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Tom Glynn-Carney Blurbs Part 2

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You’d be waiting for your bus, which, by no surprise was running late. You’d just finished work and had to make a quick stop to one of the few shops that were open this late in the evening, to buy an umbrella as the heavens had decided to open on your short walk to the bus stop. It was one of those annoying ones that didn’t have the cover because they were at the side of the road in the middle of no where.

Usually you’d be all alone in your wait but today you were joined by a young man who was hunched in on himself with his arms crossed, his flat cap being the only thing protecting him from the rain.

You thought about going over to him and sharing your umbrella but would he think that’s weird? You don’t know each other after all.

He’d acknowledged your presence when you first arrived but since then, he hasnt looked up, probably shielding his glasses from getting covered in water.

You slowly shuffled towards him, speaking up when you were a reasonable distance away from him.

“Would you like to share my umbrella? This bus is renowned for being late and there’s plenty of room under here.”

He smiled in return and quickly ducked under.

“Cheers. Trust the one day I don’t wear a jacket to rain.”


You stood in silence for a little bit. It was slightly awkward but you felt like your good deed for the day was complete.

“Sorry do you mind if I hold it? It’s just, you’re a little shorter than I am. Just so I can stand straight and totally cover myself. Not that I’m jot grateful or anything.” He began stumbling over his words. “Jesus, Tom shut up.”

You handed the umbrella over and smiled to calm his nerves.

“I’m Y/N by the way. And honestly it’s not a problem. One of the things that comes with being small is no one lets you hold the brolly.”

Tom let out a little laugh as the headlights of the oncoming bus lit up both your features, the first time you could notice how blue his eyes were.

You both boarded the bus and automatically sat down together. Company can’t go amiss on a late bus, especially as you’ve just bonded with a cute stranger underneath a cheap umbrella