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King's Mate

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King's Mate

Chapter 1: Ribcage


In this world I had grown up in a unique way. Being a part of a family of immortal creatures meant that we couldn't be easily killed. The only true way to kill us is by a stake to the heart. Being out in the sun won't impact us right away. Although if we're out for several hours then we'll slowly burn to then turn to ashes. So, it's kind of like when humans get a sunburn more or less. Now, I'm the second in line for the throne. My older brother Atem is the crown prince. When our father passed away a few years ago he had taken his place. Knowing that it's caused Atem some stress I had decided to go out to find him some new slaves. He had given me permission. It's one of my jobs anyways. Grabbing my cloak I put it on. The hood is up. Good, that way I have protection against the sunlight. My skin is skeletal white. While my hair on the other hand is star shaped with mostly black, but crimson at the tips of each strand along with gold lightning bolt bangs. What I wear is a tunic and leggings that are dark purple and black while my feet are clad in a pair of leather boots. I have a sword strapped to my left hip. Most of us use some type of blade. Heading out, I began my hunt.

It didn't take long until approaching a small village. There seemed to be some individuals here. Hmm, now to see if I can find some that will be sufficient slaves fit for the role. Scouring the village I came upon a few signatures that caught my interest. Yes, while Atem is the prince there are other rulers of other races. So, while I'll be bringing back a few the rest I can give to the market to sell for the highest bidder. Stealthing my way towards where I caught sight of a white haired male with gray eyes along with a short male that could be my look alike I stayed concealed in the shadows. Preparing my tranquilizer in the blowgun I keep on my person in my ouch I took aim before letting two fly in the direction of the two males who seemed to be talking about something. Both landed true. The white haired male noticed something sticking out the side of his neck and pulled it out to see the dart, cursing under his breath before both fell unconscious. Hearing the bodies drop to the floor there are three others who ran out. One has white hair similar to the one on the ground, but this one has innocent chocolate almond eyes. Preparing my blowgun again I took aim before firing. It landed true once more. Good, seems I won't be slipping up today. The other two that appeared on the scene with the second white haired male are a platinum blonde haired male and a dark blonde haired male. Collecting them, I placed bonds to ensure none of them would be able to escape. Knowing that they harbor magic doesn't surprise me. The two I wanted to bring back would be the first two I managed to knock out including the dark blonde. I could give the third to Seto. He's always wanted a pet to play with after all. What I noticed is that there's a fourth male that I somehow managed to knock out. It seems I'll be depositing at least two individuals at the market today. Depositing the two with the auctioneer I then returned back to the palace. Arriving soon I deposited the white haired male at my older brother's feet while I had placed the short male in my quarters for me to attend to when I've been dismissed.

"I brought you a new slave, brother," I informed him, bowing to him out of respect.

"Hmm?" Mused Atem, looking down at the person dropped at his feet who is beginning to stir. "You have done well."

"Thanks," I shed a small smile, appreciating his praise since it's not given often.

When the new slave to the king awoke he strained at his bindings. Anger spiked in his veins. Glaring daggers up at my brother he gave an accusing look over his shoulder at me. Probably he found out that I had been the one to knock him out or something. It wouldn't surprise me. Managing to get to his feet I knocked him down to kneel in front of Atem. Hissing out in irritation he stayed in that position until Atem had given the order to allow him to move freely even though it would be restricted by the bonds placed on him.

"What the fuck am I doing here?" Growled the male who seemed to harbor spirit and necromatic magic. "Where's my little brother?"

"I'm afraid he was sent to be sold on the market," informed Atem, examining his offering. "Meanwhile, you are given to me as a new slave thanks to my own little brother managing to capture you."

"I'm no one's slave," hissed the gray eyed mage, glaring daggers at him.

"We'll see," said Atem with a cold smile, visibly sending shivers down the bound male's spine. "What's your name?"

"Akefia Touzoku," responded the mage, uncertain of his current predicament although I can tell he's concerned for what'll happen to his sibling.

"Hmm, well,'re now owned by me, the king of the vampiric race. I can either make your life a living hell or absolute pleasure. It's your choice whether you want to remain a slave or my mate."



Is this guy for real? I'm no one's slave. Knowing Ryou is sent to the market worries me greatly. Will he be ok on his own? Damn it! I hate being separated from him when I have no idea what'll happen to him. It also frustrates me that I won't be able to protect him even though I have taught him how to fight. He needed to learn how to fend for himself if we are ever separated like right now. All I can do is hope for the best and perhaps in due time we'll be reunited. Until then I have to deal with my own situation. So, I'm now the vampire king's bitch. Well, this isn't at all what I planned....

"What will it be?" Asked Atem, a small smirk twitching onto his lips.

Narrowing my eyes at him I hissed, "Fuck you."

"Not quite yet," chuckled Atem.

"Don't patronize me," I growled, continuing to glare at him.

"I do as I please," he countered, giving his sibling a look as if he's dismissing him to leave me alone with the ruler of the leeches. "You're a mage, correct?"

"What gave it away?" I responded dryly. "yes, I'm a mage. You can tell by my scent or whatever what type of magic I have and can use efficiently."

"True," agreed Atem, pulling at my leash chain to pull me onto his lap.

Grunting in displeasure of being placed in close proximity to the undead creature. Unfortunately, the metal bondage is restricting my magic to where it doesn't work well. Being met with those pools of deep violet I felt a surge of electricity flow between us. Raising a brow, I wonder what exactly that meant. Nothing prepared me for this. Nope, nothing ever could even though I had been warned at some point creatures would come after me for what I've done during my experimentation with my magic. Having necromancy meant I could raise the dead and control them. So, perhaps this is karma in one form or another.

Ryou....please be safe until we're reunited eventually. I promise you if any harm comes to you I'll destroy whoever hurts you. Now, I have to deal with belonging to a king of darkness.

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