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Silver Helix

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A/N: Hey ya'll! So, this is my third OroKabu story. I absolutely adore this ship to death. It's my new obsession so obviously I'm going to write more of it. I should be back on ao3 later today. I'm so excited about it. Hehes

Now, let's go through the usual stuff, shall we? No flames or negativity is allowed. This means no bullying, harassment, etc. towards me or my stories because if there is any then you will be reported. Only positive and constructive feedback will be allowed. This is an AU like usual. Any mention of canon in your comments is irrelevant to the story. Got it? Good!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters.

Pairing: OroKabu, but others will be implied and/or added like usual.

Silver Helix

Chapter 1: Pact

Having not expected to be bested by an enemy laid the figure of a gray haired male with glasses as blood pooled around him. What he hadn't thought is that he would be stopped during such an important mission. He had been told if he failed then it meant he would be casted as an outcast amongst the assassin guilds. Flenching his fist he punched the ground beside him. What he doesn't know is a being from the netherworlds is rising to the surface to meet with the male barely clinging to the last threads of life while he has trouble breathing. Coughing out a few more hacks of his life essence seeps forth. His robes and clothes underneath are in tatters while his sword remains in nothing except shrapnel beside him.

"You poor unfortunate soul," crooned the voice of a silky masculine tone, reaching down to grab the human by his ponytail to have onyx be met with amber. "I can give you exactly what you need."

"W-What?" Coughed out Kabuto, barely able to get those words out with the life draining quickly from him.

"Agree to my contract and you won't be stripped away from this plain," hissed the black haired entity, captivating Kabuto to a great extent as he gave a weak nod of consent. "That's a good boy. Now, you're coming with me. There needs to be some work done before you can return here again to seek out your vengeance against those who robbed you of what the gods want you to become."

"What is that?" Inquired the human that's being stitched back together by the hands of what he thinks is a demon before him with black and red thread.

"The king of course," replied the male with a cold smile that gave a flash of fangs dripping with a purplish liquid that can only be associated with venom. "Now that I have put you back together you will return to the underground. There you will begin a type of training no mere mortal nor demigod has ever been given the privilege to receive."

Taking all of this in, Kabuto weighed his options even though he had agreed to forming a contract with this being from another plain of existence. Nodding again, he didn't see any other way out of this. What he did know for certainty that he hopes this isn't a mistake he has made that will turn the rest of his existence to ruins of desolation. Taking the nearly unconscious male into his arms he vanishes to reappear down below within the realm known as Unkrius. It's lit by hellfire while the twin moons intertwine upon the highest point of the sky. During the day there are triple blood suns that illuminate the corridors and the area outside of the buildings as well as the palace. Striding through the halls he reaches the said palace where he reigns as the ruler here. For he is Orochimaru, King of the Half-Dead and Demon Race, settling within his chambers upon alerting his guard that any meetings will be moved to another day. They all knew that he has at last found the one that's supposed to aid in breaking the curse down here along with ascending to either what will bring peace or demolition depending on the choices he makes once he completes his training down here. Running a skeletal hand through Kabuto's matted gray locks he deemed it necessary to bathe him. Walking into his bathroom he prepared the Luke warm water before cleaning him up along with putting on a pair of robes along with a pair of briefs and an undershirt before placing him on his bed. Darkness had claimed him a while ago before this occurs. Sitting beside him on his bed where he placed him he smoothed Kabuto's hair away out of his face. The rise and fall of his chest meant that he's sleeping. Giving a small smile that only he could see made him feel as if he has indeed found the one.

"Oh, my dear halfbreed," murmured Orochimaru, idly watching him slumber. "You will bring these lands to such greatness while plunging the mortal world into what we have always wanted.....chaos."

Unable to respond to him didn't bother him in the slightest. Orochimaru remained there until later when Kabuto woke up. It would take some adjustment until he noticed that he doesn't smell like debris and spilled blood. He also feels warm as if in the comfort of someone he should've been with a long time ago. Looking up he sees the face of the obsidian haired male staring back at him. Those ruby eyes mesmerize him. It's almost as if he's transfixed and doesn't know if he does or doesn't like what he's feeling because of it. What he does know is that he has changed upon descending here.

"There's quite a deal we need to discuss," murmured the creature, noticing that his limbs are stitched together with silver and ruby thread while he has horns atop his head and dressed all in black with a pair of zori on his feet. "What do you want to know?"

"What did you do to me?" Asked the former full human quietly.

"The curse we deal with is affecting you once you agreed to form a contract with me. We take those very seriously down here," explained Orochimaru patiently. "What? Did you honestly think nothing would happen to you?"

Frowning, Kabuto shook his head in response, "No, I guess not."

"You agreed to what I can give you," stated Orochimaru, extending a hand to him. "Come with me and we will begin."

Eyeing it suspiciously, Kabuto needed to become accustomed with what he is now. No longer is he human. No, he's like the rest of those down here. He has fallen victim to the curse which has turned him into one of the half-dead and eventually he will become similar to what the king himself is. That's only if he remains down here and doesn't escape when the triple suns rise. Unlike on the mortal plain time down here progresses differently. A day down here means a few months have passed up there. When he's finally come to his decision he accepts the offer hand. A jolt of electricity passes through their fingertips upon contact. The two look at each other. Obviously they had noticed it. Neither would forget it, but it can't be acted on until later.

"Alright, I see that you are determined with what I consented to with you. I'll see this through until the very end when I can go back to claim the debt they owe me for nearly stealing my life away."

A/N: Yays! Done with chappie one! Hehes, obviously this is inspired by Capricorn's new work if you haven't noticed with the mention of assassins. Besides, she's wanted me to do something involving them for a while now. I decided it's about damn time I do it. Hehes

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