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Sweet as Candy

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Enid couldn’t help but notice the ring on KO’s right hand. KO was not the type to wear jewlery, so the sight of it made Enid wonder, Where? Why? What? She needed answers. “Hey KO?” Enid called. “I need your help.”

KO came running over, and saluted to her. “Ma’am, yes ma’am! What do you need help with ma’am?”

“I need help with figuring out where something came from.”

“What is it?”

“That ring. That ring that’s on your finger. You know that the finger you have the ring on is traditional for marriage, right?”

“O-oh!” KO chuckled nervously as he hid his right hand behind his back. “O-of course!”

“Why are you wearing it? I never took you for one for jewlery.”

KO gave a look that he might be nervously sick. “Long story or short story?”

“Short. I need to get back to work otherwise Gar will yell at me.”

“I dared Dendy to marry me. I didn’t think she would actually do it…”

Enid stared at KO with a dumbfound expression. “Long story. Please?”

KO took a breath. “So Dendy and I were playhing Truth or Dare on our way to my house so she could help me with homework. I asked ‘Truth or Dare?’ and she answered ‘Dare.’ I dared her to marry me as a joke and she said ‘that can be arranged.’ Then all of the sudden she was filling out an application for marriage online! I tried to say stop, but Dendy wouldn’t let me back out of it! She said ‘you asked for the dare. I must go through with it!’ She got a written agreement from my mommy, who she thought it was a joke and a written thing rfrom her parents, who were okay with the idea! So then we get together at the court house, and we both sign it, and do an informal ceremony with each other and…” KO blushed a bit. “I kind of like it now…”

“How can you like being married?” Enid asked

“Who’s married?” Rad asked.

“Well, I get to spend a lot of time with Dendy now, and…she’s just…amazing, and sweet…” He trailed off with a blush.

“Wow. Never in my day would I think that KO would actually get married before Mr. Gar and Ms. KO’s mom.”

“Wait, KO’s married!?” Rad screeched.