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A/N: Hey ya'll! So, this is an idea that came to mind. It's also because with Vibrations done I need to do a new story with the same ships. This is also inspired by Capricorn's story called the Toughest Lesson. I absolutely adore her and everything she writes. Y'all should go check out her stuff when you get the chance. I also hope you all enjoy what happens in this first chappie. I'm keeping the beginning notes short, but my shadows will be back for the end notes. Hehes

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters.

Pairings: OroNaru and SasuSaku, but others will be implied and/or added like usual.

Dedicated: to my amazing best friend who I consider as an adoptive mother, CapricornKitty1975, who I love and adore to pieces. I don't know what I'd do without her.


Chapter 1: Dive

Having moved to a new village meant that Naruto and his older brother Deidara would be enrolled in the local high school of Konoha. Helping Minato bring in the boxes and such they had gained some looks from other people of the neighboring compounds. The one that they're at is the Namikaze one. Their mother had died when giving birth to Naruto several years ago. The two blondes are sixteen while their father is in his early to mid forties. Once everything is settled in and unpacked, Minato shoos his sons out for him to fix supper for them. Being given the opportunity to explore outside of where they had moved to the two shared similar grins. Both had the same thought.

"Let's go meet someone new," suggested Naruto, thinking it would be good for them to have a social life here or at least build one if possible.

"Don't you think people will be put off by my hands, un?" Asked Deidara reluctantly.

"You have the gloves if you need them," pointed out Naruto. "And besides....everyone calls me a monster."

Sighing, Deidara opted not to use them, "Yeah, but you're not, hmph. They're just afraid of what they don't understand."

"Same goes for you. Now, let's go," ushered Naruto before tugging Deidara out of the compound to see if anyone that's outside would like to exchange hello's and such.

When they went outside they came across a raven haired male who had returned from an AMBU mission. Raising a brow, he noticed that these are the ones reported to have arrived. He and Deidara locked gazes for onyx to get with sapphire. Then they looked away or rather Deidara did. Both he and Naruto are dressed in shinobi attire. While Naruto has his black with purple trim jumpsuit with t-shirt and jeans underneath Deidara has khaki pants along with a vest. Both have a pair of zori. Also, while Naruto's hair stands up, Deidara's is long which he wears in a high ponytail for his fringe to cover one of his eyes.

"Hn," grunted the Uchiha in greeting.

"What's that supposed to mean, un?" Huffed Deidara, narrowing his eyes slightly.

Smirking, the other male answered with, "You'll find out. I'm Sasuke's older brother, Itachi."

Groaning, Deidara facepalmed himself, "Great, hmph. Just what I always wanted."

There's a note of sarcasm dripping off of his words. Laughing lightly, Naruto dodged out of the way of a clay bird thrown at him. The two then began chasing each other. Itachi watched with his lips twitching ever so slightly in amusement. The two then had to say goodbye to him before heading back inside when it's time for supper. At the table, Minato had prepared a garden salad with pasta on the side. Both males grabbed some water to drink.

"Are you two looking forward to your first day of school tomorrow?" Asked their father while they ate.

"Yeah, un," admitted Deidara, appreciating that their father didn't put meat into the food since he didn't eat it while Naruto did.

"Of course," grinned Naruto before slurping down some more of the noodles.

"Good," chuckled Minato, knowing he'd be at the office to perform his duties as the Hokage of this village. "I'll be gone until late tomorrow night. Will you two be alright on your own?"

"Yes," the two said simultaneously.

"Good. Now, finish eating and then you have some time to relax before bed. You both will need to leave a little before eight tomorrow to be there on time."


The next day, Naruto and Deidara narrowly made it on time. The two had a bag slung over one shoulder. They wore more casual attire compared to shinobi garb except they still wear their headbands. Deidara didn't feel like he should wear his gloves. If people are going to call Naruto names then he's prepared for the same treatment. They have at least half of the same classes while the rest they are separated. The latter would be during the first half of the day and then they would meet up during lunch to have the rest of classes together. Hopefully they would be able to make some new friends here. Once they entered the school there's an almost immediate quiet that fell in the halls. Uncertain about this the two continued onwards. Deidara helped Naruto find his first class. While they are the same age Deidara is a few months older than him. So, he does feel obligated to make sure he'll be ok.

"See you at lunch, un," said Deidara as he walked off to his first class.

Leaving Naruto on his own he braced himself before entering the room. Apparently none of the other students are there yet. Although the teacher is definitely there unloading papers on his desk into neat piles. The teacher in question hadn't turned his back yet to notice Naruto is standing there a few paces away from the doorway that closed behind him. When it did close shut the noise had notified the teacher someone had entered. Turning to face him, Naruto is met with amber orbs belonging to a pale figure with long silky dark locks reaching down to somewhat below the middle of his back. What he wears is a lab coat along with a black t-shirt and jeans underneath with a pair of zori on his feet.

"Oh, you're one of the new students," stated the teacher, noticing his voice sounded similar to a snake.

Gulping, Naruto nodded, "Um, yes, I am."

"Take a seat then. I am your teacher for. science, biology, etc. Each of us here teach more than one subject. You'll quickly become used to how things work around here."

Yeah, but how am I going to deal with being attracted to my teacher?

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