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Request- Ooh!! Could you write about you graduating from uni and tom is there?? and he's all hyping you up like, 'that's MY girlfriend look!!' and he's already asked you to move in with him so after the graduation and the party you guys start to furnish your home so you go furniture shopping and set it all up and it's very cute and fluffy PLEASEE thank youuu


Okay so it’s your turn to go up onto the stage to collect your diploma and the only thing you’re concentrating on right at that moment is not tripping over on the stairs, which is the concern you’ve expressed to your boyfriend Tom, who’s sat in the audience. Your name is called and you make it up without a stumble and he just smiles to himself knowing that you’re mentally sighing from the relief of making it without embarrassing yourself. As the paper is handed to you, all you hear is the cheer of your boyfriend from the back of the room, “YEAH BABE! THAT’S MY GIRLFRIEND UP THERE” above all other applause and you feel your cheeks begin to flush.

Once the ceremony is over, you run to meet him and the rest of your family, giving everyone a hug and an extra long one to Tom, who is smiling just as much as you are as you rub your hands on the back of his grey suit jacket.

You can’t believe that you get to live with him soon, the image of your room which is stacked with cushions, tea towels and an assortment of picture frames, runs through your mind.

You hug him around his waist and his hands around your shoulders as the photographer takes your first official photo as a graduate, which will be in one of those frames in your first home together. He kisses the side of your head and whispers how proud he is of you in your ear. You both couldn’t be happier in that moment.