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When You Came

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Bright stars were shining up in the sky. A handsome young man with jet black hair tied in a low pony tail, with eyes a shade of deepest onyx, stood there, facing a young woman's back. Nothing about her was visible except for her slender yet curvaceous figure and dark brown hair which had a black hue to it.

The man wanted to say something but suddenly a loud ringing interrupted him waking him up from his slumber. He yawned and stretched and got out of bed revealing a good tall body with muscular arms and chest. Despite his imposing figure his eyes held a gentleness to it.

He was none other than Itachi Uchiha. The oldest son of Fagaku and Mikoto Uchiha and heir to the throne of Uchiha corporation. A prodigy. He was his father's pride, his mother's smile and his little brother Sasuke's idol. But there was more to Itachi than that. He was a great friend, a good boss and most important of all- a good man.

He has everything in his life to keep him happy and satisfied.

He is a genius, almost in everything. There's a catch. Almost.

The one thing Itachi is dumb is romance, or more specifically girls. Despite having everything Itachi could never get himself a woman. Or should we say girls threw themselves on him but he refused.

"Damn it Itachi! Are you a saint?" Shisui Uchiha – his best friend and cousin – had asked him. "No. Shisui . Just waiting." he replied.

"Waiting? For what?" Shisui asked.

"For the right girl." Itachi said smiling to himself

"Oh! you really think such a girl even exists or how much will you wait for her?" Shisui asked exasperated.

" I don't know, Shisui but I can hope, right? I will wait for her." Itachi said , his peculiar smile never leaving his face.

"For how long?"

Itachi' s smile grew. " I have a lifetime for that."

And Shisui would wonder if Itachi is crazy or something.

He got out of shower and after dressing himself in formal clothes consisting of a white shirt with a black coat and pants complimented with a black tie, his long hair tied in his usual ponytail he headed downstairs to eat. His butler was ready with his breakfast.

" Good morning. Master." He said in his elderly voice.

Itachi gave the older man a smile "Good morning to you too Jack."

Completing his meals Itachi left for corporation's office. Normally, he likes to drive himself but today his mind was off. His thoughts completely revolving around a certain girl...

The girl of his dreams.

"Strange…since when did I started dreaming about women?" he muttered to himself...

With no idea that his world is about to be turned upside down.