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Tsunade's Lewd Prison: Defilement

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Inspired by a similar fic of the same doujinshi by PirateRaider, titled "Tsunade's Lewd Prison Village".

Having read the doujinshi series myself and being a fan of Naruhodo's works, I thought I could enjoy my own take on it as well.

As such, I will try adding onto it as I see fit (as in giving motives beyond what the Zetsus want to do here beyond getting the women pregnant).

I'm assuming that all who are reading this will have read the doujins up to "Lewd Prison Super S", and it will start from there.

The prison cell was always cold.

By that present time, that was all the woman's defiled mind could think of as her body stood in a squatted position, a massive dildo serving the dual purpose of plugging the sexual channel leading to her womb, as well as allowing her moments of training her body as would be suitable for her captors.

She spent the day contracting her vaginal muscles around the dildo, over and over again, with naught but the thought of a real manhood plunging itself into her hot depths keeping her awake.

In the beginning, this position was painful for the woman who lacked even the means to mold her chakura.

By then however, she had adjusted, all wishes to find some manner of escape long since purged from her mind.

"Hey, Hokage," the deep, playful voice of one of her captors spoke, her expression visibly lighting up with excitement as she looked upon the being standing before her, "are you about ready for the morning breeding?"

She panted as she grew conscious of her heated womanhood, and like a dog wagging its tail, she wriggled her hips to and fro on the dildo as the virile semen of many different Zetsu sloshed within her baby making organ.

The Zetsu before her entered the cell with a chuckle, giving a condescending remark about how low she'd fallen, one that she could no longer see as anything greater than a sign of attention.

By this point, attention had long since rooted itself in her mind as the harbinger of warmth.

He smiled cruelly down at her, his iron hard cock standing at attention as he aimed his dick towards her mouth.

In the beginning of her imprisonment, he had to goad her into doing what he wanted, and she would do so with reluctance.

Now, in contrast, she took him in wholeheartedly, her lips, mouth and throat dry as she felt her thirst growing.

With immense skill, she sucked, at a pace so quick and desperate the sight would be laughable to the sadist harboring her if it didn't feel so good.

"You don't plan on losing a single drop, do you?" He asked down to her, Tsunade looking up to him with great joy reflected in her eyes, her blowjob nice and hard as she began hobbling her head up and down the long dick in her mouth.

Eventually, Zetsu grunted as the familiar feeling of climax festered in him, and he grasped the woman's head while looking to the ceiling, beginning to pound his lustful meat pole down into the depths of her throat, the warmth of her mouth making him grunt as he felt it coming.

She sensed it too, the forcefulness of his piston hard thrusts, the tension within the muscles of his body, and braced herself accordingly, Zetsu eventually shoving himself as deep into her mouth as he could muster, cumming with a wide smile as he held her head down at the base of his dick, the woman feeling it wriggling about as it pumped its seed inside her once again.

She did not move, not the slightest twitch of her head, as she stood there and took his essence into her body, eyes gazing up at him as he lowered his gaze to meet her eyes, him releasing her head as his wide smile thinned, her moving her head away from his cock with a slurping sound as she pulled away with not a drop of the dirty white fluids staining his rod.

When the head of his dick came off of her lips, it made a popping sound as it stood back up, straight as an arrow and hard as metal, and she leaned away from him with her lips pursed, before opening her mouth as wide as it could go, Zetsu seeing her throat covered with his semen and grinning as she swallowed it.

She leaned back, looking up to him with a level of expectation, and Zetsu came behind her as he undid the seal holding her in place, reaching down and holding her knees before hoisting her up in the air, the woman giving a loud shout of joy as she was freed from her nightly burden, semen waterfalling from her hole for but a moment before the cock she'd grown accustomed to having planted deep, deep inside her speared its way up her hole, her body shaking with anticipation as he held her.

She instinctively leaned her body back against him, and there she felt the warmth of his body against hers, a warm she once hated but now craved as the single luxury allowed to her in this prison.

Though the time before the breeding session was nigh, the Zetsu carrying her would not let her go with a mere blowjob, and in minutes, the pair descended into a fit of procreative madness as her patience was awarded with him fucking her.

In several minutes' time, within the cold prison cell, the warmth of Zetsu's semen would defile the corrupted Hokage further.

The Defiled Hokage