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A Light in the Darkness

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Kara knew she wasn’t making a mistake. Eliza and Alex had told her to stay local, but Kara had already decided on Metropolis University, mostly so she could be near her cousin Kal-El (Clark Kent). Once in her apartment, she sat down on her bed and realized one of her roommates’ beds was covered in everything from clothes to toiletries. It looked like a hurricane had blown through just one corner of the room. It reminded her of her older sister’s room back on Krypton, her home planet. She played with her blonde hair, picked at her fingernails, fiddled with/loosened the collar of her light blue shirt, smoothed the edges of her blue skirt, and tapped her black flats against the floor. She knew her bright blue eyes were wide with panic and anticipation. All of these habits she had developed as things she does when she is extremely nervous about anything. Currently, that topic is meeting the rest of her roommates. A few minutes later the door swung open. In stepped a girl with long black hair that fell almost to her waist in waves, and big chocolate brown eyes that sparkled and seemed to dance in the light, she was dressed in a white dress and white high heels, which she immediately kicked off and sat on her bed rubbing her feet.
“Hi I’m Iris West,” the girl said. Kara blinked and replied.
“Kara Danvers,” She said as she stuck out her hand. Iris took it, smiling.
“You don’t mind if I have some help moving boxes?” she asked. Kara shook her head and Iris gestured at someone in the hall. In walked a guy carrying a stack of boxes.
“Seriously, Iris, how much stuff do you need?” He spoke softly, but the voice was deep and soothing. Iris laughed and said.
“Kara, this is Barry Allen. Barry, this is Kara Danvers.”
“Hi,” Barry said setting down the boxes. As Kara caught her first glimpse of Barry’s face, she had to catch her breath. He had brown hair and captivating green eyes. She also took note of the fact that he was wearing jeans, a red t-shirt, with a blue and red plaid flannel over it, and black converse.
“Hi,” she managed, feeling as if she had been struck by lightning. Little did she know, the feeling went both ways. Everyone in the room (meaning the three of them) went silent as the two stared at the other. Iris looked back and forth a few times, started laughing, and fell down onto the floor. Somehow neither Kara nor Barry realized Iris rolling around on the floor, hysterically giggling. Kara was trying to figure out how to stop staring when Barry blushed and looked away.
“Um,” Kara managed blushing bright red as well.
“Sorry, I was staring,” they both said at the same time. This caused Iris to laugh again. Then two more girls walked into the room.
“Hi,” the blonde one said in an almost bubbly voice. “I’m Felicity, Felicity Smoak and this is Caitlin Snow.” she gestured to the auburn-haired girl next to her. Kara committed both of their faces to memory and took in their appearances. Felicity was dressed in a blue shirt, black skirt, and silver flats, her blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail and her blue eyes sparkled behind her glasses, reminding Kara of the ones she used to wear before she got full-control of her heat and x-ray vision. Caitlin was wearing a green blouse, khaki pants, and black boots, her auburn hair fell in loose curls around her shoulders and her eyes were a warm, bright brown, like cinnamon.
“Kara Danvers,” Kara spoke up pointing to herself. “This is Iris West and Barry Allen,” she continued feeling her cheeks heat up as she said Barry’s name.
“Nice to meet you both.” Felicity’s face lit up.
“Nice to meet you too. I think this is the right room, I’m not positive, well I am positive, I’m a really positive person. I just don’t know if this is the right room. I mean, I already found my room, but I’m just making sure I didn’t get lost again, and that is my stuff, oops,” she babbled. “And I’m babbling again, which will end in 3...2...1,” Felicity said.
Kara giggled and said. “This is the right place, but you seem to have figured that out on your own, by your stuff being in here,”
“Um, Iris? I’m going to go pack,” Barry said.
“Scratch that, I’m going to go UNpack.” he corrected himself, backing out the door.
“WATCH OUT!” Kara shouted, but she was too late. Barry tripped over a stray box and tumbled to the floor.
“Ow!” he yelped as Kara rushed over to help him up.
“Are you okay?” she asked biting her lip.
“Physically yes, just a bit embarrassed,” Barry said once again bright red just this time on the floor. By then Kara was also blushing. The other three girls were, of course, laughing. As soon as Kara helped him up, Barry left the room.
“You obviously have a ‘small crush’,” Caitlin commented as Kara blushed, again, for the fourth time. Iris was grinning like the Cheshire Cat.
“That’s kind of weird. I’ve known Barry since we were six. We’re like brother and sister, and I’ve never seen him blush over anyone like he just did. I’m pretty sure his feelings for are the same as yours towards him,” Iris said, still grinning, obviously planning something.
“You know, on that awkward note, I’m going to go and help Barry.” Iris left the room for a second before poking her head back inside.
“FYI, his room is down the hall to the left in case you need either of us,” and with that, she ducked out of the room, leaving her heels in the middle of the floor.
A few minutes later, another girl ran in followed by a dog. The girl skidded to a stop. The dog tried to stop but crashed into the girl’s legs. As this happened, another girl ran in and scooped up the dog. Then seven more girls entered the room. Kara barely noticed, because she was too busy noticing, for some reason, that Felicity looked like familiar. Almost too much like her older sister, who she hadn’t seen since she landed on this planet. As she looked at the nine new girls, looking at one of the brunettes felt almost like looking at her other sister, who was Kara’s older twin, Maylea. “Um, I’m Kara Danvers. This is Caitlin Snow and Felicity Smoak.” Kara said.
“Marley Rose,” the brunette said, pointing at herself.
“Kitty Wilde,” said one of the blonde haired girls.
“And this is Sara and Laurel Lance, Quinn Fabray, Brittany Pierce, Alex Danvers, and I am Santana Lopez. Most of us are rooming next door.” Santana spoke up and Kara nodded.
“Alex is my adoptive sister,” Kara said and then continued observing everyone around her.
Marley was wearing a pink sweater and faded blue jeans, along with slightly dirty white sneakers. She has long brown hair that fell in very loose curls till right past her shoulder blades and bright blue doe-like eyes with freckles sprinkled underneath them.
Kitty was wearing a white t-shirt, dark blue jeans, a black leather jacket, and black and white sneakers. Her blonde hair was pulled into a high ponytail, and her blue-grey eyes seemed to pierce the souls of the people around her.
Sara was dressed in a black shirt, black jeans, and a white leather jacket, with white leather boots. Her blonde hair was slightly curly and fell just past her shoulder blades. Her eyes were a dull blue but sparkled with an almost deadly energy, but Kara wasn’t sure what kind of deadly energy it was.
Laurel was wearing a white blouse with a grey shirt and black high heels, that she was carrying. Her caramel and blonde hair was slightly curly and reached just past her shoulders, framing her face. Her eyes seemed to be changing between green, hazel, and brown and were framed with rather long eyelashes.
Quinn was dressed in a white dress that had flowers of all colors on it and red flats. Her blonde hair was slightly lighter than Kitty’s and fell slightly lower than her chin, her eyes were piercing, but kind yet looked a bit like fractals of ice.
Santana was dressed in a red shirt and white pants, with black heels. Her dark brown hair was curly and fell almost to her waist, her eyes were warm, but Kara’s intuition told her that if Santana got angry they’d blaze like a fire.
Brittany was dressed in a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and red ballet flats. Her blonde hair was piled on top of her head in an extremely messy bun, and her blue eyes were filled with a bubbly energy.
Alex was dressed in a maroon t-shirt, black jeans, a leather jacket, and dark blue sneakers. Kara tilted her head noticing that Alex’s hair was slightly shorter than it had been previously before it had been down to her waist, but now it was barely past her shoulder blades, which is a lot shorter than it was previously.
“So Marley and Kitty are in here,” Felicity nodded. The two mentioned both nodded. As all of the girls, including Kara, started to help each other unpack, Kara tried to tune in on Iris and Barry’s voices, hoping that her super hearing would work the way it was supposed to.
“Seriously, Barry, stop denying that you like her. I know you, you don’t have to hide anything. My advice is to ask her out before it’s too late,” Iris said, her voice slightly muffled, due to the fact that Kara was listening through multiple walls.
“Fine, I give up, you’re right, I do like her. I’m just scared of being turned down. You know I don’t have any experience with actually dating anyone,” Barry whined.
“Just go in, ask if you can talk to her, and then ask her to the bonfire tonight!” Iris explained exasperated, sounding rather like a mother.
“Kara,” Quinn called from the other side of the room, as she was helping Kitty unpack all of her shoes because apparently, Kitty loves buying shoes.
“Are you registering anything we’ve been saying at all?!” Marley asked quietly, Kara shook her head.
“No, not at all, I’m sorry, I was lost in my own thoughts,” she said apologetically. Santana laughed.
“Well, Felicity and Caitlin were filling us in on your obvious crush on Barry. We were also saying that you should ask Barry out to the bonfire tonight before someone else does.” Kitty said grinning.
“He’s isn’t someone who will be single forever. I personally think that you should ask him out now.” Brittany said giggling. Kara felt her face starting to heat up.
“How am I supposed to ask him out if I can barely speak in front of him?” Quinn laughed again.
“Just go in there and ask if you can talk to him, and ask him. It’s rather simple,” she said as Sara pushed Kara towards the door and right into Barry. Kara and Barry both jumped back and ended up falling over. Barry was bright red again, and as he stood he spoke,
“Well, that’s one way to make an entrance.” Barry stuck out a hand and pulled Kara up, who was also blushing.
“I was wondering if I could talk to you?” they both said at the same time. Kara looked around and pointed at herself.
“Me?” she asked Barry who nodded, still bright red and embarrassed. As the two walked into the hall, Kara heard the girls crowd around the door to hear what was happening.
“You know they are listening, right?” Kara whispered and Barry nodded.
“Why don’t we give them something to listen to? I mean other than us standing here whispering.” Barry whispered back. Kara couldn’t help laughing.
“Um,” she said, still giggling.
“What did you want to talk to me about?” she asked.
“I was wondering if you would go to the bonfire with me later?” Barry said quickly.
“You mean like a date?” Kara asked, pinching her arm behind her back. It hurt a bit, so she wasn’t dreaming. She still didn’t fully understand her feelings or Earth customs, but that didn’t keep her from getting excited.
“If you want,” Barry replied blushing and rubbing the back of his neck. Kara grinned, feeling like there were butterflies in her stomach, maybe butterflies weren’t the only things fluttering around, maybe some moths and whatever other creatures on Earth with wings and that flutter.
“I’d love to.” Barry’s face split into a grin that seemed to light up the hall. At least to Kara it did, but then suddenly his face fell, making the hall seem a lot darker than it had before.
“Really? You mean it?” he asked, biting his lip hopefully. Kara furrowed her brow, completely and totally confused.
“Yes, of course I mean it. Why wouldn’t I?” Barry shrugged with one shoulder as if he didn’t know, but his face showed that he knew exactly why.
“I’ve seemed to have developed a habit of being turned down or people play tricks on me, in this sort of situation,” Barry explained looking down at his feet. As he spoke Kara’s emotions went from shock to high levels of confusion, to sadness, to anger, to sympathy.
“That’s horrible, why would anyone in their right mind do that to you?” Kara paused,
“Wait, wait, I got it, they aren’t in their right mind!” Kara exclaimed still feeling like she hadn’t done enough to cheer him up. So she did the only thing she could think to do, she hugged him. Barry froze up for a second. A second later Barry hugged her back. They stood there, Kara felt like it was a very long time, but in reality, it was only a few seconds. As they both pulled back from each other, Kara heard Barry whisper,
“Thank you,” she nodded and whispered back
“You’re welcome.”
“Can we come out now?” Caitlin called as the other girls giggled. Kara turned towards the door, shaking her head.
“Yeah, we knew you were listening anyway,” Barry replied as he wrapped his arms around Kara again.
“Are you okay with me hugging you?” he whispered in her ear. Kara nodded and leaned back slightly into Barry’s chest. For some reason, she felt, in a way, safe and at home in Barry’s arms. Kara felt at peace for the first time since she had left Krypton. Then, there was the way that Barry’s arms seemed to fit perfectly around her. Kara was still confused by her feelings but pushed the confusion aside, and decided to just be happy that she had friends. For the first time since she landed on Earth, Kara was really and truly happy. Iris laughed as she caught sight of the two of them. Just then Kara realized that Barry’s chin was on her shoulder.
“Seems like you finally got a date who actually meant it when they said yes,” Iris commented.
“What!?” yelled Kara.
“How many times has this awful joke thing happened?”
“Around three,” Barry whispered in her ear. Kara practically saw red. She had to hold back the urge to ask for names, and go and kill the people that caused him pain.
“You don’t need to worry about it.” Kara turned her head and looked into Barry’s hazel green eyes and instantly knew he was right. Part of her was still mad, but the other part was relieved that she didn’t have to kill anyone. She then realized that she would have to explain a lot to these people.