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I'm Still Here

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Michael was ready to go with Jeremy and his dad to meet Mr. Heere's date! You may be asking why Rich and Jake aren't going... and that's because Rich's dad would (possibly literally) kill him if he was absent for that long, and there was no way he would get permission. Jake, on the other hand, had a very important football game.

He "Are you kids ready for more than one-hundred miles of body cramps?"

Mi & Jer "No!"

He "Good to hear! You got everything you're taking?"


He "Including cat supplies?"

Jeremy tried to find someone to take care of Cherry, but nobody was available. Jenna's dad hates cats, Rich's hates animals in general, one of Christine's is allergic, Brooke is allergic, Jake's apartment doesn't allow pets, Chloe is sick, Dustin's dad... is the reason Cherry is with Jeremy in the first place. Madeline could potentially watch her, since she's mellowed a bit, but she might still be too intense.

Jer "Yep! I g-guess it's time to leave then!"

Mi "Ditto."

The family of five piled into the van.

Jer "So... h-how are we going to handle s-school? Are you sure it's okay to t-take a week off like th-this?"

He "Relax, I got our neighbor to forge a doctor's note!"

Avacado and Cherry really didn't have much of a say in going, but Avacado didn't mind. Mr. Heere started the car.

A "I've never been on a car ride of this extent! Getting your father a girlfriend was a wonderful idea! This will certainly be an interesting experience."

Jer 'I guess it will be...'

Mr. Heere started the car and sped off.


It was mostly a normal day at the Murphy household. Zoe was tapping on the table, Larry was reading the newspaper, and Cynthia was getting breakfast ready. The atmosphere still felt off. The silence was still smothering.

Z "Soooooo... dad... anything interesting in the paper today?"

Larry just grunted.

Z *sigh* "Could we just have a normal conversation, like, one time? Is that too much to ask?"

L *groan* "Not right now Zoella..."


Z "Do you still think about..."

Zoe decided not to finish that thought. Still, Larry glanced up. He looked... hurt?

Z "Sorry! I didn't mean to-"

L "I... still think about him sometimes."

Z "Wh-what?"

L "You said you wanted to talk?"

Z "I just... didn't expect you to be so... open?"

L "I'm trying to change that."


L "I'm still trying to figure out why he's gone."


L "I just... wish I could know. Maybe then I could understand why he just... abandoned us..."

Larry looked like he was legitimately sad. This is really weird.

Cyn "Sweetie... are you okay?"

L "NOW you ask if I'm okay... you've NEVER asked me how I'm doing! Why do you care now..?"

Cyn "Larry?"

L "Leave me alone. My head hurts."

Z "Sure, dad..."

Zoe walked out the door after grabbing her backpack.

Z 'What's with him?'

This day was going to be stranger than anyone could've anticipated.