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The Seraph and the Skank

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Blaine takes a deep breath and adjusts his limited edition Brooks Brothers bowtie, before walking in the front doors of William McKinley High School. He wasn’t too thrilled about having to finish his final two years of high school at a public school, especially one in Lima, but since Dalton Academy had burned down over the summer, and there aren’t any other private schools nearby, his parents decided he should have a “normal” high school experience.

Whatever the hell that means.

He walks into his first class- Precalculus, and notices that the only empty seat is in the back next to a girl with long brown hair, and a silky yellow skirt, her bright pink bag sitting on the seat beside her. She was busy talking to a blonde girl in a sparkly pink shirt, so he didn’t think she’d notice him moving her bag and slipping into the seat next to her, but as soon as he sat down, her head snapped toward him.

“Hi there. Haven’t seen you before.” She purrs, leaning closer to him. “Your cologne smells amazing.”

“Uh… Thank you?” Blaine thanks her skeptically. 

“Oh! Forgive me, I figured you already knew who I was.” She tosses her hair behind her shoulder, and sticks her hand out. “I’m Rachel Berry.” Blaine shakes her hand tentatively, nodding.

“I’m Blaine. Anderson. I transferred here from Dalton Academy so no, I have no idea who you are.” Rachel’s eyes light up.

“Oooh, a prep school boy, huh? Very nice. That forgives you for not knowing me. That and your face. You're definitely easy on the eyes.” She hums, leaning close enough that Blaine can feel her minty breath creeping down his neck. “Meet me in the cafeteria for lunch?” She whispers, and Blaine nods. If he was going to make friends, he wasn’t going to wait, no matter how odd the person. Besides, this girl is clearly high on the popularity scale, judging from the way everyone is looking at her.

Before the girl- Rachel, Blaine reminded himself- could get any closer to him, the teacher walked in and immediately began roll call.




At lunch, Blaine fills his tray, then finds Rachel in the center of the cafeteria, waving earnestly at him. He walks over and sits next to her, looking at the rest of her table. There are two blonde girls, one with shorter hair than the other, a boy in a wheelchair, a boy with dark hair, and another boy with blonde hair.

“So everybody,” Rachel begins, “This is Blaine. He’s new here and I, as the leader, think he should be a Seraph.” Blaine furrows his brows as the rest of the group murmurs at Rachel

“First of all, no one elected you leader.” The girl with short blonde hair says, “And second, you can’t adopt every cute guy into the group just because they’re attractive.”

“Yeah.” Says the boy in the wheelchair. “Remember what happened to Jesse?” Rachel huffs and sets her palms on the table.

“Okay but this is not Jesse and I didn’t bring him just because he’s cute. I brought him because he has nice style, and he used to go to Dalton. He’s well within our league.” Rachel says, earning nods from the rest of the group.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” Blaine interrupts. “First of all, I’m gay so…” He shrugs, “Don’t worry about anything here. Also, what the hell is a Seraph? Like the angels?” Rachel nods eagerly.

“Exactly. You see, we’re sort of the 'To Be' group around here. I mean, we’re all dressed in clothes that cost no less than $200, and everyone adores us. Everyone has cliques in this school, and this is ours. Trust me,” She beams, placing a hand on his shoulder, “This is the clique you want to be in, unless you want to be tormented.”

“Well, he could always join the skanks. No one fucks with them.” The boy in the wheelchair brings up, and Rachel glares at him.

“He will absolutely not associate himself with those dirty mammoths.” Rachel grunts at him, then turns back to Blaine. “Want me to introduce everyone?”

“It’ll help.” Blaine shrugs, and Rachel turns, starting with the blond boy next to her.

“This is Sam Evans. He’s on the swim team. Quinn Fabray. Top of her class all three years so far, and will most likely be our valedictorian. Brittany S. Pierce. Class President. Artie Abrams. Future filmmaker and school play director all two years thus far. Finally, Rory Flanagan. He’s an irish exchange student living with Sam’s family.”

“Hi everyone.” Blaine waves, and sits back as the group starts their own conversation. Blaine didn’t think he’d make friends so fast.




After school, Rachel requests everyone meet in the library- their usual meeting spot. Rachel paces back and forth, telling everyone in great detail how upset she is that her fathers’ wouldn’t let her go to a Katy perry concert in Columbus, when Artie rolls up, out of breath and sweating.

“Are you okay, Artie?” Sam asks, and Artie glares at him.

“No! What do you think?” He spits, brushing dirt off of his shoulder.

“What happened to you?” Brittany asks, helping him brush the dirt off his back.

“The stupid, fucking skanks! Puckerman and Santana caught me as I was heading here and they threw freaking dirt clumps at me while everyone else in their stupid gang sat back and watched!” He huffs, crossing his arms. “It was humiliating!”

“Who are the skanks?” Blaine asks, tilting his head in confusion as everyone rolls their eyes.

“Only the most annoying rat pack at this school.” Artie grunts, and Rachel scoffs.

“That’s an understatement. They all wear leather and smoke all day every day. They cause such a ruckus with their stupid little motorbikes, and they’re all assholes . They are bad news Blaine.” Rachel says sternly. “Stay away from them.”

Blaine nods, promising he’ll stay out of their way. He doesn’t even want to imagine what the skanks look like. All he can think of is overly gruff bikers like he’s seen in movies, that get off on causing trouble.

He shudders at the thought. There was surely no way they’d appreciate him being gay. Not many people feel that way, but he's convinced that these guys would rag on him the hardest for it, but as long as he has the protection of the Seraphs, nothing could happen to him.





The next day, during their open period, the Seraphs all sit on the football field sidelines, talking amongst themselves. Blaine, however, is running a tad late. His chemistry teacher was giving him a hard time about their first day assignment, telling him that he couldn’t use the simpler method he learned at Dalton. Which is bullshit. Why should it matter how he does it, as long as he gets the correct answer?

He was all ready to rant about it to the group, but he was stopped by the sound of glass breaking. He tiptoes toward the bleachers, where the sound came from, and sees a group of seven kids in black leather sitting underneath, most of them smoking.

“God fucking dammit! I hate their asses so god damn much!” One boy with a mohawk shouts.

“We know, Noah. You only tell us that every freaking day.” Says a boy with- wow. Gorgeous blue eyes and chestnut brown hair, swept up in a perfect quiff.

“It’s bullshit that the whole school fucking adores them. For what ?!” Mohawk boy yells again, kicking at the fence.

“Being rich as shit, Puckerman. We’ve covered this.” A hispanic looking girl huffs, blowing out smoke.

“Yeah.” Mohawk scoffs. “They call them angelic, I call them virginal.”

“Noah,” Cute boy says, “They call themselves the fucking Seraphs. They’re just a bunch of phony kids who want to get through high school as walking cliches. I say let them. They’ll all regret it someday anyways.” He says, tossing his cigarette butt on the ground, turning to make sure it’s completely out, and making eye contact with Blaine on the way.

They lock eyes for a moment, examining each others faces intently. Blaine is pulled away, however, a hand on his arm dragging him toward the field.

“I cannot believe you.” Rachel scolds him, letting go of his arm angrily. “I told you they’re bad news.”

“I was just watching them, Rach. That’s it.” He apologizes, and Rachel rolls her eyes.

“Whatever. Just tell us what made you so upset with Mr. Miller. Oh- but also, Dave Karofsky is having a party at his house Friday night, and you’re going. No choice.”

Blaine simply nods, and carries on telling his story. If there's anyone whose bad side he wants to stay away from, it's Rachel's