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Outlier | Joshler Fanfic

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So I guess I should begin by introducing who I am.

Hello, my name is Joshua Dun. I live in a small rural town of Ohio with my best friend Tyler Joseph. He's a pretty sick dude who I have the pleasure and honor of calling my friend. We've had so many good times together, it was almost as if we were basically a couple.

Hold on. Let me get a hold of myself.

I feel like I went too far with that statement. Let me backtrack a bit.

I met Tyler when I was 8 and he was such a nice kid. Very shy and timid but he had the most kindest heart of any person I knew.

But even so, Tyler had some unfortunate problems he dealt with.

People would often make him feel left out and wouldn't include him in their social groups or cliques as they say. He wasn't really bullied that much but the fact that he was often ignored and unappreciated made me feel sad. He didn't deserve any of that.

He didn't have a lot of friends and I think it lead him to feel insecure and self-conscious about himself. He would look in the mirror and feel as if nothing in life was worth breathing for.

I don't know why he would feel that way. He had the most beautiful eyes and most loveliest smile. His personality was genuine and anyone who couldn't see that, was blind.

And then I came along and helped Tyler with every problem that came both our ways. We grew up inseparable from each other and never left each other's sides.

To this day I still think that if I hadn't met Tyler, I'm afraid the worse could have happened to him.

I'm sure you're wondering how we met and what happened afterwards.

Well my friend, I'm just getting started. The story of how I met Tyler and how it got to this point is long but I can assure you that it will help and provide with more information you might need...