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The Sound of Your Voice

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“Alexander, they need you there. Please do not call off this trip, you worked too hard to let someone else handle it now!”

“Magnus, my family will always be more important than anything else, especially work. If you need me, I’m coming home.”

“I promise you, we can handle this. He just misses you, I can relate to that, darling.”

“Are you sure?”

“You are staying there and you are going to win that case, okay? Then you will come home in three days and we will celebrate.”

“Alright, but if anything else comes up, anything at all-”

“I know, I know. Call you and you’ll steal the closest airplane.”


“Love, everything will be just fine. Now you go show those LA losers whose boss.”

“I love you and tell Max I love him too.”

“Of course, darling, we love you too. Call when you can?”

“Always, baby.”


Magnus set the phone down on the counter and ran his hand through his hair with a sigh. Alec left for Los Angeles yesterday for a case he was called in on. This was Alec’s first trip away since they adopted Max and in the three months they’ve had their son, he had gotten quite attached to Alec. Magnus, of course, was a great father as well and Max adored him, but there was something about Alec’s presence that just calmed their son, especially at bedtime.

“Magnus, it’s your turn again. I think he may actually tear my hair out in a minute,” Izzy called from the living room. Max only settled slightly with Magnus as he had been a whimpering mess since going to bed without Alec last night. When Max woke up without Alec as well, he had been fussy all day.

“Come here, little one. I miss Daddy too, it’s okay,” Magnus soothed as he held Max close to his chest. Izzy and Maryse had stayed with him all day after he called to voice his frustrations. Jace, Clary, Simon, and Luke were coming over for dinner tonight as well to keep Magnus company and sane.

Maryse sent Magnus a knowing look and walked over to rub Max’s back. “It’s just three days. He will be just fine, I bet he will forget about it by tonight. Isabelle and I will stay here with you if you like.”

Magnus smiled at Maryse and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, Mom. I don’t know what we would do without you.”

“Oh, I think you would manage just fine, but I’m happy to help.”


Magnus flopped down on the sofa with a groan. Jace handed him a beer and he took it gladly. It had been a long three days of fussy Max and little rest. His family had been coming in turns to help and handle Max while he went to work. Maryse had stayed the entire time like the true blessing she was. Everyone had come back tonight with pizza and beer, all taking Max in turns.

“Is he finally down?” Izzy asked as she had her head in Simon’s lap, half asleep.

“For now. Thank God that Alexander is coming home tomorrow, I don’t know if I could make it any longer without him,” Magnus huffed as he brought the bottle up to his lips.

Maryse came over and sat beside him, putting a hand on his leg. “You are doing great. How about I cook tomorrow and bring over everything for Sunday dinner here?”

“That’s sounds wonderful and I’m sure Alec will appreciate too,” Magnus replied and leaned over to press a kiss to her cheek.


“Isabelle, Clary, will you set the table?” Maryse called out from the kitchen. The whole family was back at Magnus and Alec’s loft getting ready for dinner and waiting for Alec to get home. Jace went to pick him up from the airport and they would be back any minute. Simon and Luke were helping Maryse in the kitchen while Magnus was trying to calm a still ever fussy Max.

As the ladies starting setting up, Magnus heard the front door open and Alec’s laugh cut through the loft. Max’s head immediately perked up off Magnus’ shoulder towards the entryway. As soon as Alec walked through into the kitchen, Max was reaching out for him with growing cries. “Welcome home, darling,” Magnus said as he shared a kiss with Alec and handed the sobbing baby over.

Alec gave Magnus a loving smile and pulled Max into his chest. “Shh, pequeno, it’s okay, Daddy’s here,” Alec whispered into the now whimpering baby’s hair. Max nestled into Alec’s neck as Alec walked to the living room to pace back and forth while softly bouncing him. The rest of the family watched from the kitchen as Max’s cries worked down to nothing and he fell asleep in minutes on Alec’s shoulder.

“I swear, he’s magic,” Izzy whispered. Jace and Simon made sounds of agreement.

“He’s incredible,” Magnus said as a sniffle was heard from Maryse who was gently wiping away a tear that fell on her cheek.

They looked at her and she chuckled softly. “Sorry, I guess just seeing my baby with his baby is making me emotional.” A laugh came from the group who saw Alec approaching.

“I’m going to put Max down and then we can eat,” Alec announced as he looked up to see Maryse in tears. “Mama, que pasa?”

Maryse walked over to Alec and kissed him on the cheek and then Max on the forehead. “Nothing, mijo, todo es perfecto.”