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Under Pressure

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Dear Margo

I am not sure this letter will ever find you because we are going to cast so much fucking spell into hoping that we remember how to do it, but if you read this, it means that we have. So yay us.

Last time I heard from you, it was from a bunny asking for help. Which I know you don’t do a whole lot so I want to start by saying I am sorry that I couldn’t come to your help. At least not in the way you might need.

This is a fucking long story, and it is impossible to explain in a letter, but long story short, the clock send Quentin and me back in time, around seventy years before we became High King and High Queen. The quest asks us to do an impossible task, and after years of working on it, Quentin and I had to admit to ourselves that we might never go back home. That our part in the quest was during this time and not yours. And a shit ton of things happen.

Long story short, a week ago, we found the solution to an impossible puzzle. And now we might have found a way back home, to our timeline and not the past. There are several things we need to do and spell to cast before we leave, as I am writing this, we expect to come back by the end of the month. Which, for you, means nothing because you got this a few hours after me leaving inside the clock. For me, it has been five years. So I guess now I am the oldest one right?

I am not sure if you have five years to wait for us to meet or it will be mere moments, but there is only one way to know about it -

Margo held the letter she read at least a thousand time now, her heart beating fast and trying to keep a calm composure so the other wouldn’t know how devastated she had been reading those lines. Like Eliot had asked, she got Julia and Alice to wait with her in front of that stupid clock, both of them wearing that worried and curious expression. The letter asks for Fen too but she was with Fray at a play, and the girl needed to forget her worries for a while instead of waiting for her husband that might not even arrive.

Still, in her royal dress, Margo looked at the clock handle timing itself precisely one hour after Quentin and Eliot had entered the portal. They would try to come by that time, giving her enough agency to bring the others around. This whole thing was fucking insane.

Alice spoke out loud to no one, and it took the High Queen a moment to understand that Penny was there too, the blonde girl holding the truth key. Julia had filled her on that and other madness she missed while she was forced to marry baby Joffrey Baratheon.

She felt nauseous at the thought, but it quickly washed away when she saw the handle of the clock’s door open. Eliot came out from it, wearing fillorian clothes, his hair longer than usual, relief in his eyes. She had seen this face enough to notice the few lines around his eyes that weren’t there before. She barely registered Quentin getting out as well as she rushed into Eliot's arm and started to sob in his arm. The way he hugged her was so possessive and firm; she felt he was telling her something he would never say out loud; I was so scared of never seeing you again. He hid a sob in her hair.

When the finished their embrace, Margo’s jaw drop as she notices that not only Quentin was back with much longer hair but holding a baby that looks curiously at them. From Julia and Alice expression, this tinny human was the reason they didn’t go to hug him.

‘’Uh... everyone. This is my son Rupert,’’ finally said Quentin, adjusting his grip with a bounce of his hips like he’d done it hundreds of time. ‘’And this is my wife. Arielle. ‘’

A shy blonde girl tried to hide behind him, but Eliot pulled her gently so she could say hi. The silence in the room was more of profound confusion than anything else.

‘’Alright. ‘’ Margo said seeing Julia was frozen in place, pale as a ghost. ‘’ What the fuck?’’