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Oh, thank the Queen it's not a sex thing!

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Kravitz has never considered himself a particularly adventurous guy. Even at the relatively young age of 18, he knows his path in life - worshiping the Raven Queen though his music as a traveling bard and cleric. He’s not sure what he wants in a partner, but knows he’ll find them when the time comes. He does know that they’ll be younger than him, since he’s pushing drinking age and his soulmate’s first words to him haven’t appeared. In his dreams, he can never tell if his faceless companion is a woman or a man. Not knowing what that means, he decides to wait. Whoever his soulmate will be, he trusts in the Queen and her partner Istus that they’ll be perfect for him.


The day his words finally do show up is also the first time Kravitz gets drunk, and the last day he wears short sleeves in public for... a long time. He’s midway through a performance at a church of the Raven Queen, dressed impeccably in black pants and a dark grey button-down shirt rolled up to his elbows, as he plays for an audience of fellow devotees. Hearing a gasp from the audience and feeling a tingle on his right forearm, he looks down - nearly dropping his lute in shock.


Standing out starkly from his monochromatic attire and dark skin, a soulmate tattoo spirals up his forearm in a vibrant, shimmery shade of purple. As he stares, entranced, the tattoo seems to  glitter, scrawling out a phrase in a large, flamboyantly loopy scrawl and covering his entire forearm from wrist to elbow. A moment later, his eyes widen. Dropping the lute, he scrambles to roll down his sleeve before anyone else can read the words. Thanking the Raven Queen that his skin is too dark to show the blush creeping up his face, the young bard picks up his lute, apologizing to his goddess and audience as he finishes the performance.


After the music ends, Kravitz hides in the back of the church and slowly rolls his sleeve back up, praying to Istus and his Queen that he’d somehow misread the words before. As the tattoo comes back into the light, it sparkles again, standing out sharply against his dark skin - whoever his soulmate was, they certainly like to stand out. Then again… He reads the words on his arm, and feels heat rise to his cheeks again as he traces the words with a finger:

Hey thug, what’s your name? I’m about to tentacle your dick!”


In another planar system, a pair of twin elves are born. Seeing one soulmark already formed, their exhausted mother giggles as she reads. One child’s skin is clear, but on the other…  Written along the inside of his left forearm, a shimmery black ink in an elegant hand spells out the phrase:

Oh, thank the Queen it’s not a sex thing.”

The exhausted elf gives one last laugh, knowing that whatever else her sons do in life, it’ll definitely be interesting. Content in this knowledge, she gives a tired sigh and passes away, leaving them in her father’s care.


14 years later, Kravitz still hasn’t met his soulmate. He’s not terribly surprised, some people met their soulmates while one was still a child but considering his words, he figured he wouldn’t be one of them. The only problem, he thinks, laying in the street as his blood forms a widening pool around him, is that he never expected that he’d never get to meet them at all.

(In two separate planar systems, Istus giggles into her hand, pulling a string from her knitting and setting it aside for a special weave.)