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Never Save a Faery

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Disclaimer: Neither Acherona nor trulywicked have any claim on Teen Wold or any characters or locations thereof.


Warnings: Angst, male pregnancy, children in peril, bad words and homosexual love.Violence and death.



Chapter One.

Stiles stared at the pack doctor in stunned disbelief, “Say what now?”

He’d gone to see Isaac when the little stomach bug he’d been fighting that hadn’t gone away after a couple months and had, in fact, bloomed into bloating but right now he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Isaac, obviously understanding how Stiles couldn’t process what he’d just said, handed him a print out from the ultrasound machine that was still humming and on after he’d looked at Stiles’ insides. On the print out were three views. The first was a wide view of an organ Stiles certainly hadn’t been born with while the second and third showed a pair of slightly alien beings but that was normal for fetuses. “You’re pregnant. Somehow you’ve gained a uterus and ovaries and conceived. I don’t really see how yet since I didn’t look to see how sperm could enter the uterus but still. It’s occupied.”

He watched Stiles pale and choke on air and had enough time to regret his bluntness just before he had to spend thirty minutes helping Stiles through a panic attack.

When he could breathe again, Stiles’ hands took a white knuckled grip on the exam table, “That’s not possible.”

“The ultrasound is clear as crystal Stiles. It’s weird sure, but with your spark-”

“It’s not possible because I haven’t had sex in over a year!”

Isaac blinked, “Oh. That...makes it a little weirder.”

“Jesus why was it less weird before?”

“Well it’s been known for Sparks to subconsciously alter their anatomy when the desire is strong enough and you’ve been really touchy about babies and pregnancy the last year so I thought-”

“You thought I accidentally magicked myself a uterus, had sex with someone, and got knocked up.”

“Yeah but since you haven’t had sex with anyone and this is obviously magic in origin, now we have a pack issue. I’ll call a meeting and get Derek back from-”

“No,” Stiles’ voice was firm, his eyes a little tormented, “It’s not an urgent emergency that needs alpha presence, yet, and I don’t want Derek to have to haul his ass back home for no reason. I won’t be the reason his courting bombs.”

Isaac’s eyes went soft and he hopped up to sit next to Stiles on the exam table, pulling him close into a hug. He knew how much Stiles loved Derek and not for the first time he wished Derek wasn’t so stuck on the image of the traditional Alpha Pair. He wished Derek would see what was right there for the taking instead of struggling to build trust and a relationship with a high ranking beta of an allied pack.

No one would be a better mate for Derek than Stiles. No one loved Derek more, was more loyal to the health and safety of the Pack, was trusted more, or was more beloved by the Pack than Stiles. And Derek would never love anyone as much as, Isaac knew, thanks to some wolfsbane punch overindulged in after Derek had made his decision to find a mate from among their allies, he loved Stiles. But Derek was stuck on the image of a male/female Alpha Pair and his own cubs so he’d been courting Amelie for a year now. “Okay. I’ll just call the others with a blue alert.”

Stiles murmured his thanks, eyes closed as he soaked up the comfort of Isaac’s hug.


The meeting after the announcement became pandemonium and it took Stiles teetering on the verge of another panic attack to get the majority of the pack to calm down from the murderous rage over the violation of Stiles’ body. The Sheriff was particularly enraged until Melissa made him sit down.

Once those assembled had calmed, Lydia tapped a finger on her own hugely rounded belly, “Isaac how far along is Stiles?”

“About twelve weeks.”

She hummed, “So do you remember having contact with any magic twelve weeks ago Stiles?”

“No I-” he broke off, went pale again, and met Lydia’s eyes, “Shit. Beltane.”

She nodded, remembering Stiles calling her to learn the location of a faerie mound during the Beltane baby shower they’d had for her own second impending happy event, “Looks like we’re paying the local faeries a visit.”


Stiles circled the faery mound, chanting the spell to call out the faery he’d met on Beltane night.

It had been chance, and a little bit of him running away from the sight of Derek courting Amy, that had him finding the faery trapped in a spider's web, the humongous spider bearing down on her. He’d scooped her out of the web before the spider had so much as touched a wing and carried her home after getting the location of the faery raft from Lydia. She’d been adorable, chatty, and very insistent on giving him a boon. He’d assured her there was nothing he wanted that didn’t come to him on its own.

Maybe he’d had a mental flash of himself wrapped up in Derek’s arms, a bite mark clear on both their necks, with two babies with mole speckled skin and black fuzz on their heads in his own arms, but he didn’t want Derek unless it was completely by Derek’s choice and he’d known that would never happen. So he’d said nothing and look where it had apparently landed him.

He finished the spell with the name the faery had told him to call her by, “Periwinkle.”

A tiny winged being appeared, “Good Day Kindness!” It only took one look at the Pack ranged behind him for her wings to droop, “Oh my. Are you not pleased with my boon? Tis against the rules to leave one who saves a faery with nothing but you spoke not of your wishes. And so I granted you the deepest unspoken wish I could.”

“What unspoken wish?” Allison was the one to ask the faery that.

“Kindness’ greatest wish of his family, I could not bring him his mate. I may not interfere in freewill and he also does not wish his mate to come to him by another’s device. So I gave to him the babies to love and the means to carry more should he choose.”

Lydia ran a hand over her belly again, “How did you get the seed?”

“Oh that was most simple! The mate’s hair lingered upon Kindness’ cloak.”

Stiles’ stomach turned and he dove for a bush to vomit. The faery had used Derek’s DNA. Without Derek’s consent. It wasn’t quite as bad as if she’d stolen actual semen but it was still using a piece of Derek without his consent. And that was an obscene betrayal of the trust he’d built with Derek. It made him sick right down to the core of his heart.

Scott waited until Stiles was finished being sick before he picked his best friend up and handed him one of the water bottles the pack always carried when they were out and about, one never knew when they would have to clean out a wound or something. He wrapped his arm around a shaking Stiles. “It’s okay, this is not your fault, none of it. Derek will see that too.”

Privately Scott actually thought it would be the best thing that could ever happen, since everyone in the pack knew that Derek and Stiles loved each other. To the pack Stiles already was one half of the alpha pair, Derek was just so stuck with how things should be that he was blind to what he really wanted.

Stiles rinsed his mouth out then sipped gingerly at the water.

“We’d better call Der-” Isaac started.

“No!” Stiles barked out and pinned the pack, including his father, with a fierce glare, “No one is calling Derek. No one is even going to tell Derek about this. I am not having my life turn into some warped bad werewolfian historical romance novel. No one is telling Derek any damned thing.” Derek was bound to find out eventually, Stiles knew that, but he wasn’t going to have Derek even thinking the words ‘do the right thing’ or lines to that effect. If Derek came back unmated before he had the babies, he’d keep a buttoned lip about who the father was and make sure everyone else did too. He gave Peter and Cora especially steely looks, “He hears about this from anyone? Every adult in this pack will feel my not inconsiderable wrath.”

The wolves squirmed, it was almost impossible to lie to your alpha, if it had been anyone else, Peter would have thought that they didn’t know what they were asking but Stiles knew wolf protocol better than anyone after all these years so it was clear he knew precisely what he was asking.

And since Stiles, whether he knew it or not was the alpha mate to them, they couldn’t exactly argue with him either, not about something this important.

Peter was the first to bow his head in surrender. “None of us will ever mention this to Derek unless you want us to. We want to be here for you though, help you with anything you might need.”

As the rest of the pack slowly capitulated, Lydia just rolling her eyes with an ‘Of course I wouldn’t tell him bonehead.’ Stiles relaxed, leaning into Scott for the support, “I’d never keep you guys out like that.”

Scott kept his arm around Stiles, pulling his best friend close. “Will you stay with Kira and I tonight?” Scott hoped that Stiles would, that way they could pamper him and make sure there wouldn’t be anymore anxiety attacks during the night that Stiles would have to suffer through alone.

He had his own apartment, had for the last couple years, but he seriously did not want to be alone right now, “Yeah. I will.”

Periwinkle fluttered over to him sheepishly, “I am sorry my boon seems to have caused trouble. I would take it away were it not life created. As the tiny fae my task is to guard and create life, I can not remove it.”

Stiles held out his hand, despite a few werewolf growls, and let her light on his palm, “You’re forgiven. Next time someone saves you and doesn’t want a boon, tell them you have to give them something so they can make the choice.”

She bowed her little golden head, “I shall remember to do so Kindness.” She zipped up and kissed the tip of his nose, “I wish you well.” Then she disappeared into her raft once more.

Stiles sighed, “Okay let’s go. I need about a gallon of tea,” he thought for a moment, “Make it Lemon Balm, mint teas aren’t on the list for a while.”

“We can stop by and get it before we go home.” Scott nodded as they all began trekking back through the woods and to their cars.

Cora was very quiet as she walked behind Stiles and Scott. No matter how it had happened, Stiles were carrying her niblings inside him and family meant the world to her. She hoped that Stiles would allow her to be part of their lives, even if Derek would never find his way out of his own ass.

Stiles rolled his eyes in gentle amusement as Scott grabbed the keys to the Jeep, “You do realize I’m not going to indulge the ‘pregnant person should not drive’ thing you guys do any more than the ladies did right?” The mated ladies of their pack had been outright scary when others had tried to block them from driving. Allison had actually stabbed Isaac and Scott had been sporting fox fire burns for a week. They didn’t speak of Lydia’s wrath. Ever.

“I am painfully aware of that fact yes.” Scott poked at some of the very much healed burns. “But for now, please indulge me, it is more the shock and being sick that makes me want to handle the wheel tonight.”

Isaac gave Scott an admiring look, that came out almost diplomatic, very great for Scott McCall.

“I know, and I’m tired. Which is why I let you take the keys in the first place.” He looked at Cora, knowing his wolves, and smiled, “Wanna ride with?”

It wasn’t precisely a smile, Cora didn’t smile often but she got that soft, pleased look in her eyes and she nodded, bouncing up to them and climbing into the back of the Jeep.

Stiles settled, adjusted his seat belt, and managed to be quiet for a full five minutes before looking into the back seat, “So Auntie Cora, how much are you already plotting?”

“Define plotting?” Cora raised a brow and pursed her full lips. “If it’s already transformed into solid plans I don’t know if it can be called plotting. But yeah, much to do and a limited time to do it in. There will be a baby shower of course, so we will have to sit down and make a list of everything you need. Also, we need to find you another place than that shoebox of an apartment you have. It’s on the fifth floor for starters, no place for babies.” Once she got on a roll it was difficult to get her to stop.

He just let her plan out loud for a minute then, “I guess it’s time for me to have a place in the compound then isn’t it?” He chuckled at Scott’s thrilled noise, “Because really, what are the odds of the babies not being werewolves?”

“Not good.” Scott shook his head. “Well, they could be tiny small magic sparks too but still, the compound would be awesome for you no matter what. And as it happens….the house uphill from ours is all empty and free.” Mostly because the whole house was built for Stiles in the first place but still. “My girls are going to love having you closer.”

“I have a nursery demand right off the bat,” Stiles said, “Geeking it out.”

“Of course.” Scott sounded shocked that Stiles would even consider something other than geekery. “Superheroes?”

“Tolkien and Star Wars actually, we can toss some Batman and Avengers in here and there though,” Stiles liked the Tolkien books but he knew Derek loved them and he was a humongous sap.

Cora leaned forward, into the front seat because she knew exactly what her brother’s favorites were. She kissed Stiles’ high cheekbone before inching back again, snickering at Scott’s face when Star Wars were mentioned.

Stiles pat Scott on the head, “I promise, they will be weaned on superheroes buddy.”

“They’d better, a world without superheroes is a dead world bro.” Scott shook his head forlornly. “Then again, I’m not one to talk. I’ve got one Japanese princess, one knight who slays the other knights looking to kill the dragons and one...well I don’t know what Yuki is really, mechanic, mad scientist...anything that makes her and her surroundings as dirty as possible.” Scott’s voice brimmed with love and pride.

Stiles just grinned, “That my girl. Yuki is Tony Stark you goober.” He closed his eyes and listened to Cora’s soft cackle.

“Well, I suppose things could be worse, let’s just hope she earns Stark’s fortune as well, lets her Daddy live plush in his old age.” Scott nattered on and let Stiles rest as they drove through town to get the tea before heading to the compound.

Kira had stayed behind to help Danny and Boyd keep an eye on the pack’s kids but when she heard the Jeep she let the monsters all tumble out to see what was going on, and she was plenty curious herself. And concerned about Stiles.

“Daddy, Daddy!” All girls came rushing toward Scott but as soon as they caught sight of Stiles, they made a beeline for him instead, throwing themselves at their godfather and favorite uncle.

Scott got out of the car and walked over to Kira, leaning down to kiss her. Gods he loved his wife, just the sight of her made a sense of peace settle all through him. “Hi.”

She still blushed around him but kissed him anyway, “Hi. How did it go?”

Stiles was surrounded by kids. Not just his goddaughters but all the kids, Lydia and Jackson’s five year old Ryan, the cherubic Helena and Jason that Erica and Boyd belonged to, Allison and Isaac’s shy three year old with her Daddy’s curls and her Momma’s dimples, and of course the three raven haired ladies that Scott and Kira had brought into the world. He kissed and nuzzled each one, scenting them and letting them scent him back, even the ones who were human like Ryan and Yuki.

“It went far as I can tell.” Scott wrapped his arm around Kira’s slim shoulders and held her against his side as he watched all the kids clamor for Stiles’ attention. “The faery gave Stiles a boon, the children of his mate.” Scott knew that his wife would understand what that meant. “I said he should stay with us for now.”

Kira’s eyes widened as she watched Stiles smile and listen to the kids chatter at him about their day and who did what, and why someone smelled yucky and her heart squeezed, “Of course he’s staying with us.” It was soft and she looked up at her mate as Boyd and Jackson wandered out to collect their hellions, “He doesn’t want Derek to know.” She could already guess it, understanding how Stiles had to feel. Scott and Stiles were the closest of friends but Stiles was very much a kindred spirit to her.

“No he doesn’t. He doesn’t want Derek to abort his courting for this, for him to come home and do his duty.” There was a slight edge to Scott’s voice because he thought Derek was doing the wrong thing, he was throwing away both his own and Stiles’ happiness by acting the way he was.

“We’re all on Stiles’ side here.” Cora came to stand by them after she had dealt out her own share of kisses and hugs to the puppies.

Kira nodded as Stiles picked Yuki and Vicky up, perching them on his hips and walking toward them after saying goodnight to Jackson and Boyd and telling them that their mates would fill them in. She stepped forward and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, “Aiko, Melly go make sure Uncle Stiles’ room is clean and the bed is neat.”

“YAY!” The girls screeched and tore into the house to get their uncle’s room ready, they loved it so much when Stiles stayed with them.

“Dun’ touch the ‘speriment under the bed.” Yuki called after her sisters and leaned her head on Stiles’ shoulder, sticking her thumb in her mouth.

Stiles grinned, “I hope this experiment doesn’t have any fumes or mold because if that’s the case I’m going to have to borrow your room Dr. McCall.” He told her after kissing Kira’s cheek right back and murmuring to her that he was going to be okay. Then he went inside with the two little girls, knowing that Isaac and Allison would show up soon after Boyd and Jackson and Danny had all been briefed.

Cora walked inside with Scott and Kira, not wanting to go home right away.

Scott made his way to the kitchen to make Stiles the tea he wanted and putting on coffee for the rest of them. Meeting the faery was only the beginning, now the pack would really get starting in how all of them wanted to take care of Stiles and the children he carried. Scott knew that the rest of the back would be there soon.

Stiles actually chose to go to the chaise lounge part of the sectional couch Scott had so he could lay out a little bit and then he had a shy finger poking at his baby bump when his shirt rode up.

Vicky’s brows were screwed together in confusion. She wasn’t used to seeing her Stiles’ tummy anything but flat, “How come is squishy?”

Stiles smiled and brushed her curls back a little bit as Yuki joined in the inspection, “Well a faery decided I needed to have a bigger family and worked some magic and now I have two babies in there. Boys can’t usually have babies unless magic is used though.”

“And you did’na hafta wrestle to get ‘em in there?” Yuki looked amazed as she pushed Stiles’ shirt up higher so she could rest her ear against his tummy. “Mama and Papa always have to wrestle for there to be babies.” It didn’t matter that Yuki was the youngest of their brood, her parents wrestled plenty and she was a very curious child.

Kira’s face turned bright red as Stiles laughed and pet Yuki’s hair as Vicky settled against his side, preferring to rest her head on his chest, “No. That’s why it’s magic. I didn’t have anyone to wrestle with. And it’s really early days so you’re not going to be able to hear or feel anything Doc.”

“Any study hafta start early.” Yuki kept her ear against his belly but looked up at him with wide, dark almond shaped eyes. “Otherwise you won’t know when anythin’ changes. Best way to start a journal.”

“Bit of a problem there munchkin, you can’t write yet.” Scott peeked out of the kitchen, looking at his three year old.

“Can too, you just can’t read it because it’s my language.” She scoffed at her father.

Ryan just settled deeper into his Daddy’s lap, the girls were so loud all the time.

Danny came back in, followed by Lydia, who went directly to Jackson and Ryan, “You don’t have to be able to write to keep a journal anyway. That’s what pictures are for, isn’t that right midget?” He winked at Yuki and leaned over to looked down at Stiles, resting a hand on his forehead, an absent minded temperature check he tended to do whenever anyone felt under the weather.

“Right!” Yuki beamed at Danny with a bright smile and tilted her little face up for Danny to kiss her. She had decided early on that she would marry Danny when she grew up. He was strong and nice and had even better dimples than Papa.

Ryan held his hands out for his mother to hug her.

Erica walked straight over to Boyd and her little hellions, kissing all of them.

Boyd caught her close, nuzzling into her hair. He couldn’t imagine how Stiles was feeling right now aside from gut punched but he felt for their emissary, the Pack’s true alpha mate, no matter what Derek decided.

Lydia kissed her son’s forehead as she hugged him, “Hello there baby. Did you behave for Papa and Kira?”

“Of course I did.” Ryan was cute as a button with bright red hair and pale blue eyes but he was still a mix between Lydia and Jackson. He was not a bully or mean but he was very sure of himself and what he did.

Cora curled up in the corner of the couch she had claimed, she felt a little as the odd man out in this company. She’d never even been close to finding her mate and it didn’t look like she would be having babies any time soon. Peter didn’t count.

Danny gave Yuki her kiss then went to sit next to Cora, bumping her knee with his in commiseration. He hadn’t found anyone special either so he could relate to the she-wolf. He studied Stiles as he was brought his tea and the rest of the pack filtered in, Chris following Peter in and the Sheriff eyeing Chris like he was ready to shoot him in an instant while Melissa picked up her youngest granddaughter and ignored the men posturing.

Stiles drank deep from the extra large mug, “Questions anyone?”

“Okay, I’ll dive straight into the deep end.” Jackson said where he was seated, his wife and Ryan close. “You want them? Prepared to do what it takes to become a single parent to twins?” He didn’t try to be mean in any way but these were things that needed to be addressed.

And Stiles not only knew that, he appreciated Jackson’s bluntness, “Yes. Yes I want them and yes I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to be the best freaking Dad,” his beady eye challenged anyone to call him a Mom, “I can possibly be. I definitely wish that, if it was going to happen, it had happened differently but it didn’t and I’m going to let that go and love them like crazy.” He tapped long fingers on the slight pudge that would soon develop into a mound and then further until he was larger than Lydia was right now.

“Okay.” Jackson said again with a short nod. “Then we’ll do our very best figuring things out right alongside you and make this as easy as it can be.”

“We’ve already talked about moving.” Scott said and gravitated toward his wife once he had made sure everyone had their coffee or tea. “He has his house here and it would be much better for both him and the babies.”

Lydia’s eyes took on the gleam of a lioness who’d spotted prey, “It never got decorated did it, since Stiles didn’t know about the house.”

“Who says I didn’t know? I did. I just had my reasons for not utilizing it before,” he lifted a finger, “Keep within my taste, consult Kira and Cora on all ideas and me on all final decisions, I know you’ve got Ryan but he’s definitely not anything like I’m betting my cubs are going to be like,” he looked over at his dad with a slight smile, “so trust me when I say, extreme childproofing and easy clean up of everything built in. Make it rugs on hard surfaces floors, no wall to wall carpeting, And last of all, Cora’s the one handling the nursery.”

Jackson reached out and placed a hand on Lydia’s hip when his wife opened her mouth to argue. “Save your battles darling.” He smiled at her.

Cora just beamed, happy that she counted and would be involved she would make the nursery the greatest Middle Earth, Space battle she could manage.

John stood against the wall, it was a bit much taking in that his little boy was pregnant...some fucking divine birth sort of thing. He thought he’d gotten used to everything life in Beacon Hills could throw at him but this changed his world view all over again. He knew he had Stiles’ back though and he would love his grandchildren with all of his being.

Chris stood with Peter in between himself and John, “Do you know how much of the pregnancy will go like a...” he paused trying to decide how to phrase it.

“Like if I’d been born female?” Stiles said in amusement, “Not a clue.”

“I’ll see if I can find anything about male pregnancy from trusted sources,” Kira said, already planning out the research, “You can’t be the only one.”

“I’ll reach out tomorrow and try to get in touch with my colleagues who had Sparks that changed their anatomy,” Isaac assured Stiles.

“Faeries are impulsive but this was a boon. I really don’t believe that Periwinkle would do anything to hurt you or the babies you are carrying.” Allison tried to remain calm and level headed. “I don’t think this has happened in a lot of hunter circles but I can reach out and put my ear to the ground all the same.”

Stiles nodded, “Thanks. I don’t think she’d do anything that would hurt me or the cubs either but better to have an idea of what might be ahead for me as a pregnant guy. Like what’s going to happen with my chest.”

“Most likely you will lactate, some swelling too.” Scott sounded scarily competent for being Scott. “It’s not that strange, we have inactive milk glands as men too, some dogs even begins lactating to nurse their pups if something happens to the a pack that is.”

Melissa laughed at the look that came over John’s face, burying her laughter in Yuki’s hair as Aiko and Melly bounced in.

“Grampa John how come you’ve got tomato face?” Melly ran over to attempt to climb the Sheriff’s legs while Aiko went to sit primly next to Stiles.

“So you can make it into sauce and eat it on your spaghetti.” John replied and kneeled so he could pick Melly up and nuzzle her black curls.

“Ew, that dun’ make any sense Grampa, Mama got very angry when I tried to eat the worms, I dun think she’d like if we ate your face.” Yuki looked up from her serious study of Stiles’ stomach. Sending Aiko a look, hoping her sister would agree with her.

“We wouldn’t eat your face anyway Grampa, we love you and eating your face would hurt you and we’d never do that,” Aiko nodded emphatically, looking earnest and just as cute as her mother.

Melly scattered kisses over John’s face, “Yeah, we love you more than the ground loves rain in summer!”

How could someone not melt at that? John certainly couldn’t and he kissed Melly back and held her close. “Thank you for that Mel. I love you too, all of you so, so much. My princesses.” These were his grandchildren too, no one could ever tell John otherwise.

“Melly has a gift for words.” Scott chuckled into the crook of Kira’s neck, of course he thought his children were spectacular.

“I wonder where she gets it from,” Kira mused because she was so often awkward with words.

Stiles closed his eyes and listened to everyone, still sipping his tea. He had no idea how things would turn out, he only hoped for the best for the little lives now growing inside him. He couldn’t help but wonder how Derek was doing, if he was managing to find any trust in Amelie or not. Derek didn’t trust easy and Stiles knew that better than anyone

To Be Continued…