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Worst. Day. Ever.

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"Wait a minute, that crystal looks cracked," she told him, examining it. "Will the reversal spell still work?"

"It has to," he reminded her. She swallowed hard and nodded. He was right. If this didn't work, they were all dead. He began to work on the amulet as their future-self allies conversed. The woman with short hair nodded at the bearded man, and both began to make for the door.

Then the amulet, instead of focusing the magic, shattered. The pair threw their arms up to protect their faces from getting cut by crystal shards, but that was all they could do. The woman in purple with a bow on her back stared for a moment before she turned to look at the door. Clear sounds of combat came from the other side.

"Quickly, this way," the purple-clad woman said, grabbing the elf's wrist and dragging her down a secret passage behind the throne.

"How did you know about this one?" Reva asked.

"There are many things in my past that you do not know," Leliana responded simply, her beautiful lilting voice made harsh by her decimated, blighted appearance. Then, the mark on Reva's hand flared to life, sending a shooting pain up her arm that was strong enough to make her lose her footing and stumble, collapsing against the cold stone floor of the tunnel.

"Are you alright?" Dorian asked, concerned. He'd taken a step back, as if he was afraid of the sparking green lights that shot from Reva's hand. She didn't blame him. She was afraid of them too.

"Just like before…" Leliana muttered, helping the elf to her feet.

"I should've seen that coming," Reva muttered after the green glow had faded, leaving the three of them temporarily blinded. "It did that all the way up to the Breach the first time. It must be destabilizing because of how big the Breach is now…"

"And Solas's magic only managed to control it for a few days," Leliana remembered, worry coloring her now unfamiliar voice.

"Well, let's hope he's still alive… In whatever mess Thedas fell into during our little trip." She couldn't let herself think about it yet, not until they were safe.

The sun had long since set by the time they made camp, but the Breach's green glow kept the darkness at bay. Reva found and closed a few rifts around the area to help lower the risk of demonic attack during the night. After she returned to the others, she finally allowed herself to start processing what had happened. She had watched both Blackwall and Cassandra die on the hope that they could fix the past. But they hadn't. Blackwall and Cassandra had died for nothing. How many of her friends had died thinking that she'd died first? She couldn't help it, then. The tears came unbidden.

"You know what we need to do?" Dorian asked later, after simply letting her cry. "We need to go back to Haven. We need the Inquisition."