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An Unexpected Surprise...But A Pleasant One

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He looked at the paper, then let it flutter down to the desk, then to the floor. After a moment of trying to get his voice to come out he finally managed to yell out “Pepper!”

Pepper came into the bedroom from the closet, half undressed from her work clothes and holding the dress she’d been planning to wear to the Stark Industries function that evening on the hanger. “Tony?” she asked, looking at him with concern. “Are you okay?”

He gesticulated wildly at the paper on the floor, and then she set her dress on the bed and looked at it. He could see her eyes widen before she picked it up. “You got a result,” she said quietly. “More nieces? A nephew? Siblings?”

He shook his head and sat on the bed, burying his head in his hands. “Son. Pepper...I have a son.”

She was quiet for a moment longer than he expected and he was sure this was it, this would be the end of them rebuilding their relationship. It had been one thing when he’d done the private DNA test and found out Sharon and Molly were his nieces and Peggy was his biological mom. This...was on a whole other level. Accepting nieces damn near your own age was one thing but a stepson?

Yeah, she was going to bolt at that.

He should have expected something like this when Stark Industries went into the DNA testing business. It wasn’t technology of the type the company generally did, but after finding he had family in the world still, he’d been inspired to try and kick 23 & Me and Ancestry DNA in the ass and do it better.

Just...a kid? Of his own? That was not what he had expected when he made his results available to be compared to the public at large. Though maybe he should have, all things considered. He had a wild child past. This kid could be the first of many.

“Peter Parker,” Pepper murmured, and he realized then she was sitting on the bed with him, her thighs nearly touching his. “Didn’t he apply for an internship last summer but wasn’t old enough?”

He looked over at his fiancee and frowned. The kid...yeah, now the name sounded familiar. The kid...his son, had applied for an internship that had a minimum age requirement of sixteen, and he’d missed the cutoff for birthday consideration. He’d almost considered making an exception for the kid based on his reference letters.

He took the paper from Pepper and looked it over. Because this was a match for him, there was more detail in his response that Peter would get. His son lived in Queens, his mother was deceased...which meant he may not have known before this. Just as much a shock for the kid as for him.

He felt Pepper’s hand on his thigh, giving him a gentle squeeze. He looked over and saw she had a smile on her face. “You did say you wanted children,” she said.

“I meant ours,” he said.

“Well, we’ll work on that later. Should I invite Peter here for dinner? I’m assuming the letter went to both of you.”

“I actually don’t know,” he said with a frown. “But...Pepper, I’ve got a kid. A kid that, for all I know, grew up thinking I’d abandoned him. I mean...with Peggy and all...”

“I know,” she said. “Take it one step at a time, like you would with an equation. There’s going to be a solution. You just have to be willing to find it.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek and got up. “I can go to the function alone while you think it over.”

Tony nodded absently, looking at the paper. Think of a solution. Find it. Easy, right?