with all the snow at the airports.


He never thought the disappointed look on his nephews face when he explained that, would make him feel so… terrible.


As Ariel pulled Simba into a hug with sympathy, she turned her attention to Taka and gave him an understanding smile. “You’re home really early today… I haven’t even started dinner.”


“I’m fine.” Taka grunted, forcing the image of pulling the younger girl into a hug out of his mind, before heading upstairs, missing the disappointed look on her face.




“You should marry Ariel.” Simba announced sleepily that night, as Taka went in to check on him, “She gives the best hugs in the world.”


“…. Go to sleep Simba.”


But the words never left his mind, running around and around.




“This is going to be so exciting!” Ariel giggled, handing Taka a copy of the program as she neatened out Simba’s costume, moving to follow the child inside… until Taka grabbed her hand.


“Mister Pride?” She asked in confusion, as Taka nervously pulled her closer, “Is everything- “


“- just tell me if I’m out of bounds.” He whispered, tilting her chin up. However, before he could do anything, Ariel leaned up first, kissing him on the lips as her hands clutched at his shirt.


“Wow…” she whispered when they finally pulled apart, “… I mean… Wow!”


“I will take that as a compliment… Ariel.”


Later, in the middle of the play, during Simba’s big moment, Taka’s hand found Ariel’s and squeezed, with Ariel returning the affection.


And for the first time in a long time, Taka was actually thankful for his brother’s absence.

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‘Loving Prince John was hard’, Sir Hiss mused, watching as the lion slowly fell asleep on their way to Nottingham.


The Prince could be brutal to him, his screams and insults echoing throughout the palace.


Every time he wanted to get away, Prince John would pull him back in, calling him a genius or something equally as complimentary.


The thing was, Prince John was all that he ever wanted… and he would do anything to keep him, even debase himself in almost every way possible.


He never could say no.


He soon got accustomed to his role in life, praising the Prince for every little deed (even if John didn’t really appreciate it all the time), snuffing his bedroom candles before they both went to sleep… in the same room of course. In the end, everything he did, became about the Prince, revolved around him and the overly large crown that sat on his brow.


When he was younger, he swore that he’d never end up like his mother… that he’d remain himself, remain in control. He swore he would never change anything himself to make someone love him.


But that was all before the Prince.


Prince John was everything he ever wanted and more. If he told Sir Hiss to swim in the coldest lake in the country, he would, just so that he could stay by the Prince’s side.


He’d spend hours in that accursed basket, just to stay.


“I want you.” He whispered into the silence, flinching when Prince John whined slightly and rolled over.


The word would never accept them though…. And the Prince would never reply to these late night conversations.


“I would do anything to sssstay with you….” Sir Hiss curled up a little tighter, turning his attention to the sound of the gold coins rattling in the chest behind them, and in the bags within the private carriage, “… and I think... maybe I already have.”

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Prompt from Dusty: Nick Wilde x Aurora in a Roger and Jessica Rabbit-like relationship.

Prompts are closed now



Sometimes, Aurora hated being known as ‘Sleeping Beauty’… it gave her a bad reputation.


Which was probably why she was so late.


Frantically brushing her hair, yawning widely, she scanned her eyes over the advert for a new line of Disney Princess dolls.


“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…” she rehearsed softly to herself, trying to block out the other singing princesses in the area.


There were so many of them now… she could still remember when it was just her, Snow White and Cindy.


She couldn’t even properly pronounce the name of the most recent princess… and the ice queen’s sister?




It was days like this, she felt old.


Suddenly, the doors to the studio flew open with a loud crash as a fox burst in, his arms stretched out wide.


“Nobody panic! I’m here!”


At first, Aurora thought it was Robin Hood… she vaguely remembered when that film came out.


But no… it was Nick.


Nick…. Wilde.


Aurora resisted the urge to groan, trying to hide her face with the script as Nick eagerly greeted all the other princesses.


Thankfully, before he could come over to her, it was her turn to do her line, prompting her to run away as quickly as she could.


“I know you…” she sung, smiling as her woodland friends danced all around her, following the strict choreography so that they didn’t interfere with the editing of the advert, “… I walked with you once upon a dream!”


They went through take after take after take, with the director crying out that ‘something wasn’t quite right’.


On the fifth take, Aurora started to sing once again, hand reaching out for the little birds to land on it… only for it to be taken by Nick, as he twirled her around the set.


And then he tripped over the rabbit.


With a crash, he went flying backwards, arms wind-milling madly as he struggled to right himself. The owl attempted to grab his shirt, only for it to rip in his talons as Nick ripped with a loud THUD.




“Cut!” shouted the director, as the entire cast and crew burst out laughing, Aurora the loudest amongst them, “Nice try Nick…” he sighed, “… but if I wanted a Prince, I’d hire one!”


Aurora moved back to her position, deep breath and clearing her throat, trying not to think about what happened… not unless she wanted to start laughing again. As the director reset the camera, she couldn’t help but glance over in Nick’s direction, watching as he chatted eagerly with Belle, waving his hands in the air with his excitement.


When he caught her staring, he winked... and Aurora felt her face flush.




Over the course of the next few weeks, Aurora found herself meeting up with Nick again and again.


After the accident, the director decided that mixing up the scenes, having the princesses dance with men who weren’t their traditional princes, was the best way forwards for the advert.


And of course, this meant that Nick and Aurora were the first chosen couple.


At the moment, tears were gathering in the corners of her eyes, more and more trickling down her cheeks. Her ribs were aching with the force of her laughter, which rang out clear and bright in the room, the birds that fluttered around all chiming along with the laughter.


Her head was thrown back as she wrapped her arms around herself, struggling to take deep heavy breaths and calm herself down.


Nick seemed to be going through the same situation, laughing along with her. His laughter was less about his own joke, and more about how her giggling.


When she did finally manage to catch her breath, wiping her eyes and looking at him, she felt her face flush again.


The way he was looking at her… his eyes full of happiness and love.


“Really, you found that funny?” Nick chuckled eagerly, clearly thinking of new jokes to make her laugh like that… which of course, made her laugh even more.


“Yeah…” she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, “… that was funny.”

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Prompt from JOHNHAMMOND1993: Big Hero 6 and Meet The Robinsons Crossover, Young Abagail Callahan X Wilbur Robinson. In an alternate Universe where the Silent Sparrow project was realized years earlier, Robert Callahan is about to test the portals out when his daughter jumps in with him at the last second, but instead of the portals sending them to another dimension they end up in the future years later, where Krei tech is just vaguely remembered, replaced by Robinson's companies. After a some time has passed with Robert getting a job, Abagail starts to crush on Wilbur and then one day Robert sees the two of them kissing, he then realizes that being stuck in the future may not be so bad, as long as his daughter is happy.

Prompts are Closed



Contrary to popular belief, Robert Callahan never intended for his daughter to come with him.


She was thirteen… she was meant to be back at home with the nanny.


And now his thirteen-year-old daughter was stuck here with him…. Not in another dimension, but in this hell of a future. Where his dream of Krei Tech being the technological super-power of the world crumbled into dust and this mysterious Robinson had taken his place.


And what added insult to injury, was that Abigail spent more time with the Robinsons, than him. It was like she didn’t even care about going home.


After avoiding Robinson for the best part of the day (honestly, you crash land in someone’s garden once!), Callahan was determined to leave, even if he had to rob the Robinson lab to do it.


“Abigail!” he called out, as he quickly made his way through the corridors of the house, desperately trying to avoid the rest of the lunatics in this hellhole.


Honestly, singing frogs?


Giant trains?


A man married to a puppet?


Madness… utter madness.


“Abigail, where are you?” he hissed. As he walked past a partially open door, he heard a familiar voice and doubled back, opening his mouth to call his daughter out… until he heard the Robinson boy.


“You’re brilliant, you know that?” The boy seemed to be praising his daughter, “How do you understand all this stuff?”


“The same way you understand all about music… I could never do what you do.”


As Callahan peeked through the gap in the doorway, he saw the Robinson boy (Winston… William) pull a face.


“Don’t do that…” His daughter leaned forwards, “… you’re brilliant as well.”


The boy looked surprised by this, “Abby- “ (Callahan winced at this… he hated it when people shortened his daughter’s name), “- You are… incredible. I’ve never known anyone as brilliant as you.”


No, the boy hadn’t said that he loved Abigail… but he clearly did.


This boded a little more research.




Cahallan watched as his daughter laughed at a joke Wilbur (he knew he’d get it eventually… after asking Robinson) told. He always liked it when his daughter laughed… she sounded so much like her mother.


She hadn’t laughed like that in years.




Robinson, who was tinkering with another one of his ‘amazing’ devices, looked up as Callahan entered the lab, “Hey…” he didn’t seem to notice the look on Callahan’s face, “… want to help?”


Not really… but Callahan knew that he needed to speak to the scientist, in the hope that Wilbur had a girlfriend or something and all this attention on Abigail was just friendly. As he turned his attention to the device that Robinson was working on, he gently posed the question, “Have you… noticed anything different between my daughter and your son?”


Robinson didn’t even look up in confusion, simply shaking his head.


“Really… nothing?”


When Robinson indicated that he really hadn’t noticed anything different, Callahan threw his hands up into the air and stormed out.


Fine. If Robinson seemed unconcerned, then maybe his son was just as uninterested.


Abigail would be heart-broken. But she was young, and she would get over it quickly.


And then he spotted them through an ajar door again.




“This is such an old movie!” Wilbur groaned, rolling his eyes and flinging his head back, “How can you like it?!”


“Hey!” Abigail nudged him harshly in the side, a beaming grin on her face, “This is my favourite film! To me, it’s only just come out!”


“Then you taste in films su-HMPH!”


Wilbur’s eyes widened in surprise as Abigail darted forwards, pressing her lips against his, eventually relaxing into it, his eyes sliding shut and completely missing the figure in the doorway.




‘Well…’ Callahan slowly backed away from the doorway, ‘… this changed everything.’


Hearing the pair giggling, indicating that they’d broken apart and were now going through the awkward, ‘first kiss’ moment, Callahan sighed wearily.


Okay… maybe they could stick around for a bit.

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Prompt from georgiehensley: ohhhh i love this! i picked up on the batb vibes pretty quickly and i think that added to my enjoyment, bc i do love batb. this is great! do write more for these two! (referring to chapter 21 – Henry x Salazar)

Honestly, I had no idea what to write for this.



Henry knew Salazar was possessive, but he had no idea how far the newly-made human was wiling to go to keep what he saw as his.


It was all a series of unfortunate events.


Henry had gone up onto the deck to get some fresh air, shirtless in the hot afternoon sun, only to spot an old Navy ship in the distance. Usually, because of the design of Salazar’s ship, and the Navy regalia that he insisted on keeping, the current Navy would leave them alone.


Not this ship though… this ship knew something was wrong.


Salazar had tried to outrun them, but the Navy hadn’t let up.


Clearly, they thought the bounty was worth the risk. With the bounty that had been set on Salazar and Henry’s heads, a good portion of the Navy would be able to retire comfortably.


Eventually, Salazar had no choice but to turn around and fight.


“Henry, get to my quarters.” He ordered, groaning when Henry just glared at him, “Can you at least try not to do anything rash? Stay out of trouble?”


“…. I’ll try?”


Giving him a kiss on his cheek, Salazar smiled softly at him, just as the Navy ship came within boarding distance.


This was purely in self-defense, Salazar had to continuously remind his men, still not wanting to class himself as a pirate just yet. No Navy solider should be killed of they have surrendered, and no longer a threat.


Personally, Henry thought it was a bit… ridiculous, but Salazar was the Captain.




They almost lost the ship.


Henry himself had been injured during a fight with two soldiers, with one of them slicing his arm and the other hitting him across the head with the handle of his sword.


Needless to say, these two did not survive.


All in all, it had not been a good day.


After all the surviving soldiers had been sent out to sea on the smallest boat that Salazar could find, the Captain grabbed his arm and dragged him to his quarters, practically throwing him on the bed and calling out for the medic as Henry’s arm wound continued to bleed sluggishly.


However, despite this injury, Salazar was quick to show him who he belonged to that night.


Henry could only hold onto the sheets as the Captain made him scream out in pleasure all night. In between rounds, during moments where Henry was just trying to catch his breath, Salazar would whisper the same words over and over again.


“You. Are. Mine.”

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Prompt from Aubrey Ezzo: Can you do Jiminy CricketXBlueFairy?



Jiminy hated the rain.


Of course he did. For a bug as small as him, the rain was a death sentence. Even when the rain wasn’t particularly heavy, appearing as a fine mist, Jiminy hated it. It was wet, cold and uncomfortable, stinging on his skin. Wet clothes made life difficult and water dripped all over his home.


And that’s why the Blue Fairy gifted him with the umbrella.


She loved the rain, a small, content smile on her face which was usually reserved for someone she loved.


Usually reserved for him.


“Come on Jiminy…” she giggled, the sound echoing like musical chimes on the wind, “…. It didn’t get you that new umbrella for you to sulk in the shelter.”


“No offense my love…” Jiminy examined the umbrella, fingers brushing over his name engraved on the handle, “… but my old umbrella couldn’t stand up to the rain.”


“This one is special.” She walked slowly towards him, head tilted to one side as the smile almost turned into a knowing smirk, “Open it up and step out here.”


When Jiminy hesitated, she moved a little closer.


“Please? For me?”


Jiminy sighed, opening up the umbrella and stepping out… only for human feet to hit the ground.


“Wha- what?”


The Blur Fairy beamed at him. “There… no need to worry now.”


It took a few moments of stunned examination, before Jiminy beamed, rushing over to his love and wrapping her up in one arm, swinging her around as the rain continued to pour down. The Blue Fairy giggled at the action, which made Jiminy chuckle as well, not even caring that his shoes were getting wet and muddy.


They were both catching their breaths as she leaned in and pulled him in for a kiss. ‘A proper kiss’ Jiminy mused smiling against her lips.


When they pulled apart, they were both beaming.


“I’ve always wished about kissing the one I love in the rain.” The Blue Fairy said, not resisting as Jiminy pulled her into another kiss.


He loved the rain.

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One year.


She had one year to get True Love’s kiss.


The words echoed throughout her head time and time again as the carriage rumbled along the highway.


It had already been three months, and there was no sign that Eric was even interested in her. Yes, he was a good friend, and taught her so much about the human world in the short time that she’d been up here.


But there were no signs of the love that she felt for him.


“Ah, France.” Grimsby sighed happily, “The city of love… hopefully.” The hopefully was said with a sideways look at Eric, who was doing his best to ignore the older man, leaning over to Ariel instead.


“So, what do you think?” he asked, “Isn’t it beautiful?”


Ariel could only nod in agreement. For three months, she’d only experience Eric’s seaside kingdom… the country-side was equally as stunning.


As the carriage entered a small village, Ariel found herself leaning out of the carriage, reaching out in order to try and stroke the chickens that roamed freely… only to over-balance.




Just before she could hit the ground, strong arms wrapped around her and lifted her up.


“Woah there!” Exclaimed a deep voice, “Steady on there!”


Silently, Ariel looked up at her hero. Long black hair, much longer than Erics’, tied back into a neat ponytail (she loved how accurate that was). He was muscular, wearing a red tunic, with a weapon attached to a strap on his back.


“Hey…” he smirked at her, “… you okay?”


Silently, she could only nod.


“Ah, speechless I see.”


“ARIEL!” Eric came rushing over as the stranger placed her back on the ground, “Ariel, are you alright?”


“She’ll be fine, no need to thank me.”


Eric glanced up at the stranger, before bowing low. “I owe you a debt of gratitude… Ariel is one of my closest friends. I would hate for her to be hurt on her first trip to France.”


“First trip, eh?” The stranger smiled and leaned in closer, “Well, the name’s Gaston, and it would be an honour to show you around.”


When Ariel nodded eagerly, Gaston frowned. “I know I’m stunning to look at, but surely you can- “


“- sorry.” Eric interrupted, a sheepish look on his face, “Ariel can’t speak…. It’s nothing personal against you Mister Gaston.”


For a split second, Ariel thought Gaston was just going to leave… unwilling to even get to know her. When a smile spread across his face, she knew she had a chance.




For the month that they remained in the village, with Eric occasionally leaving in order to conduct his ‘official prince’ business, Ariel and Gaston grew closer and closer.


She met LeFou, who reminded her so much of Flounder.


He would often visit her at the largish home that Eric and his entourage were staying in, telling her stories about the surrounding woods and his hunting exploits.


She hadn’t liked those stories at first, but when he explained that he needed to do it in order for his village to eat, she learnt to tolerate them.


If he was away for the whole day, he would appear underneath her balcony just before Ariel would go to bed, throwing stones at her window until she answered, so that they could tell each good night.


She had her first alcoholic drink with him… and hated it.


Winter came hard and fast, and soon Gaston was taking Ariel out ice skating, insisting that she wear a large fur coat he had made in order to keep her warm.


Neither of them envisioned the ice breaking underneath him.




She heard her own name in a muffled cry right before the splash, prompting her to spin around rush towards the hole in the ground. Just before she got there, he suddenly emerged, pulling himself out of the pond as far as he could go, hands scrambling at the ice.


He was pale, his lips tinged blue and he didn’t seem to have the strength to pull himself any further.


As she reached in to try and pull him out, she hissed at how cold the water was. Pushing the chill out of her head, she grabbed his arms and desperately started to pull, hoping that his instincts would kick in and he would help.


The irony of helping another man out of the water wasn’t missed by her.


His clothes were water-logged, making him a dead weight in her arms. It was only the shallow breathing against her arm that made her feel better. By the time she pulled him to safety, she was panting and exhausted, as Gaston’s teeth chattered together.


She had to get him warm… but she couldn’t drag him back to the village. Slowly, she removed the coat he had given her and wrapped it around him.


“Mmmm… Ariel?”


Her eyes widened in delight as she nodded eagerly, glad that he was finally coming to.


“W-W-What happened?” His teeth were still chattering slightly.


Frantically, Ariel gestured at the large hole in the ice behind him, with his eyes widening in understanding.


“A-A-Ah, t-t-that explains why it’s so c-c-c-c-cold!” His muscular arms reached out and pulled her close, “S-S-S-sorry, but you’re s-s-s-so warm!”


She relaxed against him, wrapping her arms around him in an attempt to keep him warm. It would almost be… romantic, if it weren’t for the fact that they were freezing.


Eventually, Gaston moved to sit up slightly, “Th-thank you…” he muttered, his teeth still chattering, “You saved his life.”


His dark eyes drew her in, his lashes wet and sparkling slightly from the frost on the tips of them… the last time she was in this position, was in the lagoon with Eric, their boat tipping over before their lips could connect.


When he reached up to stroke his palm against her cheek, drawing her down to him again, Ariel’s eyes fluttered shut.


Seconds later, her lips were pressed against his, and he was kissing her, sending a shudder down her spine. She didn’t pull back for several minutes, almost losing the capacity to think, to do anything other than feel and respond to his touch. When they did pull away, she knew her cheeks were red, her mouth opening to say his name for the first time.




Ariel panicked, one hand flying to her throat as Gaston frowned in concern.


“Ariel? Ariel, is everything okay?” Gaston asked in concern, frowning as she shook her head desperately, “Ariel? Ariel?”


Suddenly, the ice behind them started to crack and a menacing chuckle echoed throughout the frozen woods. From out of the water, a large tentacled woman emerged, sneering as Gaston tried to move in front of Ariel.


“Ah, ah, ah sweetie…” she chuckled, “…. It’s not that simple I’m afraid.” From out of nowhere, a scroll was produced, “Now, I admit that you did manage to get True Love’s Kiss before the year ended, so you have your permanent humanity… but you didn’t kiss the Prince. You broke the contract, so your voice is still mine!”


Ariel shook her head desperately, trying to push past Gaston in an attempt to plead her case, only for the tentacled lady to disappear with another cackle.


“Ariel… Ariel.” Gaston gently took her hands, his frozen touch making her gasp, “I don’t know that all that was about, but… I don’t care if you’re mute forever. We can work around that… I just want you to stay here… in the village… with me.”


It took less than a minute for Ariel to make up her mind.


It was then she had her second kiss of True Love.

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“Be a good girl Jenny!” Winston called out as he walked back to the car, smiling as Jenny eagerly waved back at him, Oliver in her arms.


With the news that Jenny’s parent would be staying overseas for another few months, Jenny’s great Aunt, Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, volunteered to take care of her, at least for a few days. Adelaide had kittens of her own, and a little bit of company that wasn’t Georgette, would do Oliver some good.


Standing behind Jenny, Adelaide reassured Winston that everything would be fine, and that Jenny was in good hands, one leg delicately sliding to one side as a small white kitten attempted to run out.


A white kitten which Jenny eagerly lifted into her arms, along with Oliver.


Winston drove away with a fond smile on his face.


Jenny would be fine.




The red, fancy pillow was in the spare basket that had been set up for Oliver, and Marie eyed it suspiciously.


“Why do you need a pillow from home anyway?” she asked, no longer paying attention to the catnip fish toy that her, her brothers and Oliver had been playing with, “We have lots of pillows.”


“But…. This one’s mine.” Oliver smiled shyly at her.


“Can’t you sleep without it?” Berlioz sneered, yelping as his sister batted at him ferociously before bounding over a slightly disheartened Oliver.


“Ignore him….” Marie hissed, glaring at her brother, “… I think it’s cute.”


Oliver would have replied, but his attention was grabbed by the fish toy once again.




As classical music echoed throughout the nursery, Oliver fidgeted on top of his pillow, burying his face into it as he prepared to sleep.


Marie looked at the pillow and she felt a wave of something she couldn’t name go through her, making her feel slightly hotter. For a brief moment, she wanted to be the one that Oliver curled up next, snuggled close to.


She was slightly bigger than him, so she could wrap herself around the ginger kitten, her tail intertwining around his as they cuddled.


Cautiously, she shuffled out of the kitten bed that her and her brothers shared, moving over to Oliver, who stared at her in curiosity.


“Ummm… can I hug too?” she finally worked up the courage to ask, Oliver’s eyes looking even bright in the dim light.


“I thought you had lots of pillows?” He tilted his head to the side, “Lots and lots?”


“We can share?”


Oliver tilted his head to the side, but nodded and shuffled over slightly anyway, snuggling up to her when she climbed onto the pillow, nuzzling her neck as they rested their heads on top of one another.


And that’s how Jenny found them the next morning.

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Prompt from Guest: Can you do something with Anna, Elsa and Maleficent? Like, the two sisters are Maleficent's most precious pets who she loves and cares for. Anna would be laying on Maleficent's lap, getting head scratches from her and Elsa would be cuddling up to Maleficent, kissing her and stuff.

I don’t really like writing sexual stuff for Disney, but I did write them as a lesbian OT3



“I fail to see the purpose of this.”


Anna and Elsa glanced at one another, both rolling their eyes before turning back to the task.


“Just sit still and wait…” Elsa gently scolded, moving around and pressing a gentle kiss to Maleficent’s cheek, “… it’ll all be worth it in the end.”


Maleficent was sat on the edge of their shared bed in her usual black dress, face impassive, despite the confusion in her voice. Anna stroked her hair for a moment, before dividing it in three and starting to braid it.


“My hair has always been pinned back to give me a sterner edge…this will do nothing good for my image.”


“You can’t know that!” Anna protested, continuing to braid as her sister nodded.


“It’s soothing… and enjoyable for us.”


Maleficent couldn’t help but straighten up slightly, a slight flush on her cheeks. “Enjoyable?”


“Because then we get to see just how beautiful our ‘mistress’ really is.” Anna teased, kissing Maleficent on the other cheek. She returned to the braiding, failing to notice the almost smug curl of Maleficent’s mouth.


“Hmmm, are you almost done?”




Lacing the final hairs together, Elsa bound the braid with a purple clip and patted it in satisfaction.


“Alright…” she clapped her hands together, “… you can look now.”


Maleficent rose to her feet and made her way over to the full-length mirror in her room… it was definitely a new look. Her hair was actually visible for once. She turned slightly to see more of the full braid.


“So… how do I look?” She asked as she turned to face them, smirking as the sisters beamed eagerly at her.


“Perfect…” Elsa began.


“… But then again, you always do.” Anna finished.

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Prompt from Average Nerd 3456: Can I request maybe an AU where Hans wasn’t the bad guy and he and Elsa are a thing?

Prompts are CLOSED



It’s late when Elsa finally arrived back at her quarters.


With winter coming in hard and fast, the so-called ‘Ice Queen’ was often called upon to ‘lighten the burden’ in certain areas of the kingdom, such as the crops.


However, she loved her kingdom and the people in it, and therefore wouldn’t ever grumble… out loud. Outside, there was a light snowfall, making the whole city look soft and beautiful as it cast shadows against the opposite wall to the windows.


The corridors were almost completely dark now, and Elsa assumed that her husband would have gone to bed hours ago. However, when she entered the living quarters, she found her Prince Consort curled up on the sofa, a fire crackling in the hearth.


“I thought you’d be asleep by now.” She told him as she sat down next to him.


“I got lost in my thoughts…” Hans confessed, “… I wanted to wait up for you. How is everything?”


“Tiring. Cold… not that the cold ever bothered me anyway.” The last line was said in a teasing tone, accompanied with a flirty wink.


Hans, just like he did every time, chuckled, reaching over to the side table and picking up two mugs of hot chocolate, hands glowing slightly as he warmed them back up.


It had taken a long time for Hans to truly accept that side of him, and to see him using his powers so casually in front of her, warmed Elsa’s heart (pun absolutely intended).


“Here…” He whispered, “… I hope it’s not too warm.”


Elsa sighed in satisfaction at the wonderful smell. “Thank you…” she then adjusted her position so that she was leaning into Hans’s side. It was extremely cosy.


She was feeling so content and drowsy, that it was no surprise when she felt herself falling to sleep.


“Love you.” She whispered.


“I love you too, my Queen.”

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Prompt from Saphira Winters: How about a Milo x Kida one where Milo is the one chosen by the crystal as it's host instead of Kida (He could be distantly related to a royal Atlantean.) And it is up to Kida to save him.

Prompts are CLOSED.



Milo was mid-sentence when he suddenly stopped.


Commander Rourke stopped as well, frowning in concern as he waved his hand in front of Milo’s face.


“Thatch? Thatch!”




Kida turned her attention away from the crystal, eyes narrowing at the sight of Milo’s statuesque pose, “Milo?” she whispered, moving closer and taking his shoulder.


Or, at least she tried to.


As she reached out, Milo suddenly turned around and Kida gasped in shock, one had flying to her mouth as she shook her head in disbelief. Milo’s eyes were bright blue, almost as blue as the crystal up above them.


It was then that she noticed the blue markings appearing on his skin.


“What’s going on Princess?” Rourke snarled as Milo slowly started to move towards the crystal, shouldering past Kida in order to do so.


Ignoring the question, Kida darted forwards, trying to grab Milo’s arm.


“Milo!” She cried out, “Milo!”


She didn’t understand.


The crystal chose those of Atlantean origin, those with Atlantean blood! Those with royal blood!


This didn’t make any sense.


“What’s happening to the Prof, Princess?”


Kida stayed silent, watching as Milo got closer and closer to the crystal. Suddenly, a familiar book was thrown into her chest, causing her to stumble back slightly.


“Read it.” Rourke ordered, “What’s it doing?”


“I-I can’t read it!” She pleaded with him, eyes constantly darting over to Milo who seemed oblivious to the conflict, “Atlantis is dying, we’ve lost the ability to read our own language!”


“Then what do you know about the crystal?!”


Kida’s eyes automatically turned towards the crystal, mind flashing back to the sight of her Mother floating up to it all those thousand of years ago… the way their city was protected as the water crashed over it.


“It… protects us.”


Rourke snarled in anger, pushing her away from him, causing her to stumble back, feet lightly touching the water and sending ripples through it.


And then a haunting voice started to echo throughout the chamber.


“All will be well Kidagakash Nedakh…” Milo’s voice sounded so wrong… so empty, completely void of life and inflection as he turned to face them. His eyes were bright blue and blue markings, similar to the art on Kida’s body shone in the dark chamber, “… Be not afraid.”


“What did he say?!” Rourke snarled, turning to Kida who just glared at him.


She wasn’t telling this monster anything.


Without another word, Milo turned back to the crystal and continued on his journey towards it, stepping out into the water, creating small ripples on top of it as he walked towards the crystal. The closer he got to the centre, the more the beams seemed to focus in on him, until they all converged into one, narrowing down until they were shining on his chest.


There was a bright flash as Milo instantly fell limp, head lolling back on his neck. Slowly, he started to rise up into the air, heading straight for the crystal. Within seconds the crystal seemed to swallow the young man, the stone faces all around spinning faster and faster until the crystal morphed into Milo.


They were one.


Slowly, the crystal lowered back down to the ground, lightly touching the surface of the water.


Kida felt like her heart was breaking. When she moved to check if there was even the slightest hint that Milo was still in there, Rourke roughly grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back, practically throwing her to the ground.


“Ah, ah, ah Princess…” he sneered, “… hold your horses.”


“Milo!” Kida called out desperately, not even flinching as Rourke’s grip on her shoulder tightened. Milo’s eyes shot open and they were nothing but pools of bright blue, “Milo, no!”


There was no answer.


Slowly, Milo started to walk back towards them, the faces of the previous kings falling down all around him, sending water flying up into the air, none of it touching Milo as he seemed to be protected by an invisible force field.


As he made his way back to land, Rourke reached out to touch him, only for Kida to bat it away frantically, “No…” she whispered, tears building up in her eye. Already, she missed his nervous laughter, the small smile on his face whenever he saw her, the look in his eyes, “… no, don’t touch him.”


There was nothing but the crystal now.


“Get the box ready.” Rourke ordered Helga, “We leave tonight.”




If her Father could hear the words that she was using right now, as she tried to push past the guards and stop Milo from being locked up like that, he would ground her immediately.


“So…” she snarled at Milo’s so-called ‘friends’, “… this is how you would treat him? Like some…. Precious material that you sell? Who cares about him, so long as you’re all rich!”


The others looked guilty, but Rourke just sneered, “I know you’re a little behind the times Princess, but there’s a little something called natural selection. We’re just helping it along.”


“Commander! We’re ready!”


“Yeah, yeah…” Rourke shook his head, “… I know I’m forgetting something though. I’ve got the cargo, the crystal… ah yes, now I remember.” With one swift movement, he back-handed Kida across the face, growling when the Atlantean simple turned her head to one side with the force of the blow.


Atlantean guards all moved forwards, ready to protect their Princess.


“Think about it this way Princess… Milo was the one who helped us discover Atlantis, and now he’s going to be a part of the exhibit.”


He then headed back to the truck, smirking as Kida kept her eyes away from him, not willing to let him see the tears building in her eyes.


As he shouted out orders, Kida turned away… only to feel a gentle hand on her shoulder. Turning back around, she frowned at the sight of all the people that Milo had considered friends, standing by her side as silent support, all glaring at Rourke.


“Oh, you can’t be serious!” Rourke snarled, as Audrey stepped forwards.


“This is wrong, and you know it!”


“We are this close to the biggest pay-day of our lives, and you pick now to grow a conscious?!”


Vinny shook his head, “We’ve done a lot of things that we’re not proud of… robbing graves, plundering tombs, double-parking, but nobody got hurt…. Well, maybe someone did, but no-one we knew!”


“Oh, if that’s the way you want to play it! More for me, right?”


With those final words, he climbed back into the truck and set off over the bridge. Almost as soon as they reached the half-way point, the water ceased to flow, and the glowing crystals dimmed and faded until they were nothing more than hunks of rock.


“I can’t let them do this!” Kida snarled, fighting against Vinny as he grabbed her and pulled her back. Just as she managed to break free, the trucks reached the other side and the bridge exploded into a million tiny pieces, falling into the lava down below.


“Alright…” Vinny muttered, “… now you can go.”


“Get the Princess! Someone get the Princess!”




Kida felt like her heart was going to break as she entered the royal chamber, the large doctor taking a step back and shaking his head, the action saying more than what words could possibly say.


She took his hand, forcing a smile onto her face as he coughed weakly.


“The boy…” he whispered, “… where is he?”


Kida didn’t know who he was talking about at first, until her Father spoke up again. “The one… you like.”




She winced, fingers automatically drifting towards the crystal around her neck.


“He has been chosen by the crystal then… just like your mother.”


“Why though?” Kida begged, “He’s not of royal Atlantean blood! Or Atlantean at all!”


“We don’t know that for sure… many of how people would visit the surface world. Of course, m-many of them were trapped outside of the city when we fell… h-he may be an ancestor of them.”


As Kida was coming to terms with this, her Father continued, “And even I-If he isn’t… he still has the heart of an Atlantean.”


“The heart of one, what are you- “She stopped, knowing what her Father was getting at.


She loved Milo… she’d given him her heart.


Her Father shakily removed his crystal, before pressing it into her hands, “Save him…” he whispered, “… Save your heart.”


He took one last shuddering breath, before falling completely limp.


“Father! Father!”




Less than five minutes later, she emerged from the royal chamber and strode past all of Milo’s friends.


“Ummm…. Your Highness? What are you doing?”


“Going after Milo.”


“But…. That’s suicide!”


She turned back to face them, a stern look on her face. “Maybe… but if your Commander thinks he’s going to get away with stealing from me, he is desperately wrong.”


She knew they were following her as she made her way over to a giant, stone fish, crystal still clutched in her hand.


Milo had once said that this crystal could power anything in Atlantis. Time to put that to the test.


Climbing onto the fish, she brushed the dust away, placing her hand in the middle of the circle, gently placing the crystal in a carved hole, watching as everything turned bright blue and the fish slowly started to rise into the air.


“This is how we’re going to save him.” She announced to the stunned crowd, old training kicking in as she instantly took the role of Queen, “These are how we’re going to stop them from taking what is ours.”


“How is it done my Queen?” one of the guards asked.


“All we need are our crystals.” She hopped down from the fish, and headed over to a slimmer looking model, “Milo showed me. Place the crystal in the hole. Half turn right, quarter turn back, hand on the pad!”


Within minutes every ship that they had was up in the air, with Milo friends also joining in.


“This is it!” she called to them, spear in hand, “We will rescue Milo, we will save our city!”


They shot forwards until they were flying through the tunnel that led to the volcano. “Here’s the plan!” Kida called out, “We’ll coming in low and catch Rourke by surprise!”


“I got news for you Princess!” Audrey cried back, “Rourke is never surprised, and he has a lot of guns. Guns beat spears!”


“Well, do you have any suggestions then?”


“Yeah!” Vinny smirked, “Don’t get shot!”


Within seconds they were entering the cavern, where Rourke and his men where preparing to leave.




Guns opened fired on them… as well as some other, much larger weapons.


“See!” Audrey called out, “He’s never surprised!”


Kida just shook her head, “We need to stop him from reaching the top!” She gestured to the ship heading up to the surface, “Vincent, you and me should act as decoys. Audrey and Sweet, get underneath it and cut Milo loose!”


“On it!”


They all tried their best, but eventually Audrey and Sweet were forced to give up, prompting Kida to make a drastic decision.


“This is for Milo…” She whispered to herself, “… this is for Milo.”


She moved her ship to dive towards the balloon, leaping out at the last minute to grab onto the ropes that lined the balloon, her ship continuing on and popping one of them, slowing the ship down. Watching as Rourke threw Helga off of the ship, she sliced through the rope with her spear and swung towards Rourke, kicking him in the face and sending them both falling to the lower area of the ship as it continued to sink.


“I gotta admit, you’re a bigger pain in the ass than I thought you would be Princess.” He blocked her punch and kicked her away, forcing her to cling on, “I consider myself a very patient man, and it takes a lot to get under my skin, but congratulations! You just won the golden prize!”


As one of the balloons suddenly exploded, Kida found herself clinging onto the capsule that held Milo, as Rourke came after her with an axe, smashing through the capsule window.


“Getting tired Princess?” Rourke snarled, missing how Kida grabbed a shard of broken glass, “Pity, because I’m just getting started!”


He grabbed her by the neck and held her up in the air.


Snarling, she slashed his arm with the glass and scurried away when Rourke let her go in pain. Blue spread over his entire body and he seemed to freeze.


Kida didn’t trust that, and she was right as the figure suddenly darted towards her. During the struggle, he got too close to the fans of the ship, smashing into a million pieces. One of the pieces sliced through the chains holding Milo’s capsule up and it fell to the ground.


From there, it was all a bit of a blur.


She could remember the heat of the volcano exploding as she clung onto the capsule.


She remembered breaking Milo free of the capsule, watching in awe as the city lit up, the stone faces breaking through the ground and rising up into the air with Milo, spinning around as beams shot out.


She remembered watching the statues of her childhood waking up and moving to the edge of the city, clapping their hands together to form a shield as the volcano lava spurted at them. The shield spread all across the city just as the lava covered it.


There were a few seconds of darkness before the now-solid lava cracked and started to crumble away, water draining away from the main city. Looking up to the clouds, Kida saw a beam of light as a familiar figure then started to float down to the ground.


She ran over, throat closed up at the sight of Milo’s limp body. Wrapping her arms around him, she managed to steady him just as he gasped, almost as though it was his first breath. There were a few tense moments, where Kida wasn’t sure if Milo was even still alive, before he groaned in pain and straightened up slightly, still wrapped in her arms.


“Kida?” he whispered, “What- “ He stopped suddenly, glancing down at his hand and opening it up to reveal a tiny bracelet.


Kida smiled sadly at the sight, “I think… Mama approves.”