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Baby Sid

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It has been about 5 days since Sid has messed his diaper, and it was beginning to be felt. His lower gut felt heavy, enough to weigh him down, and his body was resisting more and more of the meals that Mario fed to him.

"Ugh. Why won't you eat, Sid? I'm starting to get mad."

"D-daddy? I can't eat because I gotta," he lifted up his rump, struggling to get out of his high-chair.

"Gotta go poo-poo? Aww, Sid, you don't have to wait to let me know! When you gotta go, you gotta go!"Mario said, sympathetically.


"Just let it all out, Sid. Make daddy proud."

Sid didn't know how to start his BM, but he did like seeing Mario proud of him.

"Here baby," He got a hold of Sid, giving him some peace and quiet in his arms, head lying in the crook of Mario's left arm, Mario's right palm right on his ass. He kissed Sid on the forehead.

"Just relax, take your time. Get all of that bad stuff out."

Sid winced as he attempted his first push. All 5 days' worth of food had built up in there, and it was acting stubborn, as if it liked it in there.

Mario eased Sid's intestinal blockage out even further, by just giving Sid's belly a deep, almost painful massage.

"Ooh! Dad, it, it-"

"Shh. I know it hurts. No need to strain. It will all be out eventually." Sid grunted and let out a ferocious log of poo it folding in half and breaking in two once it hit Mario's palm. He let out an exhale of relief.

"Wow. That was a big one!" Lemieux said, with a praising tone.

"That's a good Sid."

Crosby's smile became wobbly as he pushed and shoved again. This time, a softer turd shoved its way out of his guts and collided with the diaper's rear with a *blort!*, the bottom half puffing out visibly. More encouragement came from Mario.

"Yes! Great one! Keep going!"

Sid put the innocent undergarment through even more misery by audibly straining, another tough one slithering its way out. He couldn't believe it. This one was the biggest of them all, it being the oldest, having spent the longest in Sid's body. It had to be all done and over after this, right?


Dead wrong.

Crosby's belly gurgled, a cramping pain rising through him. He looked up at Mario, with doubtful eyes.

"It hurts, daddy!"

"Just relax, release. It will all be over then."

Crosby trusted him, and gave his colon one more go.

"Hnn-unnngh!" He could feel his bowels gearing up for the ultimate finale, and that's exactly what it turned out to be.


A torrent of runny mess erupted in the backside of him, not only making the diaper's rear protrude deep into Mario's palm, but making it so he replied with a deep stare of approval into Crosby's eyes.

"You've done well, son." Mario then allowed Sid to walk around, to savor the mess until he got changed. Sid had to pee, but finally had the confidence not to ask if he should or not. The front design on the diaper then faded within moments to a bright yellow, complimenting the brown mush stain on his ass.

Sid saw that Mario had lied a black towel on the living room floor, patting it and motioning him over.

"C'mon, Sid. Come on! Let's get you a fresh, clean diaper!"

Then, Sid knew: it was changing time.