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Little Brothers

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Author’s note: I am an American attempting to incorporate the British Royal family into this story. While I’m sure some would do an admirable job, I promise I have gotten almost everything completely wrong (and I’m ok with it). I would like to thank those who tried to help and answered specific questions I posted to Tumblr.


Harry walked into the room and knew immediately who his fiancée was speaking with. Meghan only ever smiled that particular smile for her husband. “Hi, Cooper” he called out loud enough to be heard.

“Yes, Coop that was Harry…No, you are still not receiving a dowry…Because you are not my real husband, Dumbass. No, you still can’t be my Person of Honor either.” Harry laughed at the one-side of the conversation he could hear. The quality he enjoyed most in Meghan’s best friend and former co-star was Cooper Anderson’s ability to always make him laugh. He decided to leave and give Meghan privacy when he heard something he couldn’t ignore.

“Of course, I will make room for Blaine. You know I adore him. Are you sure this time their split is final?...He’s coming to the West End? Good for him! What show?...I love Wicked! He’ll make an excellent Fiyero…What’s the bet?...Are you posting on all social media?...I say 8 minutes since I’m sure The Ex has alerts for you on his phone…Well, you are the most handsome man in North America…Harry’s in Europe, Dumbass! Learn some geography before you get here. Besides, he’s the most handsome man in the world…I love you, too. Bye, Coop.”

Harry gave her a kiss as soon as he was sure the call ended. “Did Cooper need something or was this a bestie chat?”

“He asked if his brother Blaine could come to the wedding even though he denied his invitation. And Coop says Hi back by the way.”

Cooper’s brother’s name had been what caught Harry’s attention. “I didn’t know his brother’s name is Blaine. Is his last name Anderson as well?”

“Yes. Why?”

“I’ve heard that name somewhere. Damn! Now this will bother me.” Fortunately, his brother William walked in. “Wills, do you know the name Blaine Anderson?”

It took William a moment but then it came to him. “Blaine Anderson is the name of the boy Seb has been pining for since he returned from school in America.”

Meghan watched helplessly as Harry put the pieces together. “Whatever devious plan you’re concocting, stop it! Blaine just ended his engagement...again.”

“Would one of you care to inform me why Seb’s love life, or lack there of, is a topic for discussion?” William had also noticed the change in his brother, but unlike his future sister-in-law, he found it rather intriguing.

“Cooper called to see if he could bring his brother Blaine to the wedding.”

Harry didn’t have to say anything else for William to understand. “Are we certain this is the bloke?”

“The name is Blaine Anderson, not Tom Smith” Harry pointed out. “Of, course it’s the same person.”

“Who’s the same person?” Kate asked as she walked in and let go of Charlotte’s hand so the little girl could run to her uncle.

“Blaine Anderson” the other three adults stated in unison.

“What about him?”

William walked over to his wife as he didn’t know how she would react to their theory. Sebastian Smythe was more of a brother to her than a 2nd cousin. The entire Royal Family (especially Grandmother) had taken an instant liking to him. William referred to Sebastian as My other little brother and Harry cared for him in the same way. Miraculously, the press had never caught on to the relationship which was fine with everyone involved. “Katie, Cooper is bringing his brother Blaine…Blaine Anderson to the wedding.”


Kate immediately slapped her hand over her mouth. Unfortunately, the adorable three year-old in the room heard her. “Mummy said a naughty word” Charlotte stated matter-of-factly while Uncle Harry nodded his agreement.

“Yes, yes, Mummy did but how about we forgive her this one time? Caring for your new baby brother can be tiring.”

“Ok.” Charlotte wiggled out of her uncle’s arms and went over to where her mother was sitting to give her a hug. “You rest, Mummy. I’ll go help Nanny with Louis.”

William held out his hand to his daughter “Alright then, why don’t we see if cook has any of those cookies we love so much before you go check on your baby brother?” He winked from across the room at his baby brother (and partner in crime) “Uncle Harry, would you like one?”

Harry got the hint. “I’d love a cookie. Perhaps we should make sure cook saves some back for Uncle Sebby. They are his favorite too.”

Kate and Meghan watched the three leave then turned to each other and began to laugh. “Notice neither of them offered us a cookie” Meghan pointed out.

“Because the minute Charlotte is back in the nursery those two will be off to do one of their favorite things…torment my Cousin Seb. Please do me a favor. Call Cooper and see if his brother and Seb’s Blaine are indeed one in the same. If he is I have a feeling we’ll need Cooper as an ally.”

“You and I would not be the ones Coop aligns with. He loves to torture his little brother as much as Will and Harry love to torture your cousin.”

“Who they consider to be their little brother" Kate sighed. This was the last thing she needed in her life right now. "Are you sure Cooper wouldn’t help us prevent any potential ambush reunion plans those two come up with?”

“Very sure. Coop has the extra incentive of pissing off Blaine's ex. He lives for any opportunity to do so. Right now, he and Blaine’s friends are betting on how long it will take The Ex to call when he finds out Blaine is coming to the wedding after all. There was a huge fight when Blaine turned down his initial invitation. It was the beginning of the end…again.”


“Let’s just say The Ex is obsessed with you and your sister. He wrote a musical about Pippa…” Meghan stopped to check a text notification on her phone “Why would they be going to see a man about a horse?”

Kate groaned as she let her head fall back and closed her eyes. “Seb is having lunch with the Queen today. She wanted details on the horses he'll be riding this Polo season.”

27...27 was the number of sexual innuendos about Sebastian and his long, wooden mallet Meghan heard Cooper’s voice whispering in her head. “Should Coop not announce Blaine is coming to the wedding on his social media? At least not yet?”

“No, it’s fine. Seb doesn’t use social media. Actually, avoids it like the plague is more accurate. I am going to check on the children and then call Pippa to see what she knows. What I don’t understand is how Seb never mentioned his Blaine is your best friend’s brother.”

What Meghan didn’t understand was how she never put this all together. Of course, everything she knew of Blaine’s Sebastian she learned the night of Blaine and Kurt’s third…no, fourth break-up.

Flashback 2015

Cooper was in LA for an appearance on Ellen so Meghan went to check on Blaine after his latest split from his fiancée. Or were they only boyfriends this time?

“Meghan!” Blaine yelled as he gave her a hug, almost knocking the wind out of her.

“You seem to be doing better than your brother predicted.”

Blaine drug her over to sit next to him on the couch and handed her a shot glass. “I am! Santana and Brittany brought me tequila! Then Sammy and Tina came and they both brought tequila too! And Kitty came and offered to go kick ass because she couldn’t buy tequila because she’s not old enough. But it doesn’t mean she can’t drink it!”

From the looks of things, they had all been drinking for quite a while. “Well, it was nice of them to do that for you.”

“Wasn’t it though? I love them so much and they love me, not like…”

“No!” all Blaine’s friends yelled in unison.

“You know the rule, Blainey-Days. After a Klaine break-up, HE is only to be referred to as The Ex” Tina reminded him. “You know what you need to do? You need to get laid. If you want…”

Kitty threw a pillow at her head before she could finish. “Damn, your hagdom is always worse when you’re drunk. For the 500th time, GOLD…STAR…GAY! But, she’s right, Blaine. You need to get laid.”

“You should fuck that Sebastian guy from back in high school” Santana announced out of nowhere, surprising everyone including herself. However, once it was out there, it kind of made sense. Sam even nodded his agreement until he figured out it was making him nauseous.

“I would if I knew where he was” Blaine grumbled under his breath before he took what he believed to be his 8th (or 12th) shot.

An amazingly sober Brittany walked in from the kitchen carrying a bowl of popcorn “What did you say, Blaine Warbler?”

“I said I would fuck Sebastian if I knew where he was.” Blaine wasn’t holding back this time so he got off the couch and jumped on the coffee table to make sure everyone heard him. “Better yet, I’d have him fuck me. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been properly fucked? Huh? Do you? For…ev…er! He wasn’t a chiseled Adonis like Sammy…”

“Aw, thanks B.”

“Your welcome, Sammy. You’re all muscly but I bet Sebastian’s body was hard and strong. And I bet his dick was too! Damn, I should have gone back to Dalton. He could have…” Then in what seemed like slow-motion, Blaine predictably fell off the coffee table and into Brittany’s lap sending popcorn flying everywhere, sadly putting an end to the conversation.

Too late, Meghan realized she should have recorded this for Cooper. He was going to be devastated he missed it.

End of Flashback

Two hours later William came home to find his wife waiting for him. “Did you see Seb?” she asked.

“No, he had an emergency…” Kate’s expression told him otherwise. “You were the emergency back at the office?”

“Pippa actually. She gave me some information you and your co-conspirator should have before you do something which cannot be undone.”

“What do you mean?”

“Seb confided in Pippa when he came back from America. He admitted he did several things he was not proud of, worst of all nearly blinding Blaine.”


“He threw some strange drink with rock salt at Blaine’s boyfriend to ruin his outfit. Blaine stepped forward and it hit his eye. He required surgery and Seb’s heart was shattered. He has never forgiven himself.”

William was stunned. That didn’t sound like the Sebastian they knew and loved. “Why didn’t we hear of this?”

“The Scoundrel was able to keep it quiet.” The Scoundrel was the politer of the two names the family used to refer to Sebastian’s father. “Amazingly, he did something to help his son without having to be told to do so.”

“So, we need to somehow guarantee Seb doesn’t see Blaine and not try to get them together?”

“Exactly the opposite. It was this incident that turned Seb into the man he is today. He promised Blaine he would change his ways for the better and he did, but Blaine doesn’t know. They saw each other a few times over the next year but never truly talked. The last time they were together was when Blaine asked Seb for his help in proposing to his boyfriend.”

“Ouch." William was glad his brilliant wife and her sister had prevented him and Harry from seeing Sebastian. Kate was right. They did need more information. "So, we're certain Cooper's brother is Seb's Blaine? ”

“100%. Now, I am completely in favor of any plan to get these two together but next Saturday is Harry and Meghan’s wedding not a dinner party where it would be acceptable to bring a surprise guest.”

“There has to be something we could do.”

“Don’t worry. Cooper said he would handle everything.”