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Yunlan remembers his face. Fair skinned,long lashes and graceful. He remembers the calming laughter singing in his ears when ever they'd joke around. This was the man he'd been looking for all these years. His first love whom had disappeared from his life fifteen years ago.

The man was now standing before his eyes,hand out to shake his. He looked so different now;he wasn't wearing glasses anymore and a playful aura was radiating from him. Far different from how he was years ago;the shy nerdy boy he once knew was gone and replaced by a sly 'playboy' instead.

"Yunlan. I'm Zhao Yunlan."

The man grins and he wants to cry at how similar it looks compared to the smile he loved so much fifteen years ago.

"I'm Ye Zun. Pleasure to meet you,Xiao Yunlan."


Shen Wei was running late. He should've woken up much earlier if he knew Ye Zun was going to hog the bathroom from five in the morning to eight. He blames himself for being too easy on his twin but at the same time he's glad to do anything for the other as they spent most of their childhood separate from each other. He wasn't there when he needed him the most so he's trying to do his best to do make up the ten years they've been seperated.

Thankfully he wasn't as late as he thought he would be once he arrived to his classroom. Most of his students were already waiting for him and he immediately began his lecture after apologizing to the whole class. Even though he had a higher rank than all of them,he still thought that everyone should be punctual no matter teacher or student nor employer or employee.

As soon as the lecture was done,he warmly smiled at each of his students and wished them a good day. He then proceeded to leave the class and that was when he hears the news of a kidnaping case happening at the university.

The library was quite packed with policemen and detectives walking in and out. Curious,he moved closer and questioned the officer who kindly answered him. To his surprise,the victim was his degree student Li Mian.

His eyes fell on two guys investigating the scene. However the two men were accompanied by a black cat whom had looked obviously uninterested. One of them noticed him staring and immediately walked to him.

"Who are you and why are you here? Thought this scene was only open for the police." He could hear how annoyed the male was and pushed his glasses back into position. "I'm sorry if I'm bothering you. I'm a Biology professor in this university."

"So I'm guessing you know Li Mian?" The male questioned before pausing for a while to awkwardly itch his head,"I mean if you don't know her, it's fine. It's not like you have to know everyone in this huge campus."

"Apparently she's my student. I have just found out of her dissapearence today." The male was suddenly interested,"Then I'd like to know everything about her. Of course just for the case, don't get the wrong idea."

Shen Wei nodded and began describing the female student. She was moderately quiet in class but she would constantly ask him questions at the end of class. She was cheerful with her friends and doesn't seem to be in a relationship with anyone. Shen Wei advised the officer to further interrogate her friends which the other agreed on doing so after introducing and excusing himself.

The officer,Da Xing went back to where his other co-worker was and picked up the black cat while he discussed with the other. Soon a male bringing a large toolbox approached them,Da Xing immediately nagged at the other while he just grinned at him. Shen Wei decided to take his leave and went to his office instead.

He sighed once he sat in his seat. Wishing for Li Mian to be safe where ever she was. He wished he could help but he had too much to do. He booted his computer and began typing in his lecture for next week. He doesn't even realize what time it was once he saved the document.

As he was getting ready to leave,his office's telephone rang. "Hello,this is Shen Wei speaking. Who is this?"

"Brother,you should have your own phone. It costs so much calling those old telephones." Upon hearing Ye Zun's voice,Shen Wei grins.

"Ye Zun,you know I'm not a technology fan." He replies and hears his twin laughing on the other line. "Yeah but you're rather a fan of complicated biology."

Shen Wei chuckled at the insult and didn't retort back. "So,why did you call me?"

There was a short pause,as if Ye Zun was trying to remember what ever reason he was even calling him. "Ah! I just wanted to know what time you were getting off work. I really want you to be the second to try out this new ride I bought."

"I'm about to get off of work. Where are you now?"

"Guess what? I'm actually here." Shen Wei was taken aback by his reply and quickly shut his PC off. "Where exactly are you?"

"In front of the building that has your office." He replied and soon Shen Wei hung up the phone and quickly switched all the electrical appliances off before he stormed out of his office.

As soon as he reached downstairs,he saw his twin grinning and waving at him. "Hey brother,check out my new ride!"

Shen Wei actually didn't give much care about it but nonetheless complimented the car. "I think it matches you. You've always liked the colour yellow."

Ye Zun made a dissapointed face and sighed,"Brother,this is the only one they have in China. I have been waiting for this baby to arrive for nearly three months already and here he is now!"

Shen Wei chuckles at him,"Why don't we go and try it out then?"


Ye Zun spent time on his phone while Shen Wei made dinner for both of them. Usually the younger would go into the kitchen and ask his brother of dinner was ready repeatedly but tonight,he didn't even step into the kitchen once. Shen Wei wondered why but instead just focussed on preparing dinner.

When he was setting the food on the table,Ye Zun was still on the couch and with his phone while he grins and laughs as he types. "Ye Zun. Dinner's ready."

The younger got up from the couch but his eyes and fingers never left his phone. Even when they were eating,Ye Zun still had his attention on that gadget of his.

"Are you seeing anyone?"Ye Zun chocked on whatever he was chewing upon hearing his words. "No!! I mean I wish but I just met this person and he's so cute. He too was kinda digging me so we exchanged numbers. Turns out he's quite the jokester."

Shen Wei grinned,content with how elated his twin was with talking about this guy. One day,he wishes he'd meet whomever made his twin this happy. He too does wish that he'd meet someone who would want to spend their life with him.

"Also I met him at the university and hence explains why I even was there." Ye Zun then quickly munches on his food before he gets back to the couch. Shen Wei could only sigh,"But why would you even go there in the first place?"

Ye Zun looked at him in surprise,"You didn't know there was a kidnapping case at your workplace?!"

"I do know but I didn't expect that you'd know too."

"It's the talk of the town and apparently out of curiosity I went there. That's when I met the cute guy." Ye Zun replied and Shen Wei smirked,"Was he a police officer or a detective or a student?"

"I don't quite know but he does look like he could be a police man."His twin replied. His focus was back on his phone,grinning as soon as he saw the ten new text messages he received. Shen Wei smiled as he stared at his twin blushing and laughing.

"Brother,I think he's the one! He gets my lame jokes!"

Welp,Shen Wei takes a mental note to have a longass talk and to give a pat on the back to whomever is making his twin feel this way. However if he's doing this to mess with him, he'll be sure to make the man not see tomorrow.

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It was way past midnight and the SID team were still working on the kidnapping case. Wang Zheng was busy on the phone,Sang Zan was busy filing the reports, Zhu Hong and Shu Zhi were still investigating outdoors while Da Xing,Lin Jing and Guo had just returned to their office.

"Lin Jing,go ahead and analyze the clues we got." The deputy director commanded, the black cat in his arms jumped out and walked towards it's bed. Lin Jing,the scientist groaned before he reluctantly made his way to his lab.

"Where in the world is the chief?!" Da Xing exclaimed but no one was quite bothered about him. Guo went to the stairs and began writing his journal causing the other to roll his eyes in disbelief. His mind suddenly remembering how the male was so polite at him the first time he came to work at their department four months ago.

He defeatedply decided to go ahead to Lin Jing's lab and see whatever the man was doing. He placed his finger on the sensor before he was let in. The scientist was carefully placing the hair he had collected from the scene into the high tech machine.

"Hey."Da Xing greeted the other as soon as he sat down. Lin Jing grinned at him as inched closer to him. "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry for nagging at you all day. Was just too stressed with whatever happened today. Some times there were answers but mostly there weren't and it just drives me-"

Lin Jing immediately pressed his lips against the other's, successfully shutting him up.

"How were you even straight before this?"Da Xing frowned,the other was just laughing at him.

"I was never straight for you anyways,baby."



Yunlan walked into their station yelling and startling his teammates. "Chief, you're back! What's with the yelling?" Da Xing questions as soon as he leaves Lin Jing's lab. The chief excitedly jumped to the couch and laid down. "Da Xing! I found him at last!"

The deputy director awkwardly clapped his hands. A fake smile on his face. "Congrats boss!"

Yunlan tsked as he glared at the other,"Couldn't you be more enthusiastic or at least pretend to?"

Da Xing snickered. He let himself fall into one of the chairs. "Well I did say congrats and by the way,where were you this afternoon?"

"As I said I met him but I was definitely in the university."He smugly replied, just to have a pillow thrown at his face. "Well, kidnapped girl ain't gonna reappear by herself if we don't work our asses off."

Yunlan sighs,"Sure sure let's work our asses off and wrap up this case. But as your boss,you guys do all the research and stuff cause I'm going home. Bring your boyfriend and Guo with you tomorrow, we'll be interrogating probably everyone at the campus." With that,Yunlan stood back up and threw the pillow back to Da Xing. The deputy director cursing at him on his way out.

As soon as Yunlan arrived to his apartment,he went straight to the couch and pulled his phone out. He tapped the newly saved contact named ' Ye Zun The Greatest ' and began typing to him. He instantly got a reply which soon turned into a series of conversations. He doesn't even realize the sun rising outdoors until of course Da Xing calls him.

He curses to himself and quickly rushes out of his apartment. He manages to send a quick 'tslk to you lster' to Ye Zun before he cheerily drives to the university. He even sang all the way to the entrance to which had him judged by Da Xing,Lin Jing and Guo.

"Did you not fucking sleep?!"Da Xing snarled,about to attack him but thankfully he was being held back by the scientist. "When love comes to you,do you dare sleep?"

"Pretty sure me and Da Xing slept the night after we confessed to each other to make sure we could see each other as soon as possible the next day." Lin Jing smugly said before he was jabbed in the stomach seconds later. "Shut up! Come on,we don't have all day."

"Fine fine. Guo,you handle the students. Da Xing,you too and Lin Jing go ahead and question the professors." Yunlan commanded,he himself sitting back down on the bench and pulling his phone out.

"Boss,how about you?" Guo questioned to which Yunlan had snickered at. "Obviously he's trying to slack off."

Before he could even unlock his screen,Da Xing snatched his phone and ran away while yelling,"Chief,if you don't at least handle one hundred people by today you won't get your phone back!"

Defeated,Yunlan decided to just question whomever was close by as fast as he can. As soon as the entrance was cleared he walked further to the park which wad quite empty at the time. Students were mostly in class while the three of his co-workers may be slacking off somewhere.

He was about to make his way to the cafeteria when he saw a familiar person. As soon as he was confident who it was,he quickly ran to them and surprised them from the back. Well,causing the person to fall forward in the process.

"Oh shit sorry!"He offered his hand to the man whom glared at it before he stood by himself. Yunlan bowed,"Ye Zun the greatest,please forgive me as I have sinned!"

"Ye Zun? I think you got the wrong person-" The man suddenly froze upon seeing him,Yunlan rightened himself and waved his hand before the male. "What do you mean I got the wrong person? I'm Yunlan,we met yesterday."

The man regained his composure and grinned slightly,"I'm really sorry but you got the wrong person. I'm not Ye Zun, I'm-"

"Professor Shen Wei!" A female student came running to the man. 'Ye Zun' quickly excused himself and went to talk to the student,leaving Yunlan completely dumbfounded.

It was as if Ye Zun wasn't himself,he was too physically simillar but he was completely dressed differently. The Ye Zun he knew didn't wear glasses and a suit yesterday nor did he even have neatly styled hair.

'Who was that man?' He wondered to himself.



"Yezun,pick up the phone." Shen Wei muttered to himself as soon as he dialed his twin's phone number. It was the third time that he finally answered,"Hey what's up bro-"

"The guy you met he Zhao Yunlan?" There was a faint pause before he heard his twin's groggy voice,"Yeah,what about him?"

Shen Wei wanted to cry,"Wait,how do you know him? I didn't even tell you his name last night."

He bit his tongue and inhaled deeply,"You didn't but he introduced himself to me after mistaking me for you."

"Ohhh,sorry I didn't tell him my beloved twin was a professor." Shen Wei could sense the other smiling just from hearing his voice. He too chuckled," Then you better tell him."

"Sure thing. If there's nothing else, I'd love to go back to sleep."

"Okay then."

Shen Wei placed the phone back and slumped back into his seat. His fingers unbuttoning his collar,pulling his spherical pendant out of his shirt before gently kissing it.

"I'm sorry for not finding you sooner."

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They've finally returned back to the SID after six noon and finally Yunlan had his hands back on his phone but not before he shared whatever info he had obtained from whomever he had questioned.

"Lin Jing,did you get to interview that male biology professor?" Da Xing questions as he reads the notebook Guo had used to list down the info he had gotten. The scientist flipped through the pages of his journal,"Professor Shen Wei?"

Da Xing nodded meanwhile Yunlan quietly placed his lollipop into his mouth and inched closer to hear their conversation.

"The professor said the last time he saw her was the day before and that she was with two of her friends; Yi Fan and Yu Jia whom were his fellow students. He suggested questioning both of them." Lin Jing explained,looking at Guo whom tried to find their names in his notebook. "I don't think they were even there yesterday. How about you,Da Xing ge?"

The deputy director went through his phone and played every recording, everyone becoming silent. "Out of the one hundred and fifty nine recordings I have,none of them are either named Yi Fan and Yu Jia."

Yunlan whom had been quiet suddenly pulled his lollipop out,"Call professor Shen Wei."

"But he didn't even list his phone number here!" The chief glared at the scientist and before he could even say anything,Da Xing cut in. "Let's just call a few students or professors,ask of course the students if they are his students then ask for his phone number,ok?"

The chief just nodded,watching as Guo and Lin Jing as well as Wang Zheng got their hands on the phones and began dialing.

After what seemed like sixty phone calls,the three of them had the same answer,all leading to an office telephone number instead.

"Damn,what era does this guy live in?" Yunlan whispered,standing up and walking to Wang Zheng. "Let me call him instead."

Immediately after dialing his number,he heard the male's soft spoken voice. "Hello,this is Shen Wei talking."

Yunlan doesn't know why he felt a sudden pang to the heart upon hearing his voice. It sounded so much like Ye Zun,not to mention the man himself is an exact copy of him. He doesn't even realize that at this point he's faking his voice,making it a pitch higher.

"Uhhm..hi! I'm the chief of the SID."

He hears a hum on the other line."Ahh,can I be of any help?"

Yunlan looked at his teammates for help. His teammates were quite shocked at him as he was usually a guy who could even immediately joke and make clear conversations with a person he had just met. "It's about the case. Why don't you come over to our office tomorrow and help us,please?"

There was a long pause and the sound of papers being flipped were heard. "I'll be free after five noon,is that fine with you?"

"Of course it is!" Yunlan exclaims, successfully startling the now awoken black cat. "Our office is at the Human Resources Department,1/F, No.4 Bright Avenue and we'll see you tomorrow noon. Have a great day."

"Have a great day too."

With that Yunlan placed the phone back down and sighed,"There goes my afternoon naptime."


Yunlan arrived to his dark and messy apartment by eight,lollipop still in his mouth. He was tired so like usual he went to his bed and pulled out his phone which was barely on with 5% left. He happily opened the texts from Ye Zun.

Ye Zun the greatest: Where you atttt
Ye Zun the greatest: btw got something to tell you asap
Ye Zun the greatest: yooohooo?
ZYL: What is it that your highness needs to tell me?

His eyelids couldn't handle his doziness and he fell asleep before he feels his phone vibrating in his grasp.

Ye Zun the greatest: *this message was deleted*
Ye Zun the greatest: just needed to ask you if you were free tomorrow night?
ZYL: I'll see about that,why?
Ye Zun the greatest: wanted to hang out with you. missed seeing that handsome face of yours ;)

Yunlan laughed happily,acting as if he hadn't fallen asleep few seconds ago.

ZYL: if you put it that way then I'll be free.
Ye Zun the greatest: ;) I'll pick you up.
Ye Zun the greatest: reminds me i don't even know your address.
ZYL: just pick me up from my office at Human Resources Department,1/F, No.4 Bright Avenue
Ye Zun the greatest: lmao i was right about you being a police officer
ZYL: who did you bet with?
Ye Zun the greatest: wasn't actually betting with but i was just guessing
Ye Zun the greatest: ttyl got some work to do. good night!
ZYL: gd night to you too

With that,he drifted off to sleep.


He sees the green trees,a wide field and a boy. The boy smiling so widely as he holds his hand out to capture his. He sees the orange pendant around his neck and he remembers very well that he had brought it for the boy at the night market.

The boy pulls him closer and presses his lips against his. Making it his first ever kiss.

"We'll meet again. I promise that I'll find you first and I'll finally tell you my name."


Yunlan awakens from his dream in the middle of the night. Cold sweat had broke through his whole body. He went out of bed and went to wash his face while his mind was stuck on thinking about the pendant. His mind instantly thinking about Ye Zun. Those words he promised,why didn't he remind him once again. His heart could only be content with the thought of knowing whether or not Ye Zun had the pendant.

He felt as if his room was stuffy and decided to take a stroll around the garden of his apartment. There he coincidentally bumped into Professor Shen Wei whom may have just arrived from the university.

"Hey Professor!"He exclaims,startling the other. He made his way to him and grinned. "I'm sorry about what happened this afternoon. I mistook you for someone else."

The professor faked a smile,"Ah I see."

"Which floor are you living in?" Yunlan laughs at how shocked the other was at his question and stares at how red his ears were,"Don't get the wrong idea. I was just wondering if we were like neighbors or something."

Shen Wei looked eased,"I live on the twelveth floor."

Well fuck,Yunlan has his first love's look alike staying in the room besides him apparently and he just knew this.

"How long have you been living there?"

"About four months,I guess." Yunlan suddenly feels stupid. How could he not notice this hot neighbour of his?

Upon realizing his thoughts,he prayed to god to not be a two timing man. Not to mention two timing two guys with the exact sane face. So his theory of Shen Wei and Ye Zun being the same person may be pushed away for now on but if they weren't the same person then why haven't they met each other yet?

Yunlan shrugs and follows the other into the elevator. It was silent the whole ride up with Shen Wei eyeing his from the corner of his eyes as if wanting him to get off on any floor except the twelveth.

"Surprise! I'm actually your neighbour."

Shen Wei was taken aback and had a betrayed look on his face. Yunlan's smile slowly dissapeared as he awkwardly excuses himself back to his room.


"Ye Zun!"

Ye Zun came running out of his room as he heard Shen Wei yelling. His twin was furious,"Did you know that the Zhao Yunlan you like is living right next door?!"

He shrugs,confused. His twin was never one to get mad that easily. Not over small details like Zhao Yunlan being their neighbour.

"If so what's the big deal? It'd be easier for me to see him anyways." He replied smugly just to be shocked at how Shen Wei ignored him and stormed off to his own room.


Shen Wei threw both his briefcase and cost to the floor. Zhao Yunlan that idiot,how could he not control his emotions when it comes to him?

He sat down frustrated,tears forming in his eyes and threatening to fall down. Why did Ye Zun find him first,why his twin out of anybody else?

He pulled his pendant off,revealing the small hidden key inside it and reached under his bed until he touched the dusty journal.

Once he unlocked the padlock,pages filled with childhood photos of two boys were stuck to the pages with stickers and small details of how each day went. The fifteen year old him regretted not telling him his name. Maybe if he did everything would've been fine and they could've even been in a relationship by now.

Instead here he was bawling his eyes out while he lets his twin take his place in Zhao Yunlan's heart.

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Noon came fast the next day. Shen Wei had just finished his last class of the day and sent his students off with a grin. He immediately made his way to the SID using a taxi as he knew very well of Ye Zun's date night with Zhao Yunlan.

His heart hurts at the thought but nonetheless tried to forget them once he stepped into the office. "Professor Shen?"It was Da Xing,the only officer he knows from SID besides their scientist whom had interrogated him that day.

"Good afternoon,Officer Da Xing." He greeted,the other replying his smile and guiding him further into the station where the staff were sitting around the long wide desk placed in the middle of the room. Shen Wei admits he'd never seen a police station as cozy and decorative as this. The rest of the staff except the man whom was sitting with his back faced towards him stood up to greet him. They gave him a chair which he politely accepted.

The man then turned around and Shen Wei really wants to stand up to make his leave hadn't it been for the case. Zhao Yunlan was smugly grinning at him, lollipop in his mouth as he welcomed him.

"Ah! Professor Shen Wei,how nice to see you again! But first let me formally introduce myself. I'm the Chief of the SID,Zhao Yunlan." He bowed while his teammates clapped. Shen Wei couldn't say anything but just nodded. Thankfully, Da Xing immediately suggested them to straight away with discuss about the case. Zhu Hong and Guo brought out the clues they've collected and asked for the professor's opinion on the events which could've happened. They were so immersed that they didn't even realize the fact that it had already been three hours since their discussion.

Yunlan's phone buzzed,he saw the missed call from Ye Zun. His theory of Ye Zun and Shen Wei being the same person was officially gone. He excused himself and was immediately provoked by his teammates. He went outside and saw Ye Zun leaning against his car that he'd been boasting about in their texts while waving at him. Both of them entered the car and Ye Zun drove all the way to a club,both joking with each other all the way.

"Why a club though?"Yunlan questions as soon as they're parked. "Thought you needed some dancing to loosen yourself up from work. It's fine if you don't want to drink."

Yunlan nods and both of them exit the car. The club was crowded, bodies grinding to each other as everyone hyped over the music. Ye Zun ordered the drinks,making sure to pick a non-alcoholic one for the chief. The chief sat down and stared in amusement of how people found joy in doing such activities.

He accepts the drink Ye Zun gives him,the two engaging in more random conversations and the more they talked;the more in common they were with each other. As he was about to question him about the pendant,his phone vibrated. Everytime he'd try to reject the call,another team member of his would call. Worried,he excused himself outside and picked up the call from Chu Shu Zhi.

"What is it? Hurry up."

"Boss we've received a phone call from the suspected kidnapper and we're coming to pick you up." Before he could even respond,a red car approached him and he was immediately pulled in by Guo who was in the back seat.

"Sorry for ruining your date but we really need you now. Not just us but the girl too." Chu had apologized,looking at him with pitiful eyes while Guo and Zhu Hong rolled their eyes at him.

He wanted to yell but refrained from doing so,he texted apologies to Ye Zun whom replied to him that it was okay. Not long after that they've arrived to an abandoned warehouse. Chu and Zhu Hong were ready with their weapons outside while he and Guo stealthily entered the area. Inside were two students;both male and female tied up and had duct tale over their mouths. The female student saw Yunlan and immediatly voiced out for help,staring up to signal them that there was a trap and that they had to be careful. Yunlan quickly untied her hands while Guo undid the male student's.

Once the two were free,they brought them outside to safety and the female student whom was Yu Jia had handed him a letter. "We don't know what he wants you to do but please keep us save and find Li Mian for us."

"He kept mentioning a key but we of course have no idea about it." Yifan explained,soon the ambulance and other police officers arrived to bring the two students to safety.

Yunlan read the letter,all that was written was;

‘if you want this girl back,give me the key to kunlun's treasure. you will find me there when the full moon rises. bring the police in and the girl is gone.’

They went back to the station,Shen Wei and the others were now enjoying dinner whilst communicating about the case. "The two students Yi Fan and Yu Jia are now save but this is the only clue we got from the two of them." Guo places the letter atop the table while the rest read it,one by one. Lin Jing had tried to scan the paper for any fingerprints to find nothing.

The whole team spent the whole night trying to research about Kunlun's treasure to find nothing on the web. Sang Zan and Shen Wei were both in the library,researching the ancient books. After what seemed like three hours of searching the two finally found the book explaining about Kunlun and his treasure. However the location wasn't stated.

The chief noticed how tired his staff was and decided to call it a night. Most of them headed home except Lin Jing,Da Xing,him and surprisingly Shen Wei. He accompanied the professor whom was deep into researching the books and didn't even pay a single drop of attention to him. Yunlan slowly fell asleep as he stares at Shen Wei's face. The boy from fifteen years ago appearing as soon as he shuts his eyes.



Ye Zun wakes up with a massive headache. The matress was too soft to be his. It was when he stretched that he realized that he wasn't in his own bed. He stared up at the ceiling to see a huge diamond chandelier hanging. Dramatically,he peeked under the comforter to see that he himself was very naked and he could say the same about the butt he also sees.

His head tries to recall whatever happened last night. He remembers the text from Yunlan saying that he had to go to work at the moment and remembers gulping his drink up in a whole go. He remembers himself on a table and downing two whole bottles of wine. Little fragments of his memory starts coming back. Brown hair,sleek and smart. Zhao Yunlan.

He did not just sleep with Zhao Yunlan. He isn't supposed to.

He tries to quietly leave the room. Not forgetting to stare a bit at the sleeping male besides him and he wants to punch himself so much because it is Zhao Yunlan. He grabs whatever he identifies as his from the floor and gives one last glance as he leaves after dressing himself.

"Oh god,what have I done?"

Chapter Text

Yunlan wakes up to the sun shining towards his face. He opens his eyes and still sees Shen Wei with the books. There was no sign of fatigue on his face. His heart warmed up at the thought of how hard working he is.

"Did you even sleep last night?" He questions,sitting up from the couch which he must've sleepwalked towards as he clearly remembers falling asleep in the chair opposite of Shen Wei.

"I did." The professor simply replies,not even lifting his eyes from the book. Yunlan hums,searching his pockets to find two lollipops. One flavoured mango and the other was coconut.

"Hey Professor,which one do you want?"

Shen Wei looked up at whatever Zhao Yunlan was trying to show him. "You know eating lollipops in the morning isn't such an ideal breakfast?"

Yunlan shrugs,unwrapping the mango flavoured one and placing it in the other's mouth. "Well it's better than not eating any."

"You mean you've been eating lollipops for breakfast all these years?" He could clearly hear how surprised and concerned the other was from his tone. "What's the big deal about it?"

Shen Wei wore a dissapointed expression,"No wonder you're so skinny."

"I don't exactly have anyone besides my mom to cook for me. Plus she lives overseas." Yunlan answers,silently happy that he got to start a conversation with Shen Wei.

The professor was silent for a while,"Why don't you start stopping by for breakfast? You know as neighbours."

Yunlan screams internally.



Ye Zun is pacing around at home. He's more panicked about whatever happened last night than the presentation he has to do for that new director this afternoon. He shouldn't have brought Yunlan to the club in the first place. They could've just gone to a restaurant and they'd talk like normal friends would, he'd even get a chance to explain about Shen Wei.

But no everything went the wrong way. He was supposed to be a pillar of support whom was just supposed to get his twin's attention and making him fight for what he deserves but instead he became the third person;the preventer of their relationship.

He shouldn't have had approached Zhao Yunlan first. He shouldn't have ever thought of playing match maker. He knows how long his brother has waited for this moment. To hold Zhao Yunlan and to call him his after fifteen years apart. He knew by the moment, Shen Wei returned home back to being his twin brother. His sketchbook filled with photos of the latter. The pendant he's been wearing for the whole fifteen years was another sign of how deep his love for the chief was.

For once he wanted Shen Wei to not give up something for him. He wanted to make him fight for it like how he,Ye Zun would do everytime he wanted something and Shen Wei would play along but eventually give in. This was why he was doing all this,he wanted to do the same for him.

But he fucked up.

He showered his thoughts away and tried to focus on perfecting his presentation instead.



Yunlan doesn't deny that he forgets all about everything else when he helps Shen Wei research the books. He doesn't even realize the presence of the other staff at the moment. Though he was bored,Shen Wei had responded to his jokes and even tried to make one himself.

"I’d say god bless you, but it looks like he already did." Yunlan quacked at the joke while Shen Wei, embarrassed had took a random book and began reading.

"That was a good one!"

Yunlan stared at the other for a few moments,taking in the beauty before his eyes."There must be something wrong with my eyes."

Shen Wei turned his attention to him and began examining his eyes. He was so close,Yunlan could feel his breath on his face. "Because I can’t take them off you."

The next thing he feels is the book slammed to his face,his nose bleeding and Shen Wei automatically apologizing for doing so.



Ye Zun's thoughts were too loud in his head to the point he couldn't hear anyone. His co-worker even had to signal him to start his presentation. The room was then dimmed and he began his presentation.

All was well until his focus was broken by a certain someone whom had walked into the meeting room. Everyone noticed him and immediatly stood up and bowed slightly.

The two's eyes met and it was as if the world has stopped. Though the eyes were simillar they weren't Zhao Yunlan's.

It was then he realized the man he slept with wasn't the chief but instead it was the very man he's staring at.

"Director Chen! How unexpected,had we known we would prepare another chair for you!" His boss exclaims,bowing so low he feels bad about it. His mind suddenly replaying a memory of his co-workers gossiping about the newly appointed director,Chen Xiao. It was rumored that he was a professional and strict man whom no one in the company except the higher-ups had known. He also had the worst temper in the whole company,even worse than the chairman himself. If he hated someone,the person would be gone from his sight at that very second.

The director tells his boss to stand upright and fakes a smile,saying it's okay while he himself limps his way into the room.

"You, start your presentation from the begining." The man directs with a cold tone,glaring at him as if he was shooting bullets with his gaze. Ye Zun clumsily fumbled with the slides before he begins his presentation under the predatory eyes.

At the end of the meeting,the director tells everyone to leave the room except Ye Zun of course. "Well well well,do you remember who I am?"

Ye Zun nodded,his hands clasped together nervously. "I'm sorry."

"You think sorry is enough? Had I not found you, you would get away with your sins."Ye Zun slowly went to his knees. "I'm so sorry I would do anything for you to forgive me and not fire me from this job."


Ye Zun nodded,already guessing what he was getting into.

"There'd be one way I could probably forgive you."

Ye Zun hopes he doesn't say he's going to fire him or something. Just as he thought one problem was gone,another came again. He sighs deeply and shuts his eyes,ready to bow down even more.

"Please don't fire me!" He exclaims at the same time Chen Xiao opens his mouth.

"Be my boyfriend."

Chapter Text

"So what exactly do you want me to do as your boyfriend,director?"

It was obvious he was anxious from his tone. The director just stared at him for a while,"You look great,just my style so we don't have to change anything about it."

Ye Zun remained silent until he felt his bones cracking when he slightly adjusted his posture,"Can I stand up now?"

"Why did you even on your knees in the first place?"Chen Xiao questions,looking down at him arrogantly. "Or did you want to replicate whatever you did to me last night?"

Ye Zun chokes as he slowly stands upright. "I'm really sorry but I don't even remember how we even were together last night."

"Well,the past is in the past. Now that you're my so called boyfriend,you have to follow whatever I say unless you want to lose your job."He explains coldly before he stands up and places a card into Ye Zun's front pocket.

"I'll see you tonight at eight. A package will arrive to you soon."

With that,he leaves the room and Ye Zun sighs profusely.


"I finally found it!" Yunlan yells,everyone immediatly surrounding him but the first person he hands the book to was the professor. "The treasure of Kunlun can only be unlocked by a special pendant said to contain the flame from his left shoulder. The pendant is spherical and is of the colour amber. To this day no one knows where or who the new owner is."

"Wait what about the location?!"Da Xing chimes in,Yunlan wad ready to smack him for cutting through whatever the professor was about to say next. "It says here that the treasure may be hidden where the last dragon may be buried."

"Zhu Hong,did you hear that?!" The chief questions,voice as loud as someone speaking with a speaker. The beautiful woman glares at him before she makes her way to her PC and searches the history about dragons while the rest continued reading the book but sadly there wasn't anything useful left.

Zhu Hong listed the names of possible places the last known dragons have been buried and handed them to Shen Wei. The professor scanned the paper and thanked her.

"I guess we shall return back to work at night. Everyone should be full and fresh before you return to work. It's gonna be a long night." Yunlan suddenly announced as he saw Shen Wei standing up and grabbing his coat. "Also professor, what about the breakfast you promised me? Can you change it to lunner?"


They were now currently in Shen Wei's apartment,the professor chopping up the ingredients he would use for whatever he was cooking. Yunlan bored, swayed his legs as he sat in the chair and played with his phone. He was about to text Ye Zun just to get a notification that he was blocked. Confused and taken aback,he placed his phone back down and instead stared at the other cook.

"You know Ye Zun,right?" The professor suddenly questioned him,just as the oil began sizzling to whatever he had thrown in a second ago. Unsure of what he said,Yunlan had him repeat his question.

" you know him too?" Yunlan was amazed. Two guys whom look like each other,knew each other? That only happens in dramas,he thought happily.

"Well..did he not tell you that I am apparently his twin?" Shen Wei was now facing him,his eyebrows knitted. It looked as if he was annoyed. "No,he didn't but how? You guys have like different surnames?"

Shen Wei scoffed,turning the heat off and then proceeded to bring the large pot of soup to the table. He then returned back to the stove,keeping his eyes on the frying dumplings. "Have you ever heard of adoption?"

Yunlan suddenly weakens,his shoulders dropping back. His heart shattered upon hearing so,"Technically we were adopted by our relatives. Ye Zun was taken in by our uncle while I lived with our grandmother. But sadly after five years,grandma left and Ye Zun begged our uncle to take me in. We were poor growing up until our uncle married a heiress."

Yunlan nods along to his story,eyeing the back of the professor. There was a strong urge in him to hug him but before he could even get off the stool,the other was already done with the dumplings and was approaching the table. He sat opposite of Yunlan.

"So if you guys were adopted by different people does that mean that you guys lived apart?" The chief questions while he busily picks up a piece of dumpling with his chopsticks.

"Ye Zun lived in-"

Before Shen Wei could even completely answer him,the front door burst open. A very drained man walking in. "Gege,guess what? I unwillingly got myself a boyfriend!"

It was dead silent afterwards.

"Hey Ye Zun."


"So you got yourself a boyfriend at the club we went to last night?" Yunlan questions,he knows he should feel betrayed but strangely he doesn't. Shen Wei looks absolutely devastated and dissapointed towards his twin. The other couldn't even look straight at the two of them.

"What do you mean you have a boyfriend? Didn't you go on a date with him?" Although not screaming,they knew Shen Wei was damn mad. "It wasn't exactly a date ge-"

"I didn't know you'd go around playing with other's feelings. Don't both of you guys have feelings for each other and Ye Zun, don't make me recall whatever you said the first day you met Yunlan." Yunlan tries to calm the other,placing a hand carefully onto the other's shoulder. But Shen Wei was unfazed,his gaze were like bullets to Ye Zun.

"Ge! Can you listen to whatever I'm about to say now?!" Shen Wei remains silent,waiting for the what ever the other was about to say. "Ge,I swear last night it wasn't a date. I felt that it would be better to tell him everything by confronting him but he had to leave. I swear I don't have even a single affection for him."

Shen Wei stood and grabbed the other by the collar,"How could you?!"

"Hey stop it!" Upon hearing Yunlan's voice,Shen Wei's grip on the other loosened. "And you say whatever you need to say now."

"You were wrong all along. I'm not the one who's loved you for fifteen years. He's the one with the pendant,with the million sketches of you and the one who's been trying to find you after you left the island."Ye Zu exclaims,finally having the guts to looked at Yunlan in the eye. Shen Wei's hands were completely off of him by now. Yunlan stares at the professor longingly,his heart aching and tears were forming in his eyes. He felt suffocated by the truth.

"I'm doing this just to have my brother fight for what he deserves. He should stop giving up everything to make me happy,I too am tired brother. I too want to see you happy." Ye Zun places his hands on his twin's shoulders. He too was broken hearted. "I'm so sorry for complicating everything. I'll be going now."

Ye Zun left without saying another word. The two of them were left,silent and heartbroken.

"You know what,if you really wanted me why didn't you say those words to me again." Yunlan spoke,pain in his tone and his tears have long been flowing down his heated cheeks. "I don't care what happened before this. Just please say them again!"

"I can't."

"Why?! You left me fifteen years not knowing your name and harbouring feelings for you and yourself only. I couldn't look at anyone else the same way no matter how much I tried. You promised me that once you found me again, you would tell me your name. I waited for the day to come everyday." Shen Wei was still silent,he too was crying.

"Please don't let me go so easily." Yunlan begs,hand holding onto his arm and trying to turn him around but he was too emotionally weak to do so.

"I can't say those words."


"You were the one who found me first. I broke my promise-"

Yunlan cut him off by using all energy he had left to pull him into a kiss. "Fuck those promises. I've waited long enough and this is the bullshit I get?"

Both of them fell to the ground,crying too much to even respond to each other.


Ye Zun felt bad,so horrible that he wanted to jump off a cliff. Maybe then everything would return back to normal. He walks across the road with extremely no care,head heavy with thoughts and regrets. He could only merely hear the honks of cars,the curses of the drivers and the heavy rain pouring down. He looked to his side and saw the lights of a truck approaching him. 'Finally',he thought as he closed his eyes.

"Are you stupid?!" He hears instead and feels himself pulled into another's embrace. He opens his eyes and sees an angel.

He doesn't know how long it's been but once he opens his eyes, he's once again in the room he had woken up in this morning. He sees the silhouette of a man sitting on the ottoman nearby.

"You dumbfuck." The man had spat but his hand was gently placed on his forehead. "Why were you even..nevermind. Get plenty of rest,just yell if you need anything."

Ye Zun's gaze focused on the man. His heart aching at how he reminded him of Yunlan and his twin. He's hurt them enough,he couldn't even handle it.

"Director Chen,I know this sounds unprofessional but can you just fire me?" He questions weakly. The hand from his forehead retreating,"If you don't want to be with me then just say so."

"You remind me so much of them."

Chapter Text

Yunlan left Shen Wei's apartment and went to his. He had no will to get back to work and texted them through their chat group,dividing them into groups to explore the sites. Though there was a sea of complaints flooding throughout the chat,they decided to stop when they noticed the chief not replying to any of their texts.

Yunlan laid in bed, head heavy with thoughts. Ye Zun didn't mean any harm but why was this getting too out of hand? He questions himself,his gaze longingly staring at his front door as if to tell himself to get back out there and into Shen Wei's apartment.

Instead he just lays there,defeated.


"If you mean I remind you of this Zhao Yunlan guy then I'm not letting you go." Chen Xiao replies. His gaze cold as he stares down at Ye Zun.

"Why and how do you know him?"

"Last night,you mistook me for him and even began talking to me about your brother." Ye Zun stared at him,trying his best to recall himself doing so. "You were miserable because your brother was broken hearted and shit just because of that guy. Tell me,are you in love with Zhao Yunlan?"

Ye Zun weakly shakes his head. It was true,he didn't have any feeling's for the chief even though he found him attractive. "No."

"Then I trust you." Chen Xiao slightly smiles before he excuses himself, bringing along the empty bowl of porridge with him.


Yunlan hasn't slept. He hears someone knocking on his door which at first he ignores but once it gets so loud he drags himself up and towards the door. Shen Wei was standing there and his heart felt like tearing apart again.

"What is it?" He asks coldly.

"Here,I made a research on when the next full moon shall be seen and please tell the team to stop searching those areas now. The last dragon ever seen was in this city itself,tell them to take a break and instead search around the city." Shen Wei says without a break,he didn't even make eye contact and simply handed the brush written letter.

Before Yunlan could even close the door,the professor grabbed his hand. "I'm really sorry. I know you probably can't forgive me but I'm doing this for everyone's benefit. I can't afford to lose both you and Ye Zun."

"But you're not thinking about how I feel."

"Then let me set things right with you,Xiao Lan." The chief was completely speechless at the nickname,he stared deep into the professor's eyes. The memories of the two of them being fifteen running around played in his mind.

"I don't want to lose you again."


Shen Wei and Yunlan returned back to the station,feeling better than before but they were still reluctant to say anything to each other. The others were busy in the office. Wang Zheng was on the phone while Sang Zan was jotting down everything she was saying .

"Chief! Professor! What good timing, Chu and Guo may or may have not found the treasure." Wang Zheng explains while Sang Zan hands them the memo he had just written. The two immediately went into Yunlan's car and headed to wherever both Guo and Chu were.

The mountain was steep and covered heavily by the jungle. It took them more than thirty minutes to reach to wherever Guo and Chu were. A large stone door was connected to the ground,traditional chinese letters were written onto it.

"He whom possesses the pendant shall open the doors. He's the only one who's worth of the secrets this mountain keeps." Shen Wei read out loud. Yunlan looks at him with an unreadable expression. Chu and Guo too were silent. Soon they heard rustling sounds and thankfully, Guo managed to see a figure trying to make it's move and quickly went to chase him after yelling at him,Chu following him immediately.

"Help me..." A weak muffled voice said,Shen Wei and Yunlan made their way to where the voice came from and to their surprise found a woman tied up to a tree with duct tape over her mouth. The professor went to gently tear the tape off her while Yunlan untied the ropes. Li Mian couldn't control herself and immediatly fell into the professor's arms while Yunlan immediately dialed his team and the ambulance.

Chu and Guo arrived shortly with the man. They questioned Li Mian if he had any other accomplices and thankfully he was the only one. Shortly,Zhu Hong and Da Xing arrived along with two officers from the main police department. They brought the criminal away with them while Li Mian was brought away by the ambulance.

Finally,the whole thing was over but Yunlan couldn't help but wonder what was beneath that door.


Shen Wei began cooking for him,the two have already memorised each other's passcodes. They could say they've rekindled their relationship and were back to being the usual Professor Shen and Chief Zhao. About Ye Zun, they've not seen him for almost three months by now. The other changed his number and hasn't called Shen Wei's office telephone within that period of time. However,Shen Wei finally got himself a phone thanks to Yunlan's constant pestering. The chief himself teaching him how to use the 'complicated' device.

The two of then decided to start off slow,taking their time to know each other better and filling in the gaps as suggested by Shen Wei. However,he couldn't say the same about Yunlan who keeps flirting with him. The guy literally clings to him 24/7.



"Chief! Did you know that Professor Shen Wei was a part time assistant director at Haixing Corp?!" Da Xing questions him as soon as he walks into the station. He stares back st the other, uninterested. "Hey Chief, answer me!"

He ignores the other and goes straight to his room, immediately booting up his PC and going into Skype. He waited for a few seconds before the professor's face popped out. "How's Beijing?"

"Great. Turns out there are more mutant researchers than I expected." Shen Wei began and soon continued on talking about the biological stuff Yunlan had no idea had existed but still he lovingly stared at the screen while humming in response. Enjoying how elated and immersed the other was.

He can't wait to see him before his eyes.


Two men walked into the SID,both emitting a strange aura. The whole staff stared at them suspiciously,the two looked too simillar to those two people they knew very well.

"I would like to meet Zhao Yunlan."One of them said coldly. Zhu Hong nodded and went ahead to knock Yunlan's office. The other telling her to wait and instead went out of his office by himself a minute later. "They want to meet you."

"Sure,give them two cups of that tea Shen Wei brought." Zhu Hong nodded and went ahead to prepare the tea with Wang Zheng.

Guo told the two guests to sit down while Yunlan took his time walking to them.

"You told me we looked simillar,did you actually mean we look like carbon copies of each other?" Guo heard one of them whisper to the other and began staring from the guy to the chief back and forth. Upon realizing he went to Da Xing,whispering whatever his theory was.

"You know,you guys should probably pull those shades off. Could get you guys mistaken as criminals." Yunlan comments as he sees the two,he knew very well whom one of them was.

The guys looked at each other before they reluctantly pulled their glasses off. The whole staff including Yunlan were shocked at the reveal. Sitting before their chief was another him and Shen Wei except both were more sophisticated and fashionable. Zhu Hong almost dropped one of the cups if it weren't for Wang Zheng catching the base of the cup in time.

"Holy shit." She whispers. Everyone is so silent they could hear the raindrops dropping onto the roof.

"I'm Chen Xiao." Yunlan's look-alike lets his hand out,waiting for him to shake it which the chief immediately does with sparkly eyes,amazed with what he was experiencing at the moment. "I'm Zhao Yunlan, it's very nice to meet you!"

Ye Zun remains silent before he's nudged by Chen,"Hi again Zhao Yunlan."

"Don't worry about him. He's not back to get you. In fact we've been dating for almost two months now, aren't we babe?" Chen Xiao slides his hand onto the other's thigh while he smugly looks at Yunlan. He could hear Da Xing choking on his tea with Lin Jing immediately running to his side to soothe his back.

The chief chuckles at them,his mind instantly imagining himself and Shen Wei being this flirty. "Fine by me as I'm dating his twin."

Chen Xiao's grins largely,"Wah,who knew. Not just that we look alike but we're also dating each twin."

Yunlan agrees with him and soon their conversation went even longer than they expected.

"Thanks to all this chatting I forgot about the main reason we're here." Chen Xiao nudged his boyfriend who sighs deeply. "Zhao Yunlan, I'm sincerely sorry for my actions. I didn't mean for anything bad to happen. I promise I won't bother you and my brother again."

"Nah, it's fine. If you hadn't approached me at first, I'd still be looking for him and I wouldn't have met Shen Wei." Yunlan says coolly,his staff clapping. Ye Zun finally smiled for the first time since he's been sitting there.

Yunlan nods and doesn't miss the loving smile he sends to Chen Xiao,naturally holding his hand afterwards.

"But," The two before him turn their heads to him,"You have to speak to Shen Wei first."

Yunlan brings the two of them to his office and lets Ye Zun sit in his seat. Shen Wei in the screen was busy marking his students' exam papers. "Xiao Wei.", Yunlan called out and almost instantly the professor looked up with a smile which quickly faded away upon seeing Ye Zun.

"Ge,I understand that you probably despise me by now but I'm really sorry and I promise I won't bother both you and Zhao Yunlan."He pleads,Shen Wei's expression was unreadable and he was close to tears. "Idiot,how could I despise you?"

The tears fell down his cheeks and Shen Wei was smiling back at him,"I missed you,ge!"

"Come back home then." Shen Wei simply replies and Ye Zun's eyes divert from the screen to stare at his boyfriend. "Uhmm..but I moved in with my boyfriend."

"Well,you could come occasionally."

Chen Xiao nods and Ye Zun was probably displaying the biggest grin both his boyfriend and Yunlan has even seen in. this world. "I'd love too!"

"Why don't you say hello?" Yunlan questions the director whom was reluctant but when Ye Zun pleads at him with eyes so big he couldn't resist it and went to the empty side besides Ye Zun.

Shen Wei doesn't know what to say and stares at both Yunlan and Chen Xiao repeatedly. "Ye Zun,for the love of god don't use this to mess around with me again."

Yunlan chuckles,the two just grinned. "Aiyo,how can you not know your own boyfriend?"

Shen Wei blushes at his words,"Shut up Yunlan,you know I know you too well."

"Oh really?" Chen Xiao adds and the professor swears he's sending the two far away when he gets back home.

"Oh by the way,my name is Chen Xiao. Your brother slept with me and here we are now,going stronger as days pass." Ye Zun blushes at his bluntness while Yunlan just grins,looking at Shen Wei suggestively. The professor reddens upon hearing Chen Xiao's words,"Ye Zun, we'll talk about this once I return."

His twin gulps. Damn he was thirty and was about to get scolded by his own twin. But who cares, they're on good terms now and there's nothing else more that he wants.