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The Bloodline of the Akatsuki

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The blonde haired man looked at the silver haired boy sitting next to him.  As blood leaked out of his lips, the bright blue eyes were dimming.  “K…Kakashi…” he whispered, voice gurgling with the blood pooling in his throat.  The fiery red hair of the blonde’s wife lay lifeless at his shoulder.

“Yes, sensei?”  The ten year old had a mask on, covering his nose and the lower half of his face.  His left eye held a vertical scar down it.  Peeking out of the eye socket was a red iris, dotted with black.

“P…protect Naruto.  No matter what.”  The older man gripped the boy’s hand with a fierceness unexpected of someone dying.  Nodding, remaining silent, Kakashi gripped his sensei’s hand.

“Minato-sensei, I promise to you, on my honor as a shinobi and an ANBU, I will not fail you.”  A small smile crept at the corners of Minato’s mouth as he coughed again, blood bubbling up more from his mouth.

“I…know you won’t.”  The light faded from those blue eyes of Kakashi’s beloved sensei.  As tears slipped down the boy’s cheeks, a primal scream erupted from his throat.


That silver haired boy was now a man of 27.  Jerking awake in bed, he sat bold upright, sweat soaking the sheets as he just barely refrained from screaming again.  Not again.  Not that damn dream again.  Wiping his face with his hands, he looked over at his bed.  The raven-haired woman lying face down next to him did not wake up.  Sighing, Kakashi went into his bathroom.  Splashing some cool water on his face, he looked at his reflection in the mirror.  Why that damn dream?  Why now?  Heading back into the bedroom, he sat down.  Looking at his phone, he frowned.

My office. 6.

The text was from Danzou.  Kakashi sighed.  The time was now five oh seven.  Giving up on sleep, Kakashi went and took a shower.  Slipping into a gray suit with a black dress shirt, Kakashi adjusted his tie.  Fixing his mask in place to cover his nose and lower half of his face, he checked the time once more.  Five forty-two.  Going into the bedroom, he cleared his throat.  A red eye opened, looking at him.  “You need to go.”  Kakashi said.  Frowning, the brown-haired woman looked up at him, sitting up with the sheet over her naked breasts.  Giving a half scowl as she looked Kakashi over, she nodded. 

As she slipped the cocktail dress back on, she looked at Kakashi.  “If Asuma ever finds out, he’ll kill you.”

Kakashi just raised an eyebrow.  “The key word there is “if.”  See you, Kurenai.”

Nodding, the woman grabbed her heels and left, Kakashi leaving his apartment behind her, locking the door.


Arriving promptly at six, Kakashi knocked on the door.  “Enter.”  The gruff voice said.  Walking in, Kakashi took in the office with an unimpressed look.  No one else was there.  “Ah, Kakashi.  Good.”  Motioning for Kakashi to sit down, Kakashi did so.  Pulling out a cigarette, Kakashi lit it, and took a drag, looking at his boss through a cloud of smoke.  Danzou was a stocky man, always wearing an eyepatch over his right eye.  His chin was battle scarred with a deep “X” cut in the chin.  He wore crisp Armani suits with nary a wrinkle in them.  However, his demeanor said he was a man not to be trifled with.  He was the head of the Akatsuki for a reason.  Kakashi was sure if they would start putting pictures in dictionaries, Danzou’s picture would be beside ruthless, heartless, and cunning.  Of course, to be the leader of the best assassin’s guild in the world, you couldn’t be one to hand out cookies and hugs.

Danzou cleared his throat.  “Orochimaru has suggested a solution to our decline in assassins problem.”  Kakashi raised an eyebrow at that, taking another drag of the cigarette.  Danzou stared at his right hand man.  How the man smoked a cigarette through a mask was beyond him, but whatever floated Kakashi’s boat.  Taking out a folder, Danzou handed it to Kakashi.  As Kakashi skimmed the page, he noticed clan names…many from the Leaf Village, which was his former home.  Looking up, his eyebrow raised inquisitively.

“Orochimaru suggested that we get some DNA from each of the clans.  As you know, less than a dozen clans can use chakra.  The stupid fucking populace calls it magic, even though it is not that sleight of hand bullshit.  Anyways, Orochimaru suggested that if we could collect the DNA, he could run some experiments to splice them together to make the perfect assassin.  Those clans listed are the ones we want…and those names are who we want from those clans.”

Kakashi nodded, reading the list. 

                                  10-Yamanaka-Ino; mind control

                                  9-Nara-Shikamaru; manipulation of shadow

                                  8-Akimichi-Choji; strength

                                  7-Hozuki-Suigetsu; liquid state

                                  6-Sarutobi-Konohamaru; fire release

                                  5-Hyuga-Neji and Hinata; byakugan

                                  4-Namikaze-Naruto; speed & strength of will

                                  3-Uchiha-Itachi and Sasuke—Sharingan

                                  2-Hatake-Kakashi-prodigy; lightning

                                  1-Uzumaki-Naruto; long lifespan, accelerated healing

Kakashi looked up.  “Why am I on the list?” he asked mildly.

Danzou shrugged.  “He listed the prime candidates from each clan.  Luckily, you, Ino, Sasuke and Itachi are already high-ranking members.  The goal is to get each of the others to join us willingly…by whatever means necessary, and receive the brand.  We’d rather have willing participants who can continue to provide DNA and help us instead of dead participants we have to keep alive to keep the blood fresh.”

Kakashi smashed out the cigarette in the ashtray beside him.  “This name…Naruto…it is on here twice; same person, or two different people?”  Kakashi asked.

“Same person.  Seems his mother was Kushina Uzumaki and his father was Minato Namikaze.  They married and had that brat.”  Danzou said.  “We especially want him…he has a sealing jutsu buried inside his brain that we need.  I have assigned Ino to go retrieve Shikamaru and Choji.  Sasuke will get Suigetsu, Itachi will get Konohamaru, Deidara will retrieve Neji while Sasori retrieves Hinata.”  Kakashi nodded, noting that Danzou had picked people very strategically.  Looking at Danzou, eye bored, he wondered why Danzou had neglected to mention Naruto.

“And?  Who is going to retrieve this Naruto?”  Kakashi asked, lighting up another cigarette.

“That would be you.”